Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Great to see Alf Tupper making  n appearance on this threadimage

  • morning

    wow, great spot birky!

    well, failed to get up at 7 for my run this morning, so think I will get some marking and planning out of the way and run this afternoon without work stuff waiting for me when I get back!

  • Blimey birky, top spot! I heard, but didn't see Steve Way this morning as he started the race. Incredibly average performane at 4.13, chuffed to bits for a friend who went 3.26 in his first organised road marathon, a week after doing a sub 4 on the way into work. Emmy, please can you tow me round the Meander in sub 4?

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    New job is a mare!!!!!

    Ran Basingstoke half today and am stunned to report 9th overall 2nd V40 and 79.43 chip time

    Not bad for a cyclist
  • Morning all - swim for me this morning. Good work Gobi.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭

    Just done 2hrs on the bike

  • Morning all.

    An easy 5 done on what should have been my rest day. OH wanted me to go out and see just how windy it really was as to whether she would be able to cycle to work. I ran to her work and back - cycle to work yes, home again, I think I will be picking her up.

    Wildlife none, people 1 and a person on a bike as opposed to a cyclist 2 one of whom had lights.

    Kate that time nothing to be ashamed about.


    Happy Monday

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all, I stopped getting notifications for this over the weekend image

    PSC - see you at Beachy!

    Gobi - welcome back. How are things going?

    Birky - That's a great spot!

    Kate -That's a great time (although i know you dont like it). I'd be chuffed with that. I would but i may be pacing someone else around their unofficial 100th! I've also got Stevenage the next day so may need to have a little left in the legs. We can't all be like 5.30 image Otherwise - i'd be there giving you a run for your money :0)

    10k tempo this morning and my NW was:

    4 dogs perfectly under control

    3 dogs out of control with a runner. Two of them lunged at Boyska and got a swift kick after one of them bit him. I stopped and said: i just want to run like you - so why cant you keep your dogs under control? Her response? Well you could just have run through image Yes.... Yes... that might work. I hate running at NOC for that reason.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Hi E mmy - life and health good job shit :??)

    How are you ?
  • Afternoon

    Out before the rain started this morning. NW 1 distant deer, 2 spaniels (friendly), 6 cows (laying down because they knew it was about to rain!), 1 very red sky.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Just seen that this didnt post! Gobi - i'm alright. Surviving the second move in 6 months and hoping to stay at this place for longer. We'll see what happens!

  • Hi guys,

    New here, but i just wanted to say I love early runs! Really difficult now the nights are getting darker though!!

    Do you guys drink coffee before a run??

  • gobi - well done image
    Kate - well done to you too

    Emmy - some dog owners really annoy me too

    rest day today, not looking forward to a cold get up tomorrow image

  • Evening all - 5.75 miles and a spin, needed is as I have been an eating machine today. Welcome along jd, sip of water before I go out sometimes and that's it, I hate to think what a cup of coffee would frighten my stomach into.

  • welcome JD1989.... headtorches are us!  Well they are at this time of year and for the next 6 months!  

    Good hero-spotting Birky!

    Gobi - tell us more, why is the new job a nightmare?

    Emmy - whoop whoop!  Beachy is fun.  Lots of upflats and stairs and mud all offset by 3 course sit down meals at every checkpoint, marching bands, pipers, and stunning views!  But Maths is right, it's a right tough run!  No targets here other than my normal one - must finish in daylight! image

    Evening all....

    Kate still training like a nutter!  Go girl!  

    Chris, are you recovering?

  • Morning all.... It's tipping it down!
  • Morning - yes, tipping it down for the first few minutes of my run, now it's a lovely day. 4 mile shuffle with outbreaks of plod, OR 2 NW 2 greyhounds. Ill advised plyometrics this morning, legs are not speaking to me now. No track tonight as I've got to swan around at a work function. Would rather be running in 400m ovals.

  • morning..

    Caught the last of the rain but dry and sunny now.

    PSC - yes the heel seems to be improving albeit slowly and I still have some days when I get up in the morning and have to walk downstairs sideways! 

  • Morning all, 

    Agree Kate  400 metre ovals seems better - but then I never take part in after work activities, the idea of standing in a pub drinking diet coke while all my colleagues gradually get drunker and drunker is my idea of hell.

    4:45  start this morning as I had to collect OH's bike from work. Was a bit concerned as I wasn't sure that the £3.99 head torch I bought from Tesco would prove to be rain proof but it seemed to work OK.

    Saw some pictures yesterday that someone who has a caravan on the site where OH works, showing heron's, kestrels, kingfishers and a grass snake which she claimed to have taken while on holiday there, well all I saw was a dead hare!  Still it counts doesn't it?

    6.78 miles run, 1.5 miles ish ridden - a truly horrible day compounded by yet another accident on the A12 - 8th day on the trot.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    went out super early today to avoid the dog walkers and it worked!

    Grendel - that's a nice thing to do for your OH! I think pictures count!

    jd1989 wrote (see)

    Do you guys drink coffee before a run??

    Welcome! I dont. Maybe a sip of water and that'll last me for up to 11 miles.

    PSC wrote (see)

    Emmy - whoop whoop!  Beachy is fun.  Lots of upflats and stairs and mud all offset by 3 course sit down meals at every checkpoint, marching bands, pipers, and stunning views!  But Maths is right, it's a right tough run!  No targets here other than my normal one - must finish in daylight! image

    Hmm... I have Stort 30 the next day so I guess I should plan just to eat my way through the aid stations image 

    Chris - how are you getting on?

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I don't have anything before my early sessions but take a drink with me on the bike.

    PSC - made a poor choice, nasty cold environment

    Did 2 hrs this morning on the bike in the drizzle

    More news soon but will be launching my training company soon

    Orange Approach is coming
  • Up at 5 and ran five miles. Once I'm up which is the hardest part! I really enjoyed the run and the rest of the day is mine!
  • Chris, understand your pain, hospital appt for me next Monday. Grendel, taking clients out tonight so have to try and be entertaining which does usually involve red wine. Gobi, exciting times, SOCing prescribed to all. Good work Mark.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    PSC - Beachy Head is top of my list of MOST HATED POINTLESS SHITTY MARATHONS, hated it more than London which is 2nd obviously :??)

    ps. everyone should run Snowdon once, twice is too many times but you should do it once
  • Snowdon once was fine with me, Beachy only once because I had such a beautiful day it could never be repeated. London, never again, North Dorset Villages, every year.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - why did hate beachy? :/

    Went out with pooch at SOC and managed to avoid all of the crappy dogs along my route. Was lovely but really wish we could go into the woods more often.

  • Afternoon all, 

    No run this morning, club night tonight - hopefully it isn't sprint drills like last week, my calves were whining about them for several days afterwards. 

  • Evening you lot

    Need to catch up

    Been working at Lib Dems conference in Glasgow this week.

  • Well at least we all agree on London! Work do this afternoon and evening. Great fun actually. Little booze, lots of ideas and energy. Good news Chris on the improving foot. Gobi, tough one that. Stick or twist. I might be tempted to look again and move at first opportunity. Emmy, back to backing after BH is going to be a tough one.

    Hiya to everyone else.

    Nite all.
  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    PSC - planning exit strategy now

    Emmy - I'm a runner not a power walker, I want drink stations with people ready not meal STOPS and dislike banking that are too steep to run up or down.

    In effect I didn't like the location, the surface, the course, the aid stations.


    ( I should say Snowdon I also dislike, love the location and most of the route, it is a runners race but dislike the time of year and that last descent so although it has potential I would not run it a 3rd time)

    Still paying for Sundays half but did run yesterday including a final rep at a coaching intervals session at around 5mm.
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