Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • I'm up at 5,and and out of the house by 5.30.a great way to start the day in the summer but a real adventure in the darker months.One problem is you have to watch your footing on unlit roads/parths, on my last run I almost fell victim to a pile of horse muck,not good! All you night runner should checkout LED armbands at ALDI,their A1.

  • just a swim for me

    yes, it is cue, and you saw Kate write it down

    I'll stop being a teacher now....

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Ric - I struggle to find armbands that dont break after a few weeks. I've given up now.

    NW: Ninja fishermen.

    Maths- how is the new job? Settled in?

  • Morning all:

    Rest day today, easy 2 or 3 tomorrow then race.

    I don't bother with a light or anything either I just run carefully in the dark - although did go a*** over *** last year when I tripped over a brick that someone had carelessly left on the sea wall. 

    As a consequence NW: Nothing

  • Morning all - nothing for me either, overslept to 5.24 then straight on the train. Tri club for run and swim tonight.

  • rest morning here but just done 8 miles
  • No run for me either but a mile in the pool so not a complete rest day.

  • evening all

    swam last night, but realised that although I feel fine my body is obviously still fatigued as I got slower and slower! Ah well, enjoyed it and let's call it a recovery swim image
    short 2 mile trot this evening

    Emmy - yes, loving the new job, rest of the staff are friendly and the kids are great. I realised the other day I had started taking things like kids holding open doors for granted!

  • Morning all.

    Just got back from my run in the rainy dark,but very warm? I do not use a head light but carry a small CREE torch.I do tend to run on unlit roads not parths or trails which can be more difficult.Last year whilst on my morning run I ended up ankle deep in water when the river ouse desided to take a shortcut across the road.

    PS led armbands still working.

  • Morning all.

    Just an easy 2 miles today.

    NW. No animals today, but with a clear sky saw what I now know is Jupiter.

    Happy days
  • Morning all -15.5 miles done, wow it is warm out there NW 11 dogs, one with 3 legs, various slugs trying to blend in with the horse poo and one monster mushroom, 9 OR. Good luck tomorrow Grendel, I was going to do an LDWA event tomorrow but the talk of compasses put me off. Enjoy your weekends.

  • Afternoon

    8 miles xc for me this morning. Came home bloodied (from an encounter with a thorn bush) and blistered (from wearing in new off road shoes) and muddy (from all the mud)!

    NW 1 heron, 1 swan, about a dozen pigs, several squirrels, 1 playful springer spaniel, 2 ORs.

  • evening

    soc flu jab today then a swim and a haircut!

  • More good stuff in here

    Morning off as I have a big race this afternoon.

    Not sure how back issues at a parkrun and 2hrs on a snowboard is prep for a race but shall find out soon enough
  • Run and bike for me this morning, cyclists and runners galore out there. Good luck Gobi.

  • 7.5 miles xc this afternoon including some steep hills and extra muddy bits.

  • Evening(ish)

    Got the result

    3rd on the day and 2nd overall in the series

  • Morning all - 6 mile run and not a great swim NW 1 cat 2 dogs, OR 1. Beautiful day out there now. Nice work Gobi.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Great running Gobi!

    Another headtorch run for me. Loved it! Saw a ninja runner and had to wonder how on earth they could see anything running through the woods at the speed they were!

  • LOL Cyclo X - cross country on a bike
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    image.... whoopsie...

  • LOL : ?? )

  • Morning

    A bit windy and drizzly out this morning but nothing like the forecast of gales and flooding that were being put out last night.

    Might go swimming later if it's not too windy.

  • Morning all - garage jumping for me this morning, then track tonight if the wind and rain don't put paid to it. Swimming, Chris, you remain crazy. You might like these http://www.brutalevents.co.uk/brutal_bear_swims.html

  • Did 2hrs on the bike. A little windy out.

    Morning trainers
  • Morning all, 

    4:45 start no street lights or anything - dark dark dark. 7 Miles run and rode OH's bike home from her work place - about a 1.69 miles - strong wind coming in off the sea, spray over the top of the sea wall - enjoyed it. 

    NW.  A Holiday Park security guard, who looked a bit surprised to see a runner turn up, open up the store room where OH's bike was stored and wobble off on a bike which is a size to small with just a cheap headtorch to light the way. Didn't say a word! And of course saw Arnie Dawson's Dad's White Van (parked) 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    10k this morning before the storm has hit. Now it's raining and blowing quite a gale!

    Grendel - Its good to see that security are very awareimage

  • Morning

    Lots to catch up on I see...

  • Thanks Kate - might have a bash at some of those OW swims!

  • Morning again you lot

    Leaves have been blown everywhere up here.

    NW: 12 beer kegs.,2 cats, 3 dogs, 2 robin red breasts, 1 cyclist who was battling against the wind !

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