Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning all - chucking it down and windy as anything, hello autumn. NW 1 cat, nothing else out there in the downpour. Any snow up there Gobi, I'm skiing in December and want the white stuff to arrive, have a good holiday. Friday beckons!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    An early start to drive over. Its lovely and mild here!

    Chris - good luck for sunday

  • What's on the marathon menu this weekend then Emmy? Bust those balls Chris.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Enigma Firework Double.

    Both the BF and dad have the flu so i'm washing my hands religiously trying to avoid getting sick image

    This is the last double for November so i'm keen to give it a try

  • I am back here Boarding for New Year Kate so I can report there has been some snowfall so expect it to be good by December

    Off to ride a few trails on the cross bike today

    E mmy - I have now lost track of how many events Foxy puts on now. Did you know I used to have the course record on the original course ?
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - I know. He does a few! I did hear from HOGS (Lee) that you held the course record. What was the original course? Along the canal? or around caldi?

  • You mean HoD ? As in Lee Radley

    Multiple laps round some lake in MK - Foxy let me run a few at short notice when I was ultra training. A nice way to run a sub 3 effort with some company.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    That's him! I ran Enigma winter with him. You were very much in legend status!

    how long are you in the alps for?

  • about 9 days !!!

    Off to play now
  • evening

    nothing for me today - didn't get to bed till after midnight because eldest was on a school trip to see a Shakespeare play and didn't get back till after midnight so we are all tired and grumpy here!

    Emmy - good luck for the weekend


  • Emmy, you are crackers, is 5.30 with you too? I'm guessing I will see you at Dymchurch at the end of the month, with the dog? MC, you should be feeling cultural, not grumpy.

  • Kate - maybe if it was me on the trip! I was just waiting up for him to come home...

  • Morning you lot

    Off to work at MTV Awards.

    Catch up soon

  • morning

    Birky - have fun!

    spinning and swimming this morning, and I am hoping for a nap this afternoon image

  • Just ran to bend 9 of the Alpe and am now off to play on the cross bike.

    Cold here but very very nice

    Did I mention I am "racing" a 10km in 8 days ?
  • Morning all - 6 miles run and 25 miles biked, very, very wet. Is the 10K back in the UK Gobi or straight up a mountain?

  • 10km is in the uk
  • Evening..

    BallBuster fail I'm afraid! Lap 2 of 3 on the bike and got a puncture. Had cold, wet fingers but finally managed fit a new tube only for that to spring a leak too! Four other cyclists with flats along the same stretch suggest that maybe the hedge had been cut recently and there were thorns on the road. Or just coincidence?

    Shame really because I've been cranking up the cycling recently and was feeling good on the bike for a change.

  • That sucks Chris, sorry to hear that
  • Rubbish Chris, I had heard about tacks being out out on Box Hill recently, hope it wasn't that.

  • that's a shame Chris, sorry to hear that

  • I hope so too Kate!

  • Morning

    Working again later today at the MTV awards

    Out with Geordie soon


  • morning all

    off for a run soon

  • morning 

    Upon closer inspection today I found the thorn in my tyre which put paid to my race yesterday. So all sorted now and out for a nice ride this morning. 

    Might run later.

    And planning to go along to Farnham Tri Club track session tomorrow night.

  • Bad luck Chris. How about the sping one.image

    Morning all. Wet and grey in Kent.
  • Morning

    The Spring BallBuster has been discontinued due to objections from the locals about the number of events being held on Box Hill. Shame.


  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Chris - sorry to hear about the race image It's a shame. I know that my parents have said there's been a lot of complaints since the olympics about the number of people on box hill image

    I did the double. Yesterday after lap 5 wasnt pretty but managed to crank it out. I ran 400m this morning and my knee was complaining too much so i did the sensible thing (yes, i know....) and went home, grabbed my jacket and walked the dog.

    KateF wrote (see)

    Emmy, you are crackers, is 5.30 with you too? I'm guessing I will see you at Dymchurch at the end of the month, with the dog? MC, you should be feeling cultural, not grumpy.

    Yep - i'll be at Dymchurch image All days! image 5.30 was abusing me ALL weekendimage

  • hey kids, stayed up late for maximum birthday time. The rain is truly here in France now so obviously I shall get the MTB out today and go for a play. Have fun.

    Be careful E mmy
  • Morning you lot

    35 mins Steady this morning

    Dry, but cold here today.

    Got in to see a bit of last night MTV Awards.image

    Catch up time soon

    Back later

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