Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • You're brave - I'm in full length tights year round. I have inner thigh chub so shorts are a no-no. I once went out in jogging bottoms that, during the run, split a little down the inseam and ended up with a friction burn. I'd wear capris but as I wear knee high compression socks, I would rather avoid looking like an 18th century dandy.

    Excellent run today - 7.25 miles under an ominous grey sky, average pace 9:46. Only the 7th mile was more than 10 minute mile pace (10:03 - damn!) but I'm very happy with this. The last time I ran this route I had to stop a mile from the end due to hip pain (TFL strain), necessitating several weeks off. This is the furthest I've run since coming back from that and no such problems this time. Could feel my left achilles a little but it wasn't bad. Par for the course really.



  • well done cal. I have fat thighs but can't stand being too warm! It might be mild but it is incredibly windy here, and my route is a bit exposed now there is no foliage on the trees and hedges. 

  • It's pretty windy here too - I was running into a headwind for some of it.

    I feel the cold a lot so I guess we're opposites really. I do a spin class at the gym and I detest the air con in there. I somehow manage to sweat and shiver at the same time.

  • I always find the room the spin class is in far too hot!! I do like spinning though image

  • Portsmouth marathon done, same time as last year, 4.15 which is OK, bearing in mind the horrendous bottlenecks. This is a really tight course, with limited facilities, which is now massively oversold. That said, I still enter every year for the calorie deficit so stop moaning. Lovely afternoon Christmas meal with a gospel choir.Cal, I think all of us have had an inappropriate shorts run, no matter what size the thighs, all about testing the equipment first.

  • 4:15 is a decent time Kate... good running.  

    11 for me today - cold wind out there but a decent plod nevertheless!

  • Well done, Kate. A marathon is on my bucket list, but I need to get everything working properly first.


  • well done kate

    shorts - yeah, I have some that chaff horribly and I only use them for the gym now, most of my shorts are fine though

  • Shorts and tshirt pretty much for me all year when running.

    Today I broke the rear mech on my CX bike in a race and that was that.

    Back on the SOC tomorrow as the boys have asked for a few changes over the next few days.

    Well done Kate, warm out today

    I did Portsmouth a few years back, facebook put a picture up of the souvenir I collected running it. It is not a good souvenir either. That said I had won a marathon the day before and made Athletics weekly the following week.

    Have fun out there kids
  • Up at 0430 and on the bike by 0455, did 3hours in the windy but WARM conditions.

    You have to love the weather image
  • http://orangeapproach.wordpress.com/2014/12/22/pace-obsession/

    This is my new blog as I start to coach more and more

    Hope you all don't mind me putting it here
  • morning

    I do love windy weather - it is very exhilarating, but hard work! Anyway, feeling like I am coming down with something, and it is a day of getting kids hair cut, dentist visits etc, so of course the kids don't like that and my temper is fraying, so I will spend some time this afternoon either out for a walk or on the turbo. Luckily my eldest is now old enough to leave in charge of the youngest so I am not tethered to them at all times any more!

    Maybe we need a film afternoon, rewatch the first two hobit films before we see the new one at the weekend image That will keep them quiet!

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Well done Kate!

    Happy belated birthday to Maths

    I would like to happily announce no more SOC for the year (maybe...). I'm going out this afternoon once I've had a nice leisurely lunch image

    Gobi - thanks for posting your blog.

  • LOL E mmy I haven't worked since October and I can't take my SOCS off image
  • thanks for the blog link gobi - not sure about the font colour on the orange - or it might just be my crap eyesight, but I found it difficult to read

  • Afternoon all - little jog and a turbo for me this morning, shortest day of the year is past us so it will be light soon, yes? No more SOCs this year Emmy, whatever next. Gobi, other than a sailor or some seaweed I'm not sure what souvenir you would collect? Off skiing at super SOC tomorrow, no snow in our resort so have had a mad scramble round to change things. 

  • Thanks Maths, I wasn't sure either so will probably change it

    Kate - sadly it was a picture of a gash on my leg, I was left with a lovely scar as well
  • kate - have a great holiday. I think I would hate skiing! Cold slippery stuff, moving fast and falling over just isn't my thing 

    I have turboed and will get out in the wind when the kids are at swimming. 

  • Just checked the webcams from the resort we are going to in a month - not much white stuff!  Where are you heading to Kate?

    Well done on the Turbo Maths.  I must set mine up sometime!


  • Yes, the black on red is quite hard on the eyes, Gobi.

    No run today - spin, sports massage (calves were hideous after yesterday's run!) and yoga instead. Feel better after the massage although a bit beaten up! My masseur is also an osteo and he gave my chest and neck a good old crack, too.

    Aiming to run tomorrow but I'll have to see how my muscles feel after their pounding.

  • We are now going to Tignes as it is the only place with snow, hopefully everywhere is due some snow this weekend PSC.

  • yep, Tignes looks better and is high.  There appears to be some skiing going on in Champagny where we are heading in Jan, but not much (in comparison to previous years).

    Good luck, looking forward to an in-resort snow report!!  


  • Morning Kids

    I own big SOCs so out at 5.10 today and ran 13.25 miles, second longest run since I retired. image

    Off out all day on the bike now, hard being me

    Have fun out there
  • Morning all -3am start so no run, but will be skiing in a couple of hours. Wifi in the taxi transfer,how modern!

  • impressive!!  Take it easy on the first run!

    3 miles on the button for me this morning as recovery run.  Legs are feeling good. image

    Gobi - great mileage on feet and wheels.  

    Morning gang

  • afternoon all

    a morning of doing family stuff, and an afternoon turbo as I am now tethered to the house as one of the kids has a friend round!

    hoping to get a quick run later too. I think SOCs might be on hold till after xmas, but I may set the alarm for tomorrow morning 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Have fun skiing Kate!

    we went to the beach today so no SOC but I have discovered that my butt aches... No idea from what! :-/

  • No run today as I had a really awful night's sleep. My shoulder was killing me and woke me up at 3.30 so I slapped my TENS on it and read for a while before returning to sleep. I then woke up after 6.30 which is crazy late for me, but I didn't feel good. The muscles my masseur worked on yesterday were all sore, so just a yoga session at 10. Will try to get a final run in tomorrow before I head off for my Christmas break.

  • 8 hours of training done today

    Up at 0410 tomorrow as we have 6 of us going MTB riding

    SOC till you drop
  • have fun gobi! Not sure how you manage the socs when you are up so late!

    got a bit of a dry cough that has kept me awake half the night, so nothing yet for me, but will do something later, got last minute shopping to do and present wrapping first!

    Have a lovely xmas everyone


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