Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Oh I did the Sunday Times fun run twice! I was still in my late teens then. Those were the first two races I ever did - I didn't run another race until my 40s. It'll be nice to go back.

    Good luck with your results.

  • Morning all - 6.5 miles, still very windy with a rain shower thrown in for good measure. NW 1 fox, 1 OR. Hope the consultant gets you sorted Ted.

  • Morning..

    Good muddy fun at the XC yesterday. Just about to cycle to Frensham for a swim with the FARTS (Frensham Aquatic Recreational Team) and then Tri Club track session tonight. 

    Also need to get some work done today!

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Hey kids

    nice weather at the weekend. What wind ?

    54th at National x was seeded 63 so will take that.

    Soc today was 2hr drive to work but I ran 4 miles on arrival

    fun all the way
  • LOL at "FARTS"... 

    Still pretty wild and windy down here in Kentish Kent, just as well it's a rest day!  Yesterday's LSR was more of a SSR but for good reason so no regrets there.  ITB is twinging which is a worry so lots of work on the roller at the moment.

    Chris, well done on your gong.

    Well done to the cyclists too - you must be nuts going out on a bike in this weather although there are plenty of cyclists out there.  Way too dedicated for me.  Gobi, well done you for being 9 above par!

    Ted, I'm familiar with the Leybourne lakes - not swum in them but know plenty from Ashford Tri club that do.  

  • Farts continue to be funny however old you get. I still snigger at fartlek.

    No running today (did some squats, abs, glute stuff and shoudler press in the gym, then a spin class, then a sports massage, then Bikram yoga - and that was all before 1.30pm). My massage chappie found some awful grouchy bits in my soleus muscles so I didn't much enjoy when he ground his thumbs into them. Must remember to stretch those bad boys.

    Official time for yesterday was 57:23 so very pleased.

  • Just the one FART at Frensham today Cal!

    Got soaked on the bike on the way over, stripped off for the swim and then had to put my wet cycle kit back on for the ride home. Not pleasant so won't do that again! Hot shower afterwards was most welcome!

  • Cal, if you snigger at that you should get over and do a run in Denmark where their pacers are called "fartholders"!


    Here is the gathering pace for the 4:15 pace group for example!! 

    Chris, nothing worse than getting back into wet kit! image

  • well, I log on and the first word I see is 'farts'image

    Chris - you are a nutter, just don't get hypothermia please!

    spinning then insanity class at the gym again, considering I nearly didn't bother I enjoyed it image

  • Do the farts warm up the water Chris?

  • As a triathlete Kate, you should know that to warm the water up you need to take a long pee! Snigger. image
  • I'll ask them next time I see them Kate!

  • Morning you lot

    Busy last few days

    Cold one here today, flakes of snow falling when out.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 white cat, 1 dog, 2 robin red breasts, 1 under pass now opened againimage

    Catch up soon

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Oh dear

    I have been cycling a bit, up and out before 0510 today

  • Afternoon all

    Good track session with the tri club last night, yasso 800s again, and out on the bike this morning for a ride up to hindhead and back. pool swim tonight with farnham tri and out for some proper (OW) swimming with the farts first thing tomorrow!

  • I had planned to run today but after Sunday's 10K and Monday's squats, spin and massage I was feeling very sore, so just did my yoga class. I will try and get at least one SOC in before the weekend but depends how I feel. Being older, I do tend to recover slowly.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    I've had such a busy start to the week - I've not been able to post.

    Did the Martello double last weekend and if I consider signing up for this again - shoot me. Second year with awful weather (!)

    Saw 5.30 for his comeback marathon on Sunday and he's in good spirits (he only took the piss out of me once!).

    Out at 5am at the moment as i'm working longer hours. Pooch isn't happy to get up that early either especially when the wind and rain are so appalling.

    Will catch up later!

  • well done Emmy!

    first soc for a while for me, 4 slow easy miles, no wildlife at all, not even the owls that I normally hear

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Cal you do not look old

    Meeting some locals tomorrow at 615 , will have run for an hour before then

    All good up here
  • Morning

    Cold one here  today, a bit of snow falling earlier.

    NW: 1 owl, 1 cat, 1 cyclist, some snow flakes,

    Oldest son has started running again.

    psc: Great pictureimage

    cal: 'Old' is relative. At 20 - 21 I used to think 25 was old. Now at 47, I think 50 is youngishimage

  • Morning all - 800s for me last night, and turbo this morning. Kitchen is in a skip outside the house so was rather surreal filling up the kettle from the hosepipe this morning.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    Icy after snow here so glad it was a run day.

    popping home today so intrrvals with the group later

    job is going well

    Kate . Will be worth it when thw new one is there..
  • I got my kitchen (if you can call it that - it's more of a cupboard with some appliances in it) done last year and it was well worth it. I live in a studio flat so I had to move in to the local Travelodge for a few nights, too - at least you don't have to do that!

    No run today - still really sore. It's the squats - I've not done them for a while, so I've got some lovely DOMS. I did a 3 mile walk though, so I've got some exercise in.

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    I live in a travelodge during the week
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Gobi - Great to hear about the job!

    Kate - Is it safe to drink from the hosepipe?

    Another SOC and i'm still tired (I guess a stressful working week will do that to you!). Am just about to leave the office for an "early night"

  • rest day for me today, and parents evening, 3 hours to talk to 60 sets of parents - I am shattered!


  • Mine was before Christmas - same week as our inspection. Lovely week, that was. We have three parents' evenings and three sets of reports to write each year!

    But damn, 60 parents...

  • Morning all - just 5 miles, tired after hill reps and tri club swim last night. Wild and windy, but 2 OR out there with me. Still not finding it lighter in the morning yet. Gobi, does the bike keep you company in the Travelodge bed?

  • Morning you lot

    Cold and windy here

    35 mins Steady earlier

    Studying again as part of my stewarding work ! My first assignment is due for next Friday. Here we go again...

    NW: Lots of branches blown down.

  • Morning again

    Lots of reading to do for this assignment ! Had forgotten just how much is required !

    Coffee then catch up time.

    maths: Think Mrs B has her parents night soon too.

    kate: Nope not brighter earlier in the mornings yet.

    Back later.

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