Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning all - turbo this morning, run and swim tonight. Good luck PSC Van!

  • Morning all

    Picked up 3rd place in age category again at the Hart Road Runners XC, knocking just over a minute off last month's time. And my son came 2nd in the senior's race - 4th overall. So a good result for the O'Connors!

    Track tonight with the Tri Club and maybe a cycle ride if I can fit one in sometime today.


  • Paced 1.22 to perfection at Wokingham yesterday . Huge PB for the lady I ran with.

    I was then on local radio as well :0

    Looks like some good work in here at the weekend
  • Kate, thanks, that worked! It passed. Good little 3 mile jog down to the garage too. An unexpected bonus for the day. image
  • Gobi, what was your pacing strategy? Run consistent pace or constantly readjust to hit a target? Good job yesterday.
  • Well, I'm definitely paying for that run. Definitely feel worse today! I felt fine during the run itself (other than getting tired, but that's nothing unusual).

    Did about an hour of weights, nothing too intense, then spin, then a sports massage (calves were hideous!) and then an hour of yoga. A pretty intense Monday. My calves are really sore after the massage so I may not run tomorrow. I'll see how I feel when I wake up. My sleep's been rubbish as well, so that doesn't help does it?

  • well done to PSC, the O'Connors and Gobi!

    Cal - maybe just rest till you are actually better?

    feeling shattered, long day at work, and so declaring a rest day. All I had planned really was a spin class, and it is a fairly boring one, the instructor is always really late and she isn't much good! Early night required. 

    cracking sunrise as I drove East to work and sunset as I drove West home though image

  • 6 mile run and swim done. Swam 11K last week and really felt it tonight, a day off from the pool tomorrow. Racing snakes a go go here this weekend, well done all. Cal, I tend to exercise anyway if I'm feeling ill, generally doesn't make me feel worse and certainly makes me a lot less grumpy, but I am a bit of an idiot. The PSC mobile is on the road! The last two days have certainly felt like there has suddenly been a whole lot more daylight, still not dark at 5pm.

  • Technically it was consistent pace

    1 6:13

    2 6:15

    3 6:09

    4 6:19

    5 6:13

    6 6:16

    7 6:16

    8 6:13

    9 6:12

    10 6:14

    11 6:26

    12 6:15

    13 6:09

    0.1 6:07

    You can see where the pace arrived up the drag in 11 but then where she was strong to the end
  • Morning you lot

    No snow or ice here now

    Lots to catch up on.

  • Morning all

    Cycled yesterday but got a puncture 8 miles in. Stupidly went out without repair kit or pump so had to walk to a bike shop which was closed so had to phone a friend for a lift home! Won't do that again!

    Tri club track session last night.

    Planning to fit a new inner tube and get out on the bike again today and then swimming with Farnham Tri tonight.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    A warmer day here. How is everyone getting on?

  • Ran for the first time since Sunday and my calves still hurt
  • My calves are killing me after that massage, so no run today. I'm also still sick. I just did Bikram, and did a lot better in the class than yesterday.

    Three days of school left until half term. Really hope I shake this cold so I can use the week to concentrate on training!

  • evening

    nothing today - fighting the onset of a cold and hoping to overcome it! 

    Gobi - that is amazing pacing! 

    Kate - yes, the days are definitely getting longer. Sunrise when I leave for work now and it was still light when I got home today image

  • Evening, turbo this morning and track tonight, 1 mile reps. Gobi, I dream of doing a mile at that pace.

  • I have a review of this explaining why they are not all 6.15


    Funny as I was unhurt aerobically by the run but my calfa hurt.

    that said all good as I repped on the watt bike tonight
  • Happy birthday Emmy.

    Pretty consistent splits Gobi. I think my days of running at that pace have long gone.

    I'm enjoying a lonely evening in the bar of the hotel at the Macron stadium. Crackin bit of steak and I'm hoping the gym is going to be pretty decent in the morning. Better take it easy on the mangers!

    Cal, you are not the only one looking forward to half term. We have plans. ????
  • Morning all - 5 miles trot done, nothing out there other than a postman with the most amazing flashing lights all over his bike and a shopping trolley in the middle of the pavement. Chris, have you now loaded up your bike with spare parts, no fun walking anywhere in cleats. PSC, skiing at half term maybe? Do you have your own watt bike Gobi, are they as good as they're advertised to be. Birky is clearly working hard at the moment. Emmy, you can't already be recovered from your Quad, particularly mentally after that many laps of that lake. Happy hump day all.

  • Kate - they do what they say they do , personally the turbo works just as well and I prefer rollers but I have joined a gym that has one image

    Was out on the bike at 0515 today and it is warm out!!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    PSC - thank you image

    Kate - sounds like a good postie! No... todays run convinced me I had a two day relief and then the pain. 6 very slow and sore km this morning image Heart rate peaked at 189 which is unheard of... so I decided to cut it short and relax a little today.

    Gobi - I agree - it was lovely this morning!

  • Morning you lot

    Going to my big mates funeral today. He died at the end of last week. He was the same age as me. Makes you think.image

  • Morning

    Sorry to hear about your mate Birkey and it does, indeed, bring life into perspective.

    2.3k in the pool last night. Hard session and feeling weary this morning. Have a meeting in London today so calling hump-day a rest day.

  • The joy of riding with my mates at home this morning was nice. Saw nothing interesting but good banter. Realised I was back near Reading as every man and their Audi thought it was ok to push on past giving minimal room.

    I can report that I am recovered from the half, I know this as I did hills last night image
  • evening

    birky - sorry to hear about your mate, hope today went as well as it could

    emmy - hope you are ok

    I have been feeling crappy all week - sore throat and run down so have done nothing but work, and have had 2 parents evenings, so a heavy work week. Last day tomorrow then off to Spain for a week

  • Morning all.
  • Morning

    emmy: Belated Happy Birthday image

    Still lots to catch up on

    Was working yesterday and am again tomorrow and still have two assignments left !

    maths: No probs, the funeral went as well as could have ben expected. It was just such a shock the big man going so suddenly !

  • Morning all - 6 miles done, raining out there, it's been a while since we've seen any of that. 1 OR. Sad news for you birky, I'm sure you gave him a good send off. Escaping the freezing temperatures, lucky you MC. Right then, time to get my Friday on. 

  • Dull and cold here, Geordie 'needing' out so...

    Morning kate; Yeah sad news indeed. The big man's funeral was 'very him' if you know what I mean.

    maths: Enjoy your week in Spain.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Maths - Thanks. I'm fine now... a lovely 10k this morning. Enjoy Spain! and the rest! It sounds like an awful week to work when you're ill.

    Birky - i'm sorry to hear about your loss. It does make mortality a lot closer.

    Kate - please keep your rain image It's lovely and sunny here!

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