Apperley Quarter Marathon

You can drive and we can play eye spy.

Go on, you know you want to. 



  • Isn't Tim Dale 2 on the scene anymore to do such tasks?

    Oh no I didn't!

    Yes I did!

  • I like the way he disappeared when his lack of any running knowledge was exposed.

    My favourite part was saying would the Wycombe half put him up in a hotel, and then claiming he lived in Cookham...even though the 2 are about 5miles apart if that!!

  • did you come? we are doing the event again this year --- visit for more info!
  • Hello All,

    I see some of the posts are quite old , im doing it for the first time this year , just wondering do they usually send the race numbers out or do you get them when you get there ?

  • JB74

     You get your race numbers on the day of the race.


  • Cheers rowan thank you
  • Hi I'm doing this one too, my first ever race. And so is my wife, who hasn't trained but is much more of a natural than me image
  • Dave

     Good luck - I will be the person at the back walking the dog (genuine reason for not running - bad back!)

    Enjoy the race.

  • Good luck dave and wife and so to you rowan.
  • Hehe if you're going to be right at the back Rowan, we may become acquainted image I'm aiming for 1hr flat, I'll be v happy with anything faster than that.
  • Nice downhill bit at 1/2 mile - horrible hilly bit at 5 miles (my age sorry - don't work in km!) which is hard work! Long section along river bank which takes very near 3 pubs!

     Run through a chuchyard at about 4 1/2 miles which is quite amusing!

  • Yeah I saw the photos from last year from the church yard. We're dead excited, have been looking forward to it for weeks. Hope the weather stays good. I admit I'm sweating the hill a bit - training in longlevens I haven't found a decent hill within 5 miles of here so no hill training at all. I suppose I should peg it up and down a few motorway bridges image
  • Pubs that sounds good to me, ive recently moved to Glos area and training for hills is a nightmare, i lived near cannock chase before and the hills were good for training now im on flat unless going ovee chosen hill which is confusing over there
  • Yeah I may have to start one run a week with a bike ride over to chosen or wainlode/norton/sandhurst hill or something.
  • i almost got up Wainlodes after about 4 miles - that is one steep hill!
  • JB - hills in Glos area? Plenty of them...look to the East. Cotswold escarpment!

    Im not doing this, but if the church you run through is down by Odda's chapel, then it is gorgeous. 

  • the church is 200 yards away from Odda's Chapel --- there is a wedding at 1.00 so hope we do not have some really slow runners!

  • Yes I know Rowan! I ran through the village on Friday evening. Stopped for a quick looksie around the Chapel and the church, and took a pic of the Angel! Had a little drink from the blue pipe on the side of the church too.

    Amazing to think the church and chapel are around 1000 years old!

  • Deerhurst used to be a very powerful town in Roman Times - think Canute signed a treaty here in 1012 in an island in the river which disappeared ages ago.

     Here ends the history lesson!

  • Cheers nick i shall have a look i live in tewkesbury now, wainlodes not too far away so i may try there at the mo if i want to run from home its just flat running ... nees the hills back

    Rowan least if we are that slow we might get an invite to the wedding reception ha ha
  • JB - go and join Tewkesbury AC - they are a friendly bunch, im sure there are a few hills sessions you can do with them! Good mix of abilities too...and a good social scene

    It is quite a slope on the A38 heading north - jest after the Mythe treatment works....only one hill, but good enough for a few repeats!

  • Cheers nick, i shall look them up and see about joining them
  • Great fun morning, we really enjoyed it.  Many thanks to everyone who organized and helped out.  The last 2-2.5km was a bit of a killer, but thanks to your warning here I saved enough in the tank to power up the hill and gain a few places image
  • thanks - we had about 40 odd people probably helping out - we should have helped raise a decent sum for Tewkesbury Hospital and the club

     see you there next year - hope to be running then!

  • It was a good run yesterday morning still waiting on seeing the official times there were lots there and alot of support from people even just on there gardens which was nice, shall be back next year
  • Brilliant - will put official times up on web-site in next couple of days.

     We will slowly build race up to 300 runners over next 3 or 4 years - some people will never like cross country so slightly restricted - not sure if we lost some from doing the 1/2 marathon the week before.

  • Just have to say a big thanks to the friendly organisers and runners. I hadn't raced in a run before, previously did triathlons, and after recovering from quite bad lung damage after getting swine flu nearly 2 years ago wanted a challlenge. Just walking up a flight of stairs 12 months ago was difficult, so it has been a very slow progress. I just missed my target of 60 mins but the lady that ran with me for the last 4k really helped especially at that incline near the end. I'll definately be back next year.
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