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  • I just hope people see these threads when their other events are advertised and the word is spread so no one else gets caught out by these cheats, I'll see you at the Wye 50 and buy you pint to make up for your loss
  • Cheers Glen!

    Like Dill, the last thing I wanted to be doing was having to spend my time looking into the small claims approach but I feel as though I have no choice on the principle of the matter.

    I'm also heavily disgusted that Runners World continue to advertise other future events from this race organiser given that they are now aware of their rogue status. Do they not have a duty to look out for visitors to their site?

  • The letter sent registered post has done the trick I and my 2 club mates have received refunds
  • Just received a full refund and letter of apology in the post- at last!

    Hope everyone else gets one too.

    Happy running everyone!

  • Excellent!

    Can you advise if you were paid by cheque or else the funds were transferred back?

     Thanks guys!

  • Hi I received a cheque this morning. I hadn't written to them so perhaps they are doing the right thing and refunding everyone (finally)

    This is from the letter -

    'We have undertaken to refund applicants and we had hoped to do so in December, Unfortunately, due to the departure of our administrator and illness of the organisers, we were not able to do so. We should like to apologise for this and the resultant poor communication'

  • Mr KMr K ✭✭✭
    Thanks good but how much damage has been caused to their reputation.
  • I would say that's it's destroyed. It really isn't good enough to blame a 10 week delay (and a lack of any updates by email or on their website) on illness. Let alone to imply in their letter that some entrants had been unreasonably impatient!
  • Yes, I agree with all the above comments!

    Such a relief to get the refund - nice to get the apology - but I am amazed that they were all too ill to send any sort of email response to anyone for 2 months!

    I don't think I'll enter any of their events again! Or recommend them.

    Also I just want to say thanks to all of you on here who helped to get our money back - and Lauren from Runner's World events who always responded to all of my emails about the matter.

    I wonder if there would have been any refunds if so many of us hadn't continually emailed, written letters, involved credit card companies and left messages on their answerphone?

  • I think I may be the person they are referring too when they mention impatient persons!

  • anybody else like me still awaiting their refund?
  • I paid by my Halifax credit card and wrote to their disputes department 2 weeks ago as I wasn't getting any response from the race organiser.  Have now received a full refund on my credit card.  Lesson for future - always pay by credit card.
  • No refund here James.

     Thought it was just me.

  • I wonder if it's anything to do with the method by which you paid? Just an idea.

    I entered online using my debit card so couldn't get a credit card refund like others.

    I've been reimbursed by cheque.

    Maybe those of you who haven't been refunded yet paid by a different method?

    Definitely suggest you chase it up! Let us know how it goes!

  • I paid by debit card online and sign of a cheque.

    Shall email again but I'm sure it will be ignored again.

  • me and OH are also still waiting, i wouldve been tempted to go for London to Brighton this year - but no way now, its only a matter of time before their reputation precedes them - the Ultra running circuit aint that big.  Spread the word!
  • It would appear that extreme runnings email address is now defunct.

     I managed to get through to somebody by the name Liz Fulford who informed me that she is no longer with the company but she did manage to assist me by giving me the contact telephone number for Extreme Runnings Director 'Dennis Rice' the number given was 07765 492 341. Have tried to contact him on this number but was somewhat inevitably greeted by the voicemail service!

     I shall be visiting Brighton soon on my quest to retrieve my stolen funds and will see if I have any more success by meeting face to face with  the faceless tea leaves!

  • Also see Do Not Enter. thread which is under Brighton trail marathon 2011
  • Here is another phone number

    Denis Rice on 01273 560870

  • Total Sharks.......
  • You know the last post on this thread was nine months ago Bobban? Anyway, where've you been?
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