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  • Congrats to PMJ junior, I had a proud Dad moment myself yesterday when my son came first in all three of his year two sports day races, he is a right little speed merchant. My wife did give me  an elbow in the ribs for my over enthusiastic celebration.image

    Nice park running from Gul and Lorenzo.

    Well done Jools.

    Got my bike back yesterday all fixed but unfortunately no new frame, took it for a spin this morning and managed 82 miles, I'll get in a decent long run tomorrow morning, maybe about 17 miles.

    Lorenzo- I rode the short route of the Newbury magnificat as the first part of my ride this morning. Make sure you bring a couple of spare inner tubes as some of  roads aren't up to much, a lot of the single track country lanes are pretty dirty and there is a 3 mile stretch between Whitchurch and Kingsclere which has just had the surface re-layed (as in a load of loose stones sprayed over the road)

  • Well done Jools, I did wonder when that race was due, clearly I've missed it! Brilliant result BTW, you should be justifiably proud. Which was your leg?

    Moof, you are incorrigible. Or encouragable. However you think it should be spelled. Not spelt, that's a kind of flour. 

  • Good advice Mennania - cheers. Impressive distance today.

    Great running Gul - 18:xx beckons before long I reckon.

    Good luck next week Minni - which part of the west coast will you be on?

    Hats off to Jools.

    Poacher - was there a big queue to go on the dreadmill after you?

  • Well done Jools! 3 p.m. start? Oooffff.

    Great Parkruns from Gul and Lorenzo.

    Mennania, how is your marathon going?imageimage

    Bike It - Excellent video diary of Comrades, really evocative. One thing, though, and I thought this as I was watching the event live - how much better the atmosphere would be at big events like this (and at other, smaller, ones too) if there was no announcer and pounding music!!


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Ant - I had that at my trail half last week.  There were about 400 max runners doing doing one of the distances from 5k to HM and they got a Comrades style finish.  I have to say it was brilliant. 

    Jools - do you know that Frankfurt has an indoor finish? It's dark with disco lights everywhere and 80s music pounding.  Well done yesterday btw. 

  • Great result Jools. So what's next?

  • Great run in the heat yesterday Jools, and more solid parkruns from the thread.

    Thame 10k for me today. I did a decent warm up jog, some stretching, and a few strides and decided to risk the hamstring. Aimed to repeat what I have done in training for 10k and hit 6min/miling.

    First 2 miles were perfect, just under 6min/m on a slight downhill, but heart rate was showing a different story.  Then legs started feeling really heavy, and the day was over. Ran the remainder about 45s to a min per miles slower, yet heart rate was through the roof. Forgot to stop watch, but something like 41 or 42 mins

    Not my day today, and only one more opportunity to set a 10k time. Disappointed, but hamstring seems to be recovering well.




  • 14 for me, out and back on the Thames from Marlow to Temple Island and back. Out in 54:30 and back in 52:40 so nice and tidy, average pace 7:39 so steady at best. It is definitely getting hot, I would not have wanted to do another 7 for 21 without water and other aids, so glad I killed the autumn marathon. Nice to go out and enjoy running in beautiful countryside.

  • Very humid here even before 9 o'clock which was when I got out for 11 miles @ a steady 7:35mm - no heroics today as feeling quite tired. I definitely need new trainers. As soon as possible.

  • Warm here as well but managed to get out earlyish (8.00) for a hilly 10 miler on Box Hill with a mate. Plenty of cyclists as ever.


  • Way too much booze, nowhere near enough shut eye and  too old delivered  the totally predictable wasted day feeling absolutely rotten. Silly, silly boy. I cant tell you what the weather is like in north wales as I have been in bed with curtains drawn all dayimage Never again!! (Until next Saturday and the decider that is, but after that - Never again!)

    Nice Park runs Loz and Gul, and great result for you Jools.

    Looking forward to meeting up with fellow forumites at Lytham - you guys getting down/up the day before I take it?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well done on the PB Gul, bad luck AR- we all have our off days.

    More running than walking for me in the Lakes this w/end. Not feeling in great shape for my 10k on Wednesday. Don't suppose you'll be at Tynedale Minni? 

  • Winter training for VLM is easy on those dark cold winter morning/nights coz there's feck all else to do, on the other hand when you have a choice of a BBQ and a few cold beers on a beautiful summers day or an evening 17 mile run, there is only one winner.

    I'm glad I'm not taking Abo too seriously otherwise I'd be full of guilt instead of feeling merrily pissed. It's all about life balanceimage.

    I'll do the 17 after work tomorrow as punishment.

  • Just applied for VLM, hope I put everything in the right boxes in my slightly inebriated state.

  • I've got to disagree with you on the winter vs summer training.

    Personally I absolutely hate with a vengeance those cold winter days when it's pissing down and you are supposed to be out. I hate losing all feeling from my fingers and toes. I hate having to try and guess how many layers I need to be wearing. The way in which the body heat seems to ebb away in the first mile, and then you are sweating my mile 6. Frozen ears. Gloves or no gloves. Pitch black footpaths. Oncoming vehicles driving with full beam. Not being able to do a pacy run because you'd drown inside your sweaty clothes.

    Now the summer running, that's much better. Hot, sweaty, and granting the opportunity for a sun tan. Early morning solitude, spotting the skylarks. Even the rain is warm.

    Just to prove a point, I went out and ran 21.7 miles today. Job done.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Minni - pleased to hear you're getting back into the swing of things.
    Poacher - dreadmill double - well done.
    Frazer - good attitude. You'll nail it next time.
    Jools - congrats on the relay result.
    Moof -  more excellent mileage on the fixed bike.
    AR - bad luck with the 10k - I imagine it was a bit on the warm and humid side - not ideal conditions.
    PMJ - sounds like a nice out and back jaunt.
    Ant - good running.
    Lorenzo - well done on tackling Box Hill.
    Mennania - sounds like a barrel of laughs.
    OO - nice weekend to be in the Lakes.
    Moof - shocking attitudeimage
    Blisters - fantastic long run.
    Saturday's parkrun managed to sneak me up to 200 miles for June. Recovery week over, so it's back to base training. 6 miles plus some Norfolk-style hill sprints d&d.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I've only done one autumn marathon and failed dismally due to lack of training (3:22 I think) So I guess that puts me in the moof camp of summer bad boys image  

  • Blisters, some of that may be down to your own schedule and route planning. I certainly hate running on roads at night when vehicles zoom past whatever the state of their lights but luckily for me it is a rare event. Most of my runs are lunchtime runs so are daylight and if I have to do a long one it is a morning run and even in the middle of winter I don't set out at Gul o'clock so I get daylight after the first 7 or 10 miles.

    Beyond that, the biggest issue I dislike is changes. In the winter I do have to wear two or three tops and gloves and a hat but most of the time I put them on at the start and they stay there. I also tend to do the same the next day, and the day after. In the summer you get days like yesterday when it got up to 27 near us and I started out in a cool summer morning at about 10 degrees and was back in 24 degrees.

  • +1 for blisters camp - Summer running gives you endless more opportunity to run aswell as endless opportunities to party with badboy Moof, you just need to be flexible with your timetable, which is easier  as you have both pre and post work running slots to use. If we had springs any more I would vote for them.

  • Nope, it's winter for me, too - after about a mile you've warmed up, and as long as you've got gloves and a hat, that's you sorted.

    Summer running is nice only as a recreational/holiday/feelgood thing - otherwise it's a sweaty haze of personal hell.

    I went sale shopping for trainers and found the Pegusus 29s at half price, for 49.95€. They look great, too:


     I'll give 'em a run-out this afternoon and if all goes well, do some speedier stuff in them tomorrow. Hurrah.

  • Hurrah for Pegs at that price AvO.
    Again, another nice summary (avoiding the spelling pun) from Gul.
    Stiff legsies from me, but that's no surprise. Perhaps I should try training and putting something into the bank instead of just making withdrawals.  Unless I get really, really motivated I guess today will be a rest day.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    6 miles on the soft sand here. Lovely evening- last run in anger before Wednesday's 10k.

  • Very happy with the Pegasus - I know they're not the world's most exciting shoe, but I've always got on well with them, and them me. Great cushioning, surprisingly responsive and light, too. They are also very durable. And for that price... 

    Anyway, that's the verdict after a 5k test run - let's see how they (and I) perform tomorrow, as I do a few kms @ HMP minus 15 secs/km.

    Drizzle has set in. Forever.

    Has anyone heard back from VLM?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Ant - no not me Re VLM. 


  • This is what I got back from them (once I'd found it in the Junk folder):

    Thank you for applying for a 2014 Virgin Money London Marathon Good for Age entry.

    We will be checking your application and if accepted we will send you an email confirming your log on details and a link to allow you to complete and pay for your entry. You will receive this within 7 working days.

    If you have any further questions please call the Virgin Money London Marathon Helpline on 0207 902 0200.

    Kind Regards,

    2014 Virgin Money London Marathon Team


    I guess that means that if I cocked up with the application, I'm gonig to be too late to submit another one.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo I got that one but haven't had a log in yet.  Btw I'm at Castle Toward near Dunoon. 

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Popping into say congratulations to Miss Jones and well done to PMJ on raising such a clever and hard working daughter.

  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    As long as I can get out at my usual time before it gets too hot, I definitely prefer the summer so I can get out into the countryside. Pounding the streets by artificial light during the winter is not ideal (nor going round in circles in a field full of ice and snow). So a very nice 11 miles d&d today on a beautiful summer's morning out and back along the cycle path.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    No reply from VLM for me either- anybody had a confirmation yet for their GFA place?

  • Pegasus, onto my 20th pair or thereabouts. Where do you find them at €50, I am paying £54.95.

    Entered VLM on Friday (not goign to say VMLM) and canned reply so far. Says 7 working days which is 9th July and deadline is 8th July

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