ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • Good time 4 ur 3 miler! and itis good to be out on the roads again. Please please post pic of ur geek costume! Your right about going out too quickly but i find it sooo hard to pace though I'm hoping to get better. My bro is bringing his friend jack Daniels round for the evening! We gonna watch iroman 2 but I've heard it's shocking- although cannot be worse than pirates of the carribean 2-truly dreadful
  • Hello MKT!

    Congratulations...and well done on your training!

    I followed the sub 5 plan for this years VLM, finished in 5 hours 12 mins (I was pleased with that) as two year ago I finished in 5 hours 31 mins!

    I am following the sub 5 plan again for VLM 2011...a bit of a dodgy start with snow, Planter Faciitis (SP) and broke my thumb Christmas eve (shut thumb in car door)! Hopefully I will be able to cath up!

  • Good running MKT - yes agree with Silburbas - much too quick on the warm up - try and make a real effort to warm up slowly even if it's almost walking pace.
  • Hi mad welsh woman! Sounds like a he'll of a time for u over the past few weeks- I grimaced when reading bout the car door- ouch! What's the planter thing? Please follow this training to and let us know how its going. I'm finding it great that others are doing it its a real motivator. Impressive times as well compared to my 5 hr 55 in 2009 so am really going for the challenge but...
    I truely, hand on heart promise to take it easier from now on with the warm up making it an intrinsic part of the session ( he lowers hand from heart and scribbles slow warm up onto back of hand)
  • hi all

    can I play? image

    2011 VLM will be my first marathon and although just getting across the line on my own 2 feet (or hands n knees) is all I want i'd hope i can manage it in around 5 - 5:30, so I'll try the plan!!! 

    Just getting back into the running after a few issues this year ( plantar fasciitis,low iron count plus a few nasty colds!!) Being off work this week means I've had chance to get out and do a steady 5k every day so I'll start the plan from Monday....

    any/all advice/support out there is very welcome!

  • MKT- slowly does it! Planter Fasciitis is inflamation of the fibrous tissue that runs along the underneath of the foot....very painful at times.

    Diggin-deep- I have planter fasciitis...not nice, but I am still running at the moment. Good luck with your training!

  • Hi Diggin- deep this is the place for you a supportive family to help you coast gazelle like towards that 1st marathon! That feeling your going to get crossing the line in April is awesome- just the few weeks training to fit in 1st but we are all in it together and we are bound to be successful (realises trying to sound like braveheart does not work so well without blue dyed face and Ginger wig, lol) Planter foot sounds like a right pain- could it be due to type of trainer and support inside or just one of those things? I'm an overpronator and so got trainers with support. RIP my last marathon pair- did not get a single blister!
  • I'm liking the gazelle metaphor!! I don't know what's worse - the few weeks training ( loads of worry about injury etc ) or running 26.2 miles! Lol
    I've had the plantar problem for best part of this year, tried rest, paid to see podiatrist, had orthotics, changed trainers, had sports massages to loosen calves! Trial and error i think. Ran my first half marathon without a twinge or a blister and i'd only taken up running 12 weeks before, its been a downhill road from there!!
    Any tips on fuelling? What works best for you?

    Oh & ouch on the thumb MWW, hope it's mended soon xxx
  • I do most of my running in the morning and grab a banana 10 mins before heading off. I think this fuels me ok for the 1st hour. As the runs get longer I'm gonna carry jelly babies and sports drink (although I willing to experiment trying different biscuits- bourbons v hobnobs lol). I got a bottle I can grip ( the kind with a hole in the middle) tried gels before and are ok but expensive. If only you could buy packets of black and green jelly babies as they are lush!
  • Hope I've not upset the red jelly babies fanclub lol
  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to a injury free and successful running year! 100 days till the Paris marathon!
    Went out to house party last night and chose to be the driver and...had a good time without boozing...crazy world- this could be a eureka moment image
  •  Well week two's schedule nearly done and i'm really pleased with how its been going. Choosing to have today as a rest day as still up in Leeds and family is all coming round to ma and pa's house. Just going to take it easy for the 7 miles tomorrow (going to jog near emmerdale country as its nearby) and probably take the full 90 mins doing a jog and then walk for a few mins. 


    Mon Rest

    Tue 4M (approx 50 mins) slow
    Wed Rest

    Thu 1M jog, then 2 x 1.5M (or 15 mins) fast, with 800m (5:30-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog

    Fri Rest

    Sat Rest or 3M (approx 39 mins) easy

    Sun 7M (approx 90 mins) run/walk

     and then we will be in to week 3......


    Mon Rest

    Tue 1M jog, then 3 x 1M (or 10 mins) fast, with 400m (3:15-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog

    Wed Rest

    Thu 4M (approx 50 mins) slow

    Fri Rest

    Sat Rest or 3M (approx 39 mins) easy
    Sun 8M (approx 100 mins) run/walk


  • Happy New Year!
  • Matthew - Happy new year -- a great start to the first 2 weeks - you look nn schedule.
  • Happy new year .... a successful, injury free 2011 for us all I hope xxx
    Bagged another 3 miles today, hoping to do 5 tomorrow then start the garmin schedule week 2 on Monday x
  • Hi Mustkeeptrying, just thought I'd check in to your thread and say hello!

    I was one of the unlucky shortlisted peeps in the sub 3.15 category. It looks like you have got stuck into the schedule already and making some good progreaa in your training sessions in the absence of your mentor. Don't want to sound patronising, but well done for that as it shows the committment needed to see you through to your goal. Just remember to gradually build up the milage in your campaign and try and stick to the schedule as closely as you can. I did my first marathon last year at London and followed the prescribed RW plan. I loved the fact that for 16 weeks i knew what I was supposed to be doing everyday (and also my wife & 2 kids too). It made it more easy to fit the training in.  Good luck and I feel that you have got that passion that will see you through to April 10th!

  • Nice running diggin deep and thanks for your lovely message knight rider image
    Sorry could not post yesterday but 7 miler in the bag. Did 1st mile in13 mins then sped it up. After 4 1/5 I started to get a twing in the back of the top of right leg and so donned my captain sensible hat and slowed right down. I felt my legs and they were freeZing so going to wear my attractive leggings in future for mornings runs as legs felt constricted in the cold. Last run in Leeds and back down to Wales today.
  • Well done on the training, extra pat on the back for the captain sensible hat!!!
  • Pat done lol Leg been tight so had a spray session with ice pain relief stuff and, fingers crossed problem solved ( in fact got spray on bits not supposed to and had a rather enjoyable tingly afternoon- yeah, to much information image lol) although I guess will see with tomorrows timed programme of running craziness! Back on home turf now so look out valleys of wales! Week 3 bring it on! image
  • sometimes it is much easier to be brave and foolish rather than sensible so well done on making the right decision - no point getting injured now.
  • thanks steve-soo frightened of getting injured and really going to listen to my body. That bit of the leg feels good today image. Calves a little tight so had another spray session and they feel good to. I'm heading out this afternoon for the session-

    1M jog, then 3 x 1M (or 10 mins) fast, with 400m (3:15-min) jog recoveries, then 1M jog

    and looking foward to it as this was my best session last week focusing on the timing of each part. I've put each part of the training on the calendar like knight rider suggested so that the whole family knows whats needed, when, and they can poke me with a stick when necesary.

    <wife picks up branch and has evil look in her eye> lol

  • hey Matt, you might remember me - bleached hair, tattoos - from the selection day. Well done on getting into the Six, mate. Stick with it.

    I've entered Prague marathon (few weeks after Paris) and am also turning things up a notch.

    I'll be keeping an eye on yr training. Good luck.

  • Hi Ian yeah remember you mate, your awesome tats and the super speed you were doing around the track in brum! Prague sounds great. I went there for my stag to appreciate the...cough...architecture and had a great time. It really is a beautiful city and sure your gonna set a blistering pace across st Charles bridge. Please stay in touch and let us know how your training goes.
  • Todays details- raining cats and dogs so not much fun imagemore like swimming than running!
    1 mile jog 12:23
    1 mile 10:23 felt good
    400 metres 3:20
    1 mile 10:31 felt much harder than 1st speedier mile
    400 metres 3:45
    1 mile 3 mins in and right leg tightening like during 7 miler so slowed it down and used this to complete session (12:45)

    So... Positives- got pretty much on track for most of session
    But feel gutted I did not do it all. Leg feels fine now as well. Maybe it's just the feeling of muscles emerging- something I'm not used to.
  • Better safe than sorry - had you pushed it and caused damage it would have been far worse than missing a bit - although I do sympathise (as only a runner can lol ) with that hindsight feeling of " I could've/should've pushed it!!!

    I managed the 4 miles required today although I have blisters from the new trainers I'm trying to break in image .........

    Take care x

  • Are you sure it's the shoes?  Sometimes socks can be to blame too

  • Not 100% but blisters aren't something I've had a problem with touch wood, I've switched brands on the trainers to see if it helps with plantar faciitis, I expect time will tell! I'll certainly try the different socks too x
  • The only time I've had a blister was in a short cross country race when my spikes rubbed so I'm no expert!  I did find myself wondering how many miles I should get out of a pair of socks at the weekend though when something felt slightly uncomfortable.  Do Asics do socks I wonder? image
  • MKT - good first two reps and the right move to ease back. It may not be something sinister and just a cramping effect that will pass when the body adapts to the speedwork but for now wise to ease off
  • Hi Matt  Hope you remember me from Birmingham We plodded round the track together in the Snow. Great result on getting to the final 6 ........ I voted for you (Honest).

    I have entered the Nottingham Mara in Sept So I will follow your progress and training Schedule with renewed interest and will happily take any good ideas you have.

    Hope the muscle tightness sorts itself out... keep stretching and Good luck For Paris.

    Iantention ... Likewise hope you remember me and Sorry to hear you didn't get shortlisted either. My mate did the Prague Mara last year and had a great race and came in with a PB of 3:40

    Cheers Steve

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