ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • Mustkeeptrying..........

    If you feel that it does keep on tightening.and you are ever down near caerphilly..........I will have a look at it for you and administer some free sports massage ..............

    Oh add I am fully qualified and not some kinky stranger wanting to have a feel of your musclesimage

  • Hi MKT.  I'm following the same schedule as you and I found the 3 x1 mile intervals much harder than the 2 x 1.5miles last week for some reason.  The third rep was torture and I was doing them at 10.5 min/miles.  I did them all on the treadmill so that I could keep an even pace and not go off too fast and kept an eye on my heart rate to be sure I was working hard enough.  Hope your leg gets better, its too early to get injured!  Just watch out for Pirates offering massage. image (I'm sure Seren is very good).

    Any news from Bud?  Is he still coaching anyone?

    I did Prague marathon a couple of years ago.  Its a great event and might do it again one year.  Can be hot though, 80C when I did it. image

  • 80c is hot! - as has been discussed on some of the other threads, treadmills are great for setting an even pace but no real substitute for the real thing!
  • More likely to be fahrenheit I think
  • hahaha   - I got that wrong didn't I?  80F. imageimage   Just testing. image
  • Hi Steve remember fondly that 2nd run we did together and that helped me to survive the day. Sorry you did not go through and glad you've continued and I will keep my fingers crossed for you that Nottingham goes well. Please keep updating how your trainings going to.

    Seren- very very kind offer of rub (of the professional kind divorce lawyers image lol). I may be forced to take you up on the offer one time going round the brynbach if you like now it's snow free. Or if it snows again you can jump in my sledge and I'll do my husky impression!

    Soupdragon- yeah sooo much harder than the previous session but legs going fine now thanks. I see that someones cunningly changed the training program on the garmin page so there's no longer a choice of rest days on the saturday- damn the evil genius responsible!
  • I don't rest on a Saturday anyway. image
  • I want to get the five miles done in the morning but no way to make my suite materialise at work- poor organising me. Unless...might just work... I invent that technology from star trek

    <legs it to garage and surveys complete lack of tools, equipment and knowledge sighs and heads back indoors>

    So going to go afterwork instead. Anyone got ideas for a healthy lunch to fuel a run a few hours later please? At the moment it's a ham and philadelphia sandwich with spinach followed by banarama.
  • Anything followed by Bananarama is likely to be the basis of a healthy diet image' />

    Do you find running easier in the morning or the evening and are there different benefits / advantages for each?

  • Lol I much prefer going in the morning as it just seems easier. I think otherwise I spend all day dreading the run and making it out to be worse than it is going to be. I seem to get more stitches as the day goes by but I put that down to needing to sort out my diet/running fuel. The only thing I know that my body likes is nana a bit before a run- there's no doubt I'm a partially evolved ape! What time do you prefer to do your runs?
  • Tend to do my runs in the evening during the week (3 - 4 miles) and a LSR on a Sunday Morning. Pre Run snack for me is Nana and a couple of pieces of Bournville Dark Choc.
  • Gonna give the dark choc a go! I love the work that mr bournville does!
  • Morning all

    I'm a morning runner...out before work during the week. did 2 1.5mile intervals on Tuesday...have to say my "speedwork" is currently not much faster than LSR pace! Doing a 4 mile run this morning.

    Well done on the training MKT!

  • Mostly evenings for me.  Usually fuelled by malt loaf or bagel but yesterday it was Christmas cake!
  • Well done with your running mad welsh womanimage' />. It is hard to get the speedwork going and to be faster than normal. I guess the aim is to raise the minimum plodding rate (mpr) so that the marathon passes by in a blur. How'd your 4 miler go this morning?

    Work just about finished so going to head out on the streets of Hereford in 20 mins or so. Fingers crossed for a smooth, stitch free, under an hour 5 miler.

  • USB- wish i had malt loaf, bagel and especially Xmas cake. Ate food at 12 and now starving so will see how that affects things. I hope your trainings going well to. I keep looking at the other forums with green eyed envy at the awesome speeds you guys are doing.
  • Bugger...just gone to locker and no trainers image' />. Right back to Wales...time for plan B.
  • Awesome is 7 min miling Matt image' />

    I've fuelled on stollen tonight for club run

  • Evenings ( except weekends ) fuelled by blackcurrent jam on toast usually x

    Have I lost the plot ( probably ) or has the schedule changed? I can't find the original one ( which lead me to following you guys ) and this new one is even more daunting lol either way I'm going to have done far less milage this week than last week - and after reading a post saying I should already have been running over 30 miles a week before training even started I'm thinking I'm out of my depth!

    Panic attack done - well done rest of you guys n gals x
  • Diggin- yummmm jam image' /> I know bit scary/ large intake of breath when schedule changed up a notch but it's all gonna be good in the end!
    < crosses fingers on hand behind back > image
    please stick with it as it's lovely not suffering alone image
  • Yeahhhh and he's back on track! Legs...starting to niggle, or anything! Thank you right leg for deciding that you want to participate in this image
    5 mile in 58:46 starting off slowly and getting faster. Avg pace 11:45, Avg speed 5.1mph.
    Check this out though- magical gps watch says best pace 6:46 at 8.8mph so time to change categories and race with peter lol (bet it was when went past a garden and dog went freaky causing me to mildly poo myself and hastily yet bravely...leg it)
  • Just seen the videos and photos of the Birmingham selection day. Lovely photos of lovely people and a really good day in the snow.
  • photos? image
  • image

    come on supply the linksimage

  • On the home page- ASics super six selection day- enjoy! image
  • Realising that need to shift some bulk to aide the running-so went swimming for 30 mins @ 6am this morning and felt really good. Been trying to learn the frontcrawl as I've signed up to London triathlon and breast stroke don't work in the wetsuits. Reverted to winter wonderland again in Wales and the kid inside of me is smiling away while the adult is hoping it's gone for the long run Sunday otherwise it's the dreaded treadmill.
  • Good running and swimming sessions done - hopefully you are out on the bike later!
  • Yeah would love to that's the ideal dream image. Thanks for your support steve. My bike is spending some quality time with mr halfords getting spokes fixed after a tumble with mischievous clip pedals. Can't wait for the spring and some long cycles.
  • Tomorrow's session- 3 miles including hill session or circuit. If I do the hill does this mean going up a hill for 1/2 mile then jogging back down? No problems with finding hills in the valleys.
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