ASICS Super Six: Matthew (Sub-5:00)



  • Hi mighty pudding! Good luck for the Llanelli marathon and i'll keep my fingers crossed for you that your training goes well and that at the finish line the time is what you are hoping for. 4:30 seems like lightening speed to me at the moment but it is pleasing to see the mile times dropping week after week.

    Be great to see you at the Methyr 20 miler- i'll look out for you and take some pics to go on here too! I looked at my results from the last time i did it and it was an average pace of over 12min 30 secs but was just please to survive last time. I'm hoping to see a big difference with the amount of training this time around compared to my cobbled together effort for the Paris marathon in 2009.

  • you are doing  just  great  Matt.

    Nice and steady  all the time and be very positive.

    no doubts  about your self.  some days will be hard  but  YOU know you are doing great so revel in that  and look forward to next challenge.

    Stay  in touch  and get  those healthy snacks and plenty of fluid going

  • Thanks bud- yeah the key seems to stay positive especially when out on the runs and to enjoy it above all else. I'm always trying to look forward to the next session instead of being daunted by it like I was last time I trained for a marathon. Snacks and drinks planned for tomorrow so looking for a good run.
  • Forgot to say- my birthday today! 31! I had a nice day at work and then back to a surprise party which was sooooo lovely image. We are going to watch inception with a glass of wine so probably not going to set any landspeed records with running tomorrow.
    My ma and pa got me a ride on a Segway thing which sounds pretty cool image
  • Happy Birthday! Just a young thing image
  • Happy birthday MKT - you are doing really well
  • Hi and thanks for the birthday messages image. Did the session this morning...but...only had time for just over 5 miles as needed time to get showered before work (a point probably much appreciated by colleagues and students alike).

    Did'nt worry particulary about time as was just taking it easy but really enjoyed it with my tunes playing and the miles dissapeared quickly (between 10 and 11 1/2min miles). Bottom of the left leg a little stiff this afternoon but i think its just adjustments to regular training.

    I seem to be getting such a different perspective on distances as the weeks go by and suddenly 5 miles does not seem that far.

  • It's when colleagues ask how far you ran and you say 'only' ten miles that you know you've been properly sucked into this image
  • Yeah your right USB image I loved it last time round for training when I got used to the long distances and a 10 miler became the norm. I just kept thinking cool I can do that and survive!
  • Went circuit training this morning image had a good time and worked my upper body for a change! How hard are push ups! Only did 10 before collapsing in a heap.
  • 10 is 10!  

     next target  is 12 and 20 before end of Jan

  • just popping in before I jet off on holiday to see how your doing- and the ansswer is BRILLIANTLY!!!

    good going MKT- will look forward to catching up when I get back!!

    Just back from an LSR of 14 which I did at average 11.25 m/m so feeling very chuffed with myself!!

    Stay safe MKT and I'll check in soon

  • Will do bud! I'm gonna do push ups before every run from now on image puny arms be gone!
  • Hi vik image hope you have a lovely time on holiday- where you off to?
    Well done on the Impressive running too especially over that long a distance. I hope to emulate you when I get to that stage. Nothing quite beats that feeling at the end of a long run when you feel so proud of what you've achieved. Like a sense of euphoria that stays with me all day.

    Thanks for your comments it really does really help to keep me motivated and to keep pushing on.
  • WE're off to sharm el sheik on monday night- one adavantage of working for an airline that I can get some winter sun- but rest assured the hotel has a gym so i can keep up with my plan!!

    I've scoffed pizza this afternoon image and done some housework image but definitely feeling smug!!  got a double shift tomorrow at work but will do an easy 4miles or so on sunday before going out to lunch and then will try for something longish monday as we don't fly until 10pm!!

    you're doing grand MKT!!  it'll be cool that i'm doing brighton the same day so we will be doing some of the race together come April!!

  • Bud Baldaro - Coach wrote (see)

    10 is 10!  

     next target  is 12 and 20 before end of Jan

    for a moament I thought you meant miles for the long run.....image.until I realsied you meant pushups......image

    Have a great tiem Vikimage.I'm jealous

  • Sharm el Shiek- lush. I 'm with Seren on the jealousy front image.  I used to work for airtours back in the day and was a rep in the dominican republic. I used to love jogging/plodding up and down the beach. Although i love living in Wales its just not quite the same image

    Yeah it is cool your doing Brighton the same day. I'll definately be thinking of you as i go round and i hope you have an awesome experience.

     Your pizza's given me an idea....

    <he creeps off to the freezer but finds it devoid of the delicious italian scoffing food and returns feeling slightly sad but healthier>

  • i always have pizza as a treat after a long- if i order one in i do it online so it'll magically appear after shower/stretching and all that jazz- lazy i know but bloody beautiful after a 20miler image
  • Lovin your work Vik image- that is some genius level thinking- will incorporate it in to my training regime!
  • Hi MKT - have been doing the plank as well as press ups?

    My lasting memory of the the Birmingham Boot camp was the 2 minute plank Sarah made us do. I was still reminded of it a couple of days later so I knew it had done somthing (good though!). So far I have doing the plank everytime I finish a run. I think it's starting to work!

  • Hi knight rider- cor yeah do I remember the plank with Sarah that day! Those two minutes lasted an eternity. Done it a few times (done more that leg splitting one on the bed) but will do the same as you from now on. Push ups before-plank afterwards.
    Seems like with this my 24 pack might be heading down towards a fridge pack! image
  • It's one of things MKT, it only takes a few minutes a time (press ups or plank) so you can fit it in anytime. I usually fit it in while waiting for the shower to heat up after a run.The other night me and my eldest lad were doing it and he was trying to keep up, then my youngest 3 year old boy comes running in and sits straight on my back. I had to restrain myself from swearing, although he probably would have learned a few new words!

    Seriously though, it's all part of the bigger picture and the core strength helps with your posture when you are running, particuarly in those last few miles!

  • Doing my press ups before heading out (13 i managed-yeah its going up) and my daughter wakes up to come and see me image as my huffing and puffing doing them must have woken her up. So 3 miler postponed till later but i think its fate as my wife has a chance of a lie in plus as its blowing a gale and raining out there it would not have been fun.  She wanted to do some drawing and check out the awesome pic that she drew of me in my running stuff...

    I particulary like the style of shorts and the Asics on the running top she went for.

    (Yes! i've made the major technological breakthrough having worked out how to resize pics to be able to put them on the blog- am feeling like bill gates image)

  • 20 press ups and 14-15 miles

    good targets for   a man so young.

    Let me kwo how thsi weekend has gone.



  • Hi Bud and everyone image- have to confess that i was unable to do yesterdays training imageand i am gutted to of missed the 3 mile session. Just could not get out of the house yesterday as my wife was not feeling very wellimage. So i spent the day tidying the house (which was knackering in itself) and hoped to use the pent up energy on todays long run...which i did image.

    10 miler in the bag!!!!!! Target time 1 hour 55mins. Completed Total time 1 hour 50 mins 51 seconds. Pace 11:05 per mile. Route- slightly undulating. Weather- windy in the valleys this morning coming in from the side first 5 miles then in to a strong headwind second 5 milesimage

    Here are the stats....

    1st mile 10:12image

    2nd mile 10:44image

    3rd mile 10:32image

    4th mile 10:26image

    5th mle 11:07image

    6th mile 11:01 image(turned in to the wind and sadly no other choice as country lane). From this point the miles where more like running for 1-2 mins then walking as was really hard work in to the wind).

    7th mile 12:07 image(walked for 1 minute taking on delicious orange and mango juice and energy gel).

    8th mile 11:25image

    9th mile 11:36 image(had another energy gel- greedy guts me)

    10th mile 11:41image

    I'm a bit dissapointed with the last 3 miles but i need to keep things in perspective for where i'm tryng to get to and it was really windy enough to take your breath away at times. This is building on last weeks 9 miler (1:41:28) and in comparison my legs felt much stronger than last week. I guess the sessions in the week are doing their stuff for when it comes to the long run.

    When i got back i also did my push ups-14, i managed and did the plank for a minute that seemed to last the length of the run image. My 3 year old boy was watching and when i asked hime if he would like to do it to he said he could'nt as his feet would get cold (ah the awesome mind of a 3 year old).

    A colleague told me about a feature on the one show on monday which i've just watched on i player. It has a guy doing full on sprinting for 1 min then walk for a min then run then walk so 4 mins in total. This is against someone going same pace for 20 mins. Apparantly there is loads more benefit to the shorter more intense session (kind of what the speed sessions are like in the week). It seems with me that after the first 5 miles the energy starts to get zapped in the legs and this is kind of what i end up doing with a faster section then a walk.

    I'm going to attempt to do a video diary for this week, this afternoon, to post tonight along with the schedule for next week- so speak to you soon....

  • Hi all!  Been lurking for a while and thought I'd just come on to say hello.  London will be my 4th Marathon (have run it twice before) and Edinburgh in 2009.  Was scheduled to run Brighton last year but had to quit training 6 weeks before the race due to problems with the ligament in my right knee.  Deferred the place until this year but then won a place in club ballot for London.

    Fastest marathon time is 5.28 so am hopeful that I'm being sensible in trying to break the 5 hour barrier this time round.  Was 50 last October.

    Managed my 10 miler today in 1.53.  Am still at the moment walking 5 minutes to warm up and 5 minutes to cool down.  My fastest for 10 miles previously was 1.45 at the Fred Hughes a couple of years ago.

    Looking forward to "speaking" with you all soon.

    Off now to google "the plank" as I feel I may be missing out on something.image

  • Hi Trigger 2 image wow 4th marathon your going for! and why not aim for a faster speed too and with the pace your setting your right with me and hopefully we can both dip below the 5 hour mark image. Please keep telling us how your trainings going and fingers croseed your ligaments stay great for you this time around.

    How'd your googling of 'plank' go ? (i have visions of different websites dveoted to lovers of 2 by  wood bars lol).  If you had no success it is where you lie with you belly on the ground, then raise your body of the ground via resting on your elbows and toes (while keeping in a flatish plank position ie. bum not too far up in the air). Hard to do for a long time but supposed to help with the core of your body and muscle stability. So hope you enjoy trying that image

    Cancel the trip to Cann film festival- My video directorial debut is postponed until i can sweettalk facebook in to working properly (wokrman always blames his tools) .

  • oh and the small matter of the schedule for WEEK FIVE: approx 26M

    Mon Rest
    Tues 1M jog, then 8 x 400m at mile/5K speed (or 2:15) with 200m (or 2 mins) jog recoveries, then 1M jog
    Wed? Rest
    Thu 7M easy (approx 84 mins)
    Fri Rest
    Sat Parkrun or 35 mins fartlek (approx 3M)?
    Sun 11M easy run/walk (approx 2:12)

    Enjoy image!

  • That is superb Matt

    really well done.

    And important to stress what you have done NOT what you have missed  You still have 12 weeks til Paris and next week will be another important and positively re assuring target.

    With tues session make sure you run the 400 s controlled. Stress  doing  the whole session at good pace as opposed to runnig first  couple too fast and then  falling apart.

    Make it good make it smart  And enjoy the challenge.

    You are  doing  just great-- keep it up


  • Morning MKT - glad it's a rest day today - the weather outside is appalling and I really wouldn't fancy being out there, a duvet day if ever there was!

    My schedule for this week is 3,5,3 and 7 with a session of cross training to fit in too.

    Googling plank was very helpful - found a couple of samples on youtube so will give it a whirl, am notoriously bad for not stretching.

    Hope all is well with everyone

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