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  • Red well done on the time that you achieved after a an emotional day. I'm not great at opening gels & still haven't got the hang of it! I was based near Cheltenham for a  while - lovely posting but I failed my driving test there, on the upside I met Barry.

    Chickadee Hope you start to feel better soon

    2old Impressed with your lunchtime swimming

    Berlin so close now that I am keeping fingers & toes crossed for Barry.


  • Redders - they've got water pouches at Brighton Mara next year and I'm very unimpressed by the idea. They sound a nightmare and I'm sceptical they will reseal when you're sweaty and a mess. Do you think practicing with capri sun pouches will work?

  • Have just booked accommodation for  a 30 mile event in Jan, another 30 in Feb and the Bramley 20 the week after the second 30 miler. BA is packing a suitcase while muttering darkly - although that might be something to do with the fact that I told him I was expecting to be taken out on our anniversary this Friday (I know, I know, pigs might fly etc, but a girl can dream)

    Barry cotton wool time I think.......

  • Relay sounds like good fun Spoons, you've had a strong run there! Well done to your GF too image

    Red sounds like a good way of getting rid of some bad memories, glad to hear you're back to loving the place.  There were water pouches at Sunderland marathon last year.  They were crap.  Like, really crap.  Hard to open when you're running, only comes out in a trickle, you have to squirt it into your mouth so end up half choking on it, and you can never get enough out to actually hydrate yourself. I'd rather have CUPS!

    2old hope the scan gives you a few answers.  And nice ones.  For now, enjoy the pool.  It does leave you a bit battered if you've fallen of the wagon for a while!

    Simon hope the op went well.

    Barry hope that calf gets better soon, massage? Ice? Foam roller?

    Weeble the pouches I've had in races aren't really like a capri sun pouch, there's no straw! Unless you don't use the straw, just make the hole and attempt to drink out of it? Now that would be good practice! Brighton Marathon? Great news!

    Swam this morning, forgot my goggles so got out of the pool looking like I'd been crying for hours.  Track tonight - didn't do the session, instead did 2M easy, then 5 sets of 400m @ 10K pace, 400m @ MP, then 2M easy.  Calf / back of the knee felt good, better after last night's massage.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- the calf is probably taper madness

  • 2old - I hope so, but I am currently icing my taper madness.image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Barry - my calf hurt last week but on Sunday didn't feel it at all. Stay positive. 

    Chick - how is your back? 

  • He's not very happy Minni image


  • never had pouches in a race but they sound crap. German races usually provide cups. they suck too ... gimme bottles any day!

    i still cannot bend forward at all ... but getting up and sitting down hurts less than before. Hope i'm ob the road to recovery.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    04S-maybe he will take you 50 miles and tell you to run homeimage

    Barry-have you got time for a sports massage?

    Chick-clearly best avoiding climbing as a recovery sport..does anyone here have a complete break from training in one form or another apart from injury? Maybe thats where Im going wrong

    Mangaged 22k of spinning last night. Not sure I will fit anything in today.

  • 2old:  I wish I thought you were joking - I can see you have been talking to him again. BTW I have taken complete breaks from running on many occasions, up to 7 or 8 weeks, but always because I am cycling.  Have never actually stopped doing anything for any length of time except through injury.  I find a longish break from running over the summer seems to help me keep injury free and stops me getting too bored with the training the rest of the time.  Absence makes the heart etc......


  • I don't mind cups. I'm really good at throwing water across my chest and missing my mouth completely.....

  • 2old - I took two full weeks off after the marathon this year and have had my best summer of training yet.

    Pouches sound really duff hope they don't catch on. 

    Did an open water swim last night. Phew it was cold.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- so that's your secret ! 6-8weeks cycling the toughest mountains in France is one way to rest I suppose 

    Ant- bet it was cold but still some way to go to the 12c of April. When does your place shut ? 

  • 2Old: i too only stop running if im cycling! I do sometimes wonder if a two week sabatical from all things aerobic would be benefical but of course i can never bring myself to do it.

    Barry: fingers crossed

    Chick: sounds more hopeful

    O4S: I hope BA doesnt read these pages as 2Old's idea might just be too tempting.

    Comrades had water and energy drinks in pouches but their not resealable, bite, squeeze, drop they work well other than the water stations quickly ressemble a sea of slippery plastic.

    have spent a hour in the phone to Garmin after my Edge 800 died, its under a 2 year warranty in the UAE but only 1 year here so have had to pay for an exchange, but hey its a lot cheaper than buying a new one.

    Two hours on the bike today taking in some of Dorsets, Somersets & Wiltshires finest hills including the wonderous 30% pitch up to Alfreds Tower, which despite my hatred of it seems to have a magnetic attraction.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- I've worked out that I only stop running when I'm injured skiing swimming cycling- these last  two when injured- and sometimes when hungover. Bet you can't live without the Garmin Nor the challenge of a steep hill. 

  • Hi everyone - I'm back. Had to be there at 7am, but arrived early 6.45. Unfortunately I was last down, so op wasn't til 3.15, so over 8hrs of waiting, and came out at 5pm. So I had to stay in over night, just to be on the safe side. I had some nerve blocker in the shoulder, which was great, as its only just worn off now, 24hrs later, so pain starting now, so time to pop some pills. They attached a brass strap over the end of the collarbone, to hold it down, attached to the shoulder by some pins, and attached some ligaments, but now 5wks of immobility, before physio. So could be Dec before any normal activities. Any jokes please to keep me sane. 

    2old - Luckily the ward was quiet, and best bit, was getting a nurse to make me tea and toast at 1am, when I couldn't sleep.

  • 2old - was in 2 minds about a sports massage but decided I'd regret it if I did n't so managed to get one for tomorrow evening.

    Simon -  Sounds like a dull day waiting for the op, you must have been starving.  Are the pins a permanent fixture?  Soon be Xmas and you will be back on it.

    Minni - Trying to stay positive but under 10 miles in the last 2 weeks is not great final prep, but will be in a lot better shape than I was for VLM.


  • Barry - As far as I'm aware the metal work is staying in. But appointment with surgeon on 3oct. Yes last food/drink I could have was 11pm the night before, so I was 'hank' all day.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Simon - glad you've made it through.   Are you in pain?

    Barry - the only think you're going to lose is confidence, if you allow that to happen.  Think of the enforced rest as a good thing that is making your body stronger.

    2old - I think you asked about the downhill in the GNR?  It is quite steep and you definitely feel it in your quads but its not long enough to do any damage. 

    My GNR position was 60th and 10th in my category!

  • At least you are now on the road to recovery Simon, rather than waiting for the op. How about the 2012 Olympics DVDs - 15 hours in total and I'm sure you can pick the set up cheap by now?

    Hope the pain eases soon. I come out of all my ops thinking 'that wasn't so bad' and then the pain kicks in  just before I go to bed image

    DD: if BA ever finds this forum and bothers to read it, I will be an ex-wife ( which would solve the anniversary issue image).  Luckily he is too scared of the ladies he has met so far to venture further into our murky cyber-world image

  • Simon - fingers crossed its all gone well for you. 

    Im still out of sorts too. This injury/sick bench is rather full this week...

  • O4S.. I'm not made of wood image

  • Minni - Yes, pills aren't helping, so I'll bring out the big guns later 'oromorph', liquid morphine. Luckily with my OH's back problem, she is prescribed it, so fridge ready stocked with it. 

  • Simon - good that the op went well - will you be able to cope with 5 weeks of Neighbours? My pins were taken out - although 1 did actually fall out & I think it was hoovered up in the house, but they never put a replacement in!

    AA I'm sure you will start to feel better soon - it's good that you have had a rest though.

    Carrot My coach isn't too bad image

    Took advantage of the afternoon off work today & went for an 8 mile run & despite the wind it went well. I have entered my first race - a 10k to see how I will get on.

    I'm hoping the sports massage will help Barry tomorrow image 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni- wonder why Mo didn't go for it down that hill then....seems you did. 

    Simon- you really were nobbled by those chavs. Swift recovery mate. Think O4S really wants to offer you her home videos of her mountain cycling this summer Looks like you'll have fun at airport security in the future. 

    Barry - good'll nail Berlin

    AA- my bit of the bench is worn out and it is looking in need of extending

    O4S- I have the same fear as BA 

    apart from eccentric stretches nowt training today...unlikely tomorrow too 




  • Simon - glad it went OK. Time to catch up on all those movies and TV series....

  • Simon - could you sit on an exercise bike?

  • Spoons - Yes I could, and I thought of that too, in fact I thought of all the equipment in the gym I could use. But I need my OH to drive me to the gym, and I think she would kill me if she thought I was thinking of going to the gym in the 5wks when it's supposed to be healing. Also I'm not allowed to get it wet, so no baths or showers for 2wks, just baby wipesimage.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Simon - glad the op went well, sounds brutal.  5 weeks immobility?  Urgh.  How about a turbo trainer - you can set up your own bike on it in your house.  Should be able to pick one up for about £50.

    Minni - amazing placing in such a big race!

    Spoons - sounds like a great event, relays are fun.  Nice to get the bike/car entourage!

    Redwood - glad you had a good day - hope the hip isnt grinding anymore?

    Barry - 10 days to go, its definitely taper madness!

    Carrot - you are on great form for a solid sub 3.15 attempt.  Cant wait to see how it goes.  If I can hit 1.35 at my half this weekend I'm gonna be going for 3.20 at Leicester...

    2old - if I remember right you've been recently doing speedy 20+ runs with niggles?  I'd say don't stress about losing fitness, give your body time to heal.  I had 6 months without any training last year, and while I came back super slowly that was more to build it up gradually and avoid injury than lack of fitness, which hadnt dropped that badly.


    Anyway, move up you lot and make a bit more space on the bench for me.  I'm feeling sorry for myself in bed, full of cold.  Binned my planned 20 - I aint going anywhere today.  

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