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    Barry- wondering whats up with your other calf? Maybe like my right achilles - it did all the work whilst my left was recovering and then it was its turn to play up. Take care to sort it now before pushing n too hard. You've got plans for next year so best to be fixed for them. There's always Brighton if its not full and The Rock n Roll marathon in Liverpool in May. That's my fall back if April is a no go for me. By the way how many total miles in the 3 months before

    Carrot- 6@10k is a 10k. Impossible for me iwhen not n a race. Rather you than me 



  • Another quick check in.

    Barry - sorry Berlin wasn't quite how you'd have wanted ideally but you sound like you are ok with it - and so you should be after the problems with your calf. You clearly have speed, it was just the endurance wasn't quite there. But next time, hopefully you can get a full schedule in without the injuries and nail it image

    2old - I've been exactly where you are with one Achilles going and then the other follows. Orthotics helped me although it took years before it was completely right. But while it's chronic like now, you really have to do as your physio says and not run - there's some achilles pain you can run through and some you definitely can't! It's really hard I know, but please be patient, get the treatment and it'll be quicker in the long run (sorry no pun intended).

    Daren - hope you smash the 10k image
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    Free- I have worked out that in the initial chronic stage running is a no go as its too painful-limping for a few days after is a good indicator of this. This period seemed to last about 4-6 weeks for my left achilles.Then its a period of gradually reintroducing running-some days more painful than others and no running more than every other day.After about 6 weeks of this whilst there is still some swelling in the achilles and some days are better/worse than others its possible to gradually resume training IF the other one doesnt go then! Is this something like what you experienced? In the meantime swimming and spinning and eccentric stretches and If Im careful I may just make the start of marathon training in January.Fingers crossed. What did the orthotics do for you?

    Daren-how about an age graded podiumimage

    25k spinning last night and maybe some more today

  • carrot, hope it's 10k with 6k @ 10k pace... still, a mega hard workout!!

    tried some cycling today which didn't hurt but my back was stiff afterwards :-/

    not sure I want to run today - very strong winds... bank Holiday here today image
  • Carrot - jeez, that sounds like a tough session!

    Barry - I've done Paris twice. Not a bad race at all, pretty flat and very good for spectators.

    Chick - back recovery sounds promising


  • Hi all, after the disappointment of the weekend I visited the doctor on Monday who thinks I may have food poisoning. It would explain the previous weeks struggles and also if anything since Sunday I gradually feel worse. Hence to say I have not run since Sunday not through the quacks advice but more not being able to do very much at all. Off tomorrow for a weekend at Center Parcs which was going to incorporate a race but looks like a relaxing weekend instead and hopefully come back feeling better.

    2OLD - I had my dates mixed up its Carlisle half this week and Coniston 14 next week on the Saturday but looks like I will be doing neither. There are the Coniston trail races this weekend though.

    Minni - what was next is now an empty diary, once better will reassess and maybe head to Jedburgh again.

    Simon - yes the GB team are a bit poor, don't take up biking if you don't like the rain that's what I say. Hope you are on the mend.

    AA - hope the stress fracture heals quickly. Been there myself with a lower leg one.

    Daren - really nice 5k there

    Kiwi - hope you feel better soon

    Chick - now you know what is wrong hopefully you will be better soon.

    Writing this post and thinking it is getting more like a hospital waiting roomimage

    Carrot - well done with the club handicap and the sessions, you are flying and im sure you will pb the marathon.

    Pink/Barry - glad you enjoyed the trip. Barry sorry the race did not go to plan but its still a marathon done. Will you consider another this year if your injury clears up? I enjoyed the race reportimage


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    Chick- the bike is very forgiving .I just read that a study of triathletes showed that running caused most injuries,swimming was next and cycling a long way behind and the rresults were the same regardless of whether the triathletes were elite or  intermediates and regardless of age. So maybe its the way to go

    Shild-dont worry about the confusion-Im not looking at any races in the near or mid term futureimageEnjoy Centre Parks-which one Notts or Cumbria? and probably best to rest

    Barry-how about Brighton if there are any places or why not Liverpool in May-the new Rock and Roll Marathon which may be on my list if April doesnt happen

    30k spinning this lunchtime

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    Want to edit out my comment to Barry as Ive repeated myself but edit wont work

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    Age graded podium?  Now we're talking!!  My best is HM @ 76.65%  image 

    Blimey Shildon you really were ill.

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    Minni-is WAVA the same as age grading ?If so my HM is 79.81% .Think O4S has this competition in the bag thoughimage

    Talking of editing out, I'd like to edit out my health since March

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Yes, I think you're right 2old!


  • haha, and I'd like to edit out my back ... I ran, well shuffled 3miles at about 10mm. better than nothing.

    not convinced cycling is good for me right now - it's the hunched position that I'm not too keen on. being injured sucks :-/

    200 days till Boston ...
  • Carrot  well done for beating Parsnip. It's the Cricklade 10k that I'm running on Sunday & yes i'm still a bit nervous about it.

    Chick Good effort with a bad back

    Simon How are you getting on with daytime TV?

    Did my first speed session today as a running group has started at my work with help from Run England. I was in the intermediate group (beginners are on another day) & really enjoyed it, had no problem keeping up with the rest of them which has shown me that all the training I have put in over the summer has really helped.

  • I also received a VLM reject letter along with a reject jacket image 

  • Carrot - Good luck with tomorrows session, sometimes the ones that are daunting work out pretty well once you get going.

    2old - Yeah forgot to post stats: May 3.5 miles, Jun 65 miles, July 170 miles, Aug 175 miles, Sep 39 miles (not including race), so really only July and Aug decent training after a build back up in Jun. I think Brighton's full, I'm  swaying towards Barcelona.

    Shildon - Sounds like you've had a rough time, make sure you're fully recovered before doing any long/speedy sessions.   Don't think I'll be doing another mara this year, want to make sure I fully recover.  Tried 2 in 5 weeks last year,( Abingdon 3:15:08 - ouch are those 8 seconds going to haunt me foreverimage, and Florence 5 weeks later 3:18:18 was on target to go under 3:15 but had a horrendous last 3 miles)




  • Hope you enjoyed your bank holiday Chick (apart from the weather!)

    Sounds like a long and frustrating recovery process 2old.

    Barry when you post your mileage your marathon result looks all the more impressive.  You know you want to do Barcelona image

    Hope you feel better for the weekend away Shildon, no wonder you felt so bad!

    Well done on the speed session Pinklady! That's great that you enjoyed it, there's nothing like speedwork to improve your times.  Keep it up, that parkrun PB will take a battering!

  • Chick/2old - I'm not convinced cycling is the least injury prone activityimage.

    Barry - Why go to Barcelona when you could do Manchester. It's earlier this time, 6april. 

    So saw the surgeon today, and he's happy with how the collarbone is healing. Stitches out, but small titanium plates staying in. The bad news is still another 3wks of immobility before any physio, to allow it to heal fully. Pink - Loose women is really good imageimageimageimage

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    Simon- I was going to mention you when I was saying how safe cycling is but thought I'd leave it you to comment ! image Do we call you Titanium Man from now on ? Are you still on happy pills?

    Barry- agree with Carrot- sub 3.30 on those miles is outstanding. I was going to try the same at Chester on Sunday if my right achilles hadn't stopped me . I feel I need to do 45-50 miles pw for sub 3.15 . 


  • Simon - you'll struggle with metal detectors in airports.

    I did a 10km hilly fartlek tonight. Good fun to be training again. Trying to decide whether i should do Spires and Steeples marathon in 9 days or not. I have a 33 mile ultra 2 weeks after so a long run will do me good....

  • Spoons - A mara sounds like a good lsr for the ultra. Apparently the titanium plates are quite small and won't set of detectors, but the scar looks a nice big one down the front of the shoulderimage

    2old - Titanium Man sounds ok, as long as you don't shorten it to 'tit man' lolimage


  • Blimey. What have I missed. In August, when I was last up to date, 2old and Barry were running great. Simon also cycling well.

    Barry, 3:24 with sore calf is a damn good time. After VLM, it's even more impressive. Next year you will get sub 3:15. Stick with it.

    In agreement with Daren, some very fast paced training, I rarely do race pace, the odd mile maybe, apart from races. Your circuits sound a lot like mine but I only do 1 a week (2 only if missing a run) plus a heavy weights speed session. Worth checking out.

    Minni great HM. in better weather..

    Carrot ditto. Good half.

    old4speed great race.

    AA sorry to hear about injury, chic too.

    Simon! Wtf. What happened?

    Cake fest, sorry i mean Ultra for me on Saturday.

    Reorg at work going on, should know tomorrow 9.30am.

  • 2old - Off the happy pills, but night nurse helps me sleep!

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Please let's not go age graded guys - I don't like being shown up... image

    Though I do like the idea of one of our team being 'Titanium man'! Glad its healing well, if slowly Simon.

    Interesting report and thoughts Barry. Once you've done enough marathons to cut out all the usual mistakes, I think its so hard to perform well if the training hasn't been consistent - still, you did a good run, and clearly will go better.

    Doesn't sound pleasant Shildon - hope you get over it soon.

    Didn't your 'long run' last weekend do you enough good spoons? (Madness...image )

    Sounds like some session Carrot... And nice one for beating parsnip!

    Got his and hers matching VLM acceptances for me and OH, although his is an automatic place due to 5 consecutive years of rejection. He's not happy at finally having to do it, and refuses to discuss training...

    Went back to working full time a few weeks ago and its making it really hard to fit runs in. Finally got out for 8M at MP (7.45) today. Felt good. Confidence coming back.
  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Hope its good news tomorrow FRC
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    KFC-full time work sucks . Like the idea of his and hers VLM entries...very romantic. While watching the end of Paris marathon I saw a lot of couples holding hands as they crossed the lineimage

    FRC-fingers crossed for today. Maybe you should hang around here more and we wouldnt pick up so many injuries. The last you saw of me was the Warrington HM and now I cant run ...againimage but you know all about AT. Good luck with your ultra and hope the weather is right

    Simon-is that nurse very imageattentive?.

    Spoons-will you have recovered enough from the marathon by the time you do the ultra? Still if you can do it why not

  • 2old said:

    'Like the idea of his and hers VLM entries...very romantic. While watching the end of Paris marathon I saw a lot of couples holding hands as they crossed the lineimage'


    Don't be expecting that from the O4S team...........................

  • 2old - Yea, you can't beat a night nurse to help you sleepimage.

    FRC - Good luck Re job this morning. A brief synopsis of my injury. Cycled to work early hours, came across roadworks blocking road in Ashton in makerfield, but with a temporary footpath round it. Scally kids tied rope across about 5ft of the ground. Caught me across bridge of nose, suffered facial cuts and dislocated collarbone and torn ligaments were I hit the deck. Had op to pin collarbone back in place, just had stitches out yesterday, but still another 3wks of immobility before any physio. On the sick bench with me is : 2old- Achilles . AA- foot stress fracture. Chick- lower back disc. Plus some calf probs for other runners

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-you could always run back a couple of miles after finishing to do thatimage

  • About 6 miles in at Berlin I passed a couple running together wearing  identical shirts  with a photo of themselves on the back of the shirt and the words "run together stay together".  How about that idea O4Simage.

    kfc -  I thought the 5 rejections and you are in got scrapped when Virgin took over, friend at work reckons he's applied 7 times on the trot without success.

  • Barry:  please!!!!   I'm feeling queasy just imagining it imageimage

    Bet they have split by next year image

    2old: are you suggesting I waste good drinking time??????

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