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  • So many of us on the injury bench image

    Free you'll do way quicker than 1:40! You'll surprise yourself.

    Well done on the 10K Redwood, isn't it nice how well a race ends up going when there's no pressure (and maybe a bit of friendly rivalry!) Hope things are going OK at home too.

    Barry / AA I am aiming for under 3:15 at Amsterdam.  I've not yet decided how far under to aim for - a fine balance between setting off too quick, slowing down and missing it or setting off too slow, having to speed up, leaving myself too much to do in the final miles, and missing it!

    Results from today AA?

    Ease back into it Barry, marathon training starts beginning of December and you need to be strong and injury-free. (16 week training plans are the way forward!)

    Chick it sounds horrendous, I really hope the physio helps. Pain at night when you just want to sleep is the worst.  Re: the running, like I said ignore the pace! Running is running, hey 22 miles is a decent week to keep ticking over on. 

    Ouch Ant, that sounds nasty! You'd think by October all the wasps would be gone.

    At least you've got some anti-biotics now I guess Kiwi. Feel better soon.

    Sub-59 Pinklady! There's nothing like the sight of a finish line. Nice new profile picture too image

    Pub sounds good 2old!

    Track Tuesday tonight - pyramid session! image  Loved it.   

    7th in those rankings (1st female) - one of those seven will be that pesky Parsnip.  And maybe a few blokes from the running club who live nearby. 

    No taper madness just yet, although now the last track session is done my sanity may decline rapidly.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    on the postcode thingy - is that the best handicap over any distance? I think It must be. 

  • Evening - 400s for me tonight. Pain....

  • Morning all

    results yesterday showed a heel spur image Probably worse case scenario for me. Would rather have has a broken bone. It's probably come from chronic PF. Treatments are what I'm already rest etc. long term could be cortisone or surgery. Either way it's months image pretty pissed off at the moment but will know more when I see the specialist on Wednesday. Hopefully. 

  • Chick stairs are great for exercise but the pain at night must be awful for you

    AA how did results go? Barry filled me in on the bridges so something to look forward to. February is my birthday month so I always expect rubbish weather & it was no different for Wokingham HM this year - I wanted to come & support Barry but weather was rubbish plus I was wearing a surgical shoe after having op. Looking forward to it though as it will be my next goal.

    Carrot not long to Amsterdam for you now & I think that you will get the time you want.

    Concentrated on sorting the calf last night - nice cold bath, foam rolling & some stair exercises. Went out for a short run just to test & it seems ok. Which is good news as I can run the 5 miler on Sunday. Will go for a run this evening & hopefully it will have settled down.

    Cheers for the advice.image


  • AA just saw your post - not surprised your peed off. Good that you know what is wrong now & can concentrate on recovery.

  • AA: ((( )))  That is such rubbish news, hope the specialist can come up with a recovery scheme

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- (((())))--terrible news...what a least a recovery plan can be put in place now. Just shows how well you did in the HIM a few weeks ago. 

    Pink- get that injury fixed. There's too many on the bench   
  • aw shit, AA image   that really sounds like a worst case scenario... I'm with 2old - completely amazing you managed to do the HIM and in a good time too.

    PL: nice forum pic - lovely to have a face to a name image

    As for resting: if I don't move around (be it walking, running or stair-climbing) it hurts even more image  gentle exercise seems to loosen things up so I can get through the day OK. Managed 5 hours of solid sleep last night, which is a novelty too image

  • Chick - We could start a team imsonmiacs clubimage.

    AA - Sorry to hear the news, good luck with the specialist.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-probably right to keep going-I seize up if I stop exercising for a day. WhenI had back trouble the physio said I could still do easy running as long as it didnot cause pain so I guess as long as what you do doesnt cause pain you should be ok

    PL-nice pic

    Simon-2 pints of real ale last night put me in a deep sleep.

    Did 3k row before work and thats it for today.

  • AA - that's terrible news. Get back in the water and take up marathon swimming?

    Pinklady - seen the new pic. I have to admit you are nowhere near as pink as I expected..... image

  • AA - that really sux image sending you virtual hugs ((  ))!

    Chick - hope your back is ok.

    P.L and Barry - take care of those calves!

    I'm joining the insomniacs - have spent the past 2 days in bed, most of last night awake with a sore tummy + vomiting - bad reaction to the antibiotics. had emergenxy doctor's appiintment this morn + got new milder antibiotics. 

    Sensing out get well vibes to all on the sick/injury bench.

  • AA - heel spur, yikes - hope it gets sorted.


    Carrot - we wil have to stalk you in the 'Dam, do you know your number yet?

    Minni - I think the rankings are just done on your overall handicap score.

    I went out for a post string run today - all seems fine. I went past the scene of the attack and noticed that there were quite a few wasps buzzing around the eaves of the house on the canal, so I guess there must be a wasp nest there. I suppose that makes me feel a little less picked on, and I shall be keeping a close eyeon proceedings whenever I go past in the future. 

  • ((((AA)))) - nightmare for you...hope the specialist can work some magic.

    Chick - definitely right to keep moving for your back, so you're keeping the muscles around the area nice and loose. Here's hoping you get some sleep!

    Kiwi - another nightmare! Hopefully the new antibiotics will be OK.

    2old - why why why did you run??? Get on the naughty step at once image

    I did some intervals today, just to see if I had some speed in me in advance of Sunday - 800m reps @ 14.5 - 15.0 kph.  Not too bad really, so maybe I might revise my prediction to 1.39 image

  • AA -  Rubbish news, but at least you know what it is and hopefully specialist can get you on track for a speedy recovery.

    Freemers - Nice reps, 2old is like me just can't help himself sometimes.

    Carrot - Your training/ races shows you are capable of 3:15 but we all know so many factors influence the outcome.  I'm doing well,  no running since Berlin and if calf not 100% by Saturday won't be doing the 5 miler Sunday, will have to spectate.image

  • Kiwi - Hope the milder antibiotics are better for youimage.

    Ant - I think this mild weather is bringing the wasps out, cus the same day you got stung, I had a couple in my front loungeimage.


  • oh hell, kiwi - that sounds awful image

    what sort of back problems did you have, 2old? Just curious if someone went through what I have and came out on the other side running a 3:10 marathon image

    lots to do at work today, didn't get to do my stairs and I'm feeling very stiff for sitting on my a$$ all day. Deffo have to run/walk tonight. I did some run/walk this morning too and felt a lot better for it.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free- sorry sorry just thought a minor miracle may have occurred but it didn't. Maybe I'm more of an optimist than I thought ...or just stupid. At least Barry understands where I'm coming from. image Reps lot better than not too bad. Sub1.35?you know you have it in you 

    Ant- returning to the scene of thE crime?  The cold spell coming will calm them down 

    Kiwi- not sure my advice of drinking beer to aid sleep is a good idea with antibiotics 

    Chick- little by little you are progressing . More neck injury than back ...stretching too far highdoing DIY...after lots of miles...the physio did some traction on my spine which did the trick ..that and ibuprofen and easy running saw me ok in 3 weeks. Did it again a year later and recovered the same way. If only the achilles was that 'easy' to fix

    Barry- another week won't hurt- doing insanity in the mean time?

    Just booked my achilles ultrasound scan for 4th Nov ...8weeks from requesting thecappointment ...good thing my livelihood doesn't  depend on it even though my sanity does 


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Daren - sorry it didnt happen this time - a couple of times I've had a 10k stinker, and followed it up with a PB the next week - usually cos I get the pacing wrong the first time

    Well done pink lady - and nice pic too!

    Good to see you running again chick

    Ant - eek

    AA - urg. Rubbish

    Redwood - still got it

    Too much bloody work, havent made it out at all this week. I'm gonna be well tapered...
  • Oh AA I'm so sorry, that's really really crap image  That does just show how tough you are getting around the HIM in such a good time.

    400s are good Spoons

    Great news on the calf Pinklady, hope your run tonight went well.

    I don't know if there's any tracking Ant but my race number is 3899.  Brave man returning to the scene of the crime! 

    Speedy intervals Free, you've done this HM a few times in the past haven't you?

    Best to miss out on a 5 mile race now Barry than set yourself back further.  Oh yes, it all boils down to so many factors on the day that all have to fall into place image

    Another few weeks of cross training then 2old, you have the patience of a saint.

    Last spinning class done tonight. 
    Still no taper madness. 
    Doing my last tempo run tomorrow night instead of Friday and will run with Pacemaker Parsnip.


  • Almost up to date reading back, some amazing results.   Congrats to Redders on baby sapling. How old now? Simon, re bike accident. Bastards. Scuba did ironman! Wow. Carrot and Minni s PBs at GNR. Champ place for one of you, other soon. AA great half IM, even more so knowing it was a heel spur. O4S, lots of great cycling, running. And many others PL, DD.   Waves to the bench. Boo..2old, Simon, AA, chic, Kiwi, Barry?    Oh, I got the job so work a bit better now. Same pay, more work. image   Minni, yes Saturday was Ripon ultra, stayed with Jovi overnight. Had a free place after wife marshalled at Thames trot. Wasn't sure how legs were but all went really well, knocked 45 minutes off last years time, conditions much better under foot. Finished in 6hrs 40, and that was holding back since running with a friend. Didn't mind though, just had one of those days when you have a nice pleasant social run, chat, ate cake image, helped each other, especially if one dipped (mostly my pal). He nicknamed me Quadzilla (going up hills)..   Apart from encountering many dead rabbits?!, after stressful week at work, good for the soul. Perfect Day.   Had massage Monday, did steady 5mi with club pals, then cheered on other runners finishing off hills so did last 3 reps pacing someone. Legs not bad at all so Rotherham now looks on, hopefully will get to meet a certain wise female runner from this thread.
  • Bum, can't edit the above.... where has edit gone???

    Kiwi It's horrible when antibiotics don't agree with you - hopefully the milder ones will help

    2old Barry hasn't driven me to insanity yet by not being able to run  image It's good that you have your appointment

    Freemers that's still a good predicted time

    Carrot Calf feeling a lot better than it was. Managed 3 miles last night which seemed to be ok. May go out after work again this evening. You're right I think Barry maybe wise not to run on Sunday - it also means that I will be slightly higher on the results image 

    FRC well done on your race. I think the edit must be gone on this as I can't edit either.

  • Yeah edit & quote have disappeared. So have smileys when posting from my phone image 

    Nice race, FRC and congrats on the job. At least you still have a job ... lots of people end up with no job after a re-org ...  I just read you stayed with Bon Jovi overnight image

    2old: I wish I had an easy to fix back issue like that. Guess we will both end up at the back of the Boston marathon field if it goes on like this image

    Did 2 lots of 2.5 miles today with a 3 minute walk inbetween. The second lot was a minute quicker than the first but I needed to loosen up from the night so ran deliberately slow over the first mile or so. Average pace 10:18 imageimage  but still better than no running and only very little pain once I got into the groove image

  • Crikey - someone has put a bet on me on Fetch for the HM on Sunday....he messaged me to tell me - he wanted to know the secret of running a 3.16 marathon off a not that great HM PB! I was tempted to tell him it's all about being a woman.... Anyway, I looked up what time I had predicted for the race and turns out I put 1.29.59 image I must have been feeling very optimistic when I did that!  I'll try not to let his bet down by too many minutes image

    PL - I would take that as a win over Barry if he turns out to be a DNS image

    FRC - good ultra there....I love the way you make them sound so enjoyable image. And good news on the job front.


  • "he wanted to know the secret of running a 3.16 marathon off a not that great HM PB!"

    I bet you loved that.  Did you reply and point out that his marathon time is "not that great"?

  • 2old - No insanity for me, yet, just stretching, core and rollering.

    FRC - Good news on the job, and well done on the ultra.

    Chick - Good news you are running relatively pain free.

  • CD - he didn't quite put it like that...his actual words were "how did you do 3.16 for marathon without going under 1.30 before now? i am lol". image

  • Afternoon All,

    Apologies for my absence but since my knee op i've fluctuated between mildly peeved to seriously depressed with not being able to walk, let alone run.image

    Have only had a quick read-back...

    ((((AA)))) - Sorry to hear your news... Come and join me on the bone spur bench!image What's the prognosis? Will they shave the bone like they have with my knee(s)?

    Chick - Sorry to ask you to repeat yourself, but what have you done to your back?

    Ant - How's the tongue? (Can't believe he's just asked a bloke how his tongue is???!!!imageimageimageimage)

    Running out of time for me for the Oxford YKW, as i still can't walk properly without a crutch (ooh err missus) and the knee is still really swollen. image

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