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  • Oompa - tongue is ok now if a little battered from the swelling. Hopefully your knee is on the road to recovery at least.

    Red - I forgot to say that obv I missed you at letchworth - there were a few people from the club there. Two faster than me and one slowerimage As it happens I was signed up for a tri on the same day in bedford which I would have done if things had turned out differently. Seems like your running is going quite well considering.

    Free - sub 1:30 it is then!

    Chick - hang in there with the back

    Did a tempo sesh this lunchtime. It feels like ages since I did some speedwork, but actually I did some last week. My brain must be some mush. Did 2.2m @ 6:42, which felt ok. Will do 3 miles next time, the 2.2 was a sheltered section in the woods! Windy down here today. 


  • He actually wrote " i am lol"?  How old is he, 12?

  • Ant - Knee is s-l-o-w-l-y getting better but my mind said two weeks recovery before running again... Now six weeks and counting!image With the benefit of hindsight, the knee was full of fluid and swollen when he operated, so I think this has slowed my recovery... That and copious amounts of beer, wine, M & M's, cake, etc... etc...image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    What you need Oompa is a 5k at race pace to sort you out!! image

    Freemers - wtf? Obviously a man!!!! 

  • Evening all, I thought it was time I popped back onto the threadimage We moved house and didn't have internet access for months, then out of practice getting on here. I haven't been up to much, I was on the sick bench with a torn glute for a few months. Hopefully the injury is behind me now as have been building up my mileage slowly over the last 4 weeks. 

    I hope everyone who is on the sick bench gets well soon. 

    Who is racing this weekend then? Looks like Pink lady, Barry and Freemers good luck guys


  • FRC - Glad the work situ went in your favour.

    Oompa - Don't worry there's plenty of room on the sick benchimage.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭


    Oomp- I'm a fixture on the bench ! 

    FRC- good to see work is sorted now you can get some decent running...I mean that was an average ultra.....actually an excellent one!

    free- 1.30 is the way to go

    Ant - back to the fast stuff will outrun the next wasp attack 

    simon- how's the healing going...another week of it nearly over 

    minni- racing this weekend?

    2.5 swim today in about an hour . Got my new bike tooimage pity it's cold and windy and if it rains I might not get out on it as soon As I'd llike 

    seeing the consultant tomorrow ... I need to run. 

  • 2old, hope all goes well. Fingers crossed.

    Chic, Steady build up, you be fine in a few weeks? Reorg still goes on for others, morale is image

    Jovi (not Bon) has popped in here, off the sub 4 thread and a mutual friend of Minni. She ran 3:23 at Chester mara day after ultra, I supported at mile 16 and even passed her a bottle of electrolyte plus gel, like an elite runner.

    Freemers the cheeky guy! Be positive, you can do sub 1:30, convince yourself. A few choice words/ phrases. Remember you beat Mo at VLM this year? image

    Waves Oompa and Ant, discussing tongues?? Err, okay.

    Simon when is the op?

    Gazelle lovely to see you.

    Ran with a club fastie tonight, tapering for sub 80 half target on Sunday. Yikes??Even so, still did 5 miles @ 6:55-7:10, plenty fast enough for me, then another mile cool down at 8 ish. Not too shabby on tired legs.

    Although busy in Sept, work frowning on none essential browsing! .. did run multi terrain league every Tuesday so 4 races, PBed all of them in new road shoes.. I have found the perfect shoe. image
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - no racing this weekend. 

    Freemers - have a good race on Sunday. I'll think of you and remember last year.  Remember we met whatshername who was flying. I've stalked her on PO10 a couple of times although she has changed her name slightly on there.  I'm sure you can run sub 1:30 but probably not this time? Only because I know ultra inning had been a bit erratic of late with work commitments etc? 

    I did a killer Harriers session again this week.  Average age ofthe group was 15, average weight 4 stone. image What doesn't kill you....


  • Gazelle - great to see you back...hopefully the injury is behind you and you can get some good running in from here image

    Minni - you are right, I think I could do 1.30 sometime, but not this time! I just haven't put the work in so can't expect to reap the reward!  Also my hamstring feels a bit tight at the moment....just getting all the excuses in.

    I've entered another HM in early November - probably also too soon for a serious go at 1.30, plus there is a nasty hill near the end which will pobably sap all my speed at that point. But it's still good to have some races to look forward to.  I have a 7 miler the week after that, where I was 3rd lady last year so have some bling and cash to go for image  After that I don't think I'll be racing until sometime in the spring as build up for VLM....well apart from the odd parkrun I might throw in.

    Speaking of which - CD - I see CD junior is knocking on the door of a sub-20 these days, which is brilliant image although I have no hope of regaining the second place in the family parkrun stakes now image

  • Hello everyoneimage

    I've been rather rubbish lately with posting but always lurking.

    Sorry to see so many on the bench, hopefully things start looking up soon for you.

    (((A)))- I'm lost for words really. Hope that whatever it is that's needed to be done can be done without much waiting and you can start the recovery process. Virtual hugs all the way.

    Minni- nice session last night.image

    Free- is the sub 1.30 attempt scheduled for this Sunday? You go girl!

    FRC- well done on the job front- phew!

    Gazelle- hello, welcome back. How is the new house?  All settled?

    My running has been rather average all through the summer but it's definitely picking up at the moment. I'm beginning to think I should really give up on racing between June- September or at least not expect any decent results. It seems to be the same story every year- I lose all my speed in above 20 degrees...image

    Ran a hilly half a couple of weeks ago in 1.36.40 which I think means I should be somewhere around my pb shape but next week's 10k will tell for sure.

    Marathon training for Seville starts from November and I can't wait to get going properly.

  • Brol: I gave up summer racing a few years ago and have found I do much better in the autumn, as soon as the temps start to drop!  By that reckoning the half on Sunday should suit me image

    oompa: patience!  

    Up at 5.00am yesterday to get a flight to Belfast, delayed coming back and home at 11.00pm. Feeling a bit image today. 

  • Freemers - you are definitely capable of sub 1:30

    Good session last night:

    7 mins @ 7:30 pace plus 1 min recovery

    6 mins @ 7:15 pace plus 1 min recovery

    5 mins @ 7:00 pace plus 1 min recovery

    4 mins @ 6:45 pace plus 1 min recovery

    3 mins @ 6:30 pace plus 1 min recovery

    2 mins @ 6:15 pace plus 1 min recovery

    1 min @ 6:00 pace


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    image  I've just read on FB that Kiwi is in hospital. image   Get well soon Kiwi.

    Nice sesh Spoons.

  • (((Kiwi)))  probably a bad reaction to the ATBs??  Scary stuff anways ...  Get well soon, luv.

    Oomps: great to see ya. Sorry to hear about slow recovery. I have a herniated disc image  lots of up and down days. Some days I am relatively pain free, others are completely shite. Physio starts today. I hope it helps ... otherwise I go crazy.

    Great to see Gazelle and Bro too image.  Reading about torn glutes, by left buttock feels like its torn at the moment .... but it's the irritated nerve that causes massive sciatica. Bah humbug image

  • (((kiwi))) - get well soon

    Speedy reps there spoons - nice one image

    Chick - hope the physio goes well today.

    Yuk, it's really nasty out there today, very windy and pooring with rain.  Still, got a trendy 5 done, fast with the wind behind and very slow the other way.  That's me done now until the HM.

  • Chick - That sounds hideous! Good luck with the fizz.image

    FRC & Spoons - Great sessions guys.image

    Free - You're definitely capable of sub 1.30... You just need to stop running such fast mara times and concentrate on the much more important distance that is the half!image

    O4S - You should know me well enough by now... I don't have any!image

    Minni - Think i'll pass thanks!image As mentioned many times on here, i have STILL not managed a 5k race in any way, shape or form? I think it's the God of Running's way of stopping me from cracking out a sub 18!!!image 

  • Spoons - that sounds like an interesting session, ramping up the speed ready for a PB assault?

    Poor Kiwi

    10 miles for me this lunchtime before the rain really hit town. Relaxed pace.


  • Isn't Cooks racing the Trionium Greensand Dorking marathon this weekend?


  • Wow - the greensand marathon - best of luck if you are Cooks! It's going to be a wet one. I know the route / area pretty well from mountain biking, lots of nice hills

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Oompa - that's the same God that stops me running under 1:30!!!

    Ant - are you feeling more motivated now?



  • Get well soon Kiwi

  • No such thing as "nice hills"!image

    As Spoons said, get well soon Kiwi.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Any update on Kiwi? Hope all is ok ! 

    looks like Cooks is going for the easy marathon option

    Ant- nice 10 and well timed---- what rain none hhere

    Free- windy here. Enjoy your mini taper. 

    Oomph- I've not done a 5k race other than in a tri for about 8 years...and that was the only one of my running career 

    minni- it's not God ?...he's too busy injuring everyone 

    Consultant did another extra corporeal shock wave session on my achilles this am and tempted to see what effect it had but wanted to try out my new bike too so slogged out 22 miles this afternoon in a near gale. ...Seems harder cycing into wind than running into it .Fun when the wind was on my back though 

  • Kiwi ((( )))

    5 miles for BA and his 'minder' today. Got out between periods of drizzle but still windy  down by the Bristol Channel. Quite enjoyed a slow, easy run but legs felt rubbish - not a confidence booster for Swindon HM.

    Oomps: I suppose I was thinking that my ration of patience might have been handed out to you by mistake - I certainly didn't get any

    2old: verdict on the new bike??

  • Gazelle - Welcome back, good luck with your return from injury.

    Freemers -  Good luck for Sunday, go smash that 1:30.image

    Still in two minds about Sunday, massage stick arrived today and a lot better for the calf than the a roller.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-  bike lush as they say down your way ...wasted on me . Is Swindon in a different county so you can be champion of another one on Suday? image

    Barry- I think you' ll be on the starting line on Sunday ..what else is there to do?

    the weather is brining back memories of when I last did any decent running---March

  • 2old how is the Achilles now after the treatment? Not really sure if Barry will race on Sunday but if he does we won't be running together in matching t shirts image

    Freemers Good luck on Sunday

    Simon update on daytime TV - how are you getting on? I see George & Mildred was on today

    Oompa how are you doing?

    Old4speed see you Sunday & good luck

    Calf feeling much better, will be running the 5 miler of the Swindon HM on Sunday. Ran it a few years ago not long after completing a back to running course & finished in 54 mins. Determined to finish in under that time on Sunday as I have been running a lot more this time round.




  • Any news on Kiwi?

    Chic, hope the Physio has gone okay.

    2old, you had an extra corporeal shock wave ? Think they had them on Most Haunted. Any improvement?

    I have just had a "gold" interval session, alternating a slice of pepperoni pizza, recovering with cheesy garlic bread. Most definitely the weekend.

    Rotherham entered so o4s will see you next Saturday.

    Good luck to pink lady, o4s, cooks and freemers this weekend, anyone else? Horrible out there, cold wet and windy, wrap up weather.
  • Pink - Yes all the old comedy's seem to be on daytime tv, 'Keeping up appearances' as well as G & M. 

    2old - It was a beautiful autumnal day for riding today, it was just a light breezeimage. How's the Achilles feel on the bike ?

    FRC - Had the op on 17Sep, now halfway thru 5wks healing process before physioimage

    Good to all the racers this w/end, forecast not too good

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