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  • That should of said good luck, but still can't edit/delete posts..RW muppetsimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    FRC/Simon- Achilles fine on the bike ...stiffening up watching England

    Simon- light breeze ,,Ha ha. Got a bit hot from overdoing the layers 

    pink- no matching t shirts...hand in hand???? Don't forget to stop if you don't want to get caught up in the HM...someone won a marathon recently after not stopping at the end of the HM ....just an idea image

    frc- about to start a beer tempo session..shock wave therapy sounds like a hair styling gel ...another session next Friday. 

    Going to test drive may ankle tomorrow am 



  • 2old- hope you have a good run today

    FRC-what's the perfect shoe then?

    Freemers-think positive and you will go sub 90!

    Brolish- our house is great thanks, we went from one toilet to 5!!, downside is all the cleaningimage.  You say your running has been average, how many miles per week is average in your world? What mileage will you be going up to for marathon training?

    Free, O4S,Barry, PL- good luck this weekend in your races.

    nice speed sessions Minni and spoons.

    get well soon kiwi.

    Chick- how was the physio?

    Has anyone ran the Cotswold way? It's on my doorstep so ran from Broadway to the start at Chipping Campden and back(11miles total) the hills were a beast but hopefully I will improve with time. I'm going to alternate my long runs, next week I will do a progressive road run and the week after go on the trails again.

  • Gazelle: Cotswold Way is a great run or walk - have run it and walked it over 3 days (the latter giving more time to sample the local brews) image. Try to do it after a dry spell! We do a lot of cycling in the area as easily accessed from Bristol. There are loads of quiet little lanes for running if you don't fancy off-road

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Listen guys (stepping in to help freemers) Freemers will definitely do sub 1:30, possibly on the lead up to London next year, but I know she hasn't got the training in for to do it this time.  She's been too busy clinching multi- million pound deals all over the world. image Hope you enjoy it Freemers. 

    KFC I'm sure it's your marathon this weekend. Today or tomorrow?  Good luck. image

  • O4S - I wonder if we took a straw poll from your students, on a scale of 1 - 10, where they would rate your patience (or should that be "patients") level?image image

    Pink - I'm improving every day and can now bend the knee to approx 90 degrees but there it's still swollen. I've got a post-op f/up appointment on Thursday, where i expect he'll start the same process for the other knee.

    Good luck to all those racing this weekend. Go and smash it!image

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Very quick check in, mainly to get my excuses in early...  image    Barely run in the last month, was out til 2am last night image, and head not really in the "I'm ready to hurt myself at a marathon" space.   Basically I'm expecting a tough day out at Leicester tomorrow.  Gonna set off at 7.45's and see what happens...

    Have good weekends all whatever you are up to!

  • best of luck kfc, freemers and cooks

    fizz went ok. he's a runner too and said I should keep moving image

    he did some manipulations and gave me exercises. he also unblocked my sacro-Iliac joint again - back and sciatic pain is still there but I can walk better and easier if it makes sense...
  • Minni, don't be so negative!  1:20 at least! image

    Actually, you know you've come on as a runner when people are expecting that kind of performance, even if you think you're not in that kind of shape yourself. 

    Mind you, sometimes the best races happen when you start it not expecting too much.  Enjoy the racing this weekend, freemers and anyone else. 

  • KFC- good mara preparation!image Good luck and enjoy it.

    Free and Cooks- go smash it!

    Gazelle- I've been on around 40mph since London but with a lot of quality so haven't really missed high mileage. It will go up from November but I have no idea how much, it will depend on how things go and what I can cope with. I'm leaving it to the coach to decide and try not to obsess too much!

    Chick- good news on the physio front, hopefully things start moving in the right direction.

    Hope Kiwi is ok.

    2Old- how did the test run go?

    First xc of the season in Richmond park in a couple of hours. It's going to be image.



  • Best of luck tomorrow everyone!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sorry CD! image  How are you?  Are you back out running?

    kfc - the conditions here today would be ideal for a marathon - drizzle, cool and just a light breeze.  Hope its like that for you tomorrow too.  You've done lots on the build up and a month of very little sounds like a great taper.  image

    Hope the xc is fun Brol.

  • Not yet Minni, thanks for asking.  More tests on Monday and maybe I'll be able to start again after that.  In the meantime I'm out watching junior run, he dipped inside 20 minutes at this morning's parkrun so something else for freemers to aim for...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Oh that's brilliant!! Will he pace me sometime?!!  Although that's way too fast!


  • That's a speedy time. Well done to CD jnr.

  • a talented family there, CD. are you benched as well then?
  • hi guys, quick check in from hospital before my phone battery dies, serious stomach cramps + vomiting brought on by the antibiotics, been on a drip since Thursday, ready to go home now but looks like the doctors don't work Saturdays, so stuck here at the moment!

    good luck to tomorrow's racers, will catch up properly once I'm back in the land of the living image

  • image That sounds really bad Kiwi!! Good to hear you're feeling better but so frustrating that you're stuck there just waiting to be discharged.

    Good luck for tomorrow's HM Free, no pressure to do any kind of time can mean a great result.  And if not, it doesn't matter anyway.  Although I'd like to see you having a stormer of a race, just to show that chump on Fetch what you're made of!

    No pressure marathon kfc, you'll do great.

    Oompa has the op actually made any improvements or has it made you worse?!

    Nice tempo-ing Ant, I have a selective memory when it comes to speedwork too!

    Good to hear you're coming back after injury Gazelle!

    Those killer Harrier sessions will pay off Minni. It's not supposed to be easy image

    Hats off to CD junior, ah, sub-20 - that's the dream!

    Bro I think you love marathon training as much as I do!  Halfway through the taper and I'm looking forward to starting training for Barcelona... That's a good strong HM last week, well done.  Where's the 10K?  Hope you survived the first XC!

    2old the cycling into the wind is probably because you're moving faster than when you're running.  How's the achilles today?

    Barry just cheer on Pinklady tomorrow.  Unless you run together?  Sub-50 from you Pinklady?

    Hope the physio session helps things long term Chick, get those exercises done.

    Have had two trendy 5s yesterday and today, one easy and one steady.  Did the 8M with 4 @ 10K pace with Parsnip on Thursday on an out and back route, windy on the way out, behind us on the way back.  Didn't hit 10K pace, it was HM pace.  I don't think it's actually possible to run 10K pace in a training run!

    My Mam dropped off a folder of old newspaper clippings from years ago, with race write ups in and a few of my results!  Back in the day when I could never get under 50 minutes for 10K, no matter how hard I tried.  It took two years to get there.  My HM times weren't too shabby in comparison, so nothing changes.


  • Chickadee, yes, I'm benched unfortunately.  I had a blackout in August and they're still trying to find out why.  In the meantime I've been told to do no exercise whatsoever to see if the weird ECG traces go back to normal.  That finishes on Monday so hopefully I'll be back running soon.  I've got my VLM entry in so there's something to aim for!

  • Kiwi - You'll probably be there til Monday, NHS doctors don't work Sundays eitherimage.

    CD - I hope you find the answer, and get off the sick bench soon.

  • Good luck kfc, just enjoy it.

    Hope Brol's XC went well. Good HM too.

    Speedy 5k from CD jnr. Hope snr is up running soon.

    Good training Carrot.

    Minor boo... Sunday left garmin loading up last weekend's ultra, and forget to look at it after. Looked yesterday and nothing on Garmin site. Run is corrupt in some way, even though distance and time correct.. Anyone had this before? Tried a fix program and only 16 miles came out. image

    Gazelle, perfect shoe - Saucony Kinvara 3. Lovely, light but still decent cushioning. I've done a 20 miler, tempo runs, speed sessions, track session in them, then 4 multi terrain races (nice and grippy) during Sept on grass, earth, sand. Very versatile.

    Couldn't do a marathon in a racing flat but sure I could in these since so comfy. ~??45 on Sports shoes.
  • Oh, hugs to Kiwi too. hope you got out today.
  • Spent today on a flying visit to the in laws in Blackpool.

    Quick good luck to the HM racers tomorrow. image

    Kiwi hope you're feeling better

  • kfc - apologies forgot you were racing  tomorrow, have a good one.

    Really want to race tomorrow but trying to keep my sensible head on.

  • Decision made, short test run this morning and calf not happy, so spectating it is.

  • Arrived in Peterborough - currently still in the car cos it's hammering it down outside. Gonna be a wet one! Off at 10.30 and will report back later.

    Hope the others racing have a good day, but I suspect we'll all be soaked through.
  • Not been this way for awhile.

    kiwi: hope you escaped

    good luck to those racing today.

    i have Gold hill 10K at 1100, the clue is in the title, got to run,

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Good racing all today 

  • DD - If the clue is in the title, we're expecting Gold bling for the team, good luckimage.

    Free - Yes I think it's wet wherever you are in the Uk.

  • Morning All,

    Glad i'm not racing or running today as it's so grim, even the mutt didn't want to go out!

    Carrot - All i can tell you at the moment is that it doesn't click and make crunchy noises now when i'm climbing stairs. I'll know more when i really start the rehab and running again?

    Awaiting results with baited breath!

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