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  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭
    Leicester marathon

    Course: Flat, on road, through the town and some nice countryside. First mile downhill, last mile uphill and a few undulations along the way – nothing major, but more than London.  Some fiddly corners along the way, especially in the last 2 miles.  

    Weather: cool and rainy, wind blowing from the north – so roughly headwind for the first half, and roughly tailwind for the second.

    Splits: Nice and even, although I think the hill at the end just scuppered what could have been a miniscule negative split

    7.35; 7.33; 7.48; 7.54; 7.51; 7.35; 7.48; 7.52; 7.47; 7.42; 7.46; 7.38; 7.53 

    7.43; 7.45; 7.49; 7.34; 7.44; 7.40; 7.40; 7.53; 7.45; 7.51; 7.51; 7.34; 8.02 (up!) (7.30)

    Fashion: Impeccable.  Kept on my bin bag for the first 9 miles to keep off the rain and take the edge off the headwind.  A guy going by on a bike told me I should keep it on all race then sell it on ebay for lots of cash.  I’ve never used ebay, but judging from that comment it must be a rather odd place.


    It took me a few miles to settle to 7.45 pace, but locked on after a few miles.  For the first 6 miles there was lots of company from the half marathon runners, but after they peeled off it was a much smaller field (around 500) left.  For the next 10 miles the runners around me happily kept their pace and picked off the miles, forming and reforming small groups.  2 ladies passed me going much faster, I was briefly tempted to join them, but knew I’d be better in the long run keeping to my pace so let them go.

    From about mile 16, I started passing people who were slowing and as the miles counted down I passed more and more.  At 18M a marshall told me I was 5th lady, and I started wondering if I’d make up any places, knowing there were 2 who couldn’t be that far ahead – good motivation!  Both had slowed, and I passed one at mile 21, and the other at mile 24. 

    In the last few miles I had to start working harder to maintain the pace, and I could have done without dealing with a lot of twists and turns and a long gradual hill in the last 2 miles.  While I had felt pretty comfortable for most of the race, and the HR wasn’t at much over 160, I still didn’t have it in the legs to push the pace up at the end.


    Finished in 3.23.37 by my watch.  Very happy with that, especially as it was so much more comfortable than my 3.29 in April, and I’m feeling a lot better post race too.   Big boost to know that 3.15 is a much closer target now.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Busy day in the office today for everyone I see. 

    Kiwi- good to see you are on the mend. A bacon butty is a cure all. Looks like you're in a jail ....maybe you haven't told the full story?image

    KFC- cracking PB and bling's come together nicely for youimage

    carrot-now the excitement of the last week of a taper. 

    DD- challenging 10k there all in all ...nice one. Hope you sort out the gastritis fast

    Pink-congrats on a great PB in tough conditions

    O4S- another outstanding race by you and BA. Surprised you weren't arrested for indecency thoughimage

    Minni- you are starting to believe its all coming together I see. Not race? Not a chance!

    barry- think you got the best deal today.

    spoons- a 20 is a walk in the park for you now- what pace do you do those LRs at in readiness for an Ultra?





  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Managed to drag myself out to sweat out my hangover. Wasnt sure how far to go but managed 6.2 easy paced miles. As per yesterday some discomfort and soreness but no pain and no limping .So again,I'm feeling more positive. followed the run with 40mins spinning. Prudence dictates that I shall not run tomorrow image

  • KFC, amazing race, big PB and bling. Huge congrats.

    O4s, great half and 1st lady v60.

    Congrats to DD, pink lady and Freemers too. 2old promising run too?

    Getting the idea from the weather everywhere that summer is over.
  • KFC Great race report & congrats on the bling image I'm jealous that you had a bin bag - splits look good.

    Minni Definitely better to be running with the rubbish weather yesterday. Felt sorry for Barry waiting around & our dog looked like a drowned rat. Really pleased that I was not stood at the water station like I usually am. I'm understanding my coaches concept of gradually building up the miles in training as I am now seeing the results. Better to join in & I think my training over the summer has helped my improvement.

    Barry I thought i'd blown the under 50 too but I have shown that you've done a great job coaching/mentoring me.

    2old Good run from you

    Gazelle Hello to you

    O4S It's frustrating that they no longer give categories as you thoroughly deserved some bling & I agree with Barry that the Swindon HM is not as big as it used to be. You used to struggle for parking & spectator space after a certain arrival time so we were a bit surprised yesterday.

    After yesterdays race I'm looking forward to the next one which will probably be Swindon 10k in November & hopefully it will be raining. We are probably going to knock the HM & 10K on the head that is taking place while we are in Mexico to save Barry's calf & also there is the issue of getting from the hotel to the start line for 6am.


  • Peterborough HM report:

    Driving to Peterborough was quite scary in itself - rain lashing down and lots of standing water on the roads. I made the sensible decision to stay in the car until the last moment - just had time for the loo and then lined up for the start. There were signs for predicted times, but all of them quicker than 1.45 had blown over so I just lined up at what looked like it would have been somewhere between 1.30 and 1.40 - as it turned out most runners around me sped off a lot quicker so I tried to gold back but even so mile 1 was 7.10 and that included a bit of stop-starting at the beginning as it was quite tight and congested.

    I kept at that pace for a little longer but then backed off and kept at about 7.30 pace for the rest of the race, except mile 10 when I stopped to try and get rid of a bad stich. Seemed to do the trick and the last few miles were pretty good.

    The rain eased off at about half way, but the bigger problem was the wind, really gusty and cold. Not a very pleasant race all in all but I got the job done, and as I said yesterday the time was about what I had expected so I have no complaints. My next one is in 3 weeks - I'd like to go a little quicker then, so will be putting in a few more speed sessions in the meantime.

    O44 - brilliant racing. You too Pink image
  • Congrats, Pinklady image

    KFC: great race report and brilliant splits

    kiwi: glad you are feeling better and back to eating solids image

    Just 2.5 done this morning. Pain free image  I'd like to do more .... but sensible head is firmly in place. At least for now ... image  

  • KFC: the unicorns are for the ark under construction in the garage. If it had still been raining today we reckoned our house ( on top of a hill) would have made an ideal launch pad.

  • KFC – loving your work! What a great result, that’s absolutely brilliant, I’m chuffed to bits for you! Shows us all what we can do with a solid training block and a never say die attitude. I love the way you always pick a tough target and go for it, a nice approach to have!

    Freemers – that’s a very solid performance. I think it’s great that without any specific training you can bang out a 1.37!  A great base to build from for London 2014.

    O4S – that’s a cracking result, well done. The weather was horrific yesterday so not surprised it was tough. Haven’t done the Swindon half, but I know how hilly it is around there, so can well imagine it’s a toughie.

    Ant – I’m planning on doing St Neots so may well see you there instead

    Pink – a 6 min PB, well done!

    Bro – well done on your half. Sounds like you’re entering the marathon training in a very good spot.

    Gazelle – very jealous of you having the Cotswold Way on your doorstep as it’s a lovely route

    Kiwi – really hope you’re on the mend. Nice idea about the bacon sarnie!

    Oompa – glad to hear you’re on the mend. Non-clicking is a good start…

    FRC – nipper is 8 weeks now. Time flies, but sleep deprivation doesn’t! Well done on your ultra, can well imagine you must be annoyed at Garmin playing up.

    Carrot – all good at home thanks as I got the job. Similar to FRC, 100% more work, for no extra reward though but can't really complain. Well done for keeping the taper madness at bay. Long may it continue into this week…

    CD – hope they find out what it is. One of my mates has had that happen to him twice at the end of races. They gave him all of the tests under the sun but couldn’t find anything, and he’s back banging out sub-3 maras so hopefully you’ll get the green light soon. Think the experts agreed he doesn’t have an ‘off’ switch, so pushes himself past the point where other people would take their foot off of the pedal. I imagine you might well be similar if CD Jr’s 5k time is anything to go by?

    So, I’m now benched too. I ran back from work on Friday and a tourist stepped out in-front of me. Was pouring with rain, and I side-stepped to avoid them, and put a foot on one of those square brick things they put around trees on pavements. Foot slipped off into it, and went over on my ankle. The good news is it isn’t broken which I initially thought it was as heard a crack, but it is twice the size of the other one so spent the weekend hobbling around and no sign of pain going. 

  • Make room on the injury bench. My right foot is painful. Can't put weight on it and am limping like a pirate with a wooden leg and a parrot. image

  • KFC - Huge congratulations for a 6 min pb, on a hillier track than London, in that weather, wearing that most streamlined and aerodynamic piece of running wear that is the bin bag! Couldn't stop laughing at the bloke telling you to sell it on ebay... Did he confuse you with Mo???image

    Free - Likewise, a very good time in those conditions.image

    Pink - Congrats on the shiny new pb.image

    DD - Well run Sir, especially if you're not 100%. Funnily enough a fellow club mate "shared" the race on FB via, and it quotes ..."Marshalls standing at the top of Gold Hill suggest that this is on of the hilliest 10k's ever!!" My OH is also a Coeliac and it does do some wierd and (not so) wonderful things to her!image

    O4S - Superb new course pb and congratulations on the imaginary bling for first v60 lady.image

    Spoons & Redders - Sorry to hear about the injuries guys. I think we are going to have to apply for planning permission for an extension to our injury bench!!!image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomph-the injury bench is looking full but Chick and I have plans to be off it sooner han later and hopefully so will everyone else

    Chick-sensible run there-the 20 mile monster is still whispering in your ear thoughimage

    KFC/Pink-doesnt everyone take a big black bin bag to the start of races where rain or cold is forecast? Never run in one though

    Red-another mishap? We all know not to fly when Bro is flying and know to saty well away from you wherever you are. Hope you fix quickly

    CD- I will be interested to hear what they say is the problem-Ive been diagnosed with an enlarged left ventricle but its supposedly not due to a defect its just the consequence of lots of training. Knowing what you do you must have a heart the size of a water melon. Anyway take care

    04S-you only run in the rain ,dont you?

    Free- nice report and a very relaxed race-theres a lot more to come

    Swim today

  • After extensive research (Google) I think I have Peroneal Tendonitis.... image

  • A quick check in at lunch.  Oompa - thank you so much for remembering - I was indeed on the startline of the Trionium Greensands (trail) Marathon and carded a personal worst of 4.03 something (target was 4 hours).  But the time doesn't matter at all cos this one was all about joining a work mate for a different type of challenge....

    And challenge it certainly was, they say a mile of vertical climb through the Surrey Hills  (inc Leith hill), it rained for the whole race, lots and lots of mud and standing water to plough through but so much fun.  It really has the feel of an ultra, with much walking up the steep bits and actually stopping at the water/aid stations for a quick chat and some haribo etc.  I think going that much slower made a lot of difference and although I slowed a bit I never felt even close to hitting the wall (first time in 5 maras) and managed a really strong sprint finish. Everyone really friendly, marshalls legends and good quality momentos - medal, shirt with all runners' names on back and a good quality baseball cap (which actually fits my big napper!).  Plus the biggest factor is a fry up included at the end.  Absolutely loved it! Suddenly road maras seem a bit soul-less, but never the less roll on sub 3 at Brighton!

    Well done to everyone else who raced, those were tough conditions!

    Hope everyone well!!

  • Hi all,

    Been a horrible fortnight with ten days of no running due to my food poisoning which was confirmed by the doctor. Anyway took the forced break as time to rest the body as it has not had one this year. Incorporated a trip to centre parks whinfell and a week at the family caravan up in the dales. Anyway started running again last Thursday and im taking it easy for the first week as I really did feel ill over the previous 2 weeks. Also after the London rejection I contacted the club secretary to request the London place the club gets only for him to tell me he had given it away to someone who had not even entered the ballot. Quick phone call later to one of my friends on the committee and numerous emails bounced around and the decision is that due to the club for the last ten years never having more than one or two wanting places they forgot that we have a system in place i.e. enter the ballot as a priority and you have to run 5 races for the club amongst other points. Anyway I satisfy all of the above and the other guy does not so we will wait and see. Worst case is names in a hat which gives me a 50/50 chance.

    Had a quick read back as things move so quickly on here when you miss a week or two.

    Free - nice race there

    Chick - pleased you seem to be running injury free again

    Kfc - great time there

    Kiwi - get well soon

    Pinklady - nice race there. You certainly have the bug now and can only improve.

    Anybody else I have missed I apologise.

    Carrot - I was taking the little one to bishop college for football yesterday and I think I saw you on a LSR. Not long now for the maraimage

    Minni - are you going to Jedburgh. I was possibly going to use it as a training run but undecided yet.


  • KFC- many congrats, excellent racing and a very impressive pb. You're on fire girl!image

    Free- good solid racing in tough conditions, very well done.

    O4S- your half sounds rather image. Very well done.

    Pink- congrats to you on a new shiny pb.

    Red/ Spoons- ouch! Hope you don't stay on the bench for long.

    Chick- great news on a pain free run... may it continue!

    Kiwi- I'm sure the illegal bacon sarnie helped the recovery!

    2Old - enjoy the swim.

    The first xc of the season almost killed me, could hardly walk down the stairs yesterday and it was only 4 miles!!! Obviously not used to it. I seem to have amnesia every year and completely forget how much they hurt. Other than than it was fun obviously and I can't wait for the next one.image

    Battersea Park 10k on Saturday.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Cooks- that sounded like a fun outing and you might even have persuaded more of us to give it a go. What schedule are you planning to use for Brighton?

    Bro-did you win the XC?imageMight tell Miss2O about Battersea

    Shild-what caused the food poisoning? Must have been a nasty one. Bit of a bummer about VLM but fingers crossed you win the 50/50-I always lose them

    2.5k swim out of the way

  • 2old - Fingers crossed, it sounds like you are on the mend.

    Cooks - Erm, not quite sure how to congratulate you on a pw, but it sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed it, even in that weather? Was it even worse than MK 2012??

    Might have to enter next year if there's Haribo and fry up's involved!!!image

    Rehab (hopefully) starts in earnest this evening with some x-training and a swim. If this fails, i will revert to eating my own body weight in sweets!image (Again)

  • 2old - after working out dates I think it was chicken I ate at home but not totally sure as it was a doctors diagnosis and that's all that matched my dates of illness coming on but he did not take a sample.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp/Cooks-I tread that a huge haribo factory is being built in the UK soon-probably as a result of the demand from Ultra running

    Oomp-dont try and do all of the training you ve missed the last few months tonight-we know what you're like

    Shild-hope its gone now

    Spoons-that doesnt sound good-very close to achilles tendonitisimage


  • Afternoon all

    KFC - massive congrats on a fantastic marathon. Especially after all your doubt over the last few weeks.

    O4S - another great Half. Well done and shame about the no bling.

    Pink - well done.

    Freemers - that's a great time off little specific half training.

    Bro - well done on the XC - sounds painful.

    Spoons - ow. I will shove over and make room for you. Danced the night away at my daoughters 16th on Friday noght and ended up totally unable to walk on Saturday

    2Old - looks like you could well be on your way back. Nice swimming.

    Cooks - great to be able to pull that out the bag and enjoy it too.

    Kiwi - sounds like you've had a nightmare. Hope youre feeling better soon.

    Carrot - hows the tapering going?

    I'm still feeling very sorry for myself image Danced the night away for my daughters 16th on Friday night and was totally unable to walk on Saturday image I went to the gym on Sunday and did a hard session on the bike and did 74 lengths in the pool, but I'm massively frustrated at not being able to run. Consultant on Wednesday.

  • funny little copy text in the middle - cant edit - I think I'm going mad image See if you can work out which bit!image

  • Cooks - Nice one, an enjoyable mara - might have to try that one day.

    AA -  Patience, you will be back running. Keep up the cycling and swimming to retain your fitness level, will also help with the frustration.

    Brol - Well done on the XC.

    Oompa - Fingers crossed for you, take it easy on your comeback.

    Shildon -  Good luck with the VLM club ballot, maybe challenge him to a smackdown, handicapped of course and only when you are fully it.

    Red - Hopefully only a short term benching for you.

    I'm fed up not running so back on the Insanity as that brought me back from injury last time, forgot how tough it was, give me running any day.  Good news calf was niggling a bit at the start but nowhere near as bad as running on it.

  • Some stellar performances over the weekend and a huge increase in bench members, just about keeping of the bench myself. Guts keep giving me subtle and not so subtle reminders that all is not well.

    Oompa: it was certainly the hilliest 10k ive ever run.

    Cooks: sounds like fun

    Kiwi: i bet the bacon butty tastes good.

    AA: just think how bad it would be if you couldn't swim or cycle, thank god for triathlon.

    Bro: im just starting to understand how much XC hurts. 

    O4S: machine.

    rest day for me, calves are killing me, i was 29th out of 98, i will take that. 


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- right about tri training- it's kept me sane the last few months . impressive pplacing

    Barry- any idea whats going on with that calf?

    AA-hang on in there- the consultant will fix you...I spotted the duplication ..'16th etc'



  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    24 hours and another 2 benched - whats going on!  Spoons, Redwood - hope its just temporary reactions in both cases.  Spoons - I've had minor tendonitis in bits of my foot after marathons before - its always gone away after a few days rest, if you try and train on tendonitis before its gone it takes much longer to go.

    Oompa - as anyone who's met me will know, I do look quite a bit like Mo, so that must have been it...

    Cooks - sounds like an awesome race - turns out its a lot easier if you arent running at your limit - who knew!

    AA - dancing yay, pain boo.  Hope the consultant has a plan.


    Thanks everyone for the congrats - been walking round with a grin all day, and reading your comments only made it bigger.  image

    The race organisers must be having a nightmare though - the chip timing malfunctioned and they are having to work out 3000 peoples times by reviewing finish line video footage.  image    Good news for me is that the Leicester Mercury report knocked another 5 mins off my time - apparently I ran 3.18 - must be true if its in the paper eh? image

    Comedy post marathon moment of the day: Fell off my bike trying to get on it - couldnt get my leg over the crossbar...

  • Freemers nice race report

    Chick good idea to keep sensible head on

    AA at least the cycling & swimming is keeping your fitness levels up. Give the foot time to recover though & good luck with the consultant.

    KFC I love your comedy moment

    2old After a break from listening to Sean T shouting 'jump from the bottom' & 'you can do it', he's back!!! Barry has switched him back on image

    Not a great day for me, as well as Sean T being back with his pouting sidekick, I have a stinking cold & a banging headache. Will see how I go as i'm due to go for a run tomorrow evening. image

  • Love the falling off the bike KFC

    I've got some cleats for my bike so I may well be doing the same. I'm practising on the turbo before I dare to go outside....

  • Great running everyone!

    kfc - looking well on course for the sub-3:15. Nice 1

    Red - I won't miss St Neots! That's a cert. Whether it will go completely to plan depends on the last month's worth of training.

    Spoons - beware Dr Googleimage I hope it is just short-lived. I often get minor niggles all around my feet, but the trusty golf ball massage tends to do the trick.

    5 miles @ 7:41 along the canal today - it was meant to be an easy run - and i suppose according to McMillan it falls in the range. Track tomorrow night for some seriously quick stuff.

  • AA- I can imagine how frustrated you must beimage Glad to hear you managed some dance moves!

    KFC- what are you doing attempting to get on your bike today??? Should be putting your feet upimage

    DD- oh yes, good luck embracing the xc pain!

    2Old- is Miss2Old going to do the 10k?

    Ant- nice 7, I'd rather not ask what's in store tomorrow, bet it's something vomit inducing...

    7m for me @ 7:38. Loving the rain and cold.
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