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  • Chick - Yes the LAX route is one of the launch routes for our A380's. You're not driving all the way from Boston to LAX are youimage

    Chick/2Old - Don't forget the travel hell Bro went thru, before she got the upgradeimage

  • Carrot, congrats on another great HM! It says a lot about how far you've come that you don't sound entirely happy with that time! As for my long run pace being the same as Parsnip's, I'm pretty sure he found his a lot, lot easier than I found Saturday's!

    Thanks for the advice re: schedules gang. I'm thinking I will at least roughly follow one for Yorkshire, mainly to make sure I peak at the right time etc. I'll check out P&D. I am considering going with Hadd for the whole build-up as its all about improving aerobic pace and that's what the marathon is about. Plus training by heart rate would give me a very clear idea of what I should be able to do on the day.

    And no, still think a 'comfortable' spring marathon wouldn't be the best idea. Agree, it could take the pressure off for York, but think it would do more harm than good (especially, if I mess it up!). I am slightly tempted to enter Abingdon too (it's the week after York) as a back-up. I don't mean to do them both!. Just in case the weather is either unseasonally hot or gale-force winds on the day of the York one. I'm a fair weather racer!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Haha Daren you are indeed!

    (((Red))) I completely agree with others.  Take the pressure off yourself and enjoy.

    SimonDirect image

  • Who's doing the Brass Monkey? Anyone want to meet up beforehand for a group motivational session? image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I'm at Brass Monkey but won't arrange to meet beforehand.  Need to focus on the warm up etc but I'll be hanging around the bar afterwards.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-Easysimon? I dont like to socialise too much before a race either -as Simon will point out Im usually late enough anyway

    Daren-somehow I dont think you would do an easy or comfortable spring marathon-when you do do it, its going to be flat out.

    Simon-knowing Chick ,she'll run there. Dont think Bro will want reminding about NY.

    Just over 8 TM miles done with 3 sets of 2ks at 6.54mm. That told me I  am nowhere near ready for a HM



  • 2Old- I think I'm just about recovered from the NY trauma so ok to bring it up! image That's a good TM session in the bank.

    Simon- that upgrade was ace!image Any options for Seville in Feb?imageimage Only joking... easyjet all the way this time.

    ElGato- same as Minni- very happy to catch up after the BM.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro/ElGato/Minni-this  is going to be interesting, the first forum race of the year. Is it a flat and fast HM? What are your targets and how are you planning to race it?

  • 2Old/ Chick; i haven't booked anything for Boston yet!

    10 miles trotted, a bit tired after last nights tempo effort.


  • simon62w wrote (see)

    Chick - Yes the LAX route is one of the launch routes for our A380's. You're not driving all the way from Boston to LAX are youimage

    Chick/2Old - Don't forget the travel hell Bro went thru, before she got the upgradeimage

    2old is right - I'm going to use Boston to warm up and then run all across Americaimage   no, but seriously, we are flying to Chicago and then we shall be Route 66ing it all the way to LA image   it will be brilliant!!

    DD: get a move on! It's the Easter Weekend so things will get busy ...

    2old: don't worry about a HM now - it's way to early for those. I'll be doing one in March but that's it. I much rather focus on the long runs and the hills image

  • 2Old- it's my last HM before Seville so will try to race it as hard as humanly possible and hope for a pb or at least get close to it... again! No pressure... image I haven't done it before, Minni is the expert but I've been told it's flat and fast providing the weather cooperates....

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- I'd forgotten your marathon isn't far off at all. Are you doing VLM as well as you've plenty of time to recover. 

    DD- I know what you mean about being tired . The hotels are booking up fast 

    Chick- don't forget that getting used to running down hills is as important as running up. The early miles are downhill and the quads take a hammering ready for the up hills in the final 5or6. 

  • 2Old- I'm not sure yet about the VLM. If I do it it will be for fun, I won't race it. I'm going away for over two weeks in March so there is no way I could train for it properly.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- that's one that would be a fun run.- in fancy dress? I'd like to do it that way one day too 

  • Booked, In on 19th out on 22nd with Virgin, staying Double Tree club by Hilton which isnt too far from downtown. Thought about flying in earlier, jet lag and all that but flying West is OK and it saves money! 


  • Bro - Wasn't Seville with Easyjet last year, when you got diverted to Southern France, and had to drive all night to get to the mara in time? Or was that Bilbao? I'm sure all your 2014 plans will run smoothlyimage, but please pre- warn us which other ones you're doing just in caseimage. Your not doing Manchester are you lol.

  • AA - Very funny you telling Pink  it's a good idea to get her hair done.

    Brol -  Good news on the knee, please promise you are going to taper(a little) for the HM.image

    Red - Maybe don't do a spring mara,just target some spring HM and shorter races. come and join the alternate autumn thread mara at Abingdon. Me and Kiwi so far, 2old are you tempted? 

    11.5 miles slow for me this afternoon, weather has calmed down a bit, still wet but not as windy. 

  • Barry - I think hair = gait on the predictive!! Nice dry 11.5!

  • AA I had my hair done last week. Predictive text eh? I never use it.image

    Decided to go out lunchtime & ran 3 before heading back for a meeting.  One of our suppliers came in & turns out they support the Wokingham HM & will be at the water stations & also happy to cheer me on - i'll need it!

    After a dry but windy day here, its chucking it down again. 

  • Good club session tonight. 10 miles including 8 x 3 min pushes with 90s walk/jog recovery on an undulating route. Paces for the efforts averaged 5:47mm.

  • O4S - thanks for that, one of the great things about being on here is everyone has different views. I can totally see where you're coming from, and in all honesty my Dad sounds pretty similar to yours in that regard. My mind is made up to do Stroud, but then I've had another thought too...

    I want to do some fundraising at some point and as I raised £2.5k twoyears ago for VLM, I probably need to do something a bit different to go back to the same people. So 2 marathons in 6 days could be a way to do it. MK is first so could still push for a PB but maybe not 3.30, then rest up for a few days and attempt to plod up and down the hills of Stroud if the legs can do it. Would be a really slow one, but enjoyable I'm sure. Hmmm, decisions, decisions... 

  • Red: It occurred to me last night that I should have said you should go for a PB rather than 3.30.  If Minni is planning to do 50 miles the week after the York marathon there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to get round a further marathon, just so long as you forget about times and go out to enjoy it.  I wouldn't be surprised to find a few people actually walking more or less the whole thing and the bulk of the field will be walking the hills so you might find you do better overall than expected.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-Abbingdon does tempt me-has a date been fixed yet? Will it still be flooded? Good 11.5 by the way

    Red-get on the web pages and sign up, you know you want to. O4S's advice is well worth taking on board

    Pink-so your supplier will be supplying you in the HM--you're going to do great

    Daren-another out of my league session I see....sub 6mm?

    DD-glad you are joining us in Boston

    Simon- not sure you can put 'Bro' and 'smoothly' in the same sentence

    Im still finding my ankle/achilles areas and lower calves are like concrete when I get up or sit for any length of time but squats and lunges do provide relief. Does that suggest the problem is coming from my glutes?

    RR today

  • Red, haven't offered you any advice purely because the thought of running a hilly trail marathon wouldn't be something I'd relish so my opinion is probably skewed because of that! 

  • Barry/2old - I'm tempted by Abbingdon too ... Depending on date. 

    10 miles gentle done for me today. 

  • Speedy again, Daren.

    Oh, drop down smileys don't work anymore image  instead I get mahoosive Asics ads left & right. Great...

    nice 10 miler, AA. I like gentleimage

    I think I will end up with a 2nd rest day this week. Shock, horror! But I woke up feeling really achey, especially quads and lower back. Would have done hill reps again but I think it's wise to back off and just rest for another 24 hours.

  • I see your second rest day Chick, and I raise you to 4! I have given up on any running this week - for one reason or another it hasn't this is now officially a REST WEEK image

    Red - now that you have that 2 in 6 days idea in your head you'll end up doing it! Seems a good idea - see what you can do in the first one and then enjoy the hills and views in the second one. Mind you I'm with Daren on how I would view doing it personally - never in a million years I think image

    I am meant to be getting the train to Oxford later for the start of my holiday - just found out there are no trains due to flooding. Hopefully (a) I can find a bus/coach or some other alternative route and (b) my OH makes it there in the car to meet me!

    I think Abingdon is the week after Yorkshire, so probably 19th October. But they announce it on their website sometime soon I think.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- I know what you mean about aches and pains and I only started my schedule on Saturday! Im experimenting by using recovery runs rather than rests at least until my next ski trip.Anyway best to listen the body especially if you have a tough weekend coming up

    Free-The Oxford area seems to be  an inland sea at the moment so take care.

    AA- its always good to bank a double figure run

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Redwood - the 2 in 6 days sounds like a good idea. Best wishes with whatever you decide to do.   

    Daren - very fast reps.

    Chickadee - sensible to rest

  • Red: Thats it, its officially a plan.

    Daren: Nice club session

    Chick: Wow your getting sensible, hope it rubs off on me

    2Old: Its an age thing, I have aches that I would never have had even 2 years ago,

    Just back from a very cold 2 hours on the bike, club session tonight.

    Off to the middle of the North Sea on Tuesday for 2 - 3 weeks, its a production platform so will have a gym thankfully. So skiing is going to have to wait for a little while.


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