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  • Some impressive long runs going down, 2Old, Barry, Carrot,  Mini, Chick.

     Blackmoor Vale 1/2M for me today, very undulating course with over 300M of climbing  on a cool sunny morning, 500 strong field so plenty of company. Wasn't at all sure that my groin and knee would hold out for 21K at race pace. Did a 1 mile warm up and whilst not pain free it wasn't too bad.

    So off we went I didn't know the course so hung back and the only goal was too beat my club mates who run in the same pace group as me at training.     All five shot away from me but not to worry there is a long way to go. First half of the race was basically up hill, quite a big hill as it goes. As we crested the top at around 9K all five club mates were back in sight. Down the far side they remained at a constant distance, once the course headed up hill once more the first one was passed, then the second. I  wasn't too sure that my groin was going to hold out, but the pain level was constant and not getting any worse. On we went and came to the last big hill up to the finish one mile of constant climbing quite a bit of it at 15%. Caught numbers 3 & 4 on the steep bit and then out sprinted no 5 to the line. Job done 1-42-02 as per my Garmin happy enough with that . By the time i got home i couldn't actually walk without limping but who ever said i was sensible. Guess i better ride my bike for a few days.  

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Yep 2old, you are clearly not trying - you've only gone and clocked double my mileage this week...  

    Thats a tough 22 Barry, and chick, and 20 carrot - nicely done.  Even tougher 22 minni - have you seen a dr?

    Chick - exactly what I was thinking when I ran up the hill for the 5th time...

    Pink lady - I'm doing Deal HM, OH is doing it too.  I'm already looking forward to checking in and finding our how everyone got on.

    Carrot - was thinking of aiming for around 1.34 but the course looks quite hilly so that may be optimistic.  We'll see - basically I want to run as hard as I can and get a pb, a good run and a good pre VLM marker.  


    10M in 2 hours up on the downs today with OH giving me 37M for the week, but not much quality.  Was going to do a few more and make it up to 15, but CBA'd it.  

    Good week for OH though - 25 for the week for him and starting to do some proper longer runs.  Is he enjoying it barry?  Hmm, I dont think he'd use that word, but its good he's getting out and doing it. 

    Now he's into double figure runs and on the way to his first VLM, I think its about time he got a proper forum name.  So, please welcome BH - short for broken hand - on account of the fact he broke his hand at the start of the year - and the main reason he's been doing more running cos he cant cycle right now and doesn't like paying to get on the tube... image.  I doubt he'll do any posting, so will be like one of those characters on the archers who get talked about but never say anything...


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink- very good 11. I'm enjoying watching your impressive progress. Can't be long yo your HM?

    Minni- another big month for you. Bit worrying about the sickness. Does it happen or nearly happen on long runs?  Is it anything to do with your pre run eating or lack of it? Only you and your body knows whether racing that HM is a good idea

    DD-tough HM - fine performance and good strengthbuilder

    Chick- knew you'd do that 22 to get the 50 in...and you didn't make it easy for yourself 

    KFC- your week looked like quality to me. It will be good watching BH s journey to VLM

    Carrot- 10miles at MP? Respect. That's tough. I struggled to do 2! 

    Late night tonight- Super Bowl party - I hope to stay on the wagon. 

  • Evening all. Some cracking long runs done today. Great conditions down here. 

    Pink - hope it's like this for Wokingham next week. Everytime I've done Wokingham the weather has been shocking! 

    Kfc - you're on for a decent pb next week. 

    Minni - hope you feel better now. Bit worrying. Maybe you should go to the docs?

    yesterday was supposed to be 9 miles with 6@hmp but after 3 miles I needed a mile recovery as I couldn't do it image then did another 3 but god it was hard. 3.5 recovery today. 57 for the week. Highest ever image

  • BA meets BH.............

    Nice gentle 17 miler for us yesterday with 20 or so club mates, followed by beer and food in a pub by Bath railway station and the train home. Drinks with friends for BAs birthday and then present time.  He is deeply suspicious of the Washington trip image, but appreciated the maltesers!

    DD: did the Blackmore Vale HM every year for a while, hated the route and eventually saw sense last year. The weather always seemed to be lousy........

    Good long runs everyone - I hope I wasn't doing marathon pace yesterday (9mm) but I am resigned to being disappointed on that one!

  • Some great lsr's this week by everyoneimage.

    Minni - Hope you get to the bottom of your sickness.

    I spoke too soon after my beach run on Thursday, as head cold came back with a vengeance on Friday at work, and only just gone now. So no lsr this w/end, but a couple of extra days rest for my Achilles, and emails down to 149 now.

    2old - Watching the Superbowl too, a bit of a turn up.

  • 2old nice long run there. The HM is on Sunday Barry is also running but I will be finishing after him Although he has said that he will come & find me after he finishes to encourage me with the last couple of miles or so. I will also be meeting AA for the first time, who i'm sure will do really well. Feeling apprehensive about it at the mo.

    Nice January mileage there Minni. Hope you are feeling better soon.

    Chick good 22 mileage

    KFC Sunday sounds like a busy day for HM. Welcome to BH

    AA I saw the photo's from last year's race & hopefully the weather will be better on Sunday. Not looking promising at the mo, but fingers crossed.

    Old4s Pleased BA had a good birthday

    Simon impressive reduction of emails image

    Rest day for me today. Looking forward to hill work tomorrow image

  • Impressive LSRs Barry, 2old, Carrot, Chick, O4S, Minni - although not so good throwing up afterwards, hope that settles down soon.

    DD - good run on what sounds like a hellish course!

    Daren - Well done on the YKW, even if you were disappointed with the time. Could be any number of things - it was windy on Saturday plus you have quite a lot of miles in your legs. I still reckon you are going to smash Great Bentley!

    Pink - trust in the training! You know you can do the distance and whatever happens you'll get a PB image

    Saw the podiatrist/massage lady on Saturday. Definite touch of PF, so need to really keep on top of it. Not helped by tight calves plus the tight hamstring, so she gave my leg and foot a really good bashing - feeling a bit bruised! Going back in another couple of weeks for more of the same.

    So I was a bit apprehensive as I set off on my 20 miler yesterday - absolutely glorious weather for it though which helped. My hamstring felt like it was pulling a lot, which made me keep my speed nearer to 9m/mile at the beginning. But after about 12 miles or so it started to ease off so I could get a little quicker - although the average for the whole run was still around 8.40. Heel was OK, although sore again afterwards which seems to be the way it is.

    Anyway, I'm going to stick to easy running this week to take care of the hamstring, at least until Friday when I'll put in a few faster miles to test it out. Hopefully all will be OK - if it is still niggling I will either bin the HM on Sunday or run it at LSR pace. No point pushing it.
  • Decent outing, DD. Course sounds pretty hardcore. Hope you haven't done any damage to your body ...

    AA: that's a tough session! 6M at HMP really is loads, no wonder you needed a bit of recovery inbetween. I read somewhere that it doesn't really matter so much if you do tempo intervals or one block of miles @ tempo. You still work in the right zone and get the benefit. Nice weekly mileage too image

    Sorry to hear Freemers image   Hope the easy miles will do the trick.

    My hip is still a bit sore. Recovery run today is binned. I will just rest it I think.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free-well done getting that LR done with the niggle.Did the pod/massager suggest any stretch routines? I have a bit of the same myself I think which is putting pressure on the troublesome achilles

    AA-Big week for you too and finished off with a hard hmp session. Good to see you tough it out. How ready do you feel for the HM coming up?

    Pink-thats very kind of B offering to come back and meet you-I hate it when finishers jog back along the course and I still  have  a mile or so to go. Enjoy the hills.

    O4S-that was a good way to spend a birthday.I suspect BA has lurked here so Washington wont betoo much of a suprise

    Simon-I am hopeful that my cold has just about gone so fingers crossed yours will go soon.What is company policy on employees coughing and sneezing over everyone else?Still a respectable miles total and with that grumbling achilles you cant push it too hard

    Recovery day for me too

  • 2old: I think I can say with a high degree of confidence that BA would have no idea how to find this thread and that even if he did he wouldn't lurk. Unlike me he is a decent soul..........

  • Daren- pesky YKW. I wouldn't worry about it and give it another go. I'm always amazed how inconsistent my 5ks can be from week to week! Don't judge your fitness on one crap run (not that it was crap in my books).

    A lot of good LSRs happening at the weekend.image

    Minni- hope you're feeling ok today.

    DD- well done on the hilly half, hope you can walk today without limping!

    BH- welcome!

    15m for me yesterday@ 7.45 average with 7m @ mp (7.35). Rest today. 3 weeks to go so officially in a taper mode.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- wow the taper soon comes around .You're looking in good shape at this stage

    Simon-what did you think of Superbowl? It was suprisingly one sided and happily meant I could go to bed at 1am.I was immersed in US culture(?) this weekend- American Psycho, The Wolf Of Wall Street and The SuperBowl-shocking and exhausting|!

    O4S-thats what BA would like you to believeimage

    Today-13k on the TM for me 10k at 12.1kmph  then 3rd from  last  at 14.5kmph and the final 2 at 15kmph.The last 3 seemed easier than the first 10 so that confused me.

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Nice long runs Barry, 2old, Chickadee, Freemers, Carrot and Minni

    Pinklady - yet more great training from you. I love your enthusiasm for the hill work. I think you will do really well on Sunday

    kfc - plenty of quality in there. Don't underestimate the strength to be gain from hills

    AA - 6m at HMP is a tough session. Personally I would split that up in 2 blocks of 3m or 3 block of 2m with a few minutes between each block. I think you get the same benefit without the stress. I do my tempo by time rather than distance and the most I would do in 1 block is 30 mins.

    DD - well ran HM on a tough sounding course

    Daren - nothing wrong with 5k time. 

    Minni - I hope you get over whatever is causing your sickness

    20m for me early on Saturday morning. I got up early to avoid the rain but it was very windy. Glad to get my first 20m run in. Will add some MP to the next one.

  • DD - Good result on a tough course and very well paced.

    Minni -  Good time on feet run but worrying about the sickness.

     Freemers - Good decision to take it easy but be careful with the PF. How is it the foot first thing when you wake up.

    Carrot - That's a very strong run, MP? Impressive mileage

    2old -  Takes me a while sometimes to get the legs feeling right, set off and first 3 miles thinking this is awful then by mile 6 everything OK, sign of marathon training, age or both.

    Well done everyone else for a good weekends running.  Joys of nightshift for me this week, fell asleep in dentist waiting room this morning.



  • Afternoon all 

    thanks for the positive vibes re my shit hmp session. Good to know what other people do. 

    Pink - stay calm this week, don't do too much and you'll have a great run on Sunday I know it. Looking forward to meeting you. Barry's gonna fly round!

    col - nice 20 miler. it was windy here on Saturday. 

    Bro - taper time whoop whoop! That sounds like a cracking 15 and confidence building.  

    2old - nice TM session today. And quick!

    O4S - i can imagine BA wouldn't dream of lurking here either!

    7m on the tready for me today @12kph

  • 2old - forgot to reply that I'm pretty nervous about Sunday and dont know what to expect, I'm thinking of running it without my garmin so I can run on feel (scary face!)

    freemers - I feel for you re your PF - keep massaging your calf and bottom o your foot daily, do toe raises and stretch it all out. (Huggy face)

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- know what you mean about taking time- it used to take me 3 miles to settle into a run now 6-8 miles. Never thought it might be age related .

    AA- I can understand why you are nervous. Bet you do wear your Garmin though. Forget about your previous excellent HMs and relax and enjoy it ...remember it wasn't long ago you were just pleased to be running again. Just a 10k race for me on Sunday...I'm nervous too...two colleagues from work doing it too and looking to embarrass me. 

  • AA - wise words from 2old there. Don't put any pressure on yourself, just see how you feel.

    Barry - it really doesn't feel too bad first thing. I keep thinking it's going to hurt when I get out of bed, but it's not really any different than other times of the day. AA - definitely doing all the massage and stretching. Pod recommended rolling my foot on a bottle of iced water once a day too, so I've started that as well as the golf ball (upgraded from tennis ball!) and foam roller for my calves.

    Slow recovery 5 today. Legs feel heavy, hopefully they will wake themselves up tomorrow!

    Bro - taper's come around quickly! Great 15 there, bang on pace.
  • just checking in again ...still getting out for a few runs , falling short of my 4runs per week target I originally planned but I have averaged 3 runs per wk in Jan !


    will step up to 4 runs for Feb , last week did 2x5milers and then 8miles at 8.05mm pace on Sunday, again felt nice and easy on the lungs but getting a tightness down my right knee ( feels like IT band is getting tight ).


    been doing lots of stretches and foam rolling to keep it at bay ....will be mindful not to build too quick but at least I'm finally In some sort of rhythm now.  Febs target is 4 runs per wk , over 100 miles and a LSR around 12-13 miles.


    hopefully by end of March if the body holds up I can actually start some propper training image

  • 2Old / Barry: Its definitely age related, the older I get the further I have to run before it all feels OK.

    AA: No garmin might be sensible. Though with all your experience you will probably hit the right pace and stay there regardless. I told myself yesterday that I wanted 4-50 min/K's and pretty well hit it straight off without any Garmin assistance.

    Minni: Hope you feeling better.

    Col: nice long one

    Bro: enjoy going mad, this is why I rarely taper!

    O4S: Don't think I would do BV 1/2M again!

    Not able to run today, far too sore so went out on Cyclo Cross bike for two hours of mud plugging in the forest, only fell off 4 times! came home covered in mud from head to foot.... fun!

  • Dubai Dave wrote (see)

    2Old / Barry: Its definitely age related, the older I get the further I have to run before it all feels OK.

    Why do you think I do so many ultras..............?? Its the only way to ever feel OK!
  • Club night and a fast, hilly and wet 10k. Was only just hanging on and it turned out to be HM pace average including the warm up and cool down. My legs are on strike and have asked to be taken into care.......

  • 2old - Yes after a US of A w/end, I to did a trendy sesh on the TM. 9m in 1:10;44, so ave 7.51pace. Progressive blocks, 8.25, 7.55, 7.15 approx, and repeated 3 times. Right ankle was sore, but not enough to slow me down, and icing now. Yes , working in a large air-conditioned office, cold and flu bugs are always being passed around, so I'm just giving it back to themimage.  I haven't entered Mad dog this w/end, as I wouldn't get anything out of it with my ankle, but I'll come down and cheer you on. It's a shame FRC isn't coming down with his chocolate browniesimage.

    Free - Sorry to hear about your PF prob, plenty of foot rolling on a golf or tennis ball.

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Hard session on the back of a high mileage week AA - I can see why it felt hard

    O4S - I think BA and BH probably could compare a few notes...  Mine was delighted to get a marathon training plan for this years xmas present... image

    Simon - I think its just work making you ill.  Only one solution really...

    Yep - trust in the training Pink - you've done all the hard work already!

    Freemers - thats one way to deal with PF and tight hammys - bash out a 20 image  Hope it stays calm this week

    Very nice 15 there bro - you are in great shape for your marathon

    Looks like its building up nicely Glyn - you are in a similar place to where I was last year, just building up really slowly - which is proper training!  Plenty of time still to build up the long run distance.


    Really stiff legs today, and BH is walking fine.  Not fair.  I'm convinced running slower makes my muscles hurt more.

  • thanks KFC - nice to know you have been back to

    square 1 like me !!! got another 5miles  banked tonight that's 18miles in last 3 days.


    will take tomorrow off and get plenty of foam rolling done ....onwards and upwards

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S/DD-its reassuring to know its not just me who needs longer to get over the discomfort of the first part of the run but at the rate Im going it will be 10 miles before Im comfortable.

    Glyn-keep building up progressively, you will notice the difference in a few months

    KFC-Im with you on slower running-horrible-stepping up a gear seems to shake off the stiffness but then puts me at risk of injury

    O4S-good session there-I was happily resting infront of the TV while you did that

    Simon-I will look out for you as I dash late as ever to the start on Sunday. Cant you bake? That was a tough TM session and good to see aankle not a major problem

    Im reading the Brownlees book at the moment-very inspiring. Main conclusions so far are- train as hard as you can all the time, make training fun,vary it and dont get hamstrung by dictats of coaches,race as hard as you can whenever you race which should be as often as possible , dont worry about injury ,it happens,get over it, fuel with pizza.




  • KFC - I think that's why my Monday recovery run always feels terrible, because it's such a slow pace and feels like such an effort with my legs. In the past I've sometimes done tempo runs on a Monday, which isn't always a great idea but to be honest my legs do feel easier with the faster pace!

    Good session Simon image

    Glyn - you're building up the right way, and only have to look at how KFC is flying now to be inspired!
  • Morning all. I feel like sh!t today. Really tired and achey. Bunked off my run which is the first time in 10 weeks. 

    Ride London ballot is today - who entered and whose in?!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-You've done a lot of miles recently after a big gap so will be feeling it although I think the idea is that we should feel tired all the time until taper.Im exhausted all the time so I must be doing it right.  Enjoy the rest


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