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  • Quick check in folks: no PB yesterday from me with 3:16:12 - that was a tough day!  Still, I'm very happy with that on a difficult course. 

    I'll post the race report tomorrow.  Still a bit hungover to be honest so I fancy an early night...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- my miles are scaring me too. Liking your more balanced approach but even you are pushing the boundaries and doing it well. Those last MLRs and LRs are always the hardest but when done the most pleasing

    Ant- even you are banging out the miles . Think you are approaching another level 

    Col- maybe I will make my HM a LR after all but I know I wouldn't do the 2 afterwards so if I did them all before it would affect my HM result.  What are your plans/ targets for the HMs?

    Carrot- brilliant marathon performance enjoy the hangover ..looking forward to hearing all about it 

    Minni- glad Moz sorted you out. One bad experience after all you've put in over these many months shouldn't put you off your goal. To race a HM a week after a 20 mile 20 lap course race isn't necessarily a great idea as you found out. Have a proper rest. Really like the reverse taper idea you come out of it fresher and faster. 

    10mile session tonight warm up and nearly six and half miles of MP,10k pace and HM pace in that order average 6.54mm 

  • Carot - Still a good time, even if not a Pb. How did Parsnip get on?

    Minni - I hope your reverse taper works.

    2old - You're still flying In training. It will be interesting next month, with both City and Chelsea to come to Enfield

    Unfortunately my 10miler this evening was curtailed to just 7.1m, and only managed 1m at MP. Achilles still an issue, so had to slow the pace, and as less than 3wks now, a reverse taper not poss. I'll decide after next w/end if a DNS is the best option.


  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Minni - sounds like you're having a rough time of it. An easy week will definitely help - can you get a good sports massage as well as the foam rolling? If you can just get the niggles sorted then you know deep down you've done the hard work, and after the taper you'll be raring to go. We need you on Green come 13 who will prop up the bar at Chandos afterwards?image.

    Simon - the achilles is being a real pain in the a**e for you. Are you having treatment on it?

    AA - yes I am really tired too. I think these last few weeks are just the hardest mentally and physically. Bring on the taper!

    Col - glad things are going well for you. Are you racing both those HMs or taking them more steady?

    Ant - good mileage there. I am similar - last week was my highest at 54 and I will have done another 3 or 4 over 50. Normally I fit one longer week close to 60 in but it won't happen this year and that's probably no bad thing.

    Carrot - that's a great time even if shy of a PB. Hot day for it so you should be very happy. Looking forward to the report when your hangover has clearedimage
  • Minni - don't panic. You're doinh the right thing taking a recovery week and a 2 week taper. 

    ant - you are looking strong. 

    Simon - you've had a tough few months. Only you can answer the DNS question. 

    Carrot - looking forward to the report. Hope you enjoyed your well deserved hangover!

    i feel as rough as hell today. All bunged up. Decided to rest today and try and do the 12mp tomorrow and the 20 on Friday and just hope I feel a bit stronger. It makes me feel a bit better that there's a few of us feeling a bit spent this week. 

  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    Minni - I just remembered that around new year, you were talking to a nutritionist and devising fiendish new feeding plans.  How did it go?

    Sounds like a tough couple of days to be planning AA if you are ill!

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Just popping my head out of the dark cave of injury and despair [you didn't see me lurking at the back did you DD?].  In addition to the back / hamstring issue loads of other stuff going on so training has come to a virtual stop.  Getting back to some gentle running and managed 10 slow miles on Friday and 26 miles hill walking at the weekend.  Last night a hilly 5.5 miles at 8mm, but still very stiff and achey so can't really run two days in a row. 

    Having toyed with abandoning VLM I decided against it - after all I won't get the money back, BA wants to do it and I can always amble round and enjoy the atmosphere.  It is actually quite liberating not to have to worry about targets etc.  My main worry is putting myself out for months, so we are doing a very low key 20 mile race on Sunday, partly off road, hilly and friendly.  If the ill effects are not too serious I'll be at the green start.  If they are more significant I'll be at the blue start to annoy BA.................................

    Carrot:  sorry you didn't get the PB but still a stonking run.  Hope you enjoyed the trip and Parsnip is recovering from his injury

    Barry: great run after all the problems, hope the calf didn't react afterwards

    Pink: I shudder to think what my blood pressure was towards the end of the game at the Stadt - it was as bad as the game in Cardiff at the end of the 2009 slam image

    Minni:  just over-doing it.  Rest week sounds like a great idea, personally I am all in favour of them!

    Simon:  love those passes in the Lakes, proper grown up cyclingimage

    Chick / Free / AA:  I have no sympathy if you feel tired!  If you didn't they would have to kill you to discover the secret

    Col:  I'm on a flying visit to Belfast this week, but on the next trip, after VLM, we must try to meet up for that pint

    2old: somehow I can't square the idea of you and a balanced approach - wonder why that might be??????????????

    Ant:  sounds like you are really into the marathin training this time, which one are you running [sorry I should know but I have forgotten]

    Kiwi: how is the comeback???

    Apologies to anyone I have offended, unintentionally, by ignoring.  KFC is tied up with 'stuff' at the moment but will be at the Green start party

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-nice to see you back and planning to battle through everything to get to the start of VLM one way or another.You will have a ball there and Im sorry to not be there...again. Me ? lacking a balanced approach..dont know what you mean?image

    AA-watch that cold especially with your taper fast approaching. Spent? Think that most here are not only spent they are mortgaged up to their eye balls

    Simon-gotta be positive but watch the achilles. Getting even more nervous about the Reds prospects

    Free-how are you feeling after that race and accumulated mileage?

    As usual my legs ,ankles and achilles were like concrete when I got out of bed today.After about an hour shuffling about I started to loosen up did my daily squat session and nearly back to normal apart from sore achilles tight hammy and glutes.Need to take up yoga after this marathon

    See the rain is back




  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Minni: sorry you had a rough race on Sunday but glad Moz gave you a good talking to. Remember, the marathon is your strongest distance, the one that you love doing and where you excel in every race. Sunday was just a shit day for racing. Mine was a disaster as well and I started questioning why I put myself through all this misery. We are all suffering from cumulative fatigue and our bodies are close to breaking point but our minds aren't.

    Carrot: fab time, ma'am image   I hear it was hot, so huge kudos for toughing it out.

    O4S: love you tooimage  

    AA: rest up. Hope the cold disappears. Look after yourself.

    Gentle 6 mile trot for me. Boy, I need this easy week. I can't remember ever being so tired in a marathon build up but looking at my diaries from the past two years I always had a week off at around the same time or a week earlier.

    This week I'm just going to make up my training as I head out the door. And if I don't wake up before the alarm I will rest. Have also discovered that I lost inches. My weight stayed the same but my pair of "oh god, I'm dreading to put them on after winter jeans" are now too big on me... this has never happened before.

  • O4S - good to hear from you again - I thought things had gone quiet. I am doing London too this year - I have a club place, so am on the red start I believe.

    Minni - chin up, its only 4 weeks to the marathon and then you can concentrate on your favourite distances like the 10Kimage

    AA - not the dreaded cold! My business partner has also come down with one - I am trying to keep at least 2m of separation between us at all times.

    col - It's always good to hear of other low(ish) mileage runners, because I always think I haven't done enough!

    Chick - haven't you ramped up the mileage this year hence only natural if you feel tired

    2old - although I have done a little more mileage this year, I don't think it qualifies as another level yet - I will probably have 45-46 average over the whole 12 week campaign compared to around 42-43 previously. What is different that I don't feel completely wiped out and unenthusiastic. Maybe a sign I can do more next time?

    4x1200m for me tonight, which sounds fairly brutal. Going to do the Gade Valley 20 on Sunday which isn't a race but you get cake apparently. Sounds like a good place to get the last 20 of the campaign in.

  • Carrot: Top effort.

    O4S: Thought I saw you in there, sounds as if were in the same boat, I can't handle two hardish back to back sessions either.

    Minni: We all have shit days, be thankful it wasn't in your A race. Rest, man up and get back to it

    Chick / 2Old: I have almost decided that at very nearly 56 that I can't be arsed to push it all the time anymore. A general staying fit and going around for fun at my natural speedhas huge attractions.

    Ant: Did you say cake? I'm in. After 6 years of not eating gluten the Docs in the UK have decided that they got it wrong in Dubai and I'm not a coeliac, so really into cake at the moment!

    Six miles of torture around the helideck done, start the journey home tomorrow, Hurrah!!!!

  • Barcelona Marathon 2014 (part 1)

    It was never going to be a cold, overcast day in sunny Spain! I'd checked the
    forecast on a daily basis last week and it seemed like every day I checked the
    predicted temperature climbed a little higher.  I was ready for it to be hot,
    and with water stations every 5km or so, there was plenty of opportunity to cool
    off.  The start and finish line is in the same place - in front of the Magic
    Fountain of Montjuic.  Met up with Barry and Pink at the start, chatting helped to pass that last half hour. 

    Barry and I started towards the back of our pen and it was soon time to go, Queen's 'Barcelona' is played and confetti is fired from a couple of cannons to shower down on the runners as they cross the start line and head across the giant roundabout Placa d'Espanya.  The route of the marathon is undulating for the first half and fairly flat until 40km, where a gradual climb takes you back up to the finish line.  The first 7km winds through the streets, up, up, up, to Camp Nou.  If anything the first few miles being a gradual climb stops you from going off too fast!  After passing the football stadium the course heads back down to near the start line, where Parsnip was waiting at around 11km.  He stood out against the crowds of supporters in his yellow club jacket and lifted my spirits as I ran past.  The tall buildings in the first half of the route really did offer plenty of shade, so while it was warm it didn't feel too hot. 

    There is another climb around 15km that drops back down as you pass Sagrada Familia - which bizzarely, I can't even remember going past!  The first of the out and back sections arrived - a long, gradual 2km climb followed by a couple of easier downhill kilometers. 

  • (part 2)

    Halfway up the climb the leaders came past on the other side, followed by a steady trickle of runners, then a huge group chasing the 2:45 pacer.  It's always so impressive seeing how fast they stride along, and always good to see a few women up there with the fast guys!  I saw Parsnip again just after the out and back stretch, again brandishing his camera with a big smile on his face.  I was now past halfway and feeling good and in control. 

    The course makes its way down to the sea, but there's another long out and back section to get through first - this time running towards Torre Agbar, a giant glittering rounded tower.  You cover 5km on this stretch, then end up heading towards the Mediterranean for 3km along the seafront. I remembered from the last time I ran Barcelona that this bit was tough, and it was hot in the sunshine, but after starting training at the end of November, months of dark, windy, cold mornings and evenings, who was I to complain about a bit of warm sunshine?

    There were now a lot of people struggling, slowing down or walking. I was aware from my watch that I too was slowing down, but I ploughed on and tried to use the other runners to pull me forward.  I'd been taking a water bottle from each station, having a small drink, pouring a bit on my hands, chucking a lot down my back and legs, then pouring the rest over my head.  I was soaking wet but it was working to keep me cool and refreshed! 

    Heading towards 35km I looked out for Parsnip at his last support point. Again, he gave me a real boost and helped to keep me positive.  We ran past a park and the under the Arc de Triomf, through a few more streets before cutting through La Ramblas.  The last landmark is Colom - a monument with Christopher Columbus perched on top, pointing out to sea.  This is at 40km, then it just those last couple of KMs to climb up back to the finish.  It seemed to take forever to get to Colom, like one of those dreams where you're running as hard as you can but not getting anywhere.  Finally, it was there, and now it was just about slogging those last 2km out. 

    There's a big monument in the middle of the roundabout at Placa d'Espanya and I could soon see it in the distance. I focussed on it, passing more poor souls who were struggling.  Finally, back at the roundabout, then it's just a left turn at the 42km marker for those final 195 meters.  Crossed the finish line in 3:16:12, second half was about 3-4 minutes slower than the first. 

    Not what my target time was, not a PB, not a sub-3:15.  I did everything I could in training, tapered as planned, remained injury- and lurgy-free, stayed off the booze in the last fortnight, heck I even had a little sleep on Saturday afternoon. I ran as well as I could have on the day.  I'm happy image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Great report, carrot image   and you deserve to be happy.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-have you lost weight or just changed shape?Ive only lost about 1kg in the last 8 weeks but my jeans are very loose-even the tighter ones I hardly ever wear. Its not easy having a less structured week-your mind is probably telling you you need to do another MLRimage mine isimage

    Ant-the fact you are not feeling trashed having upped the workload does suggest you are at another level or ready to push on to it.Tempted to see how near 3.15 you are? Must be there or thereabouts

    DD-Im a novice at this running lark -not yet I have some things to do .Think Im near taking the foot of the pedal soon though as Ive missed not skiing as much and other things are startingto become appealing when they didnt used to.I think I would like to do a few marathons for fun.A couple I know do 5 or 6 a year averaging 4.30 and build holidays around them. Mrs 2O would probably divorce me if I suggested that

    Carrot-great report,reminded me of my last trip there and confirming how well you did.Its not an easy one so that made it a tough one for a pb.You'll smash your pb next time anyway building on what youve done over the last year

    Just over 10 miles at around MP this lunch time


  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    2old:  I've been running for over 35 years and did my first marathon 29 years ago this month.  The appeal starts to wear off a bit, which is when I took to cycling.  I never want to give up running, but I think after all this time I just can't maintain interest in training schedules, build-ups, target races, tapers etc.  Probably explains why I have never been any good image [except now when advancing years have allowed my performances to start looking OK again]

    Carrot: love the report, I could feel the sun beating down on my head as I read it........

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    2old: didn't lose any weight at all - but I lost inches around my waist and tummy and much to Mr. Chick's chagrin, further upimage  Like you I've started late in live (6 years now) and I'm not quite there yet. I think a sub 3:15 marathon and a sub 1:30 half should still be possible before I retire from competitive running.

    I'll never be any good at 5 or 10ks - too late for that but I don't care much about those shorter distances anyway. Doesn't seem worth the hassle ...

    Luckily my mind is keeping shtum. I tricked it with that spare week so the OCD can't possibly kick in image

    O4S: I think you are amazing. Age-grading wise you beat every single one of us over any distance...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- think its only my OCD that keeps me going though I'm not

    a week ahead especially losing 2 skiing

    O4S- what Chick just said
  • Carrot - Congrats again on your performance, on a cooler day sub 3:15 would have been yours, great report I'm glad you can remember the sites on the route.  Apologies again for not meeting up Sunday night, the lightweight I am, after a bottle of wine and a pint of guiness I was struggling to stay awake after half 8, Pink  has a photo of me asleep on the metro.

    Minni -  Try and put it down as a bad day and move on, good news on the revised plan for VLM.

    Chick -  Congrats on the first place in crap conditions.

    Freemers -   Well raced/paced, yeah those last few are the toughest.

    I will get my report done tomorrow but night shift is beckoning tonight and I need some sleep.


  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    I always love your reports Carrot, you put so much detail into them it's almost as if we were there. Brilliant running and I'm so glad you're pleased with the result image
  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Freemers Nice race report & well done

    Congrats Chick

    Minni sorry you had a tough race but hopefully it will all work out for you

    Nice 20 mile there Col. Where are your HM taking place?

    How is the Achilles now Simon?

    AA hope your feeling better soon

    O4S a great game & I didn't care that I could not understand any of the French commentary! I am also now the proud owner of a Guinness & shamrock hat that I wore through the Las Ramblas & onto the Metro in Barca for St Patrick's Day.

    Great race report Carrot & you did really well. Would have been good to meet up later but Barry was struggling bless him. Will upload the photo of Barry asleep on the metro once I can download it from my phone.

    I went out on a run yesterday and made use of the many steps at the Magic Fountain to run all the way up & back down again. Lovely run back to the hotel.

    As a spectator I have to say that Barcelona was so well organised. From the expo - not too expensive, not too big, the breakfast run & the Marathon. I managed to see & give Carrot a cheer on route but had completely missed Barry. Saw both of them finish & had no problem finding Barry at the end. It was a great day with an amazing atmosphere although a tad too hot for the runners. Lovely to meet both Carrot & Parsnip as well.

  • Carrot - excellent report and I can really feel like I was there with you too!! Were you serious about having a break?!

    o4s - great. So glad you're running London too. 

    2old - how is your 10@mp feeling now?

    Pink - you're up next this weekend then? How you feeling about it? Less nervous?

    struggled through work but hopefully will feel better tomorrow for my mp run. I'm seeing a lot of clients that are running Manchester Brighton or London at the moment! 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    So, I've just speed read through 500+ posts.  Thats almost as tough as an lsr!  What a lot of great training and racing, and even better, some marathons!

    Awesome PB in Seville Bro - and top of the MT podium!

    Cracking runs in Barcelona from Carrot and Barry

    Nice PB for Mrs FRC and an 'easy' 3.24 FRC - wish I could do that! Oh, and another 2 marathons for good luck done too since then image


    Sorry to be away so long, life got in the way a bit.  Hopefully all calmed down now.  Training has been pish - the last 5 weeks I've clocked 20, 8, 0, 6, 16 and no quality.  Oh well, I've got a half this weekend so I'll at least get a honest assessment of where I am!

    ps Simon - if you enjoyed those hills fancy joining me racing them in June? image 

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys, Just poking my head around the corner from the 3:30-4:00 forum. I enjoy reading through some of the reports and training runs you guys post and it is most helpful. Although some of your mileage scares me, I sometimes find it hard to keep the mileage up.

    I ran the Castles (Alnwick to Bamburgh) marathon last October and finished 3:20, I am not sure whether this was a fluke and at the moment don't really feel a sub 3:30 runner until I have ran sub 3:30 again. Foolishly or not (time will tell) I have agreed to run with a friend who has agreed to pace me to aim for sub 3:15 in Edinburgh in May.

    I ran a 10k the other week in 41:57 which I didn't feel great about. I suppose in my defence I only decided to run it at 9:30 on the Sunday morning and it started at 10:30, but it did make me think twice about whether I have got it in me.

    Last Sunday I ran the Alloa HM (this one I was fuelled correctly) and even though the wind was pretty damn awful and I nearly ended up in Holland (I'm a small guy!) I managed to finish in 1:30:32. This has given me a bit of a boost as this was a PB of 3 mins. So I am now concentrating on sticking to my plan (hopefully work will comply with this!).

    Again thanks for an interesting forum guys image

  • KFC - Looks like a tough one. But funnily enough that was virtually the same route I cycled with my mate last week, but in the opposite direction. Birker Fell was v. tough also.

    O4S - I bet you've been over those tops with your fully ladened tourer, towing BA behind youimage.

    Carot - Great race report.

    I'll be resting the Achilles for the next 4days, and try another lsr at the w/end, and see how it feels. But I might try something different ie a brick sesh. 50m bike, then 8m run. Less running, but still plenty of endurance.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell- welcome...with results like those you are on the wrong thread. Depending on the volume of miles you do and number of long runs you have the speed to do sub 3.15. I've never run sub40k for a 10k and after a 1.32 HM ran VLM in 3.14 . Food for thought ? Good luck. By the way I'm doing Edinburgh half as my daughter is doing the marathon.

    KFC- good to see you back. Are you doing VLM or another Spring marathon? Cracking HM so if you are ,it could go very well 

    AA- I've  realised I've done around 30 miles at marathon pace or faster the last 3 days and am feeling it to say the least. Hopefully I will benefit from it all in 5 weeks .Good luck with yours tomorrow. Physios must love this time of year. 

    Pink- glad you enjoyed the marathon experience. Have you secretly pencilled in your first? 

    Barry- the night after a marathon is more fun for the family and spectators. Make the most of the recovery period. 

    Free - yes it's as though Carrot ran with a travel guide in her hand. 




  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon- stick with it and good luck with the training plan 

  • Nell - Hi, not sure you can fluke a 3:20 marathon, but you've certainly got the speed to go quicker, just got to work on the endurance.


  • Nell: Welcome

    Chick: Can't believe that you have only been running 6 years, I seem to have seen you around these parts forever!

    Carrot: Nice report

    kfc: thats a tough looking tri

    Have given yet more thought to stopping being competitive at running and I think the decision is made, my speedy days are over. Its been 15 years this running life and there was a previous running life of 12 years before that when a 36 minute 10K was a bad day at the office. The 11 years in between  were the FAT years!  Time to ride the bike more and just run for enjoyment, maybe a bit more skiing as well, might well be a few low key Tri's for good measure but adios schedules of tempo and speedwork, hello as and when I feel like it, which with regards to intervals may be never! 

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    DD:  welcome to my gang!!

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