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  • 2old - deffo rest and ice. Don't go scaring us again. 

    DD - give yourself a chance and taper now!!

    barry - good to see you mixing it up again and feeling good. 

    Carrot - not much Of a recovery for you if you're back into the speedy stuff already!!

    only team member up this weekend then is spoons in Brighton now isn't it?

    im aiming for 10 miles this morning. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA/Carrot/Nell/Barry/Oomp/Chick/DD- thanks I have every intention of avoiding a repeat of last year. I'm hopeful that it feels a bit better today

    DD- must have been tough going doing that 18 in such a big week. Lots of mental strength 

    oomp- calm down ,calm's only a race 

    Barry- looks like you are enjoying your training mix.

    careful running all today and don't do it if there's lots of dust in the air may cause some damage ...better a day off or indoors on a TM. Wind direction changes tomorrow so get out then. 

    No running again for me today - take note Carrotimage-I'm letting the horses at Aintree do it for me


  • 2Old - Day do doh, don't day doh.image

    Why has Spoons gone dark... Is he now on an IM thread and secretly planning a sub-3.00 assault at Brighton?

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    A painful 12 mile slog this morning. Final MLR of the plan though image  My right hip hurts like hell - it's an old niggle that comes and goes but today it's been a lot worse than of late. Bah. Must be the taper. Just mentally canned the hill reps that I had planned for tomorrow. Maybe I need another rest day image

    Simon: maybe DD lets you borrow his Darth Vader helmet?

    2old: very sensible

  • Chick - take another rest day. 

    just back from 10 miles @8:27. Last double figure run done. Felt a bit of a tough slog. I'm defo blaming the smog out there. image Stay indoors everyone image

  • Morning all, exciting times...not long now! Looking forward to coming along and watching you all at VLM.

    Running club last night. 4 x mile with 3min RI - splits were 5:53/5:54/5:57/5:59. OK, they went in the wrong direction, but that's the first time I've managed to do all four under 6mm in that session, so very pleased with that. I imagine they would have been even faster if it weren't for the 'killer smog' (copyright the Daily Mail/Express) image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Daren-your splits are nearing Simons flat out on the bike-never for me in this life time

    chick- well done getting the MLR done and ticking off another 'last'

    AA- next double figure run will be in London. Nice going

    Simon- adrenaline junky!

    Oomp-Spoons did himself an ijury with his daily squats/plank etc routine....maybe...maybe not. Iron man more likely. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    mile splits with a 5?? Never for me either image. I'm excited about the odd 6... Well done, Daren image

    Forecast for Boston looking good at the mo - low of 3, high of 12 degrees, sunshine and a light Northwesterly wind. It says 20 degrees the next day though image

    Maybe that's why I felt so shite? Because of the smog? The sun was blood-red and looked a bit eery ...

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Last interval session d&d. 12 x 400m at about 6.30 pace or a little quicker. Thank goodness that's done image

    Take care of those niggles people!
  • Simon - jeez, that is quick. Don't think I have reached quite that high before!

    2old - get ice on that achilles

    Best of luck to everyone this weekend in Brighton and Paris, or elsewhere. 

    Taper madness has taken hold here. With a sore throat, smog mania and phantom niggles. Will swing by the club tonight to do a nice offroad run. I did my last speed session on Tuesday lunch time 3x1M clocking in at around 6:25.


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Went out for a 9 mile @ MP this morning, it wasn't that easy in places. Only dropped down to 7:41 on one long incline. The rest I was within 7:20 or under.

    I have been here before and thought how will I manage this pace on the day?

  • Darren: Speedy, very.

    2old: keep icing

    Chick: well slogged

    Freemers: Im sure your glad thats done

    So my taper was a speed session at the club! 1 mile warm up, 2 x 1 mile, 2 x 800, 2 x 400, 1 mile cool down, wasnt wearing a garmin but was running with the 1-45 ½ marathoners so could have a good guess! 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- see your nerve broke before mine-you checked the Boston forecast first- now I can ( every day) thanks. Think it might be warm 

    DD/Ant - no ice today just Guinness.  

    Free- VLM schedule completed by the book. Nice going. No icing needed your way 

    Ant - that was a fast session. - supports your A target if not better- quietly confident?

    Nell- looking good - very nice pace 

    DD- are you thinking of revising your target for Boston after that?

     Second no running day in a row - not sure I could cope doing this again tomorrow ....last 3 days in a row I missed was when I was skiing. 

    A bad start to the day at Aintree improved when I got the last two winners but would have been better if a 1st and 2nd bet hadn't lost by a nose. Learnt a lot about pacing watching those races. 

    Think left Achilles is a lot better but need a run to be sure and I need a run to reassure me I can run at all! Very odd feelings of self doubt here.

    18days to Boston...too few to mention left to VLM. 

  • PinkladyPinklady ✭✭✭

    Some good runs going on. Not long to go for VLM & Boston.

    I havent done much running myself this week but need to get my backside into gear this weekend. 

    Swimming training tonight. I have a nice new pair of goggles & some paddles - when trying them on I was likened to Dr Nefario from Dispicable Me.

    2old any tips for the main race tomorrow? - I'll be heading to the bookies. 

    Good luck to anyone racing at the weekend

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Last run this morning - one mile easy then the second at goal pace. Then back to carbo drowning

    I was thinking that chomping down 600g a day of carbs is more of a hard slog than the running now. Then I look at others in the office and realise its not far from  what they do as part of their normal (non running) lives.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - I heard a jocky on Radio 2 this morning talking about The National.  He was recalling the year he thought he was going to win it. 

    "The horses set off on the frist straight, running about 35 mph, which is faster then they have ever run.  We approached the first fence and the horse jumped tucking its front legs right under his chest.  It was perfect and I was sure I was was going to win. He came glided over the jump and landed.... neck first"  lol

    I find the National psychs me up for the marathon.

    And on that note I'm still not a certain runner.  I've had two days of illness again this week (not off work but just feeling crap).  Tonight I'm going to do 7 or 8 miles at MP.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink-my tip-blindfold yourself and stick a pin in the list of horses. Like the image of you as that cartoon character

    Minni-stick with it youll get there. Hope tonights MP goes well. Theres always lots of excitement about the National around here as you would expect

    Still not sure if I should try a run today

  • Not so lol for the horse I imagine, Minni

  • Daren - yeah quite!

    2old - I'm not convinced 3:14 is on. I am planning on going out at 7:30-7:35 pace and looking for 3:19, but will be happy with a PB. I really would like to go sub 90 on the half before aiming for the sub 3:15 in the full. My HM time in Nov 2013 was 1:31:52, so I think that even 3:19 is a push. The final plan will be dictated by the weather....

    Minni - hope things improve on the sickness front.



  • Minni: hoping you will be fine, seem to remember similar tales before?

    2Old: not tempted to revise target at all, as club coach pointed out I now run with a limp! Doesn't hurt but something ain't right!

    Darren: ran 3-21 off  a 1-31 half so your in the right ball park.

    Took my aero bike out for the first time since November, had forgotten how fast that thing is! 23 miles in 1-08 same ride took me 1-31 on my cyclo cross bike last week.

  • Minni - you will be well rested. It's served you well in the past. 

    Ant - I did 1.29 for a half and then ran 3:19 last year. It doesn't convert for me. Reckon I would have to run a 1:25 half for a 3;15 marathon image

    as I know I'm not in pb shape I think I'm just gonna aim for 3;20-3:25 next week and hope for the best. The fact that I couldn't walk in October and was only at 7 miles at the end of November I would be silly to expect any more. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Resting too image  too many niggles to name them all. Some may be taper-related but the hip and lower back thing isn't. It's been pissing down all day though, so I feel less guilty.

    Wow, DD, that is indeed a fast bike image

    Minni: hope you are cured by next Sunday. Not sure MP today is a good idea? It seems like you feel fine, run and feel shit again. Maybe you just need a few more days to shake whatever it is?

    I've revised my target to sub 3:30 .... I don't feel confident at all today image

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭
    Updated list:


    Green Start:

    Minni - 28513 A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish

    Freemers - 28451 A-3.12; B-3.14.59, C-3.16.19 (a one second PB). No pressure!

    O4S - 29786 A- 3.51 [post 60 PB] B-sub 4.00, C sub GFA

    Blue Start:

    Jack - 6798 A- 3:29:59 B- 3:40 C- Finish (still a PB)

    Mr O4S 2406 A - sub 4.15, B sub 5.00 [GFA for 2016] C - survive

    Champ start:

    AA - 501 A-3:18 B - 3:20 C - 3:23 feel a bit of a fraud to be honest being here!!


    2Old- 7976 wave1/8 A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under)

    Chick - 13636 wave2/5 A: as close to 3:15 as possible; B sub 3:20; C: sub 3:24:36 (PB)

    DD: 15348 wave2/7 A sub 4, B: sub 4-30 C: Finish

    Ant - need to get your number and target up there...and Chick, no changing it now!image

    Minni - Hopefully a rest will help, but see how you feel next week. Fingers crossed for you x
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Liquid diet for your taper, interesting ;0)

    HI Minni, I hope you can shake off the bug that is hanging over you.

    Hi AA, It sounds like you have done fabulously to recover to where you are now, what was the injury?

    HI Chick/Ant, Do you think maybe on the day you may feel different with the adrenalin etc? It is also still a week away isn't it?

    Hi Nayan, That sounds like my office, mainly male orientated and certainly a very high carb environment and definitely the wrong ones ;0)

    Much prefer greyhound racing myself.....

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Running a new race this weekend the Tay Ten (10 miles). It is organised by the Perth Roadrunners so I am hoping to run that and then may get in some more miles after to satisfy the LSR. And for once it ties in with the family as my daughter has a gymnastics competition in Perth the same day! Rain forecast but at least the wind doesn't look that bad.


  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    I recovered better than I deserved to after my 20 on Sunday, but took 4 rest days just to be safe.  Been deliberating on VLM targets all week, so did a 10M test run today with 8 at 7.40 pace.  Felt OK, but HR a wee bit higher than when I ran my PB in autumn (7.45 pace).  So, decision made.  I'm going to race at HR160, which I think will be 7.45 pace.  Predicting the man with the hammer will catch up with me at about 17M...

    Oh, and I checked my mileage. Dont laugh chick...  Jan was 167, Feb 82, Mar 69.  Total 318.  Ahem.  Apparently I've been marathon training, who knew? 

    I'll be in Brighton this weekend to see a friend running - spoons (if you are lurking) I'll look out for you!


    At least you are running again oompa - look on the bright side, after a while it'll get a bit less hideous...

    Nice 5M carrot.  Remind me, were you going to start concentrating on shorter faster stuff now?

    Sorry to hear that FRC - I'd say stop til you are better, running now will just make your recovery take longer than it needs to

    O4S vs horse!  Always wanted to do that race, cant wait to hear about it!

    Very speedy miles Daren - whens your next race?

    Nice tapering DD image

    Enjoy the fair city Nell, any race in Perth is bound to be a good one.

  • col.col. ✭✭✭

    Daren - those are very fast reps.

    DD - speedy bike session

    O4S - Omagh was indeed quite undulating but there was no big hills

    Minni - I hope the MP run goes well tonight. You really have been through it lately.

    Barry - fast tempo run.

    Nell - good luck on the 10m race. I really like 10m as a distance to race.

    Last night I did 9m with 30 mins @ MP. I managed to hold the pace but it was very hard work! Last long run tomorrow. 12m with a parkrun in amongst those miles.

    Good luck to all running or racing this weekend. 

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭


    Green Start: 

    Minni - 28513 A- 3:12; B- sub 3:15, C- to finish 
    Freemers - 28451 A-3.12; B-3.14.59, C-3.16.19 (a one second PB). No pressure! 
    O4S - 29786 A- 3.51 [post 60 PB] B-sub 4.00, C sub GFA 

    kfc - 29227 A- 3.20  B- 3.25  C-3.30

    Blue Start: 

    Jack - 6798 A- 3:29:59 B- 3:40 C- Finish (still a PB) 
    Mr O4S 2406 A - sub 4.15, B sub 5.00 [GFA for 2016] C - survive 

    Champ start: 

    AA - 501 A-3:18 B - 3:20 C - 3:23 feel a bit of a fraud to be honest being here!! 


    2Old- 7976 wave1/8 A- 3.10; B-3.15; C-3.20 (all just under) 
    Chick - 13636 wave2/5 A: as close to 3:15 as possible; B sub 3:20; C: sub 3:24:36 (PB) 
    DD: 15348 wave2/7 A sub 4, B: sub 4-30 C: Finish

  • daren - impressive quick repeats, have you any races soon?

    ant - nice quick miles, sensible target for vlm. 1:28 got me just over 3:15 but I don't convert well.

    freemers - speedy repeats, your training has gone very well.

    dd/simon - impressive bike speed.

    aa - good positive attitude. You qualified for the champ start so no fraud and enjoy.

    chick - chill and rest, you've put in the big mileage and are in good shape.

    minni - fingers crossed for you and you make it to the start line.

    col - can't see you on the list yet, still deciding?

    11 miles for me yesterday with 10 at mp avg at 7:15 so all good. Back to swimming practice today and not all good, work in progress.


  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭


    Remind me whose bright idea it was to run a marathon image?????

    OK, so that would be me then image

    10 miles done today at around A target pace. Definitely couldn't keep that up for 26 miles image    I can't even blame taper niggles as I have been tapering since about January.............

    Anyone got a rhino costume I could borrow?


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