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  • Hi guys,

    Minni - hope the recovery is going well image have had some weird hallucinations on morphine in the past but you are right, great how it wipes the pain out and allows you to sleep!

    Pink - I hate the treadmill but have kinda been enjoying it for short recovery runs before/after gym classes, especially when it is pouring with rain outdoors! Couldn't go long on one tho.

    Chick take care - isn't work a bitch, hate how it gets in the way, 11 miles is still good going.

    2old - hope you are well.

    Barry nice 10.

    Did the Rudolph 5 mile run this morning, was blimming cold but loved it, treated it as a progressive run - first mile started with a 9 and last started with a 7, considering i haven't done any speed work at all was happy enough with that. 5 weeks until the offroad 15, eek!
  • Kiwi - Well done on the 5 miler, any fancy dress?

    Chick - try not to let work stress you out, have you a long break for Xmas?

    Minni - Planning any new/different obsessions/interests for the next 6 months?

    Put our tree up today, first time with a real tree, good job we did n't pick a bigger one as it looked a lot smaller in the field when we collected yesterday. 

    Swim club Friday evening and yesterday afternoon no dramas this week.  15.5 cold/windy miles this morning at 7:44 avg.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Kiwi-I'm fine thanks ,if you can call recovering from my daughters 16th wild birthday party fine. I'm in a state of shock. I've always wanted to do a Santa run but they always look too cold....the off reader sounds challenging 

    chick- and both of us are falling apart despite our heart rates. You did 50 miles last week so this week is ok 

     pink - I love the TM ...think it suits my OCD. It's exciting when you suddenly realise a challenging race is soon. Your swims will supercharge your race

    minni- still high on pain killers ? How's the recovery ? Hope your being patient 

    Barry - very impressed with your big mileage and consistent swimming. I seem to be able to do one or the other. Good nearly LR too

    14.5 miles -7.53mm-in the rain and wind. Forgot how enjoyable being out in the elements is. Just over 50 miles this week but disappointingly only one swim. Bit worried that Xmas will curtail my training. 2Turkey dinners so far. 

  • Turkey dinners - 0

    Swimming - 2 lengths before I decided to go and watch some paint drying

    Spinning - 2x1hour classes (intervals and hills combined)

    TM - 15 mins of random hills before I went back to watching the paint

    Walking - 30 miles with lots of long/steep hills and plenty of mud

    Running - 6 miles back in my old group at the club (struggled to keep up), plus 2x6 mile runs with BA

    Bathrooms - two shiny new completed

    Been referred to respiratory consultant to investigate breathlessness, goodness knows what the waiting time is image

    Minni: how about I head up to Wooler and we try to learn to crochet 


    Sorry RW wouldn't let me type any more image

    Minni: I meant to add 'with the help of a couple of bottles of something cold, white and alcoholic' image

    kiwi: sounds like things are starting to come together again

    2Old: you need to spend Christmas chez O4S. Cooking anything, never mind a turkey dinner, is so far outside my comfort zone it belongs on another planet

    pink: the first time I used a TM I did in fact fly off the back of it, in front of a gym full of amused young blokes image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    O4S- you missed the partridge in the pear tree from your list. Poor BA missing out on all that Turkey. Still he gets lots of cake.
  • Some nice miles last week chick image

    O4S - well done on getting the bathrooms finished image

    Pink - hope you can get your runs in this week

    2old / Barry - some speedy long runs there

    kiwi - sounds like a great race from you image

    A pretty productive few days running from me - I was visiting family over the weekend so got out for my long run on Friday - 17 miles.  Realised when I was about 5 miles in I had fogotten to taken a gel with me - I normally have one on a run of that length.  But it didn't seem to make any difference. I might do a few more without them and save them more for races.

    Then left early on Saturday to drive down to Surrey and met up with my brother (Cheerful Dave) at the Banstead Woods parkrun. Nothing spectacular - 22.34 - 2nd lady (beaten by a woman being dragged round by her dog!).

    After a day of lots of food and drink I got up yesterday and pootled round the route of the Epsom 10, which goes over Epsom Downs and surrounding villages. Really nice run but felt it in my legs by the end - I'm just not used to hills!  It made me think about that and I have decided to put a hill session into my weekly schedule from now on.

    Speaking of a 18 week VLM schedule starts today. Thankfully it is 5 miles easy image

  • Freemers - Good running, my longish runs are unfuelled , no breakfast/gels, and will continue with this when they get longer. Will start taking taking gels if I push the pace and always carry an emergency gel on the 20's in case I start to struggle.

    2old - Another good week from you and well done for getting out in the elements.image 

    1 hour in the pool yesterday, I was practising left breathing but then was joined in the lane so reverted to right breathing and did 4x100, 2 x 200 and 1 x 400,

    5 miles this morning with middle 3 quick, first speedy stuff for a long time and not the best day to choose as slippy in places but happy enough with the splits, 7:06, 6:49,6:37

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry/Free-I tended to run unfuelled and without water until I blacked out so have reverted to a regular sugar and water hit.Barry watch your nutrition now you've added swims to the list

    Free-not suprised you felt it in the legs after all that.Not sure if a dog assisted 5K merits disqualification-maybe? The mention of the marathon schedule terrified me

    Barry-great swimming-its coming together.Strangely mine is falling apart due to not doing it regularly.I was swallowing water all night in swim club.Good fast splits there

    9 miles at lunchtime av pace 7.35ish including warm up so most around MP.Then last night 2.1k in Swim Club .All I can say is that the intensity hurt.image 18k on the TM today mix of recovery and steady pace.

    One of the swimmers was disappointed as his open water swim on Saturday was cancelled due to ice on the surface-wimp!

  • Turkey Dinners: 1

    Minni I've fallen off TM before. Wokingham is on 8th Feb

    Well done on the Rudolph run Kiwi

    Impressive weekly mileage 2Old. Someone I know has the ice broken to get lake swim training in.

    Nice running Freemers & enjoy the start of VLM Training. I run unfuelled, if its early morning I can't face any food & just have a coffee before I go. If it's a long run I tend to take a gel & water.

    Early morning swim training on Monday was hard especially as the pool hadn't heated. I had a cold face when I reached the end of the first length & never really got warm during the session. Made me hardy though!

    Managed to get a lunchtime run in yesterday - 4.5 miles & ran with a couple of colleagues.

  • Alright all - quick read back to see there is still a lot of swimming talk. What gives crew!

    Anyway but some of you are marathon training, which is nice. I started my 18 week plan for VLM this week (cos having a week off in a couple of weeks). Utterly brutal Sunday provided me with a 14M run inc 8M @ MP and 1M @ threshold pace. And today 14M total again including 5M @ threshold via 2M intervals.

    Yikes. It will either get me fit or kill me. 

    Still doing XC - 3 races into the season and 3 more left including the Nationals in PHF in Feb - anyone signed up?

    chin chin


  • Hi Ant, sounds like a P&D session.

    2old - Great training, as always, from you.  Problem we've both got is staying injury free.

    10 windy  miles this morning at 7:51 avg, felt harder than it should have, combination of working long late shifts this week and legs heavy from yesterday's 1 to 1 swim lesson, lots of kickboard work, managed 25m in 24 seconds just kicking which is good but shows up my 22 seconds for 1 length flat out including arms as a bit weak.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink- well done fitting in that run and chilly dipping

    Ant- good to see you are doing well. That's a tough way to start a marathon  schedule ,imagine that ahead of you for 18weeks image

    Barry- seems like we had the same idea doing 10 today. Pretty similar conditions for me too. . Very true the spectre of injury haunts us. Hopefully Xmas will stop me /us overdoing it .  My kick boarding is stronger than most in my club too ...pity about my week arms. 22seconds seems very fast to me. 

    So 10.6 today av 7.35 mm but excluding warm up and cool down 7 at MP

  • Ant - sounds like a full on first week - what schedule are you following?


    Barry and 2Old nice 10 miles, you guys are so speedy!

    Pink - all coming together nicely for you with the swimming and running.

    School holidays have started - slept for 13 hours last night image image

    So far this week, 2 short slow runs, Body pump and a Yoga class. Quick question for the dreadmill users - is there anything I need to be aware of if I start using the treadmill more? Am really enjoying my body pump and yoga classes and works out easier to run on the treadmill before or after the class - but seeing as I have never really used a treadmill am a little worried of injury potential from  new surface..... any tips, i.e on incline etc? Lol, probably sound paranoid but I am, don't want to annoy the knee again!

  • 2old - great mind and all that, nice pace.  Must be our leg strength from running, shame the arms are n't as good.image

    kiwi - recently read an article on tready running, main points were incline at 1% and concentrate on form, don't over stride,  try and land foot under body.

    Last couple of days spent in Blackpool seeing dad, I thought it was windy down here.  Rest day on Friday, first since October, unless you count walking the dog on the sand dunes.  15  miles on Saturday morning at 8:06 avg, including 7 miles on the promenade, at one point in front of the tower thought I was n't moving due to the wind.  Tide was in so great fun dodging(or not) the waves as they crashed over the sea wall.  Back home now and 20k done on the bike.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Kiwi- I don't bother with raising a TM 1% Though it probably helps.As always best to build up slowly and vary the pace so as to avoid constantly  stressing the same areas in the legs. 

    Barry- while you were a bit higher up the coast from where I live I was in Cardiff doing family duties . pretty windy here tonight when I got home . Blackpool is famous for its windy runs as you know .

    Friday squeezed in 2k swim in a 20m pool dodging kids bombing in all around me. Saturday a hilly 10miler before watching Cardiff City just miss clawing back a 3 goal deficit. Drove back today and did 9 more, 7.35mm av ,to finish the week on 50 miles for the second week in a row. Won't do 50 next week

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ant - brutal indeed!! Are you following a schedule this time or doing your own thing again? It worked well for you the last time.

    A tough few days for you Barry! That 25m kicking is crazy! Flipping heck. I don't move when I try it!! Pity about the wind on the promenade spoiling that flat surface.

    2old - how goes you? Any more results yet? Looks like your running is going well.

    Kiwi - enjoy the hols! Are you home or away? Is Mr kiwi still running? I used to keep the treadmill flat but not been on it for yonks, however, I should get it plugged in ready for my return to running.

    What's the plans for 2015 folks?
  • Hi guys,

    Minni - how are you recovering from your op? We're home for the hols, got a friend from NZ visiting between Christmas and New Years. Mr Kiwi has run more races than me this year! He is completely addicted to obstacle racing and has even requested an annual pass to an event series as his Christmas present! He does still need to work on balancing the weekend races with a bit more training during the week, but should be easier with the new gym round the corner.

    Good mileage 2old, everything behaving? 

    Barry - the wind is mental - literally had the worst night's sleep, stupid neighbours' clothesline cover was flapping violently all night, Mr Kiwi is thinking of ways how to remove it without them noticing!

    Stuck to 8 miles yesterday, knee starting hurting at 7 miles couple weeks back, all ok yesterday. So still slowly building up. Hoping body pump and yoga is helping to injury proof the body.... thanks for the treadmill advice, have had it on 0.5% incline, so will try 1%. Hoping to build back up to 4 then 5 runs a week if the knee allows for it....

  • Well my plans are fairly radical.  After a few weeks thinking seriously about what to do I have decided to revert to my first love - off-road ultras - keeping road running as a fun extra in the winter months.  I have further resolved never again to wear a garmin except as a means to measure the distance of a training route for the club, not to train for specific races, not to fret if my times get slower and to spend more time enjoying what I do and not worrying about the end result.  As a result I have already entered 2 x 30 mile events in January plus a couple of off road shorter [10 miles and 10k] local races.

    February sees another 30, 2 x20 mile runs [one off road] and a week of warm weather training on foot and bike at Club La Santa.  March is 3x30+miles, 1x55 miles and a week walking in the Peak District.  April so far is 3 x 30+ and VLM and in May I will be doing a couple of 40/50 mile events prior to the 100 miler.

    Then it will be back to the bike for the summer season.  As well I will be cycling over the winter (or spinning if the weather is foul), doing mid week 15 milers off road and running at the club, doing XC and shorter races as the notion takes me. I will be going slower than in the past so that for most of the off-road events I can go round with BA. 

    My appointment with the respiratory consultant is mid-Feb [a cancellation] and after that I might have to reassess again, but I'll think about that when the time comes.  I'll pop in from time to time, but doubt I will have much to contribute

    a) because I don't plan to swim and this seems to be rapidly becoming a swimming / tri thread

    b) I won't be able to discuss pace because I will neither know nor care what pace I am doing

    c) I don't have a training plan to discuss

    d) us OAPs  have blankets to knit and bonnets to crochet image

    Happy Christmas one and all - we are racing Boxing Day and New Year's Day with a 25 mile off-road event on the Sunday between........

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    O4S- it took me a while pulling myself off the ground after reading your plan...made me feel unsteady. Don't stay away too much as I need your inspirations nd anyway I think this will revert to a London Marathon thread in Jan. Some of us are doing the other stuff to try to put off injury

    Minni- cardiologist letter arrived today. He saw my 24 hr ECG and was happy with it. Low bp when asleep ,up when running. All as it should be .Hows your rehab going? Any activity / Physio?

    Plans? Ski end of Dec and Jan, 10k Feb,Liverpool HM March, London April. Need to get another GFA !Marathon training throughout 50-55miles pw from Feb on plus swims .Will do some YKW s along the way. May on tris -Olympic? ,10k or two ,Great North

    swim 2 miles. Just hope the old frame can take it

    Looks like test of week scuppered by bad man flu which arrived last night
  • I started as I mean to continue this weekend with 15/20/15 miles (very hilly) in Shropshire over 3 days. I also managed to impale the back of my left knee on the top of a barbed wire fence and was only rescued by BA ripping my running tights to free the leg. I have a row of bloody puncture marks on the back of my knee image

  • 2old - Another good mileage week from you, I'm sure you keep saying you won't be doing another 50 week.image Plenty of alcohol to sort out the man flu?

    O4S - Wow, impressive schedule, just to echo 2old, please stick around you are an inspiration for us 40/50 somethings, and come spring hopefully a few regulars/newbies will join the thread for spring mara build up.

    Plan for 2015:  Feb - Wokingham HM, 1:30 if I've got the speed endurance back.
    March -  White Horse HM , Sub 1:30 if I'm not injured by then.
    April - First Sprint tri and VLM sub 3:15(yeah right)
    May - Sprint Tri
    Jul - Open water sprint tri (depends on swimming ability)
    Aug - Standard distance Open water tri.(depends on swimming ability)
    Autumn - Overseas mara, not sure which one yet.

    1 hour in the pool yesterday followed by 20K bike, 1 hour in the pool this morning followed by 5 miles this afternoon,  middle 3 quick and happily my speed has come back splits 6:40, 6:23, 6:13 for the effort miles.

  • Ant nice marathon schedule

    Kiwi My tip for the dreadmill will be to avoid it! image

    Good plan there O4S

    Minni How is your recovery going?

    Packed the running gear for a planned run in a very blustery Blackpool. That was binned as I forgot to pack my trainers! Next time. Shame though as I love running along the seafront.

    Swimming training Monday morning was tough speed work & we were all mixed up into different lanes It was an amazing session as a GB Triathlete joined us for training. Went out for a 6 mile run last night with one of my swimming chums who is training for a Half Ironman next year.

    Swimming training again this morning which was mixed lanes with speed work & will be the same again for tomorrow- no evening sessions on this week. Planning to run again tomorrow.

    Plans for 2015:

    Feb Wokingham HM - would like to dip under the 2hr mark

    March Bath HM - same as above

    April - first sprint pool tri

    May - Pool sprint tri - thank you to Barry as it is a Christmas present

    Jul - Open water Tri & local 5 miler run race

    Aug - Standard distance Tri

    The open water all depends on if I am ok swimming in a lake & if I can overcome one of my fears of being out of my depth.

    Wishing all of you a Very Happy Christmas image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Pink- you ll have no problem in open water though it will feel strange at first. Try swimming in a pool with steamed up goggles Or swimming lengths during kids swim play sessions. Youve got a busy year ahead

    Barry - excellent double sessions. Sadly this is not man flu's proper flu.....women's flu?imageSo that's my training over until my skiing is done . I had hoped to do 1800 miles this year but will fall short. Looks like you'll have fun in 2015 looking at your plan. How about us pacing each other for sub3.15 though I'm a long way off that at present 

  • Hi Guys, Just a quick check in. It has been a pretty brutal last couple of weeks. Work has been madness and Project Managers are certainly not on my Christmas card list! Still trying to get out early morning. The wind has been pretty bad... I can feel I have lost a bit of the fitness from the autumn but hoping to get back into things after Christmas. If it ever comes, looks like another crazy day tomorrow....

    Will try and have a read back when I get chance, hope you are feeling ok after the op Minni?

    If I don't get back on before have a good Christmas guys....Not thought about next year much yet, although I am running the 4 mile Promathon at Portobello New Years Day, that will not be a fast one I guess...even got the OH in as it is for charity image

  • Hi everyone, finally coming up for air again after another crazy week or two at work. I got a surprise xmas bonus though image Now it's 5 days off (the 24th being a bank holiday). Then another 3 hopefully quiet days and then off to Lanzarote for a week to soak up some rays. Can't wait!! Weather has been foul here for two weeks now with gale force winds and driving rain. I braved it for a few short runs to keep me sane but you can't call it proper training.

    O4S : crazy as always!! Wow, wotta schedule... Hope the consultant can sort you out. Maybe you simply need an asthma spray. Fingers crossed.

    Sorry to hear you are feeling rough, 2old but good to see the ECG was normal.

    Ant: sounds like a painful schedule!! I bet that'll make you fitimage

    Kiwi: I got injured from too much treadmill running, mostly down to bad form and doing too much too soon. So good form is essential as it's a period of getting used to it.

    Minni: hope your recovery goes well.

    Wishing you all a great Christmas (no Santa smileys this year ??). image
  • Plans for 2015: sort out those heart problems and get a proper training campaign in image
  • Chick - Merry Christmas, hope 2015 is a better year for you.

    2old - Good plan, I'll be on blue and I guess you'll be on green so we'll meet at the 3 mile point, or i'll set off too per usual, and you'll fly past me at about 20.image

    nell - Sounds like a manic time of year for you. You'll soon back banging out those decent training miles.

    Hour in the pool this morning, was due to run tomorrow but youngest threatened to bin all my running kit if I ran on Christmas day, so two days consecutive running for the first time in a long time to me.  Just over 10 at 7:05 avg and very happy with that.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick - merry Xmas and best wishes for a full resolution of the concerns that currently  spoil your run fun 

    Barry- wow hell of a 10. Think I will stiick to my 3.19gfa target. Enjoy the rest with the kids. Its not too bad really .., after3 days of inaction I should know 

    Nell- if you can't chill out now when can you ? Great run year for you and surely another to follow

    looking good for my New a Year ski.  Some decent snow on it's way at last 

    Merry Xmas all. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I am told the surgery has been successful and I am doing VERY well.  So why don't I feel like I am?!!

    Not allow to run till March but can start on the static bike next week.  

    Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and let hope 2015 is better for us all. xxx

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