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    DD-nice to see you back-I was starting to feel isolated with all these youngsters hereimage04S doesnt count as only kryptonite will stop her. Are you still doing LRs lapping oil rigs?45 is a big week

    AA-yes you are right I did get injured just before Boston last year but I was ok until the last month of training.Excited about Boston yourself? Dont forget to build hills into your long run-ideally the first half should be down hill and the second uphill.46 miles is a big week for you isnt it?

    Chick-back to 50 mile weeks -thats a good sign.Escaping the awful Winter weather makes a big difference

    Barry-impressive aquathlon and 10 miler.Looks like you've moved your fitness up a notch or two

    O4S-Respect to you getting those miles done in such tough conditions.I dont think we really appreciate what you endure on those runs

    Pink-its funny how we get used to something and how a few extra metres can confuse . Its one way to get more swimming done. Nice running ...looking forward to seeing how this has progressed too

    Minni-I wondered what deep end swimming was too

    So no 1 son got as far as Skipton in the Spine Race but after sleeping the night under an agricutural trailer and realising he was going to miss the next cut off decided to call it a day. Still a whole weekend on the top of  the Pennines in that brutal weather up to his knees in bogs was an achievment in itself .Very proud. When he realised that he didnt have the technical orienteering skills and there was more walking than running ,he knew the game was up.

    Modest week for me last week-3 runs-11.5 miles,10k and 14 miles. Nearly over the flu (I hope)so with luck can build up this week.


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    2old - my friend jacked it if after 55 miles. She's quite experienced but said it was brutal. I have to admit I don't see the attraction of it!
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    Minni-hills and mountains are for skiing down

  •  I am with you there on the subject of the Pennine race Minni image

    Hi 2old, How are you feeling now, are you ready to get back into things? Bearing mind you ran just over 30 miles last week anyway

    Hi AA, You seem to be back with a bang! Yes, I am afraid at the moment I think with the current weather conditions I will have to revert my interval session to the TM image

    Hi Barry, A good mix for you on the weekend. 300 miles out of a pair of running shoes is not very good at all. The Kinvaras are supposed to be about 500 when they need a change, although I usually get a bit more out as I am a lightweight

    Hi o4s, If the weather was the same where you are as it was here, I wouldn't have fancied running up a big hill, let alone two ! image

    Hi DD, Glad to hear you are feeling better and sound as though you are on your way back

    Hi Chick, Lanzarote is a nice holiday this time of year. we used to go about this time before we had the kids and had money...image

    Hi Pink, Nice swimming, Do you have a race coming up?

    Out for 5 miles yesterday at 7:14mm average. It was wet (very) windy (very) and snowy (a little) I'd had enough after 5 miles. But I kind of enjoyed it in a disturbed kind of way. Gym this morning for some S&C...

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    Nell-I know Im not 100%because the pleasure you got from your impressive run in those horrid conditions sounds like hell to me.Before Xmas I would have lapped it up.So I reckon on being 75% at the mo. Might swim tonight.Kids equals just about broke-glad 3 of mine are off my hands(though still in my pocket whenever they are able)

  • Belated Happy New Year All.

    Apologies for forum silence as i have been quietly going about my business of being deeply shit!

    After a quick read back it seems like the majority of us are fit, well and running/swimming/bog snorkelling etc...

    2old - That race sounds horrendous. I'm with Minni, as i don't see the appeal?

    Chick - Good to see that you are back in the swing of things with yet another big miles week.

    AA/O4S - I'm thinking of doing the Bramley 20 as the Spitfire 20 is too close to race day, but i'm always put off by multi-lap races! Is it any good?

    Nell - Speedy as ever! Which Spring mara are you doing?

    DD - Good to see you're on the comeback trail as well. 45 miles with the longest only being 12? Sounds nice and consistent to me.

    I'm in the 5th week of P&D 18 wk/up to 55m programme... and i'm struggling!image No speed (struggle to maintain anything approaching 7 min/ml), coupled to no endurance (2 x runs shortened by 4 miles each as well as completely missing Saturday's recovery 5), means that the sub 3.15 target is now just to finish!  

  • Oompa:  Bramley is only 2 laps, so in my book considerably better than Gloucester which is 3, plus an out and back at the start / end.  My only problem with it is all the 10 milers peeling off half way round -sooooo tempting!  

    My sub 4 target for London is now looking aspirational, speed is still shocking and endurance nowhere close to where it usually is at this stage.  To cheer myself up I am in the process of booking a holiday for the summer - 3 days in Washington. 2 weeks cycle touring in the Blue Ridge mountains and a week in a condo at Myrtle Beach [good running and cycling options there as well as the sea]. Does anyone think I should mention it to BAimage

    Nell: running into the wind is the pits, especially when you are my size.  Got very wet running to and from the dentist today - reconsidering running club tonight as it has been hammering down all day and shows no sign of abating

    Am I the only one who thinks the spine race sounds fun, if a bit wussy with beds and showers en route????????

  • I'm another considering Bramley.

    O4S: i reckon i would struggle to do 4:30 and no the spine doesnt sound attractive 

    Barry: good to see your still swimming

    Oompa: keep working at it, it must get easier or so i tell myself

    2Old: cant have these youngster ruling the roost. Yes i still run on heli decks from time to time though theres not much work in oil and gas just now.

    AA: dont know how you keep marathon training all year, i could do it once but no more.

    Chick: still mile mad i see, whats your spring marathon this year?

    Minni: when do you start back?

    i have Blackmoor vale ½ M 1st Feb, poss Bramley 20, the Grizzly 20 miles of mud and North Dorset Village Marathon 3rd May.

    six miles on the very wet footpaths today

  • Sounds like the Bramley 20 could be the next Team Minni Smackdown?
  • So I ended up doing 6 miles tempo leading a group at the running club and got soaked (again!) running home image

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    Oomp-!good to see you back. Look at the RW sub 3.15 schedule. It's not as tough and you should be able to pick it up from here . What have you been up to?

    DD- you've got a tough few months ahead. still cycling lots too? Talking of youngsters My No 2 is doing VLM ,no 3 is doing a 10k end of the month and HM end of March ...he's 17 stone rugby player so long runs don't come easy. No4 is doing TRI training at school. Think I'm going to be knocked off my roost pretty soon. Nice 6

    O4S- knew you'd like the idea of the Spine Race. No 1 spent last night sleeping under an agricultural trailer in a farmyard . He gave up because of trench foot. Looks disgusting in the pics .Good tempo tonightt

    10k progressive in 46 mins after work then 2k swim later. Will sleep well after that. 


  • 2Old - I've got the P&D cut back week this week (37 miles i think), so i think i'll persevere for now and if i'm still struggling may look to switch? P&D has served me well in the past so i'm loathe to change.

    I've been able to run more frequently since October but i'd be lying if i said it was an easy and smooth road back! Have had to do loads of strengthening of my quads due to various muscle imbalances (vmo) and general wasting of the quad muscles, so as to support my patellas.

    Oh, who am i kidding... I've really been lying around drinking beer and eating chocolate!!!imageimage 

  • Hi 2old, I feel it won't be long before you are back into things. Doesn't sound like you are taking it easy anyway..

    Hi Oompa, Nice to see you are still on the comeback. I am down for London and Edinburgh this spring. Do you stick religously to the P+D schedule?

    Hi o4s, Running to the dentist, do you ever stop? image Yes I am only a small lightweight, so often feel I could do with some weights on my ankles! Remember, there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing image

    Hi DD, I'll take wet footpaths at the moment!

    Just about 6.5 miles this morning. Very cold, ice on the footpaths and windy. Ran just over 4 miles and then broke out over the fields to loop me back home. Average 7:35mm kept me alert image

  • 2old: still putting in the work then

    Oompa: your way ahead if me on the road back, maybe see you at Bramley

    Nell: 7;35 off road is impressive

    7 mile club run in 52 mins tonight, thats about as fast as I can go at present

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    DD- that's a fast 7 for an old fellaimage

    Oomp- don't recall any of your recent marathons being straightforward .Good on you sticking with P&D tho. Beer and chocs are essential nutrition 

    Nell- no it won't be long but I'm conscious that I need to be careful too. Careful on that ice 

    18k today - bit of a struggle but ready for rest day tomorrow. 

    Rescued No1 from Hawes on the top of the North Yorks Dales this evening . Bit dodgy in the driving horizontal snow and icy roads ,nor the best recovery after today's run. Why anyone would want to run up there in that is the question .

  • 2Old: Your family obviously take after their Dad - mad as a bag of weasels! image

  • 2old - agree, you're family sound mental - but fun! 

    DD, Oomps, come and join me and O4S at Bramley. I really like it - but then it's 10 minutes from homeimage

    Nell - strong running again. 

    really struggling with tiredness yesterday but managed to force myself on treadmill when I had time to do 8x800s @15.2. 0% image I have a question for this that train with a HR monitor - what do you let you heart rate get to during interval recoveries? I normally jog 200m @9kph but I've just started using a monitor and don't want it to get too low. Any advice? Ta 

  • 2old - 5 miles was enough for me in the wind and slush this morning, as for races? like the Spine - er no thanks. Good you are back running some decent mileage.

    oompa - welcome back, plenty of time to get back on track, maybe drop your target paces for a couple of weeks and then see how the body is coping.

    AA - Nice speedy stuff from you, Wokingham should be interesting.image

    Nell - Good running in the conditions. Think the shoes are worn due to the way I land on my right foot.

    2old/Minni - Deep end swimming -  the pool we normally swim at is a constant depth with no deep end. The pool we went to Sunday has a very shallow end and a deep end.

    Easy bike session for me on Monday then 30 mins s&c.  Yesterday was 1 to 1 swim lesson, I did 30 mins warm up prior but was peed off as my shiny new 910xt was n't recording distance in the poolimage.  Lesson went OK did 6 x 75m with rest inbetween best 1:33 and worst 1:36 so progress being made.

    5 miles this morning with middle 3 quick, cold windy and slushy, pace for effort miles 6:53,6:33,6:18, first 2 a bit slower than usual but I'm blaming the conditions.image


  • Barry and Nell: impressive speed there, as always.

    Great to see you back, Oomps. I have neither speed nor endurance either ... image 

    O4S: we were in Playa de los Pocillos which is on the other side of the island, literally a mile from the airport perimeter fence if you jog along the beachfront. Great hotel called Los Jameos Playa. We could plane-spot from our balcony image . The air traffic didn't really bother us at all - there's only a handful of planes in the morning and evening and it's a no-fly zone at night.

    AA: no idea about HRMs on a tready, sorry image. HR is usually higher on the tready coz it's indoors. While I train with a monitor I never really check it during interval recoveries. Instead I stick to recovery times - P&D say recovery should be 50-90% of the interval duration.

    DD: no spring marathon plans for me. I'm trying to get back into fitness after a horrible year plagued with thyroid issues and heart problems. Right now anything around 8mm is speedwork for me image. Having said that I'm doing a relay leg at the Prague marathon on May 3rd with the running team from work and I'm contemplating the Hamburg HM at the end of June. By then I should be able to get a modicum of fitness back image

    Saw another cardiologist today (the first one wasn't 100% sure what to do) and he said I can go back to proper training image. One of the heart valves is a teensy bit leaky but he thinks it should not really prevent me from running and as long as I listen to my body and stop if things feel weird, I'd be fine. The irregular heart beat was down to Vit. B12 and D3 deficiency and has stopped since I was put on supplements in November. 

    I may never get that coveted sub 3:15 but at least I can call myself a runner again image

    Plan for the next few weeks is a proper base (most of my training weeks were less than 30 miles since Boston image so I only have myself to blame for being slow & shit) and then gradually add some tempo & intervals if I don't want to run the slowest relay leg of the entire Firm image 

  • chickadee, I saw you were the last to post on here and was hoping for an update.  I'm delighted to hear that you can get back to training.  You must be very happy image  Am I likely to see you at any races in East Anglia in the next few months?

  • Hi Angela image yes, I'm mighty relieved!! No travel plans to the UK so I guess not. One day I like to do the Brentwood HM again though, just for the fun of it image.

  • Hi DD, Sounds like you are doing ok...image

    Hi 2old, Yes o4s sounds about right, your son obviously doesn't follow after his mother? Well done on the 18k...

    Hi AA, Well done on the intervals. I don't think I really want to know what my HR is whilst on the treadmill image

    Hi Barry, Good mix and a speedy pace run...nice

    Hi Chick, Great news on being giving the green light to get back out. As long as you are out there running that is the main thing, whether it be Prague or..... Brentwood?  image

    Afraid the weather scuppered my chance of an interval session outside again, snow, wind and ice this morning so headed off to the gym to have a session on the treadmill. Ran 10.5K and got in 5 x 800m @ 16kph with 400m @ 12kph recoveries and at the end ran 2 x 300m @ 18kph. Then after stretching saw the weights gym was empty and performed some squats. I will probably regret that tomorrow morning!

  • Chick - that's such good news. 

    Barry - sounds like a normal pool then?? Nice fast miles there. What's your wokingham goal? The weather is always shocking there!

    nell - scary fast paces on the treadmill. 

    Trendy 5 in the bitter cold this morning. 

  • Two days of spinning to give the legs something different to grumble about. The equivalent of 'Seth the Sadist' devises new methods of torture every Wednesday - today we had a 10 minute effort session at the end of the class alternating 2 minutes of hill climbing at a high cadence on a suicidal gear with 2 minutes of flat out sprinting then repeat...........image

    Chick: glad to hear you have the go ahead for training, nothing wrong with slow and shit (or so I like to tell myself)

  • Nell I have my first TR coming up in April. It's a pool based one. Fingers crossed it will be ok.

    2Old Nice training there

    Welcome back DD & Oompa

    Minni We train in a pool that is the same depth. The Tri will be in a pool that has a deep & a shallow end so went for a practice. Oddly enough my turns were better and that is the one thing I've been struggling with.

    Good News for you Chick

    AA I have a goal for Wokingham, to either bin it or just try & make the best of it - you can tell i'm not feeling confident.

    Went out for a run last night while our daughter was at a tutor. Was running in a different area to what i'm used to so just ran up & down the main road as I was worried that I would get lost.

    Went early morning swimming training today, although it was snowing it was not cancelled. Lots of kickboard training in 75's with speed work so that woke us up!

    Spent an hour on the indoor bike this evening talking the hills on one of the Tour de France routes.

  • old4speed wrote (see)

    Two days of spinning to give the legs something different to grumble about. The equivalent of 'Seth the Sadist' devises new methods of torture every Wednesday - today we had a 10 minute effort session at the end of the class alternating 2 minutes of hill climbing at a high cadence on a suicidal gear with 2 minutes of flat out sprinting then repeat...........image


    where's the recovery bit in that workout imageimageimage???

    9 miles in the wind and rain. Snow forecast for the weekend but at least the pesky wind is supposed to die down image

  • AA - Not sure how much speed endurance I've got but I'll be aiming for 1:30.

    Nell - Very quick on the tready,

    O4S - Sounds fun.

    Chick - Good news.

    Pool for me this morning bit of a mixed session, good news Garmin is logging distance again after a reset, bad news really struggled to string lengths together for first half hour, good news suddenly felt OK and kept going and recorded my best ever time for 400m 10:10, not understanding this swimming.

  • Nell - I try to stick as closely as possible to it as the science seems to make sense, but will occasionally change an LT session for VO2 max intervals, or hills. I'll also change a recovery run for some x-training or a swim every now and then.

    Barry - I'm doing just that. Although my mind still thinks i can do tempos at 6.30's, my body clearly doesn't agree...YET! image

    AA - Nice and speedy 800's... Yasso's??image

    Chick - Great to hear that you're clear to run.image 

  • Chick: recovery is booking the same class for the following week!

  • O4S - Thought your recovery was a quick nip outside for a 100 mile ultra???image

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