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  • Morning all. 

    Freemers - bloody fab mile reps there! And another 20! Boom!!

    DD - you gotta be fit!

    chick - regular 60 mile weeks and you're not even marathon training! Scary!!! Budapest was fab. Walk Everywhere. Brass statues akin the Danube are amazing. We did the thermal baths too. Try the palinka - it will ruin you!! Try the unicum - that's like Jaegermeister!

    trendy 5 for me on Monday then 6x1200s @1% 15kph Yesterday. That was bloody hard.

  • You're braver than me putting the incline up AA image

    I managed a tempo run yesterday, 5 miles @ progressive pace, ending with something around 6.45 pace.  Rest day today.  I need it as I am still on the early trains this week and it is starting to take its toll!

  • You're getting some decent training in Freemers, mile reps, 20 milers, progression runs! Enjoy the hard earned rest day. Are you planning any 20M races this time?

    Enjoy skiing 2old.

    Your 10K sounds more like XC O4S! Ours was only ankle deep in places on Saturday. Well done on another bottle of wine image

    Swimming with the fast boys and girls now Pink! The hard work is paying off. You could try just having a slice of malt loaf before early sessions if you're feeling the lack of energy? Maybe with a bit of peanut butter on?

    You'll be close to the holy grail of the 3 hour mark Nell if your training continues the way it has been going.

    60 miles a week is good going Chick, you'll be building that strong base back up.

    Sterling tempo as always Barry, out of curiosity what was your 5K PB?

    A week is seven days DD, nowt wrong with ending on a Monday.

    Survived the XC at the weekend - I'm still hopeless running through mud. 20M Sunday with a few friends. Easy day Monday, hill reps last night (or should that be hell reps?) More racing this weekend. This time it's 10K image
  • Carrot - yes, 2 x 20milers and 1 x 21 miler.  Not sure on pacing strategies yet - the first 20 is on 22 Feb, will probably aim for some MP miles but really just aim to finish strong.  The 2nd 20 is 5 weeks before VLM - this is the one in the past where I've done full on MP for the whole thing, but it's normally been a bit earlier and I'm thinking 5 weeks might be a bit close. The 21 is the week after that, so that will all depend on what I do for the 20! 

  • Good luck at the 10k, carrot image  60 miles is the target, not quite there yet image  and in any case they will be all slow miles. I'm nowhere near my old shape and happy to hit 9mm. I'm closer to 10 these days though. I hope it'll all come back one day image

    AA: Blimey, that sounds like some stuff I really need to try image

    Nice speedy stuff, AA & Freemers, btw.

    Trendy 5 done at lunchtime before storm and rain hit.

  • Free: you have a plan, looks like your going well

    Carrot: your brave to even try XC and then 20 and hills just for fun, the benefits of youth

    Chick; keep going girl it will come back

    last nights club run wasin my mind meant to be easy and was for the first 3 miles but then got sucked up by the middle group and the red mist descended, blasted off the front and ran asif chased by the devil, never saw them again but did catch the quick group, today was a very slow trendy 5.

  • Carrot - XC and then a 20 miler. Deffo hardcore!

    freemers - nice planning. 

    Ok - self indulgent moan coming up - i know on every marathon campaign I'm always gonna have one bad long run and today was it image! Nothing felt right from the black ice on the lanes to my right foot, left knee, left hammy, breathing. All the hills hurt. Just couldn't get into an easy pace at all. Was glad to open the front door after 20.5 miles and 3 hours. It makes me really query my training and doubt my ability to do this. Just feel so tired image sorry guys for being negative. 

  • (((AA))) - running on ice is tough and will prevent you from hitting a steady rhythm. At least that's the really rubbish run out of the way now image 

  • AA don't be so hard on yourself, it's hard going when it's icy. I find the ice and slush tires me out much more than fresh soft snow, it's much tougher. You should never have any doubts as to your ability to do this with the amount of marathons you have under your belt. And you should know by now that there is always one long run during a build up that absolutely sucks. You didn't give in, you got it done. Give yourself a break image

    Freemers sounds like you've got a good plan for those long races. I've entered my first 20M on 15th March - planning on a progression run. Just hoping I can hold off racing in those early miles.

    That competitive streak always wins DD!
  • AA - Miles logged in difficult conditions, look at the positives.

    DD - Always nice when if feels good and you can kick on.

    Nell - Yeah on the road, at first I thought you meant off road then realised, only use the tready when weather is too bad to go on the road.

    Carrot - You are running well, target for 10K?  5k PB is 19:09(unofficial image must let it go and move onimage).

    Hour in the pool yesterday and a really impressive swimmer got into the lane with me, made it look so easy doing 4 lengths to my 2.  First proper brick session this morning 20k on the indoor  then 5k run, legs a bit strange for first mile but generally OK.


  • AA: look on the bright side - at least you had the bad run in training, not in a race and not in the marathon itself.  I expect mine will be at Bramley in 2 weeks image [although to be honest nothing much feels right these days on a long run].  Hope it all feels better on the next run.

    I have had a sort of cut-back week by accident.  Went to the club on Monday and the group below my tempo group needed a leader so did 7 miles at around 9mm with a couple of good hills.  Tuesday I was woken at 3.45 by BA crashing around on the way to Toulouse for the day - how can one person make so much disturbance????  Then a day preparing the running club accounts and a mad spin session with hills and speed reps.  Wednesday was again spent on accounts and lugging furniture around on my own ready for the kitchen to be ripped out today.  Another spin session with 'Death Vader' taking it [not a typo!].  Pyramid hill session punctuated by a time trial and speed intervals - he is a multiple ironman and the class in almost entirely made up of alpha males [and me image

    5k with BA this afternoon and just as I was about to leave for the club interval session I got a phone call requiring me to go and pick up 80 croissants straightaway [I won't bore you with the details but you are all welcome to BA's funeral].  At least I should be rested for the HM on Sunday..........

    DD: doesn't sound as if I'll be running near you at Blackmore

    Nell:  thinking of changing your name to Eskimo Nell for the next while??

    Carrot: hope the race isn't icy - take care

    Hope the weather improves for the Wokingham crew - 2Old could have stayed home and skiied.  Our house is arctic as the doors have been open all day for the kitchen destroyers so gradually trying to thaw out

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- stayed home and skied ..?? What about the après ski ?  

    back soon. Legs sore 

  • Morning

    Well done with the XC Carrot. Your definately hardcore. Good luck with the 10k this weekend

    AA your not being negative as running in icy conditions is never easy

    Barry there's a song in the film Frozen called 'Let it go'

    O4S 80 crossiants? Good luck for the HM this weekend

    Went for a run Monday lunchtime and was in pain. My right knee felt like it was going to give way & I had pain along my leg. Hobbled back to work & have not run since. Did some stretches & squats to help. It was a bit better at swimming training Wednesday night. Didn't attempt to run on it yesterday as decided to rest it. It felt OK swimming on it last night. It was a good swim session, mainly being taught about sighting. I was moved into a higher lane which was good for me as it keeps me challenged.

    Planning a run tomorrow morning & will see how I go but seriously considering binning Wokingham HM at the moment image

  • Hi o4s,  I was up in Aberdeen this week, now if I lived up there I think a name chane would be in about the wind cutting through you! Good luck with the HM tomorrow, don't eat all those croissants they will be no good for you on the HM image

    Hi Pink, Hope the run went ok? remember, positive thoughts.

    Hi Barry, That is impressive stuff on the road then. Interesting on my Hansons plan, all the intervals are to be run on the road. It is made clear not on track. Just hope this wretched wind calms down soon...well done on getting in the brick session.

    Hi 2old, Hope the legs recover from all the enjoyment soon, I never thought you could suffer so much from après skiing image

    Hi Carrot, Good luck wit=ith the 10k, you seem to be going well at the moment? Yes, must admit I have looked at my training times for this schedule and it seems a big step up image

    Hi AA, Running when there is ice around is crap. When I go out and it is like that, if I don't end up on my backside I consider that a good run.I think early on in a plan these runs are inevitable when we don't feel too good about oneself, we just put them behind us and learn from them..

    Hi Chick, Hoping you survived the storm?

    Hi Freemers, 20 miles @ MP? Not sure I would be up for that after a week of training..

    Hi DD, Did you let the group know you were peggin it? If not would have loved to have seen the looks you would have generated...

    Strange week, I was away up Aberdeen Wed/Thurs and knew that I probably wouldn't get any runs in and that combined with obtaining a cold. So I have been trying to rid myself of that. Last run was Tuesday and then went out this morning to see how I would get on. Got in 7.5 miles at average 7:25mm bit of a mix of road and fields. Glad I did it, but giving Easter Road a miss this afternoon, I don't think sitting in the cold would be a great aid to seeing off a cold!

  • BA retired yesterday and tomorrow he will be 69, so lots to celebrate this weekend. He celebrated his retirement by cleaning the bathroom, while I spent the day on a training course for my role as a Macmillan 'Cancer Buddy'. Tomorrow he gets to do a HM! 6 miles yesterday with him and 7 today running to and from the course.  The croissants all got eaten by the gannets he worked with, while we are now the possessors of half a very luridly iced fruit cake (homemade and delicious but rather alarming to look at).

    Good Luck to everyone racing this weekend!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Hello again all. Back from Austria and some pretty tough skiing in a lot of bad light and lumpy snow but fun anyway 

    looks like marathon trainng is in full swing now for everyone 

    O4S- congrats to BA on his retirement ....looks like he's going to be busy. enjoy the HM experience today. 

    Nell- a few days enforced rest won't hurt. Better to get rid of the cold. Good 7.5 even so 

    pink- oh no ,not injured. Here's hoping it's a temporary blip. Don't give up on the HM 

    Barry- that was a tough brick. All your training is still at a high level 

    DD- looks like all those historic miles in your legs are rewarding you and surprising you about how well this period of trainng is going. always good to see how you get on against your fellow club runners

    Free- looks like a tough series of 20s ahead. I wouldnt do 20 at MP only 5 weeks before but we are all different in our approaches and seeing this is part of the attraction of the thread 

    Carrot- here's expecting an impressive 10k today 

    AA- don't get downhearted. It's a long way to go to Boston and London. 

    got back at 2 yesterday, put the washing on and did some admin then got out and ran 20 at 8.25 av. making my weekly total 20 and 154 for the month which I'm happy with having done a bit of swimming and skiing and had a bad bout of flu too .

  • Nell my run didn't go well. I had to turn round after 2.5 miles & hobbled back to my car. My friends carried on as they were running 8. I will be doing lots of stretching & foam rolling & will be at Wokingham but standing on the sidelines.

    Sounds like a nice run you did there. Yeah not wise to sit out in the cold with a cold

    O4S your so funny. I love the way BA celebrated his retirement. Good luck with the HM

    No running for me as I seem to have a problem with my right kneecap & IT band. My phsio has advised stretching & foam rolling so I will see how I go. I'm definitely pulling out of Wokingham next week. 

  • HI o4s, Congratulations on BA retiring. Now that the two of you will be spending a lot more time together I look forward to even more hilarity from your stories..image

    Hi 2old, I love the way you just slip in the 20 miler! You are correct, nice to have a little breather before the training gets in to full flow.

    Hi Pink, Bad news on the knee. I have had a lot of trouble on the ITB side and stretching and rolling does help, but from my experience it was also the biomechanics that needed the attention. single-leg squats, clam shell and side leg lifts (with resistance bands), bridge hip raise, side steps (with resistance band) I find these exercises build on the muscles smaller muscle groups around the glutes, so that the larger muscle groups do not overpower the smaller gluteus muscles. If you are heel striking that may not help, I was and worked on my running style to become more efficient. As 2old mentions we are all different, that is just from my experience, if it helps that would be great....image


    Lovely morning today, sunny and cold. If the wind would just take a break it would have been perfect. Another 7.5 miles today with a couple of more climbs in today. Finished on an average 7:14mm, kind of felt it a bit more today... New plan kicks off tomorrow, so time to get a bit more disciplined image


  • O4S - If you think BA is noisy you should hear Pink, everyone in the house wakes up when she takes the dog for a walk first thing and then wakes up again when they come back, how hard is it to open/close a gate.image Happy birthday to BA.  I'm sure you hold your own against the alpha males.image

    2old - Well done on the 20.

    nell - The wind has made it down south.image

    2 hard kick sessions at swim club last 2 days and I think they took their toll today.  21 miles this morning at 8:01 avg.  Very windy and cold,  Was planning to make it unfuelled but started struggling at 17 so took the "emergency" gel.

  • Pink: the great thing about tri is that there are two sports left when injured, hope your knee is soon Ok but just swim for awhile

    2Old: where in Austria? Nice 20 on your return

     Barry: 21 after a kick swim session is always going to be tough

    today was Blackmoor Vale 1/2M, met O4S and BA before the start, given that itwas 3C with a wind that could cut steel BA looked less than impressed with his B'day present. This was the first race i have ever started in tights, gloves and hat and no I didnt take them off all the way around. BVM ½ is not the easiest of races as it has some stonking hills in it, ran it in 1-45 last year when reasonably fit so was hoping for 1-50 ish this year off 5 weeks of training. Settled straight into 8 min/miles and watched everyone including O4S stream past me, held it steady and sure enough as we began to climb everyone came back towards me. Passed O4S on the long climb at 5 miles, too  hard a climb to speak. Crested the hill and knew I had 4 miles of gradual downhill before the climb back to the finish, held myself back to just under  8 min/miles and started to remember why i love racing, need to start doing more again and stop kidding myself  that im  happy running for fun. The last mile back to the finish is seriously uphill but held together to finish in 1-45-01 by my garmin. Quite suprised by that as over weight and dont consider myself any where near fit. O4S finished a few minutes behind me but no sign of BA before I departed, hope his present wasn't too bad! Beat all the club mates i felt i had to beat, almost caught one I hoped to beat, no one passed after 5 miles so must have got the pace right. Better start training seriously then.

  • Great stuff, DD!!

    Wonder what Mr Chick would do to me if I dare enter him into a race for a presentimage

    Glad you shed light onto the 80 croissants ,O4S. I was concerned you and BA had entered some bizarre eating challenge image

    Pink: sorry to hear you are sidelined but like DD said, there's more sports than running if you're a trialthlete.

    Welcome back, 2old. Nice 20 image

    16.5 for me today to rack up 60 for the week. Passed 2 runners today image seems I'm no longer the slowest person on the planetimage that felt seriously good. May enter a half on 5 April ...
  • Barry that 5K PB must surely be ready to be challenged as you've been training really well, get along to a parkrun! Always good to have that emergency gel on a long run. Well done getting it finished.

    O4S your spin class sounds crazy hard. I bet you put those males in their places though! So you've enjoyed a typical week in the O4S / BA household?! You'll be great at Bramley in a few weeks, you are the endurance queen. And I'm sure there's a grape-based prize waiting for you! Hope you both enjoyed the HM today.

    Have you had this problem with your IT band before Pink? Good decision to pull out of Wokingham next weekend. It's never nice having to miss races but it's even worse being sidelined with injury for months after just running through it. Keep at it with that foam roller, they work well, as will the strengthening work recommended by Nell.

    Well done getting a 20M in pretty much as you got home from skiing 2old! The rest from running will have done some good.

    Hope the cold clears off Nell. Watching football in the freezing cold is grim, I don't blame you for missing it!

    Get the half entered Chick! It'll be a great feeling getting back to fitness, well done on your long run today. It'd be a shame to waste these longer runs by not getting a HM in soonimage

    Good work at the HM today DD, a great start to your year and even better when you finish ahead of your friendly rivals at the club. You paced that one well by the sounds of it image

    Have had an enforced easy running week since Tuesday due to snow followed by the inevitable ice. No problem really as I had Dewsbury 10K today, an out and back route with a very slight incline on the way out and the wind in your face. That in reverse meant a negative split of almost a minute. Result was a new 10K PB in 40:49. Have still managed 63 miles this week so all in all a decent week of training ticked off image
  • As birthday presents go I think the Blackmore Vale HM is one to be forgotten for future occasions.  DD was correct in his appraisal of the situation - BA was spectacularly unimpressed, especially as he recorded a substantial PW image

    I was hoping for under 1.50 and in the end fluked 1.48.58 and hated every minute.  In hindsight I think 57 miles plus 2 crazy spin sessions in the previous 7 days was pushing my luck especially with having to move all the furniture from the downstairs of the house and celebrating BAs retirement in what passes for style here image

    Anyway my run was rubbish and hills, usually my strong point, were a struggle.  However it was still marginally under 8.30mm average on a tough course and 2 mins faster than my first HM after injury so can't be too fed up.  2 more toenails have been consigned to death row [no pardons expected] and I nearly disgraced myself by throwing up on the field at the end image

    Carrot: fab PB, you must be thinking of a cracking marathon time with the way training is going.

    2Old: welcome back to the spring like weather, 20 miles is a good mileage at this stage in the campaign

    Pink: sorry you have to withdraw, but having tried to race with a very tight ITB in the past, I think you have done the right thing.

    Chick:  Believe me there were a lot of slower runners than you out today!!

    Nell:  seconded on the wind, looking forward to hearing how your training plan goes.

    I have just cancelled my spin class for tomorrow morning, I think the running club will be sufficient.  BA has just said he doesn't want to go back out in the cold for a birthday meal at a pub if he has to walk for more than 5 minutes [which he would] so I am scratching my head looking at the contents of the fridge and a 650W microwave - this hasn't been planned for image  Think I might have to ply him with so much alcohol that he doesn't notice he is getting jacket potatoes and cheese for his 'special' dinner.............

  • Morning all. Some great running this weekend. 

    Carrot - you are on Fire! Well done. That sub 40 will go this year I bet! Did you win? Or was Nell there?!!

    DD - sounds like you ran a great half. Well controlled. That's experience for you. And obviously the fitness is well back! 

    O4S - glad you had a good run. You just have won some bling for that time! Hope BA had a good birthday. 

    pink - sorry youre injured. Sad about wokingham but will see you there supporting Barry. 

    Chick - a 60 miles week?!! Brilliant. Get that half entered. Is it on Easter day? 

    After my shocking long run on Thursday I have been struggling as bit with my right foot. Rested Friday and did 6 miles on the tready at 6:54 pace on Saturday as we had snow. Foot felt ok. Rested yesterday with the hangover from hell. One of those days you just wish would end! 

  • wow, carrot!! You'll be going sub-40 before you know it. Great stuff!

    Hope BA survived his "special dinner", O4Simage

    AA: nice pace on the tready on Saturday!! Hope you feel better today image. Yep, the half is on April 5 which is Easter Sunday I think. It's along the river on a mindnumbingly boring out and back stretch and it's flat but usually you get blown backwards by a gale force Westerly wind on the first half. But then you benefit from a wind-assisted negative split during the second half image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot-that would have been sub 40 had you not done that blistering HM and so many miles in the run up.Brilliant PB anyway

    Chick-good to see you back into the high mileage(for us) zone again.I agree you need a target so sign up for that HM and you cant beat a mindnumbingly boring flat windblown course,can you?

    AA-always good to get back on track after a bad spell .The TM often helps me with that too.Never fun doing sub 7mm with a hangover

    O4S-looks like you were going to spoil BA again.That was a very good HM in difficult conditions, very impressive stuff.BA must have been weighed down by all those croissants

    DD-wow that was some HM by you.Whats your secret? Cant beat some good old competetive spirit. I was skiing in St Anton, one of my favourite areas, Got caught in a white out on a black piste causing me to be a bit disoriented and especially pleased to see some others at the bottom. Oh yes Ive injured my right arm/elbow too(beer glasses too heavy/repetetive strain injury?) which isnt good

    Yesterday 10k around my 6 mile loop 7.22mm av and today 10m on the TM just under 8mm. Cant see me swimming tonight as my arm is too sore

    10k race on Sunday which I am no where near ready for. This time last year I did in 42:48 but cant see me improving on that.





  • Hi Barry, Yes that wind kind of kicks you back a bit doesn't it? Funnily enough it was not too windy here this morning! One emergency gel on a 21 mile run??image

    Hi DD, Well done on the HM and well paced by the sound of it image

    Hi Chick, Good mileage for the week there, sounds like the HM is inevitable?

    Hi Carrot, Super stuff on the 10K, glad I gave the footie a miss in the end...good mileage for the week too.

    Hi o4s, Hope the birthday meal went well?

    Hi AA, Well done on the treadmill, good pace, with a hangover too? Commendable image funnily enough I hardly ever run 10K's, must have a go at one soon. Thanks for the idea...

    Hi 2old, Nice 10K, amazing once you are in the mix how you can be motivated on a race atmosphere, you never know?

    First day of the new schedule today. Six miles at easy to moderate pace, which should be 7:29-7:48. Got round with average pace of 7:41 which was pretty much on the ball give a few secs each way. Back to controlled running....

  • Nell thank you for your advice. I'm on it with those stretches you recommended. Plenty of foam rolling too. Physio can see me this Thursday.

  • Impromptu interval session tonight. Had to lead the group below my normal one and found one bloke who would sprint off the front for half a mile or so and the next thing you knew he was half a mile off the back practically walking. I was aiming for a steady 9mm but kept having to sprint from front to back and vice versa to keep everyone on track. Officially did 6 miles but suspect I did rather more. 

    Thank you all for asking - the birthday meal was not as disastrous as the present, although admittedly the latter was a hard act to follow image

    Barry / AA: any targets for Wokingham?

  • Hi Pink, No problem. I only hope the advice helps image

    Hi o4s, Sounds an interesting session...I think it would be worthwhile filming a day in the life... image


    Interval session this morning, and it was freezing so probably worked out well! 1.5 mile warm up and then 6 x 800M @ 10K pace (which is 6:18 on the schedule image) with 400M recoveries. Then 2 miles cool down. Splits: 3:01,3:06,3:02,3:11,3:06,3:02. Can't imagine running a 10k at that pace, I was definitely not blowing out of my mouth in places image

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