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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- saw it on Garmin Connect and fell over.Brillaint. Bet that challenges your marathon target! Remember too much smiling causes wrinkles !

    Chick - get rid of that cold 

    minni- good 4 

    O4S- it's dark! You still out there? 

    AA- seems you did it and it went well

    20 on Friday ,rest yesterday and Southport Mad Dog 10k today. 41.11 so pretty happy with that . Looks like I'm still on target for April. 60mile week.





  • And she's back in the game!    Fabulous day today, 30 miles in Surrey (navigate yourself round), sunshine, hills, great views, good friends to run with, plenty of cake and very little mud. What's not to like?????  Compared to last week's miserable HM this was a dream and BA (who did the event separately) also had a ball.  Reminds me why I prefer off-road ultras to road running, helped by the fact that I am relatively much better at them of course. 2 hours at the finish drinking tea and eating cake - now back at the Premier Inn for wine and food, this is the life image

    Proper report tomorrow when I get home

    Barry: brilliant time, congratulations image

  • O4S - brilliant. You make it sound so much fun!!!

    barry - bloody amazing and I'm made up for you. Totally deserved. 

    2old - 20 miles friday and a 41min 10k today. Awesome. All going well!!

    Wokingham half - official time : 1:30.38.  very happy with being so close to a sub90 but a bit gutted to miss out. Had a bad couple of miles from 8-10, tried to pull it back in, thought I had @11, then realised I had left a bit too much to do! Pressure on for Reading now. Foot was sore after but not during (positive!). Lovely to see Barry and pink today tooimage

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-Glad you're back on track -looks like you've earnt you're tea ,cake and wine 

    AA- The 38seconds don't really matter but I know what you mean. Good work battling through that tough patch. All in all, outstanding ,bearing in mind your injury panic a few days ago. 

  • GO BARRY!! Excellent result, really pleased for you. You've put some decent training in and deserve to reap the rewards. That smile should last until the end of February image

    AA you've done brilliant, earlier in the week you didn't even think you'd make the start, then after a test run the target was 1:35... you've done brilliant, you should take a lot out of today it suggests you're in great shape going forwards.

    O4S you make these ultra marathons sound like a piece of cake! Great to hear you enjoyed it so much, nothing like getting the running bug back.

    That sounds nasty Chick, hope you're feeling better soon.

    Good work on the 4M Minni! Will you be at Alnwick NEHL in a few weeks time?

    Pink your recovery plan sounds good, the swim training will keep your fitness levels up and you'll be back and fighting fit soon. Must have been tough watching Barry running today but I'm sure your support really helped him earn that fabulous new PB image Did your 20 mins today go OK?

    Weather this weekend has been absolutely perfect for running! Blast around parkrun yesterday went better than expected - result was 19:32 which is quicker than my best 5K. Wine seems to be the theme of the weekend - Friday night was a bottle of Pinot with a chicken jalfrezi!! We have a few local parkruns to choose from so I went for the pan flat out-and-back seafront course as there was zero wind to contend with. 22M easy this morning in the crisp sunshine. Quad and IT band have had no issues this weekend. Happy days image
  • Hi Chick , Good luck on the new world record!

    Hi AA, Super time, and with a bad foot? I am hoping the porridge and beetroot juice were consumed separately?

    Hi Minni, Great news on the 4 miles..

    Hi Barry, Wowza! Terrific time. I had a feeling we were going to hear a good time from you after hearing your recent training times. I think that kind of HM time places you around a sub 3 time doesn't it?  I think you sound in better shape for it than me..image Really pleased for you!

    Hi 2old, Well done on the 10k, that is showing some strength after the 20 on Friday...

    Hi o4s, Congratulations on the endurance, not sure whether that is the running or the tea drinking and cake eating!

    Hi Carrot, Great time on the 5k and even better news the ITband is behaving itselfimage

    Well after everyone has had a great weekend with times I have kind of limped though the weekend. Scheduled work this weekend has ruled out my morning runs. Ran 4.5 miles yesterday when I got back about 13:00, run was ok but a bit all over the place. splits were 6:37, 7:16, 7:02, 7:21, 4:32, and it was to be an easy to moderate pace?? Today I got back about 13:00 and was starving so had lunch and then ended up having to go out about 15:15 so that gave way to a crap run. Was to be run at a majority moderate pace which I did, but hardly enjoyed it average pace 7:28...onward and forward!

  • Fab results from Barry and AA at Wokingham - brilliant image

    2old - I had a feeling you'd be quicker than you were expecting image

    O4S - sounds like you and BA had a blast!

    Carrot - another super quick parkrun - fantastic image

    Nothing quick going on here - a nice 20 yesterday though, and a trendy 5 recovery run this morning.

  • Nothing quick going on here either image  at least I'm back in work.

    Wow, great times Baz and AA image. And a great parkrun, carrot image

    Sandbagging a bit, were you image. Nice one image

    Nell: Gimme those splits any day!!

    O4S: Sounds like you guys had a ball. The cake may convince me to turn from road to trail running!

  • Hi Freemers, If it was as nice where you are as it was here, that would have been a nice 20 yesterday?

    Hi Chick, Hope you are getting over the cold, there seems to be a hell of a lot of colds going around image Yes happy with the times, just didn't enjoy the run yesterday image

    Easy to moderate 6 miles this morning at 7:42mm average, I was aiming at the easy end between 7:40-7:48 so this was perfect. Back to early morning running and a lot happier image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Carrot-you keep banging out PBs and LRs...and niggle free which is best of all

    Nell-good to see you got your mojo back today

    Chick-the only sanbags on me were what felt to be around my legs as I tried to sprint to the finish.I suppose it must be good to be back at work

    Free-nothing going on ?Just a 20 miler!

    8 miles done today. Think my elbow pain is a trapped ulna nerve so another trip to the doctor looks likely.

    No1 son, having just recovered from the Spine Race broke a finger in an Old Boys rugby match on Saturday-at least he can still run. No4 daughter has been selected for the school swimming team and no2 daughter is in agony from her long run this weekend.Think you can have too many kids.


  • 2old - well done on the 20 and very nice 10k.  Yeah I've got  a lot to think about regarding VLM but that can wait a while. Good to see the kids are busy.

    O4S -  Very well done on the 30 miles, always good to have a difference of opinion and I'll stick to the road racing.

    AA - Said it yesterday but that's a very good time with your recent problem, sets you up nicely for Reading.image

    Carrot - Very good running from you and a speedy 5K.

    Nell - There's only one person going for sub 3 at VLM and it's not me.image

    Minni - Training looks like this , 1 run of 5 mile(middle 3 quick) this will increase to 6 (middle 4 quick) 1 MLR 10 to 15 with different variations of speed each week including(MP HMP miles), 1 long run 15 to 20. Plus 4 swims a week with the odd cycle thrown in the mix which will increase with the better weather.

    Thanks for all the comments, I am still in shock over yesterday. The main difference is the swimming training, I am still nowhere near being a good swimmer but maybe all the training is making my lungs more efficient, I did n't really start feeling it breathing wise yesterday until mile 10 onwards.   My main concern with the reduced running and mileage is how it effects the marathon distance. And results are in from yesterday, chip gods were kind and gave me another second so 1:25:53.image

    An hour in the pool with pull bouy this afternoon and then an hour at the physio, legs all good and shoulders a lot more flexible than last time.

  • Carrot - a sub 20 parkrun followed by a 22 miler???? You're a machine!

    2old - yeah you can have too many kids - that made me laugh. 

    barry - you deserve to be buzzing still. Great to experience your amazement on Sunday!!

    freemers - still knicking out the 20s - brilliant!

    recovery 3 for me yesterday, all a bit achey. Massage this morning then hoping I will be able to knock out a trendy 5 later if I have time. Time to think about what the plan should be at Bramley on Sunday now. Any suggestions???

  • Morning

    Wokingham, brilliant day. I knew Barry had a PB when I saw the time on the clock & he came round the corner. Really happy for him & well deserved - just shows you can have success wearing blue trainers! image 

    It was lovely to see AA again & really pleased for her that she got the time she did especially after being in pain through the week.

    2old nice 20 & well done on your Mad Dog result. Too many kids! I find it hard keeping track of two.

    O4S Well done on your 30 miles

    Nell I'm still doing your recommended stretches.

    Free Well done on the 20

    Carrot It was ok watching but I did the right thing pulling out. I would have been in the back of the ambulance if I ran.

    After Wokingham I didn't make it out the door for my run as we opened a bottle of Prosecco to celebrate & then I definitely didn't want to go as I would have been drunk in charge of legs!

    Went out last night for 20 minutes slow & leg was ok but I could feel pain when I was back so Iced & did the foam roller again. Will go out again tomorrow. I hope it feels better soon as I have Bath HM on 1st March.


  • AA - Bramley is 20 isn't it?  I'd go for progressive pace - something like 5 @ 8.15 / 5 @ 8.00 / 5 @ 7.45 / 5 @ 7.30.  That's what I'm thinking for my 20 mile race the week after - hopefully manageable!

    Pink - hope the recovery continues and you can do Bath in a few weeks.  But don't push it too soon.  Keep up the foam rolling image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-were you placed overall /age group?Is your training regime a diy plan? It looks far too tough for me at least to sustain over any lengthy period of time.Bet you cant wait to do the first triathlon though.

    Free-you seem to like 20m races.Only ever done one myself but thinking of doing one on 22nd March.Knowing me I will probably race it.Is it Do you think its a bit too close to London??

    Pink-take care with the recovery is often worthwhile but dont push it.Good you can still swim without any problem. You soon sober up running after drinking...anyway isnt most prosecco only 10% alcohol?No problem.image

  • AA - If you're not planning to race it I would suggest 10 at MP+30 then 10 at MP, I guess Sunday was 6:53ish average so 10 at 7:50 to 8:00 and 10 at 7:20 to 7:30. 

    2old - No placing to me, very good field won by 1:04(top 3 men all 1:04) first female 1:15 and 2nd female was Mara Yamauchi. My time got me 172 place.  Yeah plan is DIY, don't think it's any tougher than any other plan only doing low 40s max miles a week which is probably easier on the body than 6 runs totaling 50/60 miles.  Yeah looking forward to my first tri in a (just get out of the pool in one piece)way.

  • Hi 2old, You are getting your moneys worth out of the NHS at the moment!

    Hi Barry, Yes that cross training seems to have done you good...seems as though you may have just found what works for you Me, I am not sure I am up for pre 3 at London, still not sure how I managed my time in York!

    Hi AA, Good to see the foot is ok after the HM?

    Hi Pink, Glad to hear you are recovering well. Sounds as though you are being very sensible image

    Massage yesterday and everything fine, interval session this morning. 1.5 mile warm up, then 5 x 1K intervals with 400M recoveries, then 2 miles cool down. Splits:3:49,3:43,3:52,3:58, 3:54. Don't look forward to this session at the moment, but when out there it goes by in no time. New pair of Saucony Type A6 delivered today. Nice incentive for the morning run image

  • 2old - I have a 20 on 22 March as well, and it's the one I normally do at MP throughout.  But this year it's later than normal, only 5 weeks before VLM, so it's a close call for me as to whether I should risk it.  I'm going to see how I feel and how well I think I would recover from it.  I'd definitely not go any quicker than MP.  And yes, I do like 20 mile races, because it's just better I think to do a few of the long runs with some company!

    Did a tempo session this morning - 5 miles on the TM at a progressive pace (from 13.0 - 14.5 kph).


    I posted a long(ish) and vaguely amusing report of the 30 mile romp while trundling from London to Bristol, courtesy of 'Worst Late Western'. They must have seen my latest customer satisfaction survey and deleted it from cyberspace to spite me image

    Can't be ar*ed to do it again now I have sobered up. Walked 6 miles on Monday and ran 5k yesterday.  

    AA: my plan for Sunday is to run the first lap slowly and the second lap even slower - no danger of being upset if I fail to follow the plan!

    I definitely prefer to do my 20s in a race rather than on my own.


  • I like your plan for Sunday, O4S image. Shame we are missing out on a hilarious report...

    Barry: that's way too much fast running for me to get my head around. It'd break me in half if I tried that for even just a week ... but it seems to work a treat for you image

    Great intervals, Nell. All under 4 minutes, nice work.

    I'm still a non-runner. This cold is persistent. Overall I feel much better but peak flow is still rock bottom so more patience required.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Chick - I've caught your cold. image  Woke up with in on Monday and initially put it down to almost drowning on Sunday night when being made to breath every 7th stroke image.  However, nothing so dramatic, it is 'just' a cold. Or as the men know it, Manflu. 

    Great to see the tactics for the 20s. 

    2old - too many kids!

    Nell - swift reps going on there. 


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Think I will stay away with all these colds. Been ill enough recently . get well soon sniffers 

    Barry -I'm with Chick ,the intensity of your training would have my tendons ,ligaments ,muscles etc in shreds though I'm sure swimming is a great recovery therapy 

    Nell- fast 

    Minni- 7th stroke? Never done that. No wonder you were swallowing a lot of water. 

    Free- I'm having second thoughts about the 20 race though it's a way off at the mo

    8 at MP and 2k swim yesterday ,14 today.....feeling a bit tired 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - don't try it!! The only good thing about it is a relief to go to breathing every 5! 

  • Hi Freemers, Nice 5, I like your thinking on the 20 miler races. Certainly takes some of the pain out I guess. I do find going out with someone is good, but I talk too much! image

    Hi o4s, Cheated of another report. You need to be documenting these events for a book!

    Hi Chick, Hope the cold gets better soon. Perseverance...

    Hi Minni, After reading yours and Barry's reports. I think I will definitely give that swimming stuff a miss, hope you shake the cold off.

    I have been using First Defence on the onset of a cold (Barry's suggestion) and it has been great.image

    Hi 2old, Nice mix there, I'm with you, knackered too

    Easy to moderate 4 miles yesterday at moderate pace 7;28mm. I had the first wear of the Saucony Type A6's and they naturally give me a much needed zip yesterday morning, as I was dog tired. MP/Tempo run this morning 1.5 mile warm up and then 5 miles at MP/tempo, splits: 6:49, 6:37, 6:47, 6:49, 6:38 and then 2 miles cool down. Went a bit too fast and I will admit it wasn't easy. Couldn't imagine multiplying that by five and a bit at the moment!

    Rest day tomorrow....yah!


    Type A6 shoes, feeling good image



  • Nell- Very nice new shoes and quick running as per.

    Minni - well done for mastering bilateral breathing, I'm still breathing to the right every 2.image

    5 miles slow run on Tuesday. Bit of a breakthrough at swimming yesterday 2000m including 1000m continuous, slow but the first time I've swum over 400m continuous.  Think I'm coming down with something, 10 mile run this afternoon, felt sick after about 5 so a slow run home and went to bed for an hour, swimming tonight is in the balance.

  • Barry/minni/chick - hope you feel Better today. 

    Nell - fast running

    o4S - first great western now have a new name - love it!

    Thanks for suggestions for bramley  Deffo gonna take the first 5 @8:15s  to see how legs are then maybe pick it up gradually. This week was 3 recovery, trendy 5, then 5x1600s yesterday at 6:37 pace (treadmill)  Think I will do a trendy 5 today and tomorrow before bramley. Foot seems to be ok. Knee a bit twingy! 


  • Good luck for Bramley on Sunday AA. The pacing plan sounds good!

    2old the injury prevention feels a bit like walking along a very narrow wall, it's possible but one wrong move and I'll be off! Your kids sound like they take after you with their interest in sport.

    Hope you're not coming down with anything Barry, maybe an easier weeks isn't such a bad thing after your fast HM on Sunday.

    Still plenty of time before Bath HM Pink, hope the stretching & foam rollering is still helping. I find both so boring but they're a means to an end and you do always feel better afterwards! 2old is correct, you can run after wine image But it's nice to relax for a change.

    Nice new trainers Nell, they'll see you coming in those bad boys image

    Damn internet eh O4S, I was looking forward to that report.

    Cold any better today Chick?

    Minni that swim session sounds grim, every 7 strokes!!

    Did my first track session since before Christmas on Tuesday night. I was a bit apprehensive to be honest as my running seems to have improved without the track over the last month and a half.... ran efforts to time rather than distance which was a nice change. Second session this week was 10M marathon pace, done this morning.
  • Sorry to hear my cold has made it to the North of England, Min image

    Breathing every 7th stroke image!!

    I'm still sidelined - apparently it's a nasty virus that leaves you with aching limbs for days. While my cough has almost subsided I still feel feeble, achey and incredibly tired. Went to the doc and he said it could be another week or so. I hope not but as a virus will leave your heart susceptible to damage I'd rather err on the side of caution.

    On the plus side: I'm still losing weight image. 3.5 kg down in 4 weeks. Happy with that. Another pound or two and I have my racing weight back image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- poor you. Seems that your immune system is letting you down. Better to fully recover before putting the running shoes back on. I lost about the same weight when I had flu at New Year and a lot of strength with it which I reckon only started to return this week because I was able to resume swimming again. 

    Carrot- the track work can only make you faster. 

    AA- you've done a lot if fast stuff lately....careful. Enjoy Bramley 

    Barry- hope you're ok ....did you make the swim? Good to see you make that breakthrough'll soon nail 1500m

    Nell- are you competing with Barry for the prize for the loudest brightest running shoesYet more fast stuff. 

     2k swim and trendy 5 ish yesterday.  Planned 20 but missed my window to fit it in so had to make do with just under 17 on the TM . Easy week coming up. 

  • Just back from plodding 5k. Too beautiful out there to stay indoors. Still coughing a lot but I do feel loads better for having been out there image

    I think my Fastwitches could compete when Nell and Barry's shoesimage they are bright orange with tiger stripes. Too bad I can't post pics from the phone.

    Here's a link though:
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