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  • Freemers - well done on the 10 and podium.image

    Oompa- Your speed with come back. Lake swim and back in again this Friday hopefully.

    Brol - Getting close for you, your training and racing has been perfect, it's going to be an amazing experience. Interesting about the gym sessions helping you cope better, how do you fit them in,  on easy run or rest days?

    AA - I'm managing to fit in some strength and core work, probably due to more available time due to no running, but determined to try and keep doing them, trying to get some upper strength to help swimming and hopefully make legs  bit more injury proof.

    2old -  Good training from you as ever and throwing in a long run. image

    O4S - Taking it easy as everimage. One nasty hill that's me out then.

    Still no running from me, lots of other stuff so coping OK.  Fingers crossed back running next week.



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp- Im mulling over the idea of doing the R&R Liverpool Marathon mid June and that LR was a test to see if it was a realistic plan. It went ok so I havent written off the idea though at the moment . Another one next week all being well.Im still signed up for the HM. I wont decide until the expo which is the day after my 2 mile Windermere swim.I may try and keep things ticking over in the Summer but realistically training for Lisbon would need to start mid July which just allows recovery from Liverpool. I wouldnt worry about your speed, it will come-maybe the marathon is still in your legs and the hills dont help

    Barry-lake swim 'hopefully'? I dread them and see them as necessary evils-at least until the water warms up anyway. You'll have to be careful when you run again as you wont have lost any fitness and will be boiling over.Looks like your recovery has gone well...any idea what caused the problem?

    an hour spinning this lunch time

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Braved the elements - OW swim tonight:16c-soon warmed up though and 2.5k finished in 48 mins. That will do as a starter 


    Race like you haven't just Mars trained - Check

    Take 1st ever Pilates class - Check

    Make a complete tit of yourself due to having the flexibility of a brick and the balance of a one-legged baby giraffe! - Check

    Ooh I'm really looking forward to Sunday's race!
  • *Mara... Bloody predictive text!
  • Bro-Big mileage but not as huge as I expected and it cant be far off your normal marathon mileage.I suppose its the back to back LRs and slower pace thats the difference. I couldnt manage on gels alone for an ultra -I'd need some of O4S's cake.

    2Old- No, not a massive mileage but sufficient I think. I'm ok on at around 65mpw, don't like doing less than that though! The main difference like you said were back to backs, hill reps and a lot more runs of over mara distance... and gym work! Nice OW swimming... sounds cold!image

    Barry- Yes, I would normally try to fit those sessions on rest or easy days. At the beginning even an easy run on the same day felt tough but I got used to it.

    Oompa- it will all come back, do not despair!

    Trendy 5m for me this morning. Last day at work so trying hard not to do much. Rest tomorrow.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Oomp- bet it was hilarious watching you do Pilates.You seem really up for your race. Should be good 

    Bro- don't think you'd have found the OW cold. Only 5 ,hardly worth changing 

    feeling very tired again. 10.7 mile run -7.35mm av-followed by a slow hilly 12.5 m bike ride yesterday. Taper time for Sundays sprint TRI 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Feeling tired too  - must be catching, 2old image

    Oompa wrote (see)

    Chick - What race are you doing in Oct? Well done for the windy 13.image


    Bremen marathon. I did my first ever sub 3:30 on that course. Fond memories. I hope it serves me well for a comeback PB this year image

    11 miles jogged this morning. Legs were heavy but weather was just too nice.

  • 2old - my boy works at our lake and it's 15.7 this morning. I still haven't braved it. 

    oomps - sounds bloody funny. Good luck tomorrow. 

    O4S - will email you this weekend. 

    Bro - when do you fly? How's the taper madness?

    bit of a sore knee this week. Trendy 5 on Thursday and a 10 mile this morning. My body thinks it's 20. I'm exhausted now. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    15.7 degrees is bollocks-freezingimage i wouldn't want to swim in that. For me temps have to start with a 2 to be acceptable image

    20 done today - longest run since Boston 2014. Crikey, but 26.2 is a helluva distance image I was cream crackered when I got back. Raided the fridge and scoffed everything in sightimage then slept for an hour. Feeling ok now image pace was 8:46 which is my usual LSR pace. Normality seems restored.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- good to see you back in the 20s.Its your spiritual home . Careful not to overcook it though. I'm constantly hungry too and I'm eating so much rubbish. Bet your fridge was full of healthy german gourmet food. 

    AA-wonder how long it will take you to recover fully ? 

    AA/Chick- I'm not convinced the lake was up to 16c looking at the swimmers in their gloves feet covers and warm swim hats. I was ok being an inefficient swimmer having to work extra hard. 

    Bro- you must be pretty excited now 

    Nell- Edinburgh is are you feeling about it ?

    Another 1.85 swim in the pool last night.Think I'm making progress...pity it's measured in seconds. Taper continues today for tomorrow's TRI in Malpas 

    whose racing this weekend apart from O4S,Oomp and I? ...all the 'O's here 

  • Chick - I slept for an hour too!! Well done. That's my long run pace too! 

    Good luck tomorrow 2old. 

    O4S - is it your 100 today???  Good luck. 

  • 2old - Not sure what caused injury, knowing me over training, actual injury according to physio was problem with piriformus irritating sciatic nerve.  Good luck for tomorrow.

    Chick - Good to see service returned to normal with you back on your big miles.image

    oompa - Mars trained sounds impressive, good luck for your race.

    AA - Take it easy, when's your next race, are you triing during the summer?

    In the lake again yesterday evening, just 5 x 200m loops with breaks but OK and managed a bit of sighting, maybe it's me but it does n't feel that cold. Saw physio yesterday afternoon and he had given me some dynamic exercises to do test injury and if all good going to try a run next week.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- nice OW swim. I agree it wasn't that cold. I enjoyed the mass start and crashing and elbowing too ...think I missed all that stuff when bored going up and down lanes of the pool hour after hour. Fingers crossed on your return to running .

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    100 next weekend. Today was the British Masters Road Relays. Ran anchor leg for the FV55. Managed 22.25 on a course with one drag of a hill in the first few hundred metres and a climb to the finish of the leg. Thought I might be sick towards the end and definitely felt the lack of any fast running, but pleased to be faster than last year. Lost our bronze medal but were missing two of our faster FV55 runners. 

    Cycling tomorrow and then just a few days before the big one.......

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S-probably wise just to tick over this weekend ...imageshame about the bronze. 

    My swim doesn't start until 1.20. Bored !

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Speedy relay stuff, O4S.

    How your tri was good, 2old.

    Barry: fingers crossed for your return to running.

    Where's Nell? He's been missing for a while now.

    6.5 easy miles. Legs felt ok. Still, have a sports massage booked for Thursday. Haven't been in ages and I feel that calves, quads and hammies really need some proper ironing out. I also think that my hips are misaligned - feeling a bit lopsided somehow image
  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Does 65 miles of cycling in the Mendip Hills count as ticking over? Avon 10k championship tomorrow night.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    O4S- hardly worth getting out of bed for that. Bet you'll tell us those hills were proper hills too! Nice days cycling. imageI learnt today that I do not have cyclists legs. 

    Chick- caution...think you put a lot into that 20 

    Wilmslow TRI went well. 7 mins faster than last year - faster in each element including the transitions . I'm not sure if I came anywhere but there were a lot of fit people with funny i.m tattoos on their legs and bikes that looked more in place in a Star Wars film.Don't think marathon training and spinning is the best prep for a mainly cycling event but it's not everyday you get to ride underneath a  manchester airport runway . Judging by my heart rate it felt like a cross between a 5k and a 10k at times. No rain so I think I enjoyed myself .Question?:who other than a sadist planning a run route puts two over road pedestrian bridges in? Pleased to do a sub 8m 400m swim too though the run to transition took it over 8 mins.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Results out- 4 th in age group -no where any where else 

  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Well done 2old - that's a great improvement on last year image

    Chick - great 20, no wonder you felt tired afterwards....first one in over a year must have hurt!

    Well raced O4S  image

    I did my first ykw since Christmas on Saturday - the Norwich one is getting ridiculously crowded now, almost 450 runners and the paths are not that wide, so it was a major scrum at the start and I spent the first lap just trying to get into a rhythm with my pace and also trying not to trip up.  After that I was just trying to keep it going - god I hate 5ks! But ended up with very even miles all at 6.36 on the dot....Came home in 20:36 which is a PB by 20 seconds.  So pleased with that for a morning's work.  I might do a different one next week - there are a couple of other smaller ones which are probably on slower courses (more grass/woodland than tarmac) but at least won't have the barging.

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Freemers: great time, there was I feeling pleased at 7.30mm on my relay legimage

    2Old: proper spin sessions (we do structured training in our classes with a multiple ironman) really do help cycling, especially hills, while the marathon training helps with endurance. Are you just pedalling as fast as you can on the spin bike? What sort of resistance do you use? We aren't allowed to just spin our legs, if they are going faster than about 110, unless it is a sprint, we have to wind up the resistance. We both found the hills much easier yesterday than a typical early season ride.

    Am undecided about the 10k tonight - think I might be pushing my luck with the hundred on Saturday, given I am not capable of just jogging round image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    great ykw, Freemers image you have excellent speed at the moment.

    2old: nice improvement on last year. Well done. I reckon my transition alone would take 8 mins image

    c'mon, O4S - a mere 10k. In the grand scheme of things that's barely worth getting changed for image

    I did 17 miles this morning. Yes, I know - only 2 days after a 20 is a bit nuts (and my legs were feeling it towards the end) but Mr. Chick is taking me away for the weekend, including Friday and I'm not allowed to take my trainers ... so I decided I'd front-load the week a bit and try to scrape 50 miles together in 4 days. That way I won't feel so bad about missing a few days.

    Might fall asleep at my desk today image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Free-A very good pb at that ykw in the circumstances.You must have your eyes on sub 20 now...maybe select a flat and fast 5k race?

    O4S-7.30mm is fast for what you did! You are right my spinning has been at 100 rpms plus without fail and generally over 110. As you say I am going to have to turn up the resistance. Can you recommend any plans to introduce this ?I cant see me geeting to any classes.Jogging is not going to happen as far as you are concerned.

    Chick-50m in so few days? Crazy but not a surprise...enjoy your sleep on the desk.If I didnt like the comfort of wearing socks my transitions would have been faster still.

    Might do a long swim later

  • Chick - you're crazy! Enjoy you're break.

    2old - well done on the tri improvement. Have you decided about Liverpool yet?

    Freemers - excellent ykw time. They all seem to be getting busy round us now too.

    Barry - not made my mind up about a tri yet. I have entered Maidenhead half (6/9) and Amsterdam is 18/10. Will do the big dog 3600m swim in the lake in August though.

    I did my first speed session back yesterday, only 4x800s @15.2kph. Its a start! And this morning I went to the pool and swam for first time since September. 70n lengths front crawl. My arms know about it now though!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys, Apologies been AWOL

    Hi Oompa, Your Pilates experiences sound very similar to mine. The instructor was very nice, but I don't think she lost any sleep when I stopped going...

    Hi Chick, Well done on the 20 and then 17...gulp!image

    Hi Freemers, Well done on the PB for the 5K, that is a big chunk!image

    Hi o4s, See you are taking things easy still after London? I have had a bet with myself that you did the 10K, was I correct?

    Hi 2old, Well done on the 4th and faster time than last year. I take it you have had no fall out from London?

    Hi Barry, How are you feeling now?

    Hi Brol, Are you away yet, the fuelling looks interesting image. Hope you are feeling good?

    Hi AA, You getting back into things after london, 70 lengths front crawl.....ow!image

    I have working on getting back to full strength lately. First I had the foot pain on the outside of my left foot and then a bit of ITB kicked in, which I kind of expected as I usually get this after a marathon (the itb). Things started coming back last week and over the weekend I got in 6/14.5, I set out for 16 on Sunday, but the left foot started to ache a bit after 12 miles, so I cut the run short. After the foot was ok.

    Ran recovery of 6 miles yesterday and today ran 6 x 800's. First three intervals I ran with a 400M recovery, not sure why and then realised I should be running 800M recoveries! Session was pretty good and splits came in on 2:59, 2:58, 2:55, 2:50, 3:01, 3:01. I was compromised by some serious looking dogs on the last 2 splits which was a bit annoying. But I felt pretty good after todays session the best I have felt since London. I am taking this as a positive. How do I feel about Edinburgh 2old? Hmm, not sure yet, I will let you know next week...image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA- must be great being a naturally strong swimmer and being able to bang out 70 lengths after 8 months. 3600 will be easy for you after a few more swims and a bit of OW fun. Fast session too...what's the plan...some fast 5 and 10ks before the half? I won't decide on Liverpool until the  day before when I collect my number . I need to see how I feel after the 2 mile swim on the Friday. Last year I did the HM in 90xx the day after doing the mile swim. so this time. Get a rest day after swimming twice as far. 

    Nell-wondered where you were ...we even sent the dogs out to look for you.image good sense listening to your body. I think you ll be lining up at the start of Edinburgh .I hate confronting angry dogs on a run...sends my heart through the roof. 

    3.6k swim yesterday ,2.1k swim this lunch time and 20.5 m run in a strong wind (7.53mm av) tonight. Deep sleep tonight. 

  • Freemers -  Well done on the PB.

    2old - Great result on the tri. Kudos on your training.

    AA - Thinking about Maidenhead but resisting entering until fully back running.  Nice speedy repeats and impressive swimming.

    Nell - Good news on foot feeling better and nice quick stuff even with the dogs.

    Test run yesterday, 3 miles with eldest daughter, no pain in hip but did n't feel right and dull ache afterwards.  Not sure if that means still an issue or just because first time running in a while.  May run again tomorrow depends how it feels in morning.  Otherwise lots of swimming strength and core work.


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Barry, As always after you have an injury, you are looking for something and you feel every twinge. Hopefully easing back into things gradually will do the trick.

    If in doubt, don't go out image


    Hi 2old, Blimey, I expect you did sleep well after yesterday's activities! I suppose that answer my question image. Yes, I always give dogs a wide berth. The thing that worried me yesterday was how the two owners grabbed these brutes and clung on to them as I passed image

    6 miles this morning. Sun out, and fully on the road so no dogs. No twinges this morning coming in on 7:17mm average, so feeling good at the moment.

  • Free- storming YKW, sub 20 surely on the horizon!image

    Chick- nice back to back there!

    AA- 70 lengths.. jeez... impressive!image

    Nell- speedy intervals... I like the excuse on the last two! Glad to hear you're feeling good!

    Barry- hope things are on the mend.

    2Old- nice 20 miler!

    I did my last hard core interval session yesterday and it's officially tapeeeeeeeer time!image It feels ridiculously close now and I'm beyond excited. Flying out on 28th (next Thursday). Feeling good. The training has all gone to plan, I feel I'm in the best shape and the lightest I've ever been...can't ask for more. The rest is in comrades gods' hands.image



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