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  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick-enjoy your hols...sounds great ..and very active. It will be a good active recovery week for you. I've got my LR done today and know you'll get yours done no probs

    20.4m LR done , 8.07mm av. Finished strongly after an easy start. Enjoyed the drizzle too,the rain tasted sweet. 

  • 2old - Very nice 20 miler.

    Chick - Enjoy your holiday and the HM.

    Brol - I'm surpised how quick my speed has come back but not sure how I'll cope over 13 miles, there is a 1:30 pacer so might tag along and see how it goes. Good effort on your 10k all things considered.

    AA - I'm doing the Cotswold Classic this Sunday.

    Just an hour easy bike for me yesterday, some strength and core today and off to the Lake this evening and nothing tomorrow, sort of taper I guess.

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    22 done with last 6 @MP. Went surprisingly ok. Much better than last week when I did only 3@MP image

    Good luck for tomorrow, Barry.
  • Good luck tomorrow Barry. I have a client that is doing that tomorrow. 

    Swim was 1h17. A pb by a couple of minutes. Wetsuit malfunction, it filled up with water!! 6.8 miles run yesterday and a threshold run today. 6 miles with middles 4: 6:59, 6:57, 6:55, 6:53. Felt a lot harder than I would have liked. 

  • Chick - that's a great long run. Well done. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Well you totally nailed that swim. AA. Fantastic image

    Nice threshold miles too. They always hurt like hell image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry- good luck tomorrow

    AA- excellent swim and fast running after too. Should see some speedy race times. 

    Chick- well done banking that quality LR. You can have a guilt free holiday now


  • Barry - hope you had a good one. 

    Was bro doing another 10k today?

    7.5 miles in pouring rain very slowly for me. With a hangover....

  • Chick - well done on the very long run.

    AA - Very impressive swimming, nice quick miles I think we'll be pretty close at Maidenhead.

    Cotswold Middle Distance Tri for me yesterday.  Conditions were great at the start. I was in the last wave of 5 which suited me,  Swim in 44 mins very happy with the swim, couple of errors in T1, could n't get my leg out of wetsuit then thought I'd lost my garmin and race belt came unbuckled at start of bike, Bike in 2:46, just started to rain towards the end of the bike, run in 1:42, downpour throughout the run so turned in to a mudfest.  Started the run at around 7:20 -7:30 pace for the first few miles but could n't sustain it, very similar feeling to last few miles of a marathon.  Total time 5 hours 20, so very happy and loved it.  My first season of triathlon has gone very well.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-never fun running with a hangover but the rain will have cleared your head a bit

    Barry- congrats on an awesome HIM performance. Anyone would think you've been doing them for years. Really looking forward to seeing your TRI training translate into running race results. I did a 3.09 marathon after a sprint TRI season so without tempting fate for you ,you have every reason to be quietly optimistic . When is your HM?

    rest day Saturday and 11 on Sunday bringing up just under 54 for the week plus some spinning and swims. Pity my sciatica is playing up. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Great result, Barry image.

    Hope the sciatica settles, 2old

    6 k reps done this morning. Never fun.but at least my last rep was the fastest image and I managed not to die on my arseimage
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭
    Well that should read 6 x1k reps not 6 k reps image
  • Barry - well done. Fantastic bike leg too! Congratulations. 

    2old - nice weekly mileage. Hope the sciatic pain dies down. 

    Chick - love 1k reps - said no one ever!!

    long run planned for me tomorrow. I'm decidin whether to enter the Reading sprint tri this sunday. Only thing is I'm cycling 40 miles along the canal friday and Saturday and lots of pubs will be involved..... Don't have to take the tri too seriously though....?

  • Barry- congrats, fantastic result!image

    Chick- well done on getting those reps d&d. Your holiday sounds fab.

    AA- Hope the long run went well. Some nice speedy threshold miles there as well, you will nail it at Maidenhead. Cycling along the canal with lots of pubs involved... sounds like a great tri prep!image

    2Old- hope it settles. Good mileage there as well.

    My 10k was rather shit. Ran 45:20. Giving myself a bit of slack as it was just past Spitfire so tired legs and also full of antibiotics. Probably wasn't a good idea to run it but hey, it's all good training I guess.image

    Some horrid 5k-3k paced intervals completed last night on a treadmill and now off for 6m easy.



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-nice to get the LR done so early in the week ....looks like a fun weekend.Do the tri...just for fun

    Bro-looks like your body doesnt want to go fast....keep going ,you'll win the battle.Anyway that 10k wasnt so bad in the circumstances..chill image

    Spinning Monday, 2.3 swim and 12m MP(7.22mm av) run yesterday and 7.5m easy today.

    Was going to do a swim TT tonight but have to get youngest Miss2O to the station on her way to the Reading Music Festival..duty calls.

    Wondering about Saturday-YKW or OW 1500 swim race? At a push I could get to both but not sure I want to.

  • Bro - as 2old says ..all good there just chill. 

    2old - nice week so far. Do the YKW!! 

    20 miles @8:35 yesterday. Entered the sprint tri. Oh shit! Road bike hasn't been out all year. Gonna do a lap of the course tomorrow. Was gonna do it today but it is pure festival weather here!! Good luck to miss 2old. Youngest AA went off to festival today. It's gonna be sooooo muddy. Haven't had rain like it for ages!! 

  • Greeting one and all. Completed the cycle section of our tri training - a rather modest 600 miles with 35,000 ft of ascent. Wish we had been luggage free on the carbon bikes image

    Now off to South Carolina for the OW swim part of the set. Unlikely rot run in the heat and humidity so Bristol HM three days after we get back could be interesting. 

    Try not to get injured and enjoy any races / tris coming up. We are off to 'World of Beer' tonight - over 500 different varieties........Could be a late one!! image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-ok I'll do the YKW. Enjoy the TRI. Mud never hurt anyone ....and my daughter needs to get muddy every now and then. Hope yours has fun 

    O4S-like the sound of your USA triathlon. Good to see you enjoying your hols. Wonder if BA is?

    LR no 3 of my Lisbon campaign done today 20.25 , 7.53mm av with the 20th in 7.20. Apart from,y sore back felt it went pretty well. Yesterday a gym brick session and did manage the swim TT on Weds-2k in 41.40 which was slower than I would have liked but to be expected for my first proper OW swim for ages. 

  • Brol - Good 10k all things considered.

    Chick  - Well done on the 1k repeats, good pacing making the last one the quickest.

    AA - well done on the 20 and good luck with the tri.

    2old -  Maidenhead HM is 6 Sep, see your pace is increasing on the long run and that was a very good 12 mile run. That swim seems quick to me but all relative,  Good luck with the YKW I would have chosen that over the swim race any day.image

    O4S - Hope you've recovered from the many beers, sounds a wonderful holiday/training break.

    Slowly ramped back up the training this week:

    Mon - restTues - 1 hour easy indoor bike, s&c
    Wed -  5 mile run at 7:47.
    Thurs - Pool swim mainly left breathing practice or how to drink lots of pool water.image, s&c
    Fri - 10 mile run, (1x slow 2 x steady) x 3 1 warm down, steady was between 7:10 and 7:28 and they were a struggle towards the end, maybe last sunday and night shift in my legs.  OW swim practice with tempo trainer.





  • O4S - well done on an amazing ride. What were the highs and lows? Enjoy some r&r now. 

    Barry - you are well on target to smash Maidenhead. 

    2old - another nice long run. 

    Friday was 35 miles along the canal on a tough ride, yesterday's was 20 miles back as we managed to bunk on a train so First Great Western were running a few! got up this morning feeling really tired and a bit hungover! Cycled the 4 miles down to the start. 750m swim 13:51 T1 2:11 22k bike 43:03 T2 1.19 5.5k run 23:39. 5th woman 4th in age. 20 seconds off 3rd so have beaten myself up a bit but to be honest I am tired and haven't had an easy week. Need to taper for Maidenhead next Sunday this week and feel a bit better. 

  • Grey and wet here image, just like home only (much) warmer!  No OW swimming will be possible, the currents and undertows are terrifying. Good fun messing around in shallow water with the waves, but after a few minutes you find you are 400 yds further down the beach. Official advice is not to go deeper than shoulder depth and you see very few (any?) swimmers.

    AA: highs were riding along the ridge of the Blue Mountains, knowing you had done the main climb and it was overall downhill to your accommodation!

    Lows were realising how much less BA can now do, compared to two years ago. He is significantly worse and it is only going one way. Looks like running is a thing of the past. image

  • AA - Good result with the build up, interesting placing you're in a pretty competitive age group.

    o4s - you're still both doing a lot more than most(all) half your age.

    15 unfuelled miles for me on Sunday at 7:41 avg. 2 hours on the indoor bike easy yesterday morning, halfway through last season of Breaking Bad so not too boring, followed by 2k ow swim yesterday evening lake getting colder.

    5 miles run this morning with middle 3 quick, pace coming back splits for effort miles 6:32, 6;32, 6;16.

  • Barry- I wish I could crank out 1 mile rep at this pace!image

    AA- awesome result, congrats. Not far off that podium!

    Puke inducing intervals done this morning on a treadmill, bit of a tempo to do tomorrow and then easy until Maidenhead.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-there was a very nice 5k time in that 5 miler and it doesnt seem that the HIM has taken much out of you. Which is the toughest a marathon or a HIM? 

    AA-you nailed that tri-well done but just think how fast you would have been if you'd tapered....or at least drank alcohol free instead. Whats next?

    O4S-I know how BA tired.He needs to refuel on some quality US burgers and steak.You just keep blasting away.Did you sing that song about the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia as you peddled along?

    Bro-know what you mean about Barry's speed...wish I could knock those intervals out week after week. Yours sounded tough too. Feeling confident for Sunday?

    Looks like there's going to be a thread gathering at Maidenhead-AA,Bro,Barry...anyone else?Are you all doing a  taper?

    Didnt do the ykw on Saturday,body said rest as did Mrs2O, who was right.Sunday did 11.5 mp run ,7.28mm av so maybe the rest was worth while and after an 80 min gym brick seesion on Monday, finished the month with 202 miles of running...first 200mile month since March.

    Yesterday 2.2k swim at lunch time and pm, 13m run 7.30mm av.Today 11k on the TM,7.27mm av.

    West Lancs sprint Tri on Sunday for me...feels a bit irrelevant as my mate prepares for a 5.5 mile swim of the length of Coniston that day


  • Thanks for your thoughts - sadly BA has PD, so not even US burgers are going to help. I think this will have to be our last moving on tour image

    For the record - things were tough enough without either of us trying to prove how badly we sing image

    Temperature is 90 degrees, was 75 when we got up to watch the sunrise at 6.30, so no running on the cards until we get home. Managed 30 miles on the bike, 5 miles walking and a couple of hours in the sea, so shouldn't be losing too much fitness (I hope)

  • Barry - your threshold miles are great. You should be sub 1:25 on Sunday??

    bro - good on you doing yhreshold and intervals this week!! 

    2old - you are putting in some great long runs at pace. Good luck with your sprint tri. 

    O4S - really feel for you and BA and you've had some amazingly physical holidays that some of us only dream about. Must be hard for you both to come to terms with now it's progressing. 

    Ive been knackered today so bunked off training. Did intervals yesterday but only 5x1200s. Might have a little trendy 5 on Friday but yeah I'm tapering down. My iPhone got wet while running in thw rain last weekend and has died so have (temporarily I hope) lost all my contacts but my number is the same so baz and bro please text me on Sunday for a meet up! What time you arriving? I have number collection to do too! Is pink going?

  • Sorry to hear that O4S. You two have done so many mindbogglingly mad things together. Must be tough to come to terms with no longer being able to continue like that. Maybe you should get him one of these battery powered bikes? The local bike shop here in the Alps sells an MTB where the electronic transmission is hidden in the frame so it looks just like an ordinary bike. It costs a fortune though...

    AA: great result image

    Just checking in briefly as our holiday draws to a close. We had a wonderful time here and I even managed a run almost every day. Most runs were just 5 miles but I did a few 9 milers as well and one 11 miler. Also ran a local half marathon on the 29th when it was 34 degrees!! The race starts at 3:30pm and I had toyed with the idea of binning it but then thought wtf, just get on with it. I ran as slowly as possible, 9 minute miling my way to 12th lady out of 139. Walked the hills and the aid stations. Well organised event with plenty of drinks stations, a beautiful if challenging hilly offroad course and friendly marshals.

    And a towel for every participant image

    Now packing up and ready to go home just as the weather is taking a turn for the worse with rain setting in and temperatures dropping.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- holiday sounds great and lots of hilly runs too. Good HM there .

    O4S-BA((()))......the electric bike Chick mentions is a good idea....maybe I could do an IM now . After a couple of hours in the sea you'll have looked like a sundried tomato

    AA- you needed a rest after that last week. Target for Sunday?

    yesterday 2k swim lunchtime and an80minute brick session in the gym later. 20m LR today which really took it out of me resulting in me sleeping all afternoon. Better reacquaint myself with my bike tomorrow .

  • 2Old: not two consecutive hours you muppet! Mind you BA thought the sun dried tomato look might be an improvement image

    Electric bikes might well be something for the future, for the moment he is OK with 60 hilly miles, provided it is not day after day on fully laden touring bikes. Current plan for next year is to drive the carbon bikes down to the French Alps and do some of the big tour climbs. We have done most of the Pyrennean ones and Ventoux (3 times!) so want to complete the set of HC monsters.  As far as ultras go 30 to 50 miles is probably OK, but no more hundreds, although he insists I carry on.

    Don't know how I'm going to manage the HM next weekend - haven't run further than 10k since the end of May and not run at all for over 5 weeks image

    Good Luck anyone racing this weekend - I'll be back in the UK next Tuesday if I don't pop in any sooner. 

  • 2old - Jury is out on which is toughest, at the moment I'd say a raced marathon but because it was my first HIM distance tri I was n't sure of the pacing so the swim was my steady(only) pace and did n't go flat out on the bike especially for the last 10 or so miles.  You are training well as always, good luck for tomorrow.

    AA - No don't think so, my short distance pace is coming back but I'm nowhere near the form I was in for the PB in Feb, plan is to try and stay with the 1:30 pacer and see how I feel later on.  I'll be there just after 8.

    O4S - sorry to hear about BA, but good you are still planning your amazing holidays/adventures.

    Chick - The HM sounds like a tough one, and no slacking from you on the mileage when on holiday.

    Ran 7 miles on thursday, and swam twice yesterday, back on the 1 to 1 coaching sessions and issue found with right arm dropping to early which is now much better and then club session in the evening


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