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    Barry- you made the HIM look easy so can only get faster there. I think you are being a bit conservative about your prospects tomorrow. ....shouldn't be far off a pb. 

    O4S- bet you'll still be fastest in your age group or thereabouts in the HM even if you didn't swim for 2 hours. Safe trip home .

    AA and Bro- good luck tomorrow..keep on Barrys tail

    rest day today and as usual after a LR these days back /hip very sore . Hope it eases off for tomorrow. 


  • First 22 miler post holiday. Ouch. Forgot how effing long this is. Gale force winds didn't help. 8:51 pace was best I could do. Completely knackered now.

    Hope our racers had a good one today image

    O4S: "30 to 50 mile events are probably ok" and you're going up Ventoux.... I was knackered when we went there and we drove up by car image that's alright then. I was a little worried about BA but I guess he's just fine image
  • 2old - hope you're recovered now. 

    Chick - well done on your 22. Tick that box!!

    First report in : I'll make it short! Met with Barry and bro at the start. Great to see them again. Love our thread for that alone to be honest. Followed the sub 1/30 pacers until 9 miles. Then died. Dragged body into a 1:32.23 finish. 4th old lady 18th lady overall. Summary - I thought I was in 1:32 shape but went guts out and paid the price! But sub 1:30 is so sweet, so worth a brave stab! I still hate half marathons!!

  • Brave attempt, AA and still a great time image
  • Chick - Very well done on the very long run.

    Great to see AA and finally meet Brol today at Maidenhead HM.  Great conditions but I was right about my prospects, started off OK and until about 6miles (had gel) was just behind the 1:30 pacers, was ahead of them for a couple of miles then holding the pace became a struggle as can be seen from splits, finish time 1:30:52, ended up in a bit of a heap at the finish after trying to kick on the last half mile or so. Splits:  6:45,6:28,6:35,6;45,6:54,6:53,6:49,6:55,6:57,7:05,7:06,7:12,7:07, 6:08(last little bit).  Not too down about it as shows where I am.

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    Chick -its never easy returning from hols with a LR so nice going getting that long one done...they'll be easy from now on.How long to taper?

    AA-Cant complain about that time in the middle of marathon training and other racing.Still predicts a fast marathon..Im never sure if running with a pacer is the best idea as they dont always keep the pace even and go off too quickly for the first few miles(for my liking) or dont pace the race as you would.

    Barry-nice time there-the splits tell the story and as you say proves a useful marker.A few LRs and you'll easily go sub 90.Still its always gutting to miss a target by a few miserable seconds. Looks like the pacer went off too fast-6.28? and 6.35?which wont have helped.

    Rested on Saturday and missed my alarm on Sunday but fortunately woke up in time : my race was only a few miles away for a change.

    Pretty average performance at West Lancs Tri-

    400M swim- 8.13 ( had to deal with slow swimmers and breaststrokers and  longish run to transition from swim) ,

    T1-2.46 (forgot where my bike was!!!) ,

    20K (Garmin said it was shorter)bike- 37.32 (seemed hilly to me-maybe just spinning isnt enough!),


    5k run-20.43 (happy with that- passed a lot of runners) . 48th out 300+ and 6th for age . Could do better but I enjoyed putting a number on again after a few months out.

    51miles done last week.Hip/lower back sore most of the time except when exercising...bit confused by this

  • 2old: I gather from what you have said in the past that you tend to have the spin bike on a low resistance and just blast away - if that is the case it won't be any help at all on hills (in fact I'm not convinced that there is any way to prepare for anything other than a flat bike course except mixed road riding).  You need to know by instinct when to change gear to keep your power output reasonably constant, also road surfaces have a massive effect as does the gear ratio you are riding. Does you road bike have a compact double or a triple?  To be honest it only really makes a difference for a proper ride (50 miles plus) which explains why some riders do much better on hilly sections of the TdF, while they wouldn't feature in a short all out hill sprint.  If  you really want a challenge I recommend doing a very hilly event on a 'fixie' image

    Good HMs all round - I'll just add 29 mins to Barry's for Sunday then

    Welcome back Chick - I'm so glad I didn't sign up for an Autumn marathon!!!

  • 2Old- hope the hip is ok. Great effort on the Tri.image

    Welcome back Chick! 22 post hols was always going to be ouch!

    AA and Barry- was great to see you both on Sunday and meet Barry at last! Great running from both of you.

    Maidenhead went ok for me 1:35:30. Was hoping for closer to 1:34 but based on my last couple of hopeless 10ks it's definitely an improvement. It's probably the fastest I've run a half at this stage of mara prep so all in all happy with that. Feels like things are picking up which is normal for me at this time of year.

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    O4S-interesting stuff about the bike.Mine is a double and having read about it its a decent but basic set which ultimately isnt ideal for hills or top speed on the flat and normally I wouldnt worry about such niceties but I did notice it on Sunday.Tbh I need to build power into my legs for cycling and to do that I need to get some serious miles in but I'd rather run.My spinning has involved high cadence especially when injured but I have been increasing the resistance lately but clearly not enough. More work required. You'll fly around that HM.

    Bro-good HM long do you think it will be before you get the ultra pace out of your legs? Which marathon?

    10k easy/steady Monday,12.6m MP yesterday after 1800m swim, 14k TM easy today.Not happy about the night drawing in-dont like running in the dark.

  • 2Old- I really don't think it's the ultra still in my legs. It always takes me this long to get my speed back. I've never managed get to my pb shape on 10k/ half mara at this stage of marathon run up. It tends to pick up around now, usually in combination with the weather cooling down and I can definitely feel things have been improving so feeling positive. Doing San Sebastian at the end of November, so lots more training to be done!

    9m steady for me today and gearing myself for intervals tomorrow.image


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    Bro- ah ,good to see all is on track then and there's lots of time until your marathon. I found the ykw's were great for giving me a bit of speed and it's a pity I cant seem to fit them in before Lisbon. 

  • Plenty of time then, Bro. Still, 1:35 is a great HM time in any case. I'm still waiting for any sort of speed to come back image

    Barry: those last splits look a bit ouch. Soooo close to sub 1:30 though!!

    2old: Decent Tri performance. How's the hip/lower back now?

    3rd manic day at work since I returned from hols image. But I managed 2 decent medium long runs (12 and 13 miles) on consecutive days. Legs feel reasonably ok. I just hope I have a "holy shit" moment some time soon. Right now I'm not confident at all about Bremen ...

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    Chick- back continues to trouble me...agony after waking up and then it improves to a dull ache with exercise relaxing it further. The solution is to stay active. Sometimes you wonder if holidays are worth the pain and hassle of the return to work. Good MLRs there. You are a mileage monster. Are you doing any MP runs?  They'll do the trick for you on marathon day.....must be taper time now for you . 

    Whose marathon is next after Chick?

  • Bro - least you ran even splits!! 

    2old - know what you mean about keeping moving. Hope your back eases soon. Well done on the tri. I think they're good fun when running is your strongest discipline! 

    Chick - you're running well  believe in yourself  image

    barry - how have you recovered?

    hammys still a bit stiff for me today  planning on long one tomorrow though!

    autumn marathon list:

    chick - 

    AA - Amsterdam 18 October


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    AA - yes the TRI run is fun....wonder what the Olly and HIM run is like .I'm hoping to get my LR done tomorrow too for a few days recovery for my sprint TRI on Sunday 

    Autumn marathon list -

    AA -Bremen

    Chick-Amsterdam 18th October

    2Old- Lisbon 18th October

    Minni-Marine Corps ? 25th October

    Bro- San Sebastián November 


    Wonder where Nell is....the sub 3 thread I suppose 

  • Autumn marathon list -

    Chick -Bremen

    AA-Amsterdam 18th October

    2Old- Lisbon 18th October

    Minni-Marine Corps ? 25th October

    Bro- San Sebastián- 29th November 


    Chick- yes please, I also want a 'holy shit' moment... Haven't had one for a while!

    2Old- you've got to hate post holiday lurgy.

    AA- hope the hammies are behaving.

    Easy 7m into work this morning for me, rest tomorrow and 20 planned for Sunday.

  • 2old - Well done on the tri, look at the positive I suppose at least you can exercise pain free.

    Chick - You are running well, just keep on and see what happens on the day.

    brol - Very well done for Maidenhead, all things considered I think you had the best race of the day.

    AA - Yeah not too bad, went to the lake Monday evening and then 5 miles slow tuesday with eldest, she is training for Birmingham HM.  Hope the hammy is better.

    Lots of swimming this week and 10 rather warm miles yesterday

    Autumn marathon list -

    Chick -Bremen

    AA-Amsterdam 18th October

    2Old- Lisbon 18th October

    Minni-Marine Corps ? 25th October

    Barry - Valencia 15 Nov

    Bro- San Sebastián- 29th November

  • Love the list. We are a motivated lot hey!! 

    20 miles @ 8:19 pace for me on Thursday and a trendy 5 recovery yeaterday.  Plan is hill reps this morning image

  • 2old: yep, I try to do quite a bit at MP. Tuesday's 12 had 10@MP in them and I managed 8 at the end of today's long run which for some very strange reason felt easier than the 10 on the shorter run. Weird.

    Bro: Comrades must have been a massive holy shit runimage

    Yeah, a list image

    Autumn marathon list -

    Chick -Bremen 4th October

    AA-Amsterdam 18th October

    2Old- Lisbon 18th October

    Minni-Marine Corps ? 25th October

    Barry - Valencia 15 Nov

    Bro- San Sebasti??n- 29th November
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- enjoy the 20

    Barry-yep that's the positive. Decent amount of timefor you  to prep for Valencia and set you up nicely for London. 

    AA- can't beat a list. Nice 20. You're notching them up .

    20m LR ( Max of 3 more left image)on Thursday ,7.53 mm av felt very tough in miles 11-14. 25k cycle yesterday -hope it's not so windy tomorrow. Back agony today ....praying it passes. 



  • Still alive

    Autumn marathon list -

    DD - Bath Tunnels 20th Sept

    Chick -Bremen 4th October

    AA-Amsterdam 18th October

    2Old- Lisbon 18th October

    Minni-Marine Corps ? 25th October

    Barry - Valencia 15 Nov

    Bro- San Sebasti??n- 29th November
  • Hi guys,

    saw the Great North run was on today - just popping in to see how those who ran it did?

    Good to see some strong autumn marathon training going on, loving the list of marathons - all the better for me to keep up with who is doing what image DD - I see you are down for next weekend - is that race going to be in Bath? Good luck!

  • Hi DD, is n't the Bath Tunnels the slightly long mara?

    AA - Well done on the 20, hammy OK?

    Kiwi - Think it was only Minni doing the GNR.

    17 miles for me this morning including the Swindon HM route, forgot how lumpy is it, struggled a bit, I think legs a bit tired swam Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 21 bike miles Saturday including 10 hill reps.

  • Great to see DD back on here image

    Yep Minni did GNR. I stalked the results image 

    7 mile tempo run for me this morning image. Last one before taper. Yay!! Only one pesky interval sesh to go this week and things will get easier. Or so I keep telling myself ...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD-so the wanderer returns...its amazing what a list can do. Glad to see you're not slacking.Hope you're carb loading. Stay around.

    Barry-dont think you can complain about that LR in the light of all that other that other training.Pretty good marker for future LRs too. How are you going to structure your sessions up to Valencia? Will it still be a tri based programme? BTW, those hill reps looked tough

    Chick-lucky you tapering though that probably still means lots of miles. Good news about Minni-she never misses the GNR

    Kiwi- hope all is well


    North West Tri on Sunday-

    Swim -500m- 9.37 (42 secs faster than last year so happy with that)

    T1-               2.37 (must have had a nap)

    Bike-20k      41.15 (18 secs slower than last year and only 1 person passed me .so ok and I caught my mate up who had a 5min 20 head start)

    T2-                1.16

    Run-5k         21.19 ( 6.56,6.56,6.55, 31) slower than last week but all on grass and 16 secs faster than last year so ok)

    61st overall and 5th for age. Great fun.




  • DD - enjoy the run up! And good luck image

    Chick - no craziness quite yet then...

    Kiwi - hope all is getting there for you.

    2old - nice tri on tired legs and long run. They are fun hey. Good run splits too.

    12 x 40 second hill reps for me on Saturday morning. Hate them and love them when they're done! Major hangover yesterday so bunked off. I'm thinking a long one of 22 towards end of the week and a nice long taper as have a 10k the following.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    AA-tough hill reps there,something I've avoided with my back and hip issues. Anyway why?...I've never seen a hill in Amsterdamimage. I'm having a long taper too probably from Thursday next week on.  In the meantime I've got a bit to cram in .

    got this weeks LR done today to fit in with plans. 22miles 7.57mm av.Felt a little tough with a strong breeze and a 10k mixed HM/MP run from yesterday 7.09mm av in my legs .

  • Love the list. We are a motivated lot hey!! 

    20 miles @ 8:19 pace for me on Thursday and a trendy 5 recovery yeaterday.  Plan is hill reps this morning image

  • 2old- well done on the tri, 2 very good runs from you,  yes going to carry on with the same structure to my training.

    AA -  Nice long run, was that last week or am I getting confused by night shift.

    Chick - soon be race time for you.

    5 miles yesterday with the middle 3 at pace(6:40,6:31,6:21), swam this morning and some s&c this afternoon.


  • I think an imposter just sent a random double post from AA image

    Nice pace there again, Barry

    that's 2 tough runs in a row. Tut tut ....   How's the back?

    I got my final interval sesh out of the way this morning and was surprised to a) run like a clockwork and b) feel really good. Pace ranged from 6:52 to 6:54. I did 4 x 2k (8:34, 8:2, 8:34 and 8:31). Nice to make the last one the quickest. But very happy about the consistency. Seems like things are beginning to fall into place.
    Or maybe I peaked today and marathon day will be a slow and painful death marchimage

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