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  • Congrats on the new job, Freemers image. Hope the new one isn't as stressful as the old one and leaves more time for running. Crazy fast reps image

    Survived a medium long run in wet 'n wild weather this morning. I wanted to make it a tempo run but had enough trouble staying upright so ended up with an easy run instead.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Free- welcome back. Congrats on the job. Try and get garden leave and spend the time running and training for a London pb.Think Barry is next with his race on Sunday

    Chick- good wind assisted MLR.

    Barry-when do you fly?

    7.3 on Sunday in the torrential rain and just spinning yesterday.
  • Hi Free- congrats on the new job. Some speedy running there, who cares where the speed is coming from, embrace it!image

    2Old- nice YKW. When do you get the test done or do you not know yet? Grrr indeed!image

    Chick- impressive running against the elements and well done for getting Mr Chick involved.

    Barry- are there any tracking options available? What time is the start?

    Got one of my last killer sessions done today. Worked from home so managed to get out at lunch, so much easier than doing it after work in darkness.

  • Free; good luck with the new job

    2Old; patience, nice YKW

    Chick : you really are consistent, wish I had your drive

    Bro: daylight training is so much easier

    have been running easy, cycling and back in the pool. Swam 2K today, first time for about 2 years! Groin was getting slightly better until i jumped into group 2 at the club last night, all was good for 8K but then it went again, I really should know better by now! 



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro- not long left for you now. Nothing risky from now on.I quite enjoy running in the the moment . My MRI is next Thursday then a review with the doctor who knows when.

    DD- yes you should know better but so should I. I'm beginning to think we reach a stage where pain/injury/niggles are the norm so we just get on with it (and moan alot ) . I'm as patient as you I think image

    9 miles around 7.39 mm av last night and 5 tonight escalating from 7.43 to 7.07  av 7.23 mm.  That's probably my last run until next Tuesday. 

  • Freemers -  Congrats on the job and impressive speed, running 3/4 times a week is the way to go. image

    I fly Saturday early morning so staying at Gatwick tomorrow night. Received final instructions and they say there is race day tracking here race number 2256, they recon 17 degrees and sunny at 9 o clock start time which is slightly worrying.  not a lot for me this week, massage yesterday and 3 mile loop in race day kit today.  I'll try and post on Sunday if not before.

  • oh and good news toe nail finally came off Tuesday with a bit of persuasion. image

  • Hi Barry, Early night Saturday then? Good news on the toe. I will wish you luck now as I am working this weekend, just in case I can't get back on... your training lately indicates something good image

    Hi 2old, Nice couple of runs there, how is the back?

    Hi DD, Bad news on the groin. Yes, you should know better image

    Hi Bro, Yes daylight running much better. A good part of the plan when you start getting to the last of the big sessions.

    Hi Chick, Nice change of plan, think we have all experienced those runs and change of plan.

    Hi Free, Well done on the new job, 6 months notice, wow!

    Hi Minni, Great report and well done..

    Down with the running club last night, 8 x 800M with 3 minute jogs recoveries. splits: 2:52, 2:54, 2:52, 2:47, 2:57, 2:53, 2:54, 2:55. Bit of a killer session, felt it last night (even after the extra stretching Chick!image)

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry-good luck tomorrow.
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Finding it difficult to take in what went on in Paris yesterday especially as I was in Brussels last night at a concert a short walk away from an International football match.
  • Good luck Barry.

    Agree with your sentiments, 2old. Hard to take on board. It's war ... And that scares the sht out of me...
  • Not a great day for me. impressive location and flat course. Emotional minute silence for the Paris victims. First few miles were a bit busy but soon hitting pace. All ok until mile 17 when pace slowed. Mile 20 on was survival and finish mode. Garmin time 3:29:02. Yeah it was warm 24 degrees at finish but I was just not good enough on the day. I was quietly confident about today and not sure what went wrong.
  • Sorry it didn't go to plan Barry. Tough day.

    Mile reps on Saturday - 3 sets at 6.24, 6.20 and 6.14. Ouch! Then 19 miles yesterday which was really hard work in the wind. Will be an easy week as I have the Norwich HM on Sunday. I just hope the weather is on my side.
  • Hi Barry, Sorry to hear things didn't work out as planned in Valencia. That is a bit on the warm side though and I am sure that didn't help. image

    Hi Free, Nice miles for the weekend...

    Working this weekend early starts and long 12 hour shifts. First weekend that I can remember I haven't had a run. Looked at the wind today and thought sod it. Not really feeling like it anyway, working from home and just being lazy...

  • Barry: Sorry to hear your plan didn't work out. 24 degrees is hot in my book ... At least you made it to the start line in one piece AND you finished. Now time to focus on VLM image

    Blimey, Freemers - you're putting serious work in image  I did 17 and thought that was plenty given it's only November image. Nice mile reps.

    Nell: wish I could just say sod it ... stupidly I set myself a challenge to run every day in November. Yesterday was so goddamn windy and wet that I nearly canned it. Went out and said to myself, ok 1 mile. Just one mile in that rain. But I was so wet after 1 mile that it didn't really matter and ended up doing 6 image

  • Barry- sorry it didn't go as planned. We all know the feeling. I know you don't want to look for excuses but as Chick said 24 and sunny is very warm in my books, I would be cooked no doubt. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your stay.

    Free- jeez you're fast at the moment!image

    Chick- well done for braving the elements.

    I did 15m yesterday with some MP thrown in. It felt harder than it should but blaming the wind and general taper mode. Think it's time to chill now. I have one more tough session coming up tomorrow and all maintenance after that.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-gutted for you.You put a lot into that one.Marathons are sh!t...sometimes.Thats why we are hooked on them I suppose.If its any consolation and it wont be, I didnt break 3.15 until I was 50.Hope you get some proper rest before starting the London and IM campaigns.

    Free-you are flying-looks like a fast one to come at Norwich-what is your HM pb?

    Bro-how are the pre marathon nerves? When is it again?

    Nell-thats a lot of weekend running.Dont think missing one will hurt .

    Chick-impressively consistent and dedicated as ever.Rain is ok if its not cold.

    Long weekend in Belgium developing a taste for their excellent beer,with no running but hip and back very troublesome so glad MRI is on Thursday.  Trying not to worry about how long this is going to go on as I want to get going laying a base down for London.

  • Barry: bad days happen, incredibly annoying when you have put in all the work, but you have to roll with the punches in this game

    Free: you have got quick

    Chick: as dedicated as ever.

    2Old: also struggling with the whole Paris matter, its only going to get worse for now but you have to hope that eventually enough people will see sense.

    Still struggling with injury, running but it hurts so no pace and not very far, swimming is improving though! 


  • Freemers -  Speedy running, planning a YKW soon?

    Brol - You are running well, cotton wool time for you.

    2old - I'm 50 next august, so next autumn for me then. tempted to go back to Valencia. Hope you get some answer regarding your troubles.

    Chick - Well done on the challenge, only 12 days left. image

    Thanks all for the comments, think I'm over the disappointment.

  • Valencia was marathon number 14 for me.  Great place, not as big or touristy as Barcelona, but plenty to see and do.  Got the start pretty early but soon got busy so made my way in to the starting pen, not too warm as yet as still in the shade.

    Then pen was very big, and for some reason the 3;00, 3:15 and 3:30 pacers were all at the front of the pen.  Emotional start with the minute silence then we were off,  very busy for the first few miles, tried not to dodge and weave too much, spotted a pacer up ahead at about 4 miles which turned out to be the 3:30 pacer and soon went past(maybe should have just stayed with themimageimage)

    Due to heat I was taking on some water at every stn(every 5K).  Really well supported around the course.  Saw the leaders go past the other way, think I was at 10 and they were at 15 very impressive.  My pace was going well and  halfway at 1:36 and feeling comfortable.  Gels at 6,10,14.  Then at 17 all started to feel more hard and took a gel early.  Got to 20 and the wheels kinda fell off, took my last gel early to try and get a boost. 

    Not in a great place from 20 to 23 as I knew target was gone, but for last 3 mood got better and lots of high fiving and whooping the crowd to get some cheers.
    Splits as follows:  8:10, 7:24.7:29.7:19,7:06,7:04,7:11,7:15,7:17,
    7:51,7:40,8:05,8:42,9:16,9:43,9:26,8:55,9:22,8:43,7:32(last bit)

    Very impressive finishing line, and free beer after.  Official time 3:28:59.  Tried not to  over analyze but obviously heat was a factor and looking at splits and massive fade which started at 17 and got worse I think I got the energy/carb loading wrong.  Or it just was n't my day.  Thought my training had gone very well and one of the few campaigns I have n't been injured at some point.  Legs were not too bad the following day and probably walked over 6 miles taking in the sights and a trip to the beach.

  • Barry- great race report. Some very fast splits there in the first half- especially mile 5-14, all well under 3.15 pace- possibly overcooked it a bit? I mean I don't know, obviously different pacing strategies. All I know is that if I knocked out a few miles at 7.05-7.10mm  at that stage that would be the end of me!image What do you think you would do differently about your fuelling strategy?

    2Old- I'm up next Sunday, 29th. No major nerves just yet but I'm sure taper madness is about to descend with full force. Good luck with the MRI tomorrow.

    8x 1m reps done yesterday all around 6.50-7.00mm. Ouch. All maintenance now.

  • Hi Bro, It has not been great running in the weather the last week and you are no doubt at the point where you just want to get on with it? Not long to go now, so just time to not do anything daft image

    Hi 2old, I love Belgium beer. Found a bar in Edinburgh that had Leffe on draft, not sure whether that is good or bad ..

    Hi Chick, We talk ourselves into these challenges...not long to go now.image

    Hi DD, Bad news on the persistent injury

    Hi Barry, yes, we can over analyse. Can't see much wrong with the fuelling. I take gels 5,10,15,20,24 and try to sip water at every station. To be honest I am sick of gels by mile 20! The weather certainly will not have helped...Onward to London!

    6 miles yesterday at average 7:02mm. Gym this morning for some S+C. Wondering whether to go down to the session at the promenade tonight. Might end up over your way Chick!

  • EIGHT mile reps, Bro image blimey, that's plenty. Cotton wool now, please!

    Honest report, Bazza. I think Bro made a valid point there with the fast middle miles.

    Hope I can sneak outta here soon to stick to my challenge. This morning there just no way I could run - wind was too brutal (there was a bunch of flying garden stuff and wheelie bins about) and the rain was torrential image

  • When, Nell?

  • Depends how strong the wind is Chick! image

    Hope you get out...

  • Was looking for you but I guess you managed to stay on the other side of the Channelimage

    2.5 miles braved image
  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Barry-hope you feel better after writing that excellent report.I can empathise with you as the latter part of my Lisbon race seemed to fall off a cliff too.Ironically your time was by many standards very good though , I know,not by your standards Probably best not to over analyse at this stage just bask in the knowledge of having completed 14 quality marathons.Maybe get some input from a coach for London.You have a great base and are uninjured so its an ideal platform to work from.As your not 50 until after then it looks like you'll get to sub 3.15 before I did.

    Chick-impressive consistent happy windblown running.

    Bro-looking cool as ice and outstanding reps there.Bet you'r  rearing to go.

    Nell-yes Leffe was a very tasty brew ...though I couldnt drink too many of the 8.2% stuff. Nice to be able to run near 7mm for 6 miles comfortably.

    DD-are you seeing a physio for your injury? Any pronosis? Bet your swims soon returned to standard...planning a tri or two?

    Nothing by me for a week-had hoped a rest would see improvements but that has proved not to be the case.MRI earlier today and now a 10 day wait to see the doctor to review it.Dont they realise I have some running to do!!!

  • Well done on sticking to the challenge Chick - rather you than me in that kinda weather.

    2Old - hope you can get some answers soon with the MRI results.

    Barry - hmmm....sounds like the wheels fell off there really quickly.  Might need to look through your training logs and see what's what. Doing the long runs too quickly maybe? Risk that you leave your best running on the training ground and not in the race. 

    I'm tempted by a ykw soon I have to say - won't be this weekend because of the HM on Sunday, plus the forecast for Saturday morning is 40-50 mph gusts.  Maybe the week after.  Thankfully the forecast for Sunday looks kinder.  Getting cold though (1-5 degrees all day) but winds dying down so fingers crossed could be a good one.


    Bro - what's your target for San Seb?  You're due a great time I would say. 


  • Free- good luck on Sunday what's the target? I will be operating within quite a narrow range... pb is 3:19. I would be over the moon if I got close to 3.15 so will probably set off at somewhere in low 7.20s and see how it goes. Anything from 3.15-3.18 will be good. The training has gone to plan but I have struggled to improve on shorter stuff AGAIN and my last half didn't show any improvement so it's a tough call. On the other hand I realise I was training very hard around that half with not much of a taper so maybe just wasn't fresh enough to run to my best ability (or so I'm telling myself...image). I did manage 19m @ 7.25 in training a couple of weeks ago which makes me think that 3.15 is not completely unrealistic so will just have to see. Long answer to your question!

    2Old- 10 day wait... how annoying!image

    Gym this morning and popping out for 25min tempo at lunch. It's a bit chilly out there today.


  • Brol -  That's a good and confident answer.

    Brol/Chick -  Not sure  the pace for those miles was too quick, I had to make up for that slow first mile and halfway at 1:36 was about right.

    Freemers - 5 long runs were 20(7:52), 20(7:47),20(7:48), 24(7:44) 21(7:33),  so maybe a little quick but as I'm only running 3 times a week maybe I had the leeway to run at this pace.  In the past campaigns  I've tried to stick at around 8's but again have not broken 3:15.  Maybe I am a 3:15 to 3:30 runnerimage. Good luck for Sunday.

    Physio for me today and all good so probably run next week, off to swim club tonight for the first exercise of week.  Bad news regarding the club as the pool where we are based is closing at the end of December, the coach is trying to find pool time elsewhere but most think it will be a struggle.

    Bored on nights last night and looked up increase of temperature on pace per mile and most say 30 to 50 secs a mile for temp on Sunday,  some of the fade is explained by that.

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