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  • Nell/ Barry- fab halves from both of you, very well done.

    AA- 2km reps- ouch! Rest up woman, no wonder you're shattered!

    2Old- great LR and impressive mileage. I'm converted to running my easy runs easy. Hammering it all the time definitely doesn't work for me but seems to be working for you!image

    YKW PB for me last Saturday- whoop whoop. 21:12 so still nowhere near what I should be capable of running based on my other times but it's going in the right direction at last so very happy. Not looking forward to the 10k next weekend.

    50mpw is sort of normal for me without really obsessing about the mileage, it's just what it adds up to. I would happily do more but don't think there's much point when not mara training... But I am at the moment sticking to 2 quality sessions a week max, only one when racing and the rest is easy, so it really isn't too taxing.

    8m easy done today and rest tomorrow.

  • 2old - the 10.5 miles was just a bloody hilly route. No hill reps! And i live in a hilly area!  Well done for listening to the body and skipping the swim. Not sure about Friday. - think it will all be slow. Plan for next weeks last long one is 7 easy then 13.1 at marathon pace!! What about your last long ones?

    bro - well done on a nice new shiney pb! 10k next one to tumble?!! looking forward to seeing you on the 24th in the green start!image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Bro-congrats on your 5k PB...and there's bound to be more to come soon . You are right about easy runs though there may be an argument that my 8mm mile runs are my easy pace (I'm not convincedimage). 50 miles a week isnt too onerous with a LR so you are doing well accumulating that total without a very LR.I expect you're hardly using your Oyster card these days

    AA-I forgot how hilly your part of the world is.I think its flat here but I also live on the one hill in the immediate area so it always crops up in my runs somehow.Dont think you need hill reps.Looks like a good plan for your LR and I guess I should do something like that but more likely I will do the first half easy and see how it goes second half.Looking at my log I've neglected Mp runs a bit so I will do a few before my 2 week taper.

    Just under 11 miles last night-ran to track then 5k around the track on a gravel path(listened to Nell!) then ran home. Ran the 5k 3*1250 m approx just under 5k pace and jogged inbetween all done continuously and av 6.46mm.No idea how you did 4*2000m AAimageOn the positive side despite my legs feeling shot at ,I do feel some strength coming through if that makes sense.

    Easy today

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    No idea how you did those 4 x 2k either, AA. I have some lined up for next week but I'd be happy to scrape in at 6:50s image

    Good session, 2old.

    And well done Bro image 

    Well done Bazza. Exposed airfields don't sound like my idea of running for a half image

    Congrats Nell. Those splits are amazing. If 7:34 ever became my MP I'd be one very happy chick. 9mm is my easy pace. I can go on forever at that pace image 

    Today I got bored with plodding though and did a progressive 13 miler. Av. pace was 8mm so quite happy with that. I'm totally knackered now image

  • Chick- nice progressive 13 miler.

    2Old- 8mm sounds like a very reasonable easy pace for at where you are, you do seem to be doing a lot of running at a lot faster than that though! I am by no means saying too much, it clearly works for you very well! Glad to hear you're feeling strongimage

    AA- not long to go. Keep those hills coming.image I WILL NOT see you at the green start but hopefully somewhere along the way and maybe afters.

    Rest day for me today and much needed, legs a bit mashed from the gym. Alternating MP/HMP run planned for tomorrow.




  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Chick- know what you mean about getting bored so nicely done there with that 13 miler. 9mm for'd make a great ultra runner.

    Bro- I'm happy for your views even some criticism as I am not coached nor in a club and tend to get carried away resulting in my cycle of injuries. Nell helpfully reminded me of the risks of track running. Sounds like a tough run for you tomorrow .

    2.150k swim today.

    Oh yes my London Marathon magazine arrived today. Green start. Has yours Bro?
  • Chick - that's a good average time. Must have been fast at the end!

    Bro - glad to see you're still doing MP practice for next month!

    2old - that session sounded nasty!

    my mag arrived today too!

    Abs and arms for me today. No running. Carb loading for tomorrow!

  • Washwood -   Yeah I'd recommend it not great scenery but don't really look for that in a race, flat and definately PB potential depending on wind, nice T shirt and medal.  How was Banbury 15.

    2old - Very decent traing from you as ever. how are niggles?  Yeah felt OK after HM. maybe close to Nell at HM but nowhere near at full image.

    Brol -  Congrats on the PB

    AA -  Good mileage and speedy long repeats.  You feeling better about training/race?

    Chick -  That's a very good 13 miler.

    Nell -  Yeah pretty flat HM, don' have many long hills in Wiltshire so hill repeats needed.

    I received my VLM magazine and Brol's  by accident so I've forwarded it.image

    Nights this week so good training opportunities if a litte tired. 
    Mon - rest
    Tues - 5 mile steady run, gave speedy stuff a miss due to HM, hour easy bike
    Wed - 2k swim pull, hour easy bike
    Thurs - 11 mile steady , hour easy bike
    Today - meant to be swim but weather too nice after work so 28 miles on bike

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    HI 2old, Good running for the week, I am with you on the legs feeling shot. I am struggling keeping mine fresh at the moment. Problem is with Hansons plan there is not much of a taper...think I need you to have a chat with my kids they never listen to me!

    Hi AA, That sounds a tough run after the 4 x 2k

    Hi Bro, well done on the PB, good idea keeping a couple of quality sessions going.

    HI Chick, I do enjoy a progressive run.

    Hi Barry, Nice mix for the week.

    Bit of a slog this week after the HM.

    Mon - 8 miles at 7:34 average mm,

    Tuesday Hill reps just under 2 miles warmup/cooldown and then 3.5 miles of quad burning reps!

    Wednesday 7.5 Miles w/up and c/down with 1 x 1k & 1 x 400M (missed the last 400 as I had to dart off to pick son up from swimming) splits: 3:35 (5:45) & 1:21 (5:10) 3:45 (6:00) & 1:17 (5:18),3:42 (5:56) & 1:26 (5:23),3:43 (6:00) Pace in brackets. Thursday - rest

    Friday 9.75 miles - warm up and coll down with 3 x 2 Miles at MP -10 secs (hard session) splits 6:18 & 6:23, 6:35 & 6:29, 6:34 & 6:27

    Saturday - 8 miles average 7:23mm

    18 planned for tomorrow

    Had my magazine through and I am a Greeny too image, couple of heavy weeks coming up, so I am dropping the Wednesday night session at the running club so I can try and be a bit fresher for the 10 mile MP runs on the Thursday image

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Nice fast miles again, Nell.

    Wish I was with you guys doing London...

    One more biggish week and it's taper time image

    Final 22 miler yesterday in brilliant sunshine. Last 8 were 7:50s image got quite hot and dehydrated towards the end image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Nell -in my next life I'm going to train at your paces. Good stuff. Green is good.

    Chick-well done knocking out that 22. Good pace too. Are you tapering now or just reducing your LR to 20 next time

    AA- hope the LR went to plan

    Barry- impressive doubles and tough ride yesterday. Don't blame you giving the pool a miss.

    Friday's LR did not happen due to hangover. Very annoyed with myself. YKW yesterday in gale force wind so happy with 20.40 , 13th out of 200+ and 1st for age again. 21today after early start .First 8 at 8mm or slower rest at 7.50ish. Av7.57mm. Around 56 this week. Very windy.
  • 2old -  Tasty YKW in the conditions. and good long run today. 

    Chick -  impressive long run from you.

    Nell - Great training from you.  Any more races before the big day?

    Long run for me yesterday and combination of wind/tired legs from bike ride Friday made it a bit of a stuggle,  4 x 5 mile loops and managed to keep going past my house on each loop(gel and water).  8:01 avg which is the slowest of my long runs but probably the  pace I should be running my long ones at.  Swim club yesterday evening and coach is being kind to those in marathon training so not too heavy a session. 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry- not surprised the LR was tough after that bike ride in that wind ...not many left to do. Good stuff getting that done.I agree your comment about the correct pace but expect the next one you do will be a lot faster. Re niggles- right hip improved but still a worry , both Achilles grumble but ok , left hip tender and tight but ok, back aches. So all in all pretty good really.
  • Chick - that's a fantastic long run. Well done. Wish you were joining us too! 

    Nell - are you green too? That's some fast miles again. Well done. 

    Barry - looks like a good couple of quality sessions there. 

    2old - Looks like all the niggles are improving then! Good couple of days with racing followed by long run. 

    My 20 miler was so slow on Friday. 9:03 pace. Just felt so hard image did 5 recovery yesterday and 8 hilly miles today @7:57 pace but that felt too hard. Confidence taken a dip. But still managed 50 miles for the week. Next Sunday is the big test - 7 slow miles followed by Reading Half at MP all in fancy dress. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Excellent YKW and long run, 2old. I let my body decide about that final longish run next week. But I"m thinking more along the lines of 16-18 rather than 20. I've done a 20 before 3 weeks out but that was due to missing a couple of long runs due to illness. This time around I got them all done so hopefully can afford to be a bit lazy from now on image

    Barry: that sounds pretty challenging! I find it mentally really tough to go past my house without stopping ... also laps can be quite soul-destroying.

    AA: don't worry too much about the long run. 9ish is the perfect long run pace image ignore the boys and their 7:xx pace image. Hope the test ride in fancy dress goes well.

    Crikey, but it sure is wild out there today image. I sailed along for a couple of miles at 7:15 pace without realising how strong those winds were. Turned a corner and had a crosswind that almost knocked my legs from under my body a couple of times... and the worst bit was the return leg against that brutal wind. Struggled to get under 10mm. Ouch!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Chick, Well done on the 22 miler, and at a great pace too. That was a strong wind, from 7:15mm to 10mm!image

    Hi 2old, Congratulations on the 5k, great time in what was a windy weekend...

    Hi Barry, Well done on the LR on heavy legs. I run my MP runs on a 2.5 mile loop which I find strangely helps things go quickly?

    Hi AA, Good weekend of running from you...Yes I am a Green Boy again!image

    Yesterday glad I re-checked my plan as it was 16 with a fast last 2 at MP. Windy and wet morning but got through with an average 7:18mm with the last 2 miles at 6:36, 6:42. The last mile into the wind and rain hurt... 8 miles this morning @ 7:28mm, which felt hard at first.. I am finding the paces a bit of a challenge at the moment. I think because of the style of plan the paces are probably a bit pushed as to a conventional plan. You certainly feel like you are running on the edge.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    My mag arrived the other day too.  image

    I'm on holiday now for two weeks so will be keeping an eye on you all in the last few weeks of marathon training. image

    AA have you done a dress rehearsal running around your lanes in the dress?


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Minni- sad you won't be joining us. How's the rehab going? Who needs a holiday when we have a taper ?

    Nell- you've stuck well with the hard pacing of that plan ,not long to go... does your plan give a short or long taper? To achieve the paces you are in such awful conditions is very impressive and should translate into something special in good conditions

    AA- don't fret about the LR. As Chick said you're doing it right and we aren't and anyway it should be hard at this stage. Another 50 will put you in a good place on 24th

    Chick- are you in the last 3 weeks already? Don't blame you dropping your LR down. Mine won't exceed 18 next week. Good pacing in the wind. I planned my run to use the shelter of hedges and canal cuttings and miss the rain so it wasn't too unpleasant .

    Easy day yesterday - 2hour dog walk ,30min spinning 5mile on the TM. Still a lot of chocolate to work off

    My youngest son is running VLM- his first marathon . Very impressed he did his 3rd third 18 miler on Sunday- in the hail rain and wind in 3 hours. Not bad for a 17 stone ex rugby player. His race no is in the 50000s. Tells you how big the event is.
  • Nell - great you're on green again. You're smashing these paces in bad conditions. 

    2old - you need to wrap up in cotton wool for the next few weeks now! How's your son feeling about London?

    minni - yay great to see you. Hope the stress fracture is improving? No - not brace enough for running round my lanes in fancy dress. Did a few miles on the treadmill a few weeks ago. 

    So - advice please team - I've done 9 x 18+ milers since new year. This weekend I'm running the reading half in full fancy dress and going to aim for 8 min/miles. i am planning on running to the start too (embarrassing!). But how far should I run before If I'm aiming on 13 MP miles? Was gonna make it a 20 but should I? 

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA- I'm bulk buying cotton wool this weekend. So for the Reading half I would do anything but 18 .You don't want to get to 18 and have doubts about doing's easy to get fixated on a distance .I remember one year some did a few 16 milers and then struggled for the next 10.I suppose it's all about not creating mental traps. So no don't do 18or even 20, do 20.25 .Still you will have lots of support to keep you going but not as much as the guy in a green mankini last year . There was a Spider-Man at the ParkRun this Saturday .My youngest is wondering what he's signed up for but is also looking forward to it.

    2k swim done .Run later.
  • 2old - I did 20.2 last week image! I was worried that you might think 20 and a bit with 13@MP was too much but you think that's ok??

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA- now I'm out of ideas
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    AA I once did a HM @ MP and did 5m before hand, the 13m race then a cool down to get it up to 20.....



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Minni/AA- last year for VLM I did a 19 mile LR including a race for last 10k in 42m . I was mad that I didn't do the extra mile . Not as good as you guys and your HMs though
  • Minni -  Stick with the swimming to keep the fitness, you will be back.

    AA -  I did 7  slow before the White Horse HM(think it was 4 weeks before VLM)  last year then the Race at MP and felt very good, even got some 6.xx miles in for the last 2 cause it was pissing it down.

    2k swim for me on Monday, 5 miles Tuesday in new shoes(nearly as wow as nell's) and 2k swim this morning, maybe tempted by bike this afternoon but moving 18 miler from weekend to tomorrow so not sure if its best idea. 

  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    AA: wot Minni said.

    Nice to see you, btw, Minni image  Pants about not running image

    I have to do intervals tonight image. So not looking forward to them. Should have done them this morning really but I'm struggling to get out of bed what with missing that extra hour ...

  • Chick - good luck with those intervals. I felt bashed this morning getting up at 6 again!

    baz - good training. Is 18 your last long one before taper?

    anyone heard from freemers?  

    Thanks guys - 7ish before and 13.1mp it is then. Ran 5 miles in 40 mins in fancy dress  and treadmill and it felt sh1t This morning. Gonna have a few days off. 

  • Chick- what sort of intervals? Good luck with it, I did mine yesterday in hail!

    AA- 7ish with 13.1 @ MP sounds like a good plan to me. Shame I won't see you at the start line this year, especially all dressed up.

    2Old- I'm sure all the chocolate has been worked off by now with all the training you're doing. Well done to your son, sounds like he's putting in solid training.

    Barry- I would save those legs for the LR tomorrow but I'm guessing you wont!image

    Hi Minni (waving)!

    Nell- very speedy running, your type of training would finish me off in no time!image

    Track session for me yesterday but nothing too taxing. 2x 1m reps @ HMP followed by 4x 800m reps @ 10k pace. Admittedly 800s ended up closer to 5k pace... ooops. All easy now until the 10k on Sunday.image




  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Minni, Hoping you are well. Enjoy your holiday...

    Hi 2old, Good news on your son running, hoping he is doing ok? Nice strategy with the hedges image

    Hi AA, To be honest I wouldn't go anywhere near a HM at this stage as I wouldn't trust myself to hold back! ..Yes looking forward to meeting up.

    Hi Chick, Good luck with the intervals

    Hi Bro, Nice intervals, this type of training nearly finishes me off!

    Hi Barry, Nice mix up. Yes maybe best not to go mad on the bike before a long run

    Group session last night, group leader away. I ended up leading the session, which was interesting and went for 6 x 800M tried to get the guys to go for 4 x400 and 2 x 200 after but they settled on 2 x 400. splits:2:52 (5:44), 2:59 (5:58), 2:57 (5:54), 2:57 (5:54), 2:53 (5:46), 2:53 (5:48) - 1:20 (5:21), 1:14 (4:58) 6 miles this morning 7:20mm average. 10 miles MP tomorrow with warm up cool down....image

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry-I'll look out for your blinging shoes when our starts merge. Any reason why it's an 18-all MP? It's a pain juggling them around. Great training across all disciplines

    Nell-think my son is suffering a bit as it is a minamilist schedule -3 /4 runs a week max.At least he's got a good sorting history is determined and stubborn and will love the crowd. Funny you had a rebellion so quickly. I thought the coach is obeyed without question. Fast intervals btw. Bet your 10 will be very fast

    Bro- good to see you're speed work embedding. Should be a 10k pb....and for your interest I'm still eating the chocolate.

    AA-looks like a good plan. Days off ? That's what holidays are for. Actually I'm not running for two days at the end of the week -visiting uni's

    10on the TM yesterday and 12 outside tonight.Both av 7.24 mm. Last day of March tomorrow... Hooray ! It's been a tough month
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