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  • 3 miles with 4x600m reps this morning done. My hammy was tight and for the firs time in ages I felt PF kicking in in my right foot again. Bloody hate this taper week!!!

  • AA - Soon be Sunday and we will all at the start line.

    2old - Agreed see below.

    Nell - Night shift not ideal, but "they" reckon Friday night is the important night for sleep.Agreed ref shoes.

    8 miles at  7:21 avg this morning in race kit and old shoes,  all good with left foot so decision made, that's it for me for running apart from a couple Saturday morning.


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Barry-looks like all is well for Sunday for you too . Enjoy the next few days . I haven't slept well for a few days .,,probably not physically tired now.

    AA-best wishes in this difficult time. Try not to over internalise things. It's only running

    Massage this am. Feeling battered . Another recovery run planned for tonight .
  • 2Old- I am sooooooooo NOT tempted!image Can see no attraction in putting myself through all the pain without a decent chance of a PB. Hope you get some sleep in the next couple of days/ nights and feel back to 100%.

    Barry- nice pre last run. Sounds like you're all set. 3.15 or bust!image

    AA- proper taper madness there!image Almost there just rest up now and stop doing intervals!

    Nell- far from ideal that work schedule. Try to get some naps in!

    10m for me this morning with 7 @ MP (whatever that is) which all came out at or under 7.30mm. Happy with that.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Bro-all that MP stuff makes me suspicious and anyway why does every marathon have to be a pb attempt?Get to the expo !

    I'm finished now -10k yesterday at slightly above MP. Felt OK . 5 today , 3 easy and 2 moderate. Right Achilles playing up but ok after it warmed up . Enjoyed the sunny day today but hoping for a cooler morning on Sunday.
  • I finished yesterday. Went to expo today. Reminds me why i am so glad I don't comute  London. Took me 3 bloody hours from west Berkshire! image Pen 2 Green. Off to Yorkshire tomorrow so a nice 4.5 hours in the car to enjoy Then MIL funeral Friday. 

    Positive thoughts only now for next few days. image


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi AA, Hoping all goes well in Yorkshire. Well done on the reps, time to take it easy now..

    Hi Barry, Glad the 8 went well, yes Friday night is the sleep to get in. Although I will be trying to get an early night Saturday. Will be in the hotel on my own very selfishly

    Hi 2old, Well done on the runs. Sounds like the roller needs to come out?

    Hi Bro, Still getting the miles in so close, well done.

    8 miles yesterday, warm up and cool down with 2 x 2miles at MP with 800M recovery. 6 miles this morning at moderate pace, lovely morning for a run.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA-thoughts to you for Friday. Pen2 ? That didn't stop you going into Pen 1 last year .Yes be positive plus eat plenty of beetroot

    Nell- at least on your own you won't get woken up by your other half at 2am with stomach pains like happened to me before Lisbon. I'm squeezing in the kids flat so don't expect a great night. You're runs continue to tick over well. I'm not keen to roller my Achilles's a very unreliable part of my anatomy

    Good taper evening watching Liverpool smash Everton including 3 course meal with beetroot in the starter , noodles in the main course and beetroot trifle for pudding. Food for champions ?

    Is it really going to snow on Sunday?
  • chickstachicksta ✭✭✭

    Tapir madness in full swing it seems image

    I have my scan today but won't know the results until next week. I'm full of prescription painkillers so I feel ok image long walks are my running substitute at the moment. Better than nothing. Guess I have to embrace swimming as cross training. Shudder image

  • Hi 

    Excuse me gatecrashing this thread !  

     I did my first marathon on Sun in Brighton.  I was confident I d go under 3;30  based on my long training runs and 1/2 PB of 1:29.  

    However, having failed to find the pacers I went out a bit quick reaching 10 miles in 72,and 13 miles in 97.    The slowdown gathered pace ( is that a contradiction?! ) throughout the 2nd 1/2 and I finished in 3:38 ( then after the finish line going down with massive cramp ! ).

    I really cant envisage running negative splits...what time do people aim to reach 1/2 way at, in order to run 3:30 ?

    I ve gone from thinking 'never again' on  Sunday night to really wanting to break 3:30 !!

  • Good luck to those running London on Sunday.

  • Sadly did not get a place in London this year, now looking at Yorkshire, Robin Hood and Loch Ness Marathon later in the year, has anyone run in any of these races.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Chick- hope the scan puts you on the right track to a quick fix. Don't overdo it now ..enjoy the enforced rest. 

    Jamie-97 is about right -possibly a bit too fast-for a comfortable 3.30 and with a 1.29HM and a good base of running including long runs sub 3.15 should be doable...probably not a week after another marathon though. Assuming you had the base and did the long runs and recovered well this week sub 3.30 is worth another punt but don't go off too fast this time. Good luck.

    Geoff-never done those races sorry.

    Read something about the kit bags at London being clear and not too big. Any idea what size they are and can we put a back-pack in it?

  • Geoff - nice to see you again. Thanks. Good luck to you too with your choice. 

    2old - yes clear bags but look the same size as normal. Pen 2 is right behind the celebs!! You'll be there. I will try not to hold you up!! 

    Chick - hope the results aren't bad keep walking  swimming...? Too cold right now!

    Jamie - I'm a total one pacer so would aim for 1:43/1:44 for half way for a 3:30 finish. Looks like set off too quick at 3:15 pace. Your half Marathon shows you're well capable of a sub 3:30 if not more  

    Had an email off bbc wanting to interview me and a few others with gabby Logan at 9:15 on Sunday but I need to make it by 8am to green start and think that's pushing it for me...

    and seriously....snow on Sunday?!! Nice one!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    AA - thanks. Can we put a back pack in the bag? Does it cost us 5p?You did nearly cause me to miss the start last year gabbing away .Do you need an agent for your BBC interview? Nell and I will bomb it anyway.

    Looks like rain/sleet at 1pm .Better try for sub3 to miss it.
  • Yup, taper madness in full swing!image

    Jamie- I'm with AA. 1.43/ 1.44 sounds about right. You went off too fast. Saying that providing you did the training you should be capable of closer to 3.15 as 2Old said, based on your half. I ran 3.26 off a 1.34 half the first time I managed to break 3.30.

    Geoff- I did York in 2014, it was great. Not pancake flat but in a way I preferred that. Very well organised.

    Chick- ouch, wishing you speedy recovery. Don't indulge too much in those painkillers...image

    AA- it's not easy being a celebrity but someone's got to do it!

    Rest day for me today and some sort of quality session tomorrow before work. Not sure what yet, need to give the boss a nudge.image

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Chick, Fingers crossed on the results. Just hope they can get to the bottom of things for you and get you back out there!image

    Hi 2old, Great result for you last night! I do like a bit of beetroot...

    Hi Geoff, I have ran York, very good. Well supported. Bit of a hill just before the last straight..

    Hi Jamie, Your HM time indicates a better time than 3:30. Did you follow a structured training plan? That makes the difference.

    Hi AA, Sounds as though you will be in the pen in front of us then? 2old is going to get me in trouble image

    Hi Bro, Enjoy the run tomorrow, not too much now. image

    5 miles this morning at 7:18mm average. Cut down from 6 miles. Worrying about the left knee now. Has that horrible ITB tingling feeling. Ice bag coming out right now... Weather is looking near perfect at the moment. First look today, thats it now won't be able to stop looking

  • AA - Im very well thank you, still very much running on a regular basis, planning my next marathon mid to late September, I'm still skydiving lots have over 6,000 jumps now, broke a world record June 2013 but will tell you more about that later, will on this forum more often now as have had a couple of busy years working, are you running London Sunday?

    Brolish - Thank you the info, will be Robin Hood, Loch Ness or York for sure.

    Will start my September marathon training in about 2 weeks.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Geoff- impressive jumping. Looking forward to hearing more on your return here

    Bro-have a few days'll appreciate it on Sunday

    Nell - trouble with beetroot is that everything turns red.,,at least it's the colour of my team . The ITB should be ok with a couple of days off. When are going to the expo ?Saturday for me.

    Noticed my right Achilles has developed some swelling. Something else to worry about.

    Leon's are offering free hot box meals to VMLM runners who show their number. Had the same offer last year - good healthy carb loading for Saturday lunch .
  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, I will be down the expo Saturday, probably just after 1400. Flight in 12:50 at Gatwick. Yes experienced the everything red before after a batch of fresh beetroot image

    We always need something to worry about....Iced it tonight and either is just numb with no feeling now or it feels better!

  • Jamie- welcome, you're more than capable of 3:30 and better with that half time, we've all been there(personally several times) that the first half of the full feels very easy , need to hold back if you can. 

    AA - I've set the record box thingy for Sunday morning to hopefully catch you(2old and nell the backgorund) on TV.

    Geoff - Not done those marathons but heard good things about all of them.

    2old/Nell - Hopefully a couple of days will sort the niggles out. Beetroot shots started yesterday.

    Chick - hope the scan gives you some answers and yes join the dark side.

    brol - Yeah that's the plan, are you spectating Sunday?

    Nothing for me since Tuesday, travelling down and expo today with a few miles tomorrow morning, anyone around after the race to celebrate/commiserate. No list yet so:

    Barry 14730 blue


  • FreemersFreemers ✭✭✭

    Hi folks

    Sorry not been around much on the thread - but thought I would check in with only 2 days to go....hope everyone's VLM prep has gone well.

    AA - you should definitely do the TV interview image

    2old - hope that Achilles swelling is just taper madness

    Barry - will you be injury free this year? I really hope so as you so deserve a good shot at the sub 3.15

    Nell - ice ice ice!!!

    Chick - so sorry to read about your DNF.  Been there myself as you know - really tough to take but you definitely did the right thing.  Hope the scan results give you the answer and you can come back to form soon.

    My VLM preparation was going well until mid March when I started to get Achilles pains on both sides - I could run through it but had to cut right back on speed work so haven't run any intervals since then, and not a lot of anything fast really.  I got all my long runs in, but am not really sure of my pacing strategy.  I think I'll set out at something like 7.40's and see what that feels like.  Definitely not in sub 3.15 shape, which I'm OK with - I just want to give it a decent go and not blow up!

    Barry 14730 blue
    Freemers 257 blue

  • Oh this is getting exciting.

    Beetroot shots, my favourite!

    Barry- Yes, I will be there spectating, probably somewhere on Victoria Emankment in the last few painful miles. Happy to meet up afterwards if anyone is keen, would be rude not to!

    Free- hi (waving). Sorry to hear not all has gone to plan. Will look out for you on Sunday.

    Keep those numbers coming for the tracker.

    Track for me this morning (I know I know, a bit risky so close to Sunday). 6x 800m at 10k pace followed by 6x 400m at 5k pace with 30s recoveries. Not too tough although 30s recs are pure evil! You might as well not bother!image

  • Thanks all for the advice.

    Good luck to everyone running Sunday !

  • Neil - Thank you for the info.

    2Old - Not sure if you have ever been skydiving, if not, take you on a tandem sometime.

    Barry B - Thought would here good things about the 3 marathons I'm thinking about.

  • The world's first marathon will be run on the International Space Station by Tim Peake British Astronaut currently on a 6 month mission on the ISS, he will start exactly at the same start time as the mass start, he is aiming between 3:30 and 4:00 hours, running a marathon while in micro gravity different I'm sure, watch this interview on NASA YouTube channel.


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Geoff, Think I'd rather be running in London image

    Hi Bro, Nice session. Don't think I'd be up for that at the moment...

    Hi Freemers, Sorry to hear about the Achilles, and sorry we won't see you at the Green start. But glad you can keep Barry company...

    Hi Barry, sounds like you are doing well?

    Hi 2old, Hope the Achilles is ok?

    Rest day for me today, feeling a bit tentative, more ice tonight I think, after packing.

    Nell - Green 28819



  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭
    Brief stop- registered tonight - no 28765 green start pen2 with AA. More tomorrow
  • freemers - hiya. I'm sure you'll love the champ start. Have a great run. 

    bro - you really are leaving your taper to the last minute image

    Funeral over and was good as could be expected. Had a few wines but lots of water. Hopefully wont take more than 4 hours to get home today. Time to focus on tomorrow now...

  • 6 miles this morning at a slow 9:15 pace.

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