• David will get down OK but undoubtedly Lizzie will blame him for taking Nigel up there ... she blames him for everything else.

    I'm forecasting that Lower Loxley will have to be sold to pay Inheritance Tax and Lizzie will go after her 'share' of Brookfield once more.  I wish he had landed on her.  Her and Pip are incredibly annoying.

  • I kept thinking as Tony was driving to hospital "go on, crash and kill Helen".
  • Matt Crawford to buy Lower Loxley with his ill-gotten gains...

    Nigel revealed as Helen's spunk monkey - no wonder he threw himself off the roof...

  • Maybe Nigel survives but becomes wheelchair bound after several agonising months in a comma/ This would really do in Daves head.
  • Maybe Nigel survives but becomes wheelchair bound after several agonising months in a comma/ This would really do in Daves head.
  • On the Today Programme now
  • I just turned that on to hear JN saying "Elizabeth died..." but he is talking about Elizabeth I and James's succession. image
  • Lol, they obviously did the important news first!  Just proves Ambridge is real thenimage

    She did let it slip that Nigel has definitley popped his clogs though.  After much prodding when she wouldn't be drawn, she said something about "a birth and a death".  Ooops!

  • If Nigel dies - so what, he'll soon be forgotten but if he becomes wheelchair bound, maybe with some brain damage - now there's a thing. Lizzie will just have to get out the pillow and finish him off. - Killing 2 birds with 1 stone - Lizzie in prison and Nigel dead.

    Edit to say - in case that reads wrong - this is the Archers not real life.

  • Biker know the rules...every time you say The Archers isn't real one of Joe Grundy's turkeys drops down dead.
  • The turkeys are all already dead and eaten by the good folk of Ambridge  .... better make it one of the ferrets at this time of year image
  • imageNot the ferrets!!!
  • It wasn't the turkeys, or the ferrets but he did








  • aawwww BM...Lizzie's gonna get you for that!
  • Just listened in to tonight's show..frankly I'm shocked that Roooooth managed an entire episode without saying "ooohhhh noooooooooo"

    Which reminds me, when we had our allotment, we named some  of our tools (I know!) We had The Brush That Sweeps Clean", a vague Leninist motto, and "Hoe No" in Roooooth's honour

  • How long before lizzie loses it I wonder...
  • Has to be Friday surely for a proper end of the week cliffhanger?  But will it be David who cops it all or will Kenton also be held at fault for putting the thing up there in the first place?
  • If Lizzie is a director of Lower Loxley Holdings or what ever then she could be at risk of prosecution for health and safety breaches.

    When I heard that the story was going to "rip the heart out of Ambridge" I thought that HS2 was gooing to go through the middle of the village

  • Kenton tied the dodgy knot, didn't he but it was David who encouraged poor dead Nige on the roof in the dark. I vote she kills them both.

    Only thing with listening during the week is I'm missing Celeb Mastermind.

  • Lizzie to go a bit bonkers, David to grieve and hit the bottle, Pip to come to the fore and run Brookfield with her mum.
  • Helen  happy? Surely some mistake?
  • Kenton is coming out of things far too well, everyone is praising how he has reacted. this is sadly going to change as he is the Archer family whipping boy and David will spin the knot onto Kenton...
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