ALDI Ashby 20

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  • I entered at the beginning of the year.  Excellent race and looking forward to doing it again.
  • Ok have entered! Had wanted to do Oakley 20 again this year......did it lasy yr and enjoyed it. But sadly this yr it is too close to the Brighton Marathon to make it feasable for me. Anyone done both races that can compare/rate Ashby vs Oakley???
  • Ashby and Stafford 20 on the same day as Trafford 10k, very annoying as I'd have done them all... however doing Trafford... have a good race people, I did it last year and dropped out at 10 mile image

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  • Hi All,

    Haven't done Oakley before but this is a great race and will be doing it again this year.

  • I work in a running shop in Leicester and this race is something of a local legend among the running community. 

    It is picturesque and the course is undulating.  Some participants allege that it is a tougher race than some of the flatter marathons.  It is often used as a training event for the London marathon. 

    It generally gets fully booked way before the event, so get your entry in soon.

  • Well thanks Ben for that glowing endorsement.

    We're up to about 700 entries so far, and Ben is correct that it does fill up before the event. (We are actually about 5% higher on numbers than at the same point last year).

    It's not a particularly tough course, but the 2 lap format does make it quite daunting. Most participants are doing it in prep for a spring marathon, myself included (VLM).

    We have great drinks stations giving strong support as well as bottled water, vaseline, energy gels, chocolate, jelly babies, etc. so we tend to be appreciated by 1st timers at this distance who need the encouragement.

    If anybody requires more info or advice I'm happy to help...

    Tim the gorilla Sturla
  • never done this before i'll be giving it a go
  • I'm doing it as well as the Oakley as finding it a struggle to do the big distances in training.

    I am doing the St Valentines 30k in Stamford this week as well so they are my 3 big runs in prep for VLM.

    see you there

  • Yep, Ashby is a great race. I've done it the last two previous years. The ripples are great fun and the finish run into the grassy area is fine.

    This year sees the return of the hoodie too. A must for all.  

  • I'm in too and this is my first here at Ashby ...... in training for my 2nd VLM .... so bring it on!!   image
  • Last 180 or so entries available for this year's ALDI Ashby 20. If you are thinking of entering - don't leave it too late, as it always fills up. I know we have some paper entries to process in one go which will take a chunk of the remaining places. Please tell anyone you know that I thinking of entering to do it soon.

    Competitor information is to be posted to all entrants later this week.

    Good weather has been booked!

    Tim Sturla
    Competitor Liaison - ALDI Ashby 20
    Sunday 13th March 2011 - 1000hrs
  • ran this in '07 and '08 in preperation for the london marathon and found it ideal .

    excellent organisation , an interesting 2 lap course and noisy water stations made for a good day out .

    found the climb back into ashby a tough challenge but it was all forgotten with the finish line in sight .

    just wish the good weather had been booked for '07 instead the howling wind , snow and horizontal hail we had to put up with !!!

    for everybody running , good luck and enjoy this little cracker .

  • Hey thanks for those kind words Sam. We all remember 2007 well - 4 seasons in one day!

  • Not long now! Can't wait to do this one again, I did 09 ahead of London and have to say it was my fav race during the training. I couldn't believe the number of hoodies I then saw when registering at the expo! I had a fixture clash last yr so missed it, happy to be back for 11 though, prep for the White Peak M this time round. More than that though a great race! I have fond memories of the announcer's encouragement around the field, at the end, as I strived to burn off my nearest rival who was clearly 20 yrs older than me!
  • Competitor's raceday information packs, race numbers, chips and baggage tags have been mailed to competitors today. You should have them by early next week.

     Any queries? - I'm on-hand to answer them - my number's in the race booklet.

     Looking forward to a great race.

     Tim "the gorilla" Sturla

  • Well I have bitten and thrown my hat into the ring for this one.  Not quite sure what constitutes a good time in a 20 mile race. 

    I am getting ready for Comrades in May so I will in effect have to work this into my schedule as a long training run. 

  • last 100 entries available at

    We're "up on last year" entries-wise, so we know we'll fill up, but we'd rather fill up sooner than later so we can minimise giving out entry packs on the day.

    Anybody who's leaving it to the last minute (by using the entrant list online) be careful as a) we had a big influx of entries on the weekend before the race (ie this weekend) last year, and b) there are some postal entries to be processed that don't yet appear on-line.

    See you in Ashby on the 13th!

    Tim Sturla
    Competitor Liaison - ALDI Ashby 20
    Sunday 13th March 2011 - 1000hrs
  • Received pack today - now counting the days!!  Can't wait!!
  • I'm in too.

    Will be first time at this distance, but training upto 17 miles, so hopefully the three extra miles won't  be too bad.

    Ideal training  for my VLM in April

    Number received and raring to go.

  • Best of luck Andy, you'll be fine. The 2 lapper is a tough format, but take it from me; on Sunday night - you will know you can run VLM. All the marshals and drinks stations will be rooting for you.

    Tim the gorilla
  • Martin HMartin H ✭✭✭
    Received my number yesterday and raring to go.  Using this as a training run also for VLM and for any newcomers it's the perfect chance to perfect your fuelling strategies for your marathon.
  • 2btiny-

    Reference Ashby v Oakley, they are both cracking races,  both undulating, rural, 2 lappers, well run and very enjoyable, I keep coming back year after year to both. They both fit into the calender well and are progressive in that Oakley is slightly harder, the undulations take there toll a little more over the 20 mile distance but nothing to get alarmed about. only thing that I would say if you are using them for a marathon build up is don`t get caught up and race them, use them as training runs and put some marathon pace miles in there as well.

    Have a good time at both events they really are good runs.

  • I'm number 416 and a man apparently image

    Please give me a wave as you lap me, which you all will ! image image

  • Number 385,

    Spence they got me mixed up as well putting a L on my number they think I'm a LADYimage image

  • image

    XB has pointed out my mistake !!

  • Was meant to be doing 2 marathons next weekend but due to injury and them being further away than I though think I am pullling out. That leaves me free for ashby, did 20 miles yesterday but knee not ever so happy on the hills so still undecided.

    What colour is the hoodie? If u say pink I am def in if sludge green out!
  • I've had my number etc; I'll be gorilla number 2 (race no 333). See you all there.....
  • I'm in too - prep for my first marathon, VLM. Only up to 18 miles in training but hopefully race atmosphere will get me through the last 2 miles (albeit a hilly last 2!)

    Very nervous and not sure whether I should race or just use it as training.....don't think I'll be able to resist not racing on the day though...

     Anyone know what gels they use?

  • have a spare place for this if anyone interested. Discounted rate.
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