Outlaw Feed Station

Outlaw website says that there are 19 feed stations on rum, no mention of thebik route though.

So what does an Iron distance feed station supply. A guess from the website that it is High5 drinks, but do they have food and if so, what, or do I need to attach a basket to my bike. 



  • No food was supplied at the Outlaw bike feedstations last year, we were just giving out High 5 drinks and water.  Assume it will be the same this year (suggest you check the race pack).

    I have already been in touch with One Step Beyond and we are pencilled in to run Bike Feedstation 2 again the same as last year. 
  • Barlos ... I contacted them as well, lets hope they dont think we are running two of them

    CD, whatever they promise at aid stations on the bike I would always take everything you need with you on the bike in the event that may well have run out of something that you were banking on
  • Meldy get your thinking cap on, we made an impact last year but this years got to be bigger and better.  We need bunting, balloons, cheesy tunes.  Think we should all do it in pirate kit this year to.

  • Just perhaps I had already done that ... you didnt check did you?
  • CD - get a bento box for the top tube of your bike and cram it with nice stuff that you like to eat.  You will need to take on fluid - but I'd rather be self sufficient on the fuel thing - so you have what you want and dont need to collect it. Less to go wrong.
  • ........because CD there is always the chance that someone will drop the water butt and there will be no water to mix the High5 with image

  • Cougie, is a bento box a modern day basket then?

    Saffy, you seem to be referencing something, bit cryptic for me or is it a 'need to know'' thing.

    Seriously though thanks for your answers. the term FEED STATION makes it sound like food so I am really glad I asked.

  • image We had a 'little incident' at the feed station last yearimage.....all got sorted though.
  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭
    The Pirate feed station was absolutely brilliant last year - probably knocked 15 mins off my bike time!
  • I reckon the cheesy tune should be the Captain Pugwash theme (thats for all us old uns that can remember that far back)image
  • We took that toon to Lanza with us a few years ago .... boy how they loved hearing that every few miles  image
  • really looking forward to manning thisimage It made the bike so much easier for me last year
  • £9 travelodge already booked, so assuming we can afford the petrol we will be there on the feedstation again! image

  • Tell Hairy to bring his goal keepers gloves   image
  • DTB, which travelodge are you staying at for £9=.

  • Lol Melds, good plan! image

    CD - Nottingham EM airport. About 20 mins drive away, but the quietest nights sleep last year. We got the room in the Jan sale though, not sure what price they would be now.

  • Cornish Digger wrote (see)

    Outlaw website says that there are 19 feed stations on rum, no mention of thebik route though.

    So what does an Iron distance feed station supply. A guess from the website that it is High5 drinks, but do they have food and if so, what, or do I need to attach a basket to my bike. 

    Last year for the run stations it was crisp's, jaffa cakes, jelly beans and High5.

    For the bike station it was seeing that lot worth more than food. image

  • If the date is do-able, then count me in again image
  • Thanks for the info everyone,

    Never had a 'food'station on a run. Will have to start practicing eating and running, especially the jaffa cakes (yum yum)

    DTB, Looks like I missed the boat on Travellodge as they all seem to be about £30 or more now.

  • Digger if you don't mind camping I'd go for that option. It's right next to the watersports centre and other than a few sounds coming across the river very quite. Your going to have to get up at about 4.30 to 5am anyway so a hotel might be a bit of a waste of money as your going to be flapping the night before.

    You could even borrow a caravan off dave if you wanted?

  • Cake, have toyed  with camping as other threads say the closeness to the start makes life so easy.

    However, as i have never really camped, and dont have a tent not sure about it. Have looked at tents though and seems one can be bought for £25/£30 so cost won't be much different 

    This from a man whose never really ironmaned before!!!!

    ps who is Dave

  • image I can lent you a tent if you want and sure others can to?

    One of the pirates used to have a caravan and is called dave it's become a bit of a pirate in joke after he lost it in his devorce. Very nice man and you will probably meet him at some point. Just don't tell him I said that. image

  • Cake, that is a very kind offer thank you.

    Are you doing outlaw( I think you are in a relay team), I cannot remember and are you camping as well.

  • Doing the relay and will be down all day because of friends doing stuff to, If feasible I might put my name down on the feed staion but not sort thats a good idea at the moent and don't want to let folks down. Got a small tent I can lend you and will be bring a massive tent your welcome to put your stuff in. I'm asuming it will be full of folks or your welcome to sleep in that if you can put up with me talking and my sleep and snoreing. 

    I will be surplised if there arn't a few camping the night before and stuff.

  • That actually sounds fabulous. I can then meet some of  the peeps on here who are being so so helpful.

    Mind you I haven't actually entered yet. Probably do that end Feb when I get paid again and I know a little more about how my training is going, if I can get rid of my bloody cold!!!

  • You have to camp ... its Pirate law   image
  • Yep that way you can hear this wench and Barlist snoring all night. image
  • Firk off !!    Barlos snores enough for all of us
  • image I really throught it was you and then realised you where awake and moving about. I think that boy was swollowing his pillow. imageimage

    Digger If you can meet some of the southern lot before outlaw and get them to help you out with some training rides and stuff sure there will be stuff going on somewhere.

  • CD .. at the risk of stating the obvious I presume that you are nearer RBM than you are us 'proper' southerners?
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