The Wales Marathon (WITH CLOSED ROADS!!)

glad to see its on again this year


  • ahh - this could be just what I've been looking for!! image This is a few months earlier than last year (I remember we were staying in Manorbier at the time & the course looked v hilly) - any reason for the change of date to June?

    Have been looking for a local marathon this year after a Christmas time injury ruined my chances of doing the Great Welsh in April, think this will hit the spot instead.

  • It was a fantastic day out last year and i am looking forward to running it again this year.
  • good luck to all runners
  • I did this marathon last September and loved every minute. It was my first so had no idea really what to expect but the people of Tenby and the surrounding area's really made it a fantastic run. I said i would never do another marathon but one year i will do it again. image
  • did this in sep and really injoyed it not the flatest mara but one of the the best i done.does anyone know if its the same measured a bit short last time.
  • Hi there

     Just completed the Great Welsh marathon and fancy another. How hilly are we talking this one?

  • I saw this race had a few teething problems last year, but have entered it anyway because I love this part of Pembrokeshire. Has anybody got an idea of how many people are likely to enter or how many did it last year?
  • @lazy gardener

    I ran the marathon last year and i think about 200 people ran it with another 250 or so running the half marathon (but i am sure Scott powell or Matthew Evans can give you the exact figures).

    I had a fantastic day last year and whilst it did have a few teething problems none of them spoiled my day. I am looking forward to running the course again in june.


  • Hi Dr. Steve,  Thanks for the info and nice to hear that you are running it for a second time. I am looking forward to a good race.
  • So how hilly is this? There are a couple of climbs that look pretty nasty from the course profile. For those who ran it last year, what sort of time do you think you lost because of the hills?
  • @Wobbled

    Its challenging but do-able

    I grew up around Pembroke so I knew what the hills would be like and , of course, what goes up must come down!

    I was about 30 secs a mile slower than normal but it was also run on a pretty hot day last  year.

    Fabulous course though, it is worth running just for the views and the enhanced self esteem on finishing. 

  • This will be my first Tenby Marathon. If there are only 250 runners Im afraid of being left behind as I'm running by myself and im not that good. I did Dublin which is flat in just under 5 hours. Is anybody else looking at posting a 5 to 6 hour time? or do i give up  now?  
  • This will be my first half marathon.i can run an average course of 13.1 miles in 1:52.Is this course going to be to hard for me?
  • Fran - Also my first Tenby Marathon and I expect just under 5 hours too, Just enjoy, and dont give up
  • ok cheers fran
  • Having just downloaded rthe ace pack I am really looking forward to a good weekend - although not the four hour drive home afterwards.
  • Why is it that with 5 days to go I now start to question my own sanity? IS 6 hours REALLY going to be long enough image

  • Having a bit of a dumb moment - can anyone point me in the direction of the race pack that someone has mentioned they have downloaded?  Thanks

  • How many people are actually running this marathon, it seems a big secret, I'm doing it, but I get the feeling it is not well supported
  • Does anyone know if we can wear ipods / MP3? The race pack says "discouraged" and I cant get anyone to confirm it.

  • Fran

    As far as I can see there are only two people doing this run, you and me, I will be wearing my music so the rule is, yes you can wear your music

  • Great lets run together then. Im not that quick, thats why i need the music!
  • Ha ha why not, I won't be burning the tarmac either, and no music, no run. backmarkers rock!!
  • to me " discouraged" means ok as long as you are careful, so im taking my ipod. See ya at the back of the pack!
  • I don't know why they have that rule, no one takes any notice. I think the truth is that if ever someone is injured when wearing an Ipod they have a disclaimer, more silly H&S stuff, and no doubt will be at the back at some point.
  • Fran

     Good for you, I can't really run beyond 10k with no music, it gets dull.

    Is there anyone local running this that can advise if there are there any decent places to eat in the town on the Saturday?

  • yeah loads,. its agreat area. You taking your ipod as well?
  • Ipod, yes for sure, I'll be grooving while I'm moving, and as long as I can find a decent Italian the night before, I'm good to go.

    Still can't find out if many are running this though

  • This was one  of  the toughest marathons I have ever run,many thanks to the marshalls and supporters along the way,without you I would never have finished.Nearly gave up half way ,all hot and bothered imagebut my fellow runners were feeling it too, so we all carried on encouraging each other,thats what I like about these races,the fellowship is great.

    The swimmers and bike racers were very brave and inspiring. 

  • the plastic cups were only HALF full !!!, i took on water at every water station but i ended up in hospital with severe heat exhaustion due to dehydration, i have run 7 marathons before without any problems, best time 2hrs 48mins  

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