Happy Hungry Herbivores

At least I think its thursday



  • Hmmmmmm
    nights mess you up, dont they
    sleep well
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    going for a run soon see how far i can run

    over 800 last night you were busy
  • Morning folks!

    Laying off the running, I semi turned my ankle off the edge of the pavement on Sunday - wasn't a problem at all then but by Monday was a bit sore, and I want it OK for my running shop visit tomorrow.

    Weights I think!
  • Oh dear oh dear oh dear!!!

    I will even have Meerkat there for mutual encouragement!
  • Have a good spend, FR. You can't have too many running shoes and HRMs, and if you've been inspired by the current issue of RW you'll need lots of cycling and swimming gear too.

    You should be turning the corner soon, Pix. Best wishes!
  • The only thing that's holding me back from buying is this ruddy toe, so I think I need a visit to JJ's pod as well!

    As for window shopping, that does mean buying everything in the window doesn't it?

    I do fancy a try at a tri too :-)
  • is wanting to do a tri the next stage of madness after youve been runnung a while?
    it wont happen to me, cant ride a bike
  • That would be a problems Benz!!

    It does seem to be part of it - I know lots of people who are giving tri's a go - I know Barkles and Spans are booked in for some later in the year, as well as Dr Nic and Will, plus RichardM of course.
  • Morning all. I see we have a new dinosaur on the block. Hope V-rap doesn't notice.
  • Ill stick to me marathons then
    Right, off to work
  • Morning

    Last morning at work this week as I am at a clents tomorrow. Yippee
  • The next stage of madness is probably wanting to do an ultra, preferably somewhere hot and sandy. Doing a tri is madness beyond the stage of recovery.

    I can't swim well enough. Might have lessons...

    I had a disturbed night - at about 5am, Ivor and Angelmouse and one of the cats were galumphing around the bed, so I threw them all out, and they went off and had a fight over which of them was to blame then woke Tinkerbell, who crawled in beside me wailing that they'd taken her quilt away. Next time I woke up, it was late, Tinkerbell was asleep and Ivor and Angelmouse were playing air-orchestras with a tape of 1970s hits. I'm still topping up my coffee levels.

    Please can I take this longneck-suit off if I promise not to eat any herbivores? It's getting hot in here, and it smells of rubber.
  • Ah, I remember my wonderful days as a trainee accountant when a trip to a client was something to look forward to :-)
  • It's me sitting in a pub garden on Sunday afternoon Pix - you can just see the beer glass.
  • Morning all

    Wow 826 yesterday
  • Glenn at first I though this was some visualisation technique for getting through a bad day

    but then I realised it's your photo
  • I think you lot should all take up Tri :o)
  • Morning All!

    Sorry to have been so quiet over recent days... Work is grim at the mo.. so have to concentrate.....will be around more in the next few weeks I hope....

    Hope you are all well... I miss the banter but have my head down!

  • Bit of a tan going on there too Glenn!

    Morning all - just popping in before the meeting merrygoround starts. Did the r*n thing last night - only about 4 miles but better than nowt.....AND avoided the pub afterwards - hurrah!

  • morning all... so will the rain hold off for Tim to finish?! Realised that I have a meeting booked in at 11.30 and then 1.30pm so might need to re-arrange my day slightly to be around for 12noon for the approx 20mins it will take Tim to loose!!!

    Ankle update... still v sore, but pain now spread up my leg and around into my achilles... I think that I managed to do a fine job turning it over! Will go swimming tonight, was too tired last night to do anything!

  • >>>sound of diplodocus suit whooshing into the distance<<< That's better. Phew!

    Well done, Katy.

    Blessings, Barkles. Can't be much fun at this stage of term. Or any other. I wouldn't swap for anything. At least the kids I get to teach are too old to have parents hanging around.

  • Morning Pix - how was WW yesterday? When do you reckon you will be ready to go shopping?! Having checked out Reading the other week I am really looking forward to it!
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