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  • Yaktrax Pro (traction device for running/walking on snow and ice) L/XL currently less than ??7 at Amazon.
  • bargain that, helped me in the snow last winter! especially when it got compacted.
  • Just picked up a Brooks silver bullet jacket at TK Maxx for £35 (RRP £129) and also a Nike Dryfit wool half zip top for £22 (RRP £60) checked the web and both seem a very good price. Never considered TK Maxx for running gear but they actually had quite a bit, the bonus for me is that both items were XXL which is also difficult to find sometimes.



  • Start Fitness are selling off stock of the Inov8 Evoskins in most colours and sizes. Not for everyone, but if you're a real barefoot fan well worth a go at the price. Only ??12.95 plus P&P. Also some free socks, and and extra 10% off with code UKWEB10.
  • Don't know if it's been mentioned but Sweatshop are selling the Garmins cheaper I got the 210 for £139.99 probably due to the new 220 and 620 coming in

  • 15% off if you are a subscriber. 

  • This code below will give you 10% off and free delivery at valid until end of November.


  •  Thanks DT19 just saved myself £9.90 on a pair of Ghost 6 GTX which at £99 were already the cheapest I could find online... thats £35.90 off the RRP of £125...Happy days....image



  • sale on at runnersneed at mo....

  • Thanks 15West!! don't think I'd ever have spotted that without your help image

  • For anyone living near North London, the new designer outlet village in Wembley has nike, Adidas and asics shops with loads of running shoes. Reductions in asics and Adidas seemed quite good but nike stuff still seemed quite expensive.

  • The Portsmouth Adidas and Nike stores are standard stock with some clearance for top and bottom end sizing. Just found this thread so will let you know when they next have a decent sale on.

  • J Bradley 2, I'm trying to insert the code and it won't let me. Did you have any issues?

  • Give them a call. I had a code a few months back I couldn't get to work so phoned then and they did it all on call. 

  • Ahh brilliant thank you!

  • have 10% extra off for the next 3 days. I got a code SAVE10 until Midday Friday.

  • Further to the code i put on above, i was ordering a couple of pairs of gt2000s last night and noticed that they (and some other items) were marked up as already having free delivery.

    Following a quick google search i found the below code giving 15% off. 2 pairs of gt2000's delivered for £99!


  • The Adidas outlet store, Gunwharf Quays, Porstmouth have 25% off everything today. Not sure if this applys in other outlet stores of theirs.

    Just picked up a pair of Adizero Adios shoes for 32 quid.
  • Salomon S-Lab Sense Trail shoes half price and free delivery 74.99 for the next few days at Only 63.74 using the 15% off code ACX13 (as provided by DT13 above). Very tempting.
  • Sweatshop have 15% off online orders this weekend. Code is CDWDEC

  • have 20% off plus free delivery until 17th December. The code is PZ1120.

  • Sweatshop have another 15% off: CDCDEC

    30% of Garmins at by using the code: GARMIN30

  • I just came in to post that GARMIN30 discount code.

    My wife used it and I have a FR220 coming for christmas - she paid 175 for one with a HRM. The FR620 was also available but a 220 is more than sufficient for me.

    Note: I have a feeling they made a mistake sending the one to my wife as this item was supposed to still be exclusive to Sweatshop. I'm not complaining but wouldn't be surprised if they had stopped any further orders.

    Good luck.

  • Ed - Nope. A few people mentioned that but it's now not exclusive to Sweatshop. I was concerned as well but lots of people on the 620 and 220 thread have received theirs image

  • Cool. Makes the new tech available to more people at a much easier to stomach price image
  • Skins A400 Long Sleeve Men's Compression Top XL

    5pounds + 4.99p&p. On, sold by SimplyRun. XL only. Seems to be a misprice on their Amazon listing. Absolute bargain if they honour it.
  • Skins A200 Long Sleeve Men's Compression Top in black M & L

    Currently 24.50 at
  • New Balance shop in Keswick had some great bargains over the weekend...

    My OH picked up a new pair of trail shoes knocked down from £75 to £32


  • Sweatshop have some "bonus" January sales. Today its helly hanson base layers which are £15 instead of £30. There are others that they are available.

  • Skins A200 Long Sleeve Men's Compression Top in black M & L

    Currently 24.50 at

    Quick update - extra 20% off if you use the code SPORTS20.
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