Woodland Half-Marathon

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Anyone else running this at the end of the month?  Sounds very scenic which probably means it'll chuck it down image


  • It was beautiful weather last year so fingers crossed it will be the same.
  • I'm in .... my number arrived  today so raring to go...
  • Is there any chance of an on the day entry? My Mrs is due to give birth any day now so couldn't enter in advance.
  • No entry on the day I'm afraid, you can enter before the day online and we will email you the race info and you can then just collect your number on the day.image
  • Hi Fat-Feet

    I entered on 7th Feb and haven't received any inof or Race number yet!

    Time is getting short, can you help???

  • Send fat feet an email with your full name and we'll sort it.


  • Done from your website.


  • Is the going firm ?  Road trainers or trail shoes...?

  • definitely trail!
  • I was there 3 days ago and it was definitely very firm going and I was contemplating road shoes for some cushioning! But the rain of late should have softened it somewhat so either road or trail will probably suffice imageI'm taking both on the day lol
    Catch you all there!
  • I'll take both too and decide in the morning....


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    So how did everyone get one and what did they think?

    This was my first Fat Feet event and must say I was left really disappointed.  It started well enough with the free car parking but why only 4 portaloos and a lack of toilet paper.  I know the lack of portaloos was raised as a problem with last years race but it appears this was not addressed. 

    The race itself through Bourne Wood was very pleasant and generally well marshalled although there was at least one marshall free point where I could see no yellow sign and could easily have gone straight on instead of a sharp left.  Perhaps the wind had blown it away but with such a small field this could really have caused a problem.

    For me though the thing that was really gutting was on finishing and finding no t-shirt and a poor medal in the goody bag.  I did ask and was told by one of the girls that she thought they weren't bothering with t-shirts, only medals this year.  I'm sure it was advertised with a t-shirt and you had to give your size on entering so will raise this with the organisers. 

    The medal made no mention of the race or the year, just that you'd completed a Fat Feet run (the lanyard did mention the race but not the year).  So as I'm supposed to be down for Grimsthorpe in August does that mean I'll be getting the same medal?  Maybe it works out cheaper for Fat Feet to give the same medal for all their events but it just smacks of penny pinching to me.  I'd certainly be annoyed getting that if I ever run Rutland marathon image

    I can't see any results as yet on the Fat Feet website, has anyone got a link that works?

  • I too was suprised at no t-shirt - we had a nice one at Rutland Marathon last year .... I found the race quite tough although probably because I went off far too fast and suffered a bit later!!  Pretty warm and quite hilly, but i found no issue with signage or directions and the water stations seemed good enough... and the course was very pleasant.

    I can't see the results either.... the link seems to take you through to last years Grimesthorpe half marathon results!!!

  • I am not really sure what I paid the money for? The goody bag was disappointing, the medal was disappointing (no year on it), no chip timing and no results yet.  The scenery was lovely and there was good support. Not sure if I will do this again. Bit of a rip off.

  • To be honest guys I agree with you. The medals were ok but nothing unique and I'm signed up for Grimsthorpe and Rutland, almost seems to be a waste of my money to get the same medal again!!!

    I don't know about you guys but my GPS measuring of the course was 13.62 miles, I know I was weaving at some stages on the trails but don't think it was a much as 1/2 mile extra!!!

  • I was very disapointed with this event, although the run through the woods was very scenic. The medal recieved was poor I would have liked to see the year on the medal or at least the lanyard. I was also convinced that the website said that there would be a T- Shirt as well as the medal so again was disapointed.

    There was also a problem with the race pack, myself and 4 others I know of never recieved their packs in the post and there appeared to be a lot of numbers collected on the day, thats a awful lot to have gone missing in the post!

     I dont think i will be entering another Fat Feet event, which is a real shame because the Woodland Half has the potential to be an excellent event.

  • It does seem a little funny so many people in such a small field of entrants had their race pack go missing, mine didn't arrive as well .... am I just being cynical?
  • I was the overall winner, so was disappointed to receive a t-shirt as my prize when the formation pack (which was not received in the post and had to be collected on the day of the race) stated that trophies would be presented to  the winners.

     Was thinking of entering the Grimesthorpe Half,  until I saw the cost of the  entry fee !!!!                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Lucky you Mark, I've already entered the Grimsthorpe and Rutland races. Looks like I'm going to be a very disappointed runner when I finish!!!!

  • After reading the comments above I am releived to know that it isn't me being a grumpy old man! I too am very dissapointed with Fat Feet.

    My race pack was also 'lost in the post'. I also was under the impression that we'd get a tee. And the medal was certainly an anti-climax to the event.

     It's such a shame, as the location is both very scenic and provides a good, challenging run.

    So, like most people it would seem, I enjoyed the run, but was left feeling a bit short-changed.

    The event has so much potential - maybe one of the local clubs should take over and do a proper job.

    Here endeth the old man rant.

  • Results are up .... see the fat feet blog
  • Hi,

    It was a lovely place to run and I envy the people who live nearby that can use it when they like, had it been a training run it would have been superb.

    The run was enjoyable once I gave up trying for a PB, the ground was very hard in places and tough on the old ankles.  I have never figured out how they do it, but it was another race with more ups than downs that finished in the same place it started. 

    The marshals were enthusiastic and up for a bit of banter which always makes me enjoy races more. 

    Well I won't repeat all the issues stated previously again which I understand/agree with.  One other thing I noticed was the number of DNFs was quite high and if i was organising it I would want to know why just in case it was a specific issue. 

    Without the race I would never have gone to Bourne, it was a lovely day (abit warm for racing maybe) and I enjoyed myself.

    Thank you to the organisors and especially the marshals, and if Fat Feet can sort out the issues the rest of you have mentioned I am sure they have a future as the venues and marshals make a race.



  • PS  I don't think they ever actually said that we would recieve a Tshirt, but the entry did ask us for our tshirt size.  The event stated we would recieve a tshirt or medal. 

    I would advise that they make it clear one way or the other so no one feels they have been misled.  I would have entered anyway but did think I was getting a tshirt.

  • Still no results -  unless it's just my PC that can't display them....

  • Results are up ... check out the blog link on the website
  • I can't access them - just a white page.... must be me then..image
  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭

    1 Overall Winner - MaleMark Anderson

    Lincoln+District 1:25:082
    Alexander Toll
    Barrow Runner 1:28:043
    Andrew Ely
    Cleethorpes Athletic 1:30:124
    Matt Lauch 1:31:015
    Andrew Houghton 1:32:236
    Mark Riches
    Belper Harriers 1:32:327
    David Jackson
    Wolds Veteran RC 1:33:008
    Adam Watford   1:34:369
    Neill Martin 1:35:0510
    Mark Cochran 1:36:3011
    Colin Brackley1:36:3512
    Nicholas Wells
    Stamford Striders1:37:0113
    David Thorold1:39:0914
    Michael Ellis1:39:1415
    Ian McLean1:39:2716
    Neil Handley
    Toonie Express1:39:5717
    Christopher Smith
    Toonie Express1:40:0218
    Jon Buxton
    Doncaster AC1:40:2819
    Daniel Dring1:40:3920
    Ian Vallance
    Yaxley Runners1:41:2621Overall Winner- FemaleSam Windebank

    Riverside Runners1:41:4322
    Charles Bratley1:41:4723
    Lawrence Noon1:42:0924
    Kyle Ballantyne
    Yaxley Runners1:42:4525
    Christopher Goodacre1:43:0326
    Neill Gowans1:43:5327
    Thomas Hames1:45:1328
    Sophie Bishop1:45:2729
    Sandra Roberts1:45:4430
    Mark Hayman 1:45:4931
    Gavin Willey1:46:5432
    Jeremy Tinsley 1:47:0233
    Andrew Eaton1:47:2834
    Gordon Geach1:47:2935
    Matt Rowley1:47:5735
    Gareth Ison1:47:5737
    Stephen Bland1:48:2838
    Kevin Whiting1:48:3739
    David Jarrett1:48:5240
    Matt Taggart1:49:1441
    Jennifer Jones1:49:1942
    Ray Quelch
    Lakeside Lincoln1:49:5443
    Nigel Greaves
    Barnsley Harriers1:50:1544
    Karen Birch1:50:2145
    Annabel Weaver1:50:2646
    Adele Bryan1:50:3947
    Tom Clarke1:50:5748
    Paul Atherfold
    Yaxley Runners1:51:0249
    James Tansley1:51:0250
    Simon Eustace1:51:4551
    Helen Eggar1:51:5552
    Mark Crack1:52:0353
    Austin Orwin1:52:2354
    Ed McMonagle1:53:0355
    Stephen Clarke
    Bushfield Joggers1:53:0756
    Daniel Wallace1:53:3657
    Suzanne Moon
    Stamford Striders1:53:4758
    Malcom Ives1:54:1359
    Adrian Carder
    Toonie Express1:54:1660
    Laura Cuss1:54:5161
    Clive Jones1:55:1062
    John Ingram1:55:1063
    Lorraine Toll
    Barrow Runners1:55:1464
    Steve Maile1:55:5365
    Mark Smith1:56:2566
    Jimmy McDonnell1:56:2667
    Gary Taylor1:56:4468
    Ernesto Rodriguez1:57:1469
    Jim Miller1:57:4470
    Neil Williamson1:57:4571
    Jo Bliss1:57:5272
    James Kaye1:58:0273
    Paul Trevey
    Lakeside Lincoln1:58:0874
    Richard Lambie1:58:2275
    Steven Large
    Huncote Harriers1:58:5776
    Richard Joyce1:59:0577
    Angus McEwan2:00:3278
    Jennifer Reeves2:00:5479
    Julie Howe2:00:5980
    Alan Hewett2:01:0781
    Jennifer Norwood2:02:3182
    Simon Wren2:02:5883
    Simon Forbes
    Bedford Harriers2:03:0184
    Mark Oliver2:03:0985
    Paul Bliss2:03:4686
    Mark Davies2:04:0087
    Daniel Starling2:04:1488
    Richard Gallagher2:04:1889
    Jasmine Banks2:04:2290
    Steven Lockwood2:05:0391
    Alexander Meyer2:05:0692
    Joel Weaver2:05:0893
    Chloe Brown2:05:4394
    Andrew McDonald2:06:0395
    Catherine Robinson2:06:0496
    Rebecca Smith
    Hadleigh Hares2:06:04
  • runlozrunrunlozrun ✭✭✭
    Janette Thomas
    Cambridge Triathlon Club2:06:2498
    Ged Cowley2:06:5399
    Bobby Smith2:07:25100
    Patrick Lidstone2:07:27101
    Gareth Pates2:08:01102
    Leonard Symeonides2:08:01103
    Robert Gough2:08:07104
    Chris Brown2:08:33105
    Bryan Albon2:08:36106
    Beatriz Valcarcel2:08:38107
    Andrea Scully2:08:44108
    Nyla Sarwar2:08:50109
    Daniela Somerscales2:09:22110
    Nicola Brown2:09:38111
    Anna Hatton2:09:40112
    Emma Bingham2:11:07113
    Nikki Timms
    Yaxley Runners2:11:22114
    Odette Arundell2:12:01115
    Jane Ashby2:12:01116
    Peter Athern2:14:09117
    Rob Dransfield2:14:14118
    Maria Sowerby
    Stamford Striders2:15:16119
    Laura Bailey2:15:26120
    Suzanne Afford2:15:27121
    Kate Keogh
    Cybi Striders2:15:54122
    Sarah Gray2:16:44123
    Alistair Whitaker
    Sleaford Town Runners2:17:00124
    Claire van Leersum
    Ely Runners2:18:42125
    Anna Gregory2:19:10126
    Andrew Larkin2:19:31127
    Emma Francis2:19:53128
    Luke Gibson2:21:26129
    Andrew Stark2:21:58130
    Stephanie Hutchinson2:22:36131
    Michelle Mason
    Sleaford Town Runners2:22:38132
    Vicky Clarke2:23:40133
    Simon Collins2:24:09134
    Natalie Chernucha2:24:12135
    A L Bailey2:24:24136
    Deborah Horobin2:24:28137
    Jordan Banks2:24:39138
    Mandy Connor
    Sleaford Town Runners2:25:58139
    Debbie Cox
    MK Lakeside Runners2:29:09140
    Steffan Cook2:30:22141
    Pippa Woodford2:30:54142
    Faye Arend2:30:57143
    Catherine Davidson2:30:58144
    Catherine Simpson
    Toonie Express2:33:49145
    Tina Harkin2:34:03146
    Suzanne Orr2:34:10147
    Philip Ewles2:37:31148
    Daryl Webster2:57:46149
    Lynda Cavanagh2:57:55150
    Michelle Fairgrieve2:57:56

    Pal Barnes
    Samantha Eggar
    Suzanne Rush  
    Iona Robinson
    Katrina Tomlinson
    Helen House
    Gordon Orr
    David Babbs
    Christopher Melley
    Mick Stafford
    Christopher Watson
    David Hull
    Mark Crack
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    Well that didn't come out as good as I'd hoped image
  • That's great - thank you!
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