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Hi fellow runners!! Having just done the Shakespeare Half on Sunday am very pleased with my medal (although it's not quite as good as the 2009 version) so am searching for another half-marathon event where you can pick up a quality medal. Has anyone done either the Coventry half-marathon or Swindon half-marathons? Just wondered if they were quality and what they looked like? My favourite ones are FLM and VLM, plus my medal from the Birmingham half that I did last year! Cheers


  • I thought last years nottingham was very good, very chunky with nice detail.  I also did Stratford on Sunday and agree that  the medal was very nice!
  • Is Nottingham half or the full monty?
  • The VLM ones are my favourite too - they certainly sell well! image
  • Bupa do some pretty cool medals. I have the Great South run, Bupa 10,000 & Great City run (which they no longer seem to do in London). I'm guessing the GNR would be pretty good too.
  • Swindon organise an 8k multi-terrain on the same day as the Half and all runners get the same medal, which is naff anyway.
  • Nottingham is a half and a full, the medal I got was for the half.  Its in September if you're interested in doing it.
  • I really liked my Berkhamsted half one until I got the identical medal for a 5k I did last month!

    Edinburgh marathon relay marathon is my shiniest by far. Pretty chunky too.
  • My favourite medal was for a 5K Santa run - a very shiny snowflake shaped medal image
  • My favourite medal was from the Sneyd Striders Christmas Pudding Run. It was shaped like an angry, running Christmas pudding.

    Sadly they didn't do medals last year, but we did get a slate coaster with the same angry running Christmas pudding on image

  • *puts Santa race in diary*
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    I can claim to know a thing or two about medals image

    Of my considerable collection, I think the best are from the Indian Queens Half (rectangular, weighs a tonne and in the form of the flag of St Piran) and the Eden Project Marathon (big enough to eat a pasty from).

    But any medal is a good medal.

  • Flat FootedFlat Footed ✭✭✭
    Saw the medal for the Disney mara the other week, now that was a serious bit of kit...sadly to far and expensive to enter on the day....image
  • Your 100 medals before you were 50 inspired my own challenge Muttley, I'm trying for 100 before I'm 30.

    I think I'm up to 36 running & 1 bike (which I don't really count). To keep me on target I need to get at least 20 this year, hence my status with how I'm getting on so far.
  • Aha Flat footed got there before me. I was just about to say Disney. Both the half and the full marathon medals are awesome and weigh about a ton. It is a long way to go though (most fun one I have ever done though - flew by).
  • Don't the Olympic medals have real gold, silver and bronze in them...?
  • I thought the Olympic ones were only plated.
  • This might help...

    Mainly silver in the gold it seems!
  • When I was little & used to watch the Olympics I always wanted to come 2nd because I preferred silver over gold!

    I still don't like yellow gold but I'd definitely go for 1st place now.
  • As that piece says, once upon a time silver medals were for winners. I gather from other sites that next year there'll be recycled plastic and computer parts in them...!
  • One of my faves is the one I got for the Brooklands 10K - in the shape of a racing car!!  Certainly original.
  • Oh wow! Really? Might have to enter that one, suerunner!
  • ...via 2.09 events, was in March time last year.  The course was good fun too - round the old motor racing circuit!!  image
  • Just Googled it. Doesn't look like they ran it this year - that's a shame!
  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Good luck with the challenge, K8 image

    Keep us posted ... the Mundane Thread is probably a good place ... until you get close to the target, when it stops being mundane!

  • I've had the pleasure of handling a gold medal from the Sydney Olympics - 'twas very big and heavy.

    Unfortunately the guy that won it wouldn't let me keep it image

    I like the BUPA 10,000 ones best -  they always have London landmarks on the back.

  • The Reading Half medal this year - was very nice (good quality & heavy !!)
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    Hastings 1/2 do horse brasses instead of medals - and the one that finishers had for Hastings Marathon in 2008 could be considered very rare as that marathon was a one-off - 100 years after the last one. that one I will keep.

    and Toughguy also do horse brasses - you certainly earn that one if you do the winter version!!
  • I'm not very interested in medals, and the bigger and chunkier they are the less I like them.  I think the VLM one is even nastier than the FLM one was.  Looks like something Jimmy Saville would have worn.

    Most seem to be very cheap and poor quality, don't even have the event name on the medal sometimes, and even if they have the name, they often don't have the date (means they can use any left-overs the following year).  British race organisers seem to think that as long as they get a medal out, it doesn't matter if it's crap.

    Of the ones I've had that I liked, most have been from overseas events, rather than British.  The Amsterdam Half Marathon was quite nice, and the Transbaie race in northern France does a good medal. 

    The Somme Poppy marathon medal is good - enamelled, with a poppy on it (surprise!).`

    The nicest English race medal I've got is from the Burham Beeches half a few years ago.

  • Best medal...hands the one from the Mooathon Half Marathon in Donegal.
  • This thread is useless without pictures.
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