• Nah, it's not her. Every forum has its Kittenkat
  • "What did you use your flashlight for today?"

    My god ! I thought us runners were a weird bunch.

    Um.... How did you find this post Rennur ?

    Don't tell me you are a user of both the RW Forum AND the Flashlight forum.

    I think we all need to get out more :-]

  • I recognise the individual words as English, but the way they are strung together suggests a different language all together.
  • loulabellloulabell ✭✭✭
    oooooooo deary me- are these people for real?image...i was actually scared to read  further than  post 2 in case it got weirder......
  • Weevil, I regret to admit that I am a user of both forums. There, I've said it. You can send sympathy cards care of Bethlem Royal Hospital. (They are a little, er, enthusiastic, but they also know a frightening amount about bright lights.)

  • pendants..?     you mean pedant... 

    Not that I am one.....   

  • Mr PuffyMr Puffy ✭✭✭

    When she said pendants I thought she was addressing the Swingers.

  • flashlight club thats exciting......

    compared to this.....



  • Wow! Not  being funny, I really like those pylon photos. (Didn't read any of the words....)
  • I've always wanted to be part of a falshlight gang...cheers for that!!!
  • I like flashlights.image
    I have one on my house keyring, another on my bike keyring, and a spare one in my panniers.
    My excuse is that I may need them if my bike light fails when I'm cycling home at night but in reality I just like torches. I don't know what the model numbers are though so I'm not completely anal.

    I've just ordered one of these after a particularly hairy mountain ride where it got a bit dark and my little lights didn't make the grade...


    900 lumens!image
    I wonder if they would be impressed on that other forum. image

  • Pylon of the Month?!?!?image
  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    Oh and here's a thing, I downloaded a flashlight app on my phone. Geek much?

    You needed an app?  I have an ancient black and white screened Nokia, bought for about 10p 50 years ago and it has a built in flashlight.  I've found it very useful for getting through doorways in darkened halls (I go into people's places while they are away and play with their cats).

    kittenkat wrote (see)


    Erm, you did just admit to downloading a flashlight app.  Though you haven't told us what you use it for.

  • Use it for your night time pylon viewing trips.
  • Or for spying on Rowan and finding out exactly what it is he does to those cats...
  • I told you.  I play with them.  I also feed them, clean litter trays and sometimes groom and give drugs.
  • You give drugs to cats? You monster!

  • image she does, indeed imageimage
  • Yes, I gave a cat opiates on Friday night.  None since though.  He really wants to get out of his tiny cage.

    In case anyone doesn't know, I'm a catsitter.  And as for the above, I'm looking after a cat who was hit by a car and is on cage rest with a broken hip.  We are trying him without the opiate as he seems pretty OK, and he is on another painkiller.  He does hate being confined to a cage but it's for his own good and he has everything he needs including some toys and he's sleeping a lot of the time.  Have to get back now... just nipped home for emails and see to my own cats (I've been actually staying at his place which I don't normally do), but his folks are back later.

  • Aw....paw kitty image (did you see what I did there?)
  • I'm now worried about the prospect of KK roaming the area she lives with a rifle which happens to have a torch on it.... image

    Kitty needs drugz...and is out to get them! 

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