Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • Yep KK, went from 17h day one to 2 x 20hr days 2 n 3 I think, sounds injury based but as we said last year once you get into 20 hrs the lack of recovery becomes a huge factor, injury or not. If not then maybe he'll have a day off and carry onto get maybe 8 or so completions.
  • This year you're not allowed to drop to the Quin as last year the person who did well on the first five days but injured his Achilles (injury of choice you know!!) and dropped out but still came 2nd in the Quin which he'd never entered!
  • Good to hear Mon is going strong. For me, the single Ironman is enough of a challenge. Not if I won the Euro millions would doing the Deca feature in my wish list but respect to those who give it a shot. Best of luck to all of you heading down there later in the week.
  • You know these people who enter the deca,I bet they live in caves and eat hedgehogs with the skin on.
  • Mon has just finished the bike

    Well paced again image

  • It was good to go down there and soak in the atmosphere.

    I am now very excited for Saturday.

    Monique looked tired and was in pain when I saw her, but according to those in the know she is going well.

    The american lady looked fierce; she was giving direct orders to her crew.



  • Sounds like its all building up there PTL


  • All the men that I saw looked amazingly well, you would not have belived that the had already done 3 Ironmen. Very cheerful too.

    Bloody amazing really !


  • Delerium I reckon image

  • kittenkat wrote (see)

    If I was in the quin and someone in the deca beat me, I wouldn't want the prize.

    you suprised me there KK........so if you did a marathon and came first.knowing you were first woman..........and then got told that someone did the race a week earlier.under different weather conditions and different ground conditions......and you weren't even aware that they were to be included in your race times...........you would be pleased...........thats what happened last year basically.

  • Monique still not showing on the run?


  • She had an hour off after the run to get some blisters seen to ..

  • She said her feet were hurting when I saw her

    Glad to hear she's ok


  • Yay mon 4/10 done??

    Purple - when are you off..??

    Seren - hope you are taking it easy - run and bike will be fine, go easy on the run and hopefully the knee will be fine......image

  • 'Monique running well making up for lost time, putting in fastest lap, good decision to take a break'

  • thanks meldy....they have all started to slow down a bit today.....from the tracker her running seems to be going well.......as does TC and Guy in the men........glad to see big ted has been getting home in time to get a couple more hours in this year...lets hope that continues for mon and him.......the pair of them should such character last year

    i think a few of them including mon will be close to finish before midnight tonight

  • thanks OC.....i'm sure after warm ing up on the bike the knee will deal with the run......i have pain killer packed.

    i was aching agfer mondays 4/5 mile walk so going to take it easy now and not walk this week either

  • Mon got in just after 1 am this morning and the french guy was half past 2 ish........

    they were down to 9 in the water this morning...the french guy must have called it at day at the end of day 4.......

    so with keith stopping after the first lap of the bike course.its starting to take its toil on those with the least sleep........

    michele seems to be keeping very very constant which you would expect from someone who does so much of these long distnace and multiday events........

  • Looking forward to getting down there tomorrow.

    The weather doesn't look great for the next few days.

  • during the RAAM she only slept a maximium of 90 mins in any of the 12 days.....and is only one of 30 women to ever do it in the cutoffs.........she is a nurse and has done so many different endurance events that if anyone needs inspiration then they should google her.........seems like if you good enough and dedicated enough.getting sposored is the way forward.........

  • I guess looking at it another way, if the deca people have set a time and dropped out, it's in the quin people's own hands to get to the podium as there is a time to be beaten from the first swim stroke. I've confused myself now image

    Top effort from Mon last night, hopefully the quin people joining in will help the decas rather than make things worse with their first day 'speed'

  • Gosh... just googled Michelle.

    She's certainly been about a bit!

    Go on Mon!!!!!!!!!

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