Enduroman 1st - 10th June 2012



  • Have to make the most of Symes doing a reasonable swim you know!! He is looking strong. Just had lunch and out on lap 8 out of 10 on the bike

  • Good to hear!

    Go Symes!!
  • that sounds like a great first day.

    Go Symes!

  • Do you fancy a go Hope? image

  • reasonable swim.that is a brilliant swim in my book.....great going

  • Commiserations to Mon, must have been gutting to pull out, but as you all said, at least it was her decision.  Still can't get myhead around doing these IMs day after day after day image  What a bloody brilliant achievement!  Gooooo Symes!

  • Sorry to hear about Monique.

    Great going Symes.

    Good luck to everyone else starting soon, amazing stuff.

  • Oh Mon. image She will have had good reasons, won't she?

    Gogogo Symes. Not long now, Seren and Purple!  Is SA still doign it?

  • Don't think Mon needs commiserations. She was on excellent form today and seems very comfortable with her decision.  She said she will be coming on at some point, when she has proper Wifi to give a race report.

    Symes was looking strong and focused when I left earlier.  It was at least dry for most of the day today...

  • its only me and purple on the double and chilli on the single...........

    chilli.....when you arrive if you see either me or purple racing just shout hello........purple is the slim one and i'm the chunkier one........

    starting on packing the caravan and cleaning it for the start of the journey tomorrow

  • the weather forecast for Friday looks awful, looks like they may well get a repeat of last year



    Madlot wrote (see)

    Do you fancy a go Hope? image

    No. Really honestly from the bottom of my heart no. Even if I could train physically for it, and if by some miracle my swimming improved enough to make it possible, I honestly don't think I've got the mental and emotional toughness to do something like this.

    I'm completely in awe of those who can and do.

    I do kind of fancy training for the Brecon Ultra one year, but that would probably be as far as I could go. Cycling is my first love and I'd be up for doing longer cycling events too, but day after day of Ironman, I'm pretty sure that's beyond me!

    Having said that 5 years ago I would never have believed I could do a half marathon never mind an Ironman... but... No! image

    How about you Madlot?

  • Whoops... forgot to say, it sounds like our Mon has done the right thing and is happy with her decision. Who can blame her eh? What an achievement to get as far as she did!!! Well done!

    And Go! GO! GOOOO!!! Symes!! imageimageimage

  • Not a cat in hells chance! image
  • Can you imagine Hopes wibble session before a DIM  ??    image

  • Hope - you nailed IMW, a Double would be no problem



  • Go Symes!!image

    Mon hope you feel okimage

  • Apparently Michele only had about 2 hours sleep last night. She stared vacantly at me as I drove into AT today, like I was an intruder.  Then just snapped out of it and cycled off.

    Ooh, and I forgot to say earlier for anyone competing the horsies and their foals are out all over the roads in force, competing with the caravans. Be careful people!

  • i forgot that this year it soincides with the end of the school holidays........caravans on the move in lanes...........brilliant.....

    nos da

  • I reckon the ones who are generally quicker overall definitely have the best time out there as the days wear on because they get the mental as well as physical rest.  Having no sleep plays tricks on your mind, and however strong you are physically, emotional and mental stamina play a huge part, whichever way it's done. I would say that doing it the 10 in 10 days means you have that mid section of days 5 - 7 where you're neither at the start or near the end where it's not physical, it's mind games.

    You still have to go to sleep knowing you have to repeat the whole sodding thing: throw yourself in a cold lake in the morning, bike loops and run a stupidly hilly and dark course every evening.

    It's not like you can say 'at least the swim is over and done with'.

    But, I've only supported at the 'do one a day' version, never at the 'all in one' version, so I can only imagine the struggles they cope with physically and mentally.

  • Yes - having seen both, I'd say AT is definitely tougher. Not sure there's much in the swim - I would prefer a 'lake' swim. Saying that, it's more like a pond, it's so small! 

    The bike is hilly, and a lot of it is very exposed. It winds through little villages, with narrow roads. There's vast open land - beautiful views if you were in any way interested in taking it in (!!) uneven gravelly road, lots of wind, and stupid horses walking all over the place! Which I would guess, for the double, if you're cycling in the night would be quite scary! T

    The run is down, then up, through woods the whole time. No pavement, all uneven ground and lots of it very dark, even in daylight.


  • (obviously, I'd add that I have done neither and this is from observation only!!)

  • No idea actually!

  • In terms of there being proper lodgings and facilities, it's much better at AT.  The facilities are more suited to the event than the carpark at Litchfield, next to the swimming pool!  The house with dorms is onsite, and there are lodges onsite, and proper catering onsite, so that's a definite plus.

  • the main reason for changing venue is thaty they scoured the whole country looking for a suitable venue that had an OW swim facility........they wanted a lake or such........all the tritalk people who have done both last year said that this was so much harder than lichfield........which is why it took them all by surprise.......

    but at least the run is easier this year than last so i am taking comfort from that and have decided that it will be dry this afternoon when i put up my tent

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