What do you like the smell of?



  • Lol Kwilter, i read my post again afterwards and thats exactly what i read it as and i thought i'd made a typo...i didn't think anyone would notice....image

    on that train of thought - i do like a man in uniform image

  • Yes I'd go for the fireman too, sweaty and smoky...image Has to be clean sweat though not dirty rancid sweat image

    Other smells;

    My loved ones neck and head (when I'm not single) although I did have a partner years ago with an odd smell I didn't like, not bad or dirty just different image 


    Thunder storm

    Wet autumn leaves

    Freshly cut grass/hay especially if  I can hear the lawnmower/combined harvester in the background

    Jasmin, Hyacinth, Lillies and Lilac flowers in particular but all flowers and plants really

    Petrichor (thanks for the new word)

    Coffee beans/powder

    Tobacco leaves

    Baby heads and necks

  • Despite repetition it's got to be the following in this order:

    1) Freshly cut grass (I run better if I can smell this!)
    2) Fresh coffee
    3) New car.

    In fact, if I can drive out to the country in a new car, run through freshly mowed fields and have a fresh coffee when I get back to recover, thats a good day!
  • snails pace 72 wrote (see)

    on that train of thought - i do like a man in uniform image

    oh my good yes...*feels all faint*...men in uniform..imageimage phwoooarrr....(and i dont mean the posties uniformimage)
  • i read it as 'firefighters' tooimage.....bring em on...preferably sweaty..and not wearing much except a bit of dirt...image
  • Mmm - don't know about the dirt....i quite like a clean look....

    <ponders for about 1 second> - i'll just get him to call round BEFORE his shift starts......or i suppose if it was after his shift, i'd just have to insist he got out of the dirty uniform......<has face of innocence>image

    Edited for typo because I got carried away in my thoughts!!

  • Mmmm firemen ;0)
  • Woman (take that as you wish) and money, love it!!

    (the two are normally together anyway)

  • I love the way US dollars smell. Kind of dusty and damp.
  • Pea You Ess Ess Why?

    If you have to ask........

  • Cobblers shops / leather in general

    Damp dusty pavements just wet after a tropical thunderstorm

    Cut grass

    2 stroke engines (motocross bikes etc.)


  • Love: Incense, frankincense,

    Spices: cardamon is so sensual..................image 

    curry too, indian spices

    garlic, cooking garlic,

    cumin is sexy too,




     melting butter,

    fresh meat/steak

    cooking meat,

    and Monoi oil..............that's unique!

  • Wright's Coal Tar soap
  • babypowder and baby oil...

    ....on a fireman in uniformimage

  • image....sorry, couldnt help itimage
  • Wood burning chimneys in autumn and wild garlic in spring.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I love the smell of:

    - Petrol (only at the petrol station)
    - Fresh coffee
    - A new book (when you open up the pages)
    - Fresh clothes just out of the washing machine

  • A brand new vinyl record when you take it out of the sleeve the first time.

    The countryside early on a late spring/early summer morning after rain

  • Like the fact you remember vinyl BOTF! I'm a bit of a vinyl collector. DO remember the static you get when you first take it out of the sleeve?

    Anyway, was out running last night and we went past a pub that had its' “Curry and a Pint for a £5” night. The smell of curry in the cold night air was gorgeous.

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