Printing your own t-shirts

E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

OK, seeing as the search is down the pan and google is giving me more spam than this site - I thought that i'd give it a go.

I'm looking to get 2 functional t-shirts printed for a race coming up. All of the sites that i've asked for a quote need a minimum order of 20 or the order to be higher value than £150.

Does anyone have a recommendations for online stores that they've used (or a specific shop?). I'm not keen on using the iron on method (i've tried that with other shirts and it didnt turn out too pretty...) and using a black marker turned my skin black during the race.

The design is simple - just a name on the front. I'd like a tank top style shirt (no real colour preference).

Does anyone have any ideas?


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