Winter training rides in Kent and Surrey



  • Yes, a very jolly affair yesterday.

    Sadly, no Meldy Bars, something was afoot with Barlos, and Henny duly pecked at him for it! Siggy put in a valiant performance though Mistress Whitedown gave him a bit of an early spanking.

    I didn't crash on my corner (the first attempt at it since I did), Ferret quietly thrummed away in the background making it all look SOOOO easy.

    We even had special guest Smiffy who quietly sniggered and chortled away every time it went upwards again, though he was espied refuelling rapidly with chocolate. Until yesterday, I hadn't realised it was possible to inhale a Toblerone.

    Surprise additions at the end UltraCaz with buns & Lord H making it to the burger bar.

    All on a lovely sunny day after the fog burned off.

    And I've still got Winterfold in the Bank for next time!

    Top day out all, thanks for coming along and somehow, I even escaped a nagging when I got home. Though I did then fall asleep for 2 hours!

    New route already in the planning stages, faster, flatter and more geared to Outlaw course training. Watch this space.

    Someone mentioned a Christmas ride?
  • All sounds good Dusty!
    And a ride down Winchester way sounds do-able as long as I haven't got my boys for the weekend! They managed to get themselves up, dressed and pizza cooked, but failed at removing the carnage from either the sitting room or kitchen!!
  • But that means they'll have had a great time, Prince S. And they are boys, afterall image.

    Er yes - I won't sort any dads out, but I will sort some dates out. Gawd.

    As for rides closer to xmas, or just after, perhaps we should plan a couple of dates, but be prepared to bail if the weather/roads are sh*te.  No point skating our way around the lanes. (although we did do that a bit once from Newlands - had to keep getting off and it took us about an hour to get to Cranleigh instead of half an hour or something).  And Ditchy, Kanga and I sent off in the snow once. We just had faith it would stop. And it did.

  • Appointment made with foot fettler next Monday image
  • Hooray. Felt quite sorry for Barlos coming up the hill with no downstroke on one leg and a knackered cleat on the other.

    Do keep us updated on the gory details!
  • Good jawb Barley. Hope it's going to get sorted for once and for all ready for All That Training!

  • Chaps, are you ok with me starting a thread to replace this one so that we can call it 'Winter training rides in Kent, Surrey and Hampshire'?  I'll put on some dates for the new year and see who can do what.  Would love to host one from here (just outside Winchester) . We've got some cracking riding round here - would be fab to see if we can rope in some more people image. Still not far for Surrey/London peeps. Bit further for Kentish types...

  • Go for it.  Any incentive to carry on riding through the winter would be good.
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