Anyone done an Ironman at the gym?



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    - my first ever barmy army tour, and they don't come much better than SL.

    West Indies ?

     Taking everything into consideration, I'd say SL better than Windies atm.  Cheaper, easier to get around (only about 100 miles between the two test venues), and the cricket should be more competitive.  (although admittedly we did manage to lose the last time we went to windies), I'd expect us to give them a good hiding with our present side, yet SL in SL will be a stern task. 

    Of course Australia is the best, and 2010/11 is undoubtedly the greatest ever barmy army tour but it also costs a bomb ("six quid for a pint, a grand for a fliiiiiiggghhht" - look up "take the urn home" barmy army adelaide the cathedral on youtube for the full song).  Nothing can ever top spanking the convicts in their own backyard.  If I'd gone for the ashes last winter I wouldn't have had a deposit for my flat.  Would've been the fkin b.ollox though.

  • Gatting's 86 tour of Oz was pretty good.
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    86/87 - Yes possibly, but the barmy army hadn't really been invented then.  and 2010/11 still better imo.

    The merciless hounding of Mitchell Johnson by the BA was superb, he was putty in their hands by the end of it.  When he got a first ball duck at the SCG the scorebook might as well’ve said:  Mitchell Johnson 0 b The Barmy Army. Worth a look on youtube if you like your cricket, best moment of the tour imo, would love to’ve been there.  He bowls to the left, he bowls to the riiiiiiiight, that Mitchell Johnson, his bowling is sh……ite.
  • i might try and organise a test match in my local squash court, just to see if i can.
  • Why do I need to watch youtube ?

    Yep Some of us have been following English cricket around since the 70's  (I know I am old)

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    Oxymoron:  It'd be virtually impossible to organise a test match in a squash court.

    Dave:  you don't.

  • wouldn't it be an 'interesting experiment' though?
  • Test match in a squash court is easy.  Stand around for a couple of hours until it starts to rain somewhere in the world.  Then call it a draw.  The difficult question is what does the commerative tattoo look like?
  • A little know variant on court Test match cricket is when you stand around on a squash court while a phalanx of dwarves attempt to tickle you with a massive ostrich feather.

    If you successfully remain standing until rain stops play then you are entitled to call yourself a massive test-tickle.  And the tattoo looks great.
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    oxymoron:  Not imo.

    bos1:  Another lazy dismissal of the finest sport in the world

  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    bos1 @ 10.42. 

    Far too laboured and hence it doesn't really work.

  • i think you will find that soggy biscuit is the finest sport in the world. and little danger of a draw.

  • oxymoron wrote (see)

    i think you will find that soggy biscuit is the finest sport in the world. and little danger of a draw.

    if all the competitors are unable to start their engines isnt that a draw?
  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    I can't believe that anyone ever actually played soggy biscuit, but then I didn't go to private school admittedly.

  • presumably you just locked yourself away in a small room full of books for 15 years as an 'interesting experiment'?

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  • [waits, on tenterhooks, for next example of rapier wit]
  • i suppose playing soggy biscuit by yourself is a bit shit
  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    Ooooh, now you're just being mean.

  • I'll play soggy biscuit with you basher
  • there ya go Bishop, you've got yourself a playmate! Bash away.
  • Mmm basher in lycra all sweaty and a ginger snap
  • i could never come on anything ginger
  • strawberry blonde??
  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭
    Have I done something to upset you oxymoron?
  • You are ginger basher?
  • fat buddha wrote (see)
    strawberry blonde??
    Don Minquez wouldn't like that !!!
  • BasherBasher ✭✭✭

    I'm not a ginger btw.

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