VLM 2012 first timers???



  • The streets in the centre of London are usually snow/ice-free when further out its a foot deep. I'm thinking of maybe doing my running around there if needs be (not ideal, but just to maintain fitness until the snow goes. Hopefully whatever snow/ice we get won't last long. Here's hoping!
  • The guys supporting me to run in was good, however they kept telling me to sprint in the last bit! to which i replied, I am f***ing sprinting! they gave me one of them looks, apparently I was rather slow lol!

     And LWJ runs round the midlands would be good,  have you found any? give me a shout on here if youre up for that.  I get back from afghanistan around christmas time, and then have a nice holiday, after that I am free to do weekend events round the midlands. I work in south west england during the week image

    Cant wait to run in the rain, maybe thats strange but definitely better than out here in the sun and dust! it always seems though that when i run in the UK if i go out in shorts and vest, its freezing but if i go out in leggings and long sleeved top, its redders!!

  • Kaffeeg -- have you thought about running in parks on very icey / snowy days? Possibly better to run on crispy grass than slippery pavements?

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I've taken to running on the road when it's snowy/icy. They dont do our road so last year it was literally like an ice rink image I've had some rather nasty tumbles before and try to avoid running outside if it's really bad.
  • Hi all. Haven't been on the thread for a while as my laptop was playing up. How is everyones training going? I got out for 13 miles this morning before having a sports massage so that was all quite satisfying. Have entered the Bath Half to try and get a quick time on board pre London. Looking at increasing mileage gradually over the next few weeks as I am also running the Gloucester Marathon, but not competitively. Also aware of 3 little niggles which I am trying to keep at bay, I have a bit of a zero tolerance when it comes to injuries and find that prevention is better than cure, if at all curable !!
  • Went out today for 6 miles first half was ace with the wind behind me I was clocking 9.40 min miles ( my PB) but on the way back OMG talk about wind it was mental I just didnt move anywhere and was clocking 10.30 min miles . Honestly at one point I literally ground to a halt !!! Not only did I have wind to contend with but a herd of COWS who had got out their field and were on the canal path, so i had to gingerley run through them !!!!  Ahh well I did it none the less image
  • Hi Badoo, I had just the opposite, the head on breeze on the way out and then behind me on the way back.

    I had a couple of horses across the road, I am always aware of scaring them and the riders being flung off , however no problems.

  • Was windy yesterday wasn't it?!  I did the Norwich half and there was a section of the course that was one long incline and you just got battered by the winds image  Had to do it twice too as it's a two lap course image  Finished in 2:46, which I was pleased with considering the wind and that I've pulled a muscle in my arm which was giving me problems on the windier sections by lap two.  Enjoyed the race though despite the wind; pretty course, well supported and well organised image

    Got to take it easy for the next couple of weeks while my pulled muscle heals, although in a way it;s come at a good time as I'd planned a short recovery run next weekend and then I've got a 5k fancy dress the week after to celebrate my birthday image  Going to get the running belt that's on offer through RW as part of the VLM stuff as I'm hoping not carrying a bottle will help my arm heal quicker.

  • I'm thinking about joining a running club for the VLM training. I think East End Road Runners are my local one. Is anyone here part of a London club?
  • Morning!

    How is everyone doing? I did just over half an hour this morning, and wow was it windy!! And surprisingly warm - i have NO idea how to dress every morning lol! My head says I should need gloves - it's almost December!!

  • Morning!!!! went out last night for a cheeky 4 miles and felt good . Yeah len I was looking for my gloves thinking I would need them last night but couldnt find them and as it turns out didnt need them . Its really windy today , I am off out with my friend tonight and he runs a fair bit quicker than me so I may be in bits tomorrow !!!!image
  • Well, managed to struggle around the Norwich half marathon in blasting winds on Sunday!  Finished in 2:46, which I was pleased with considering the weather and that I've pulled a muscle in my arm so need to be taking it easy while it heals.  The wind was awful out in the countryside though, really hope we don't get winds like that on the day!!  Couple of easy weeks for me now and then back to longer mileage.  Was pleased to get round the course, although the last mile was hard so it's made me realised how much work I still have to do.  Am glad I'm ahead of things though, I don't think I'd be able to get round if I was starting from scratch in January image  (Not that I'm saying others couldn't, just that it would be too much of a struggle for me)
  • Well done, TST!  It's very good going to be at 1/2 marathon stage right now.  Pleanty of time to build on that.  I'm slightly under that, but within a couple of weeks I'll be there, hopefully.
  • Had a few light weeks now as I've had a niggling ache that seemed to move around my calf and shin and was dreading it turn into something serious. I have reduced the number of runs and not been out for a long run for 2 weekends.

    On Sunday I decided to test it out a bit (from the easy 4/5 milers I have been doing) with what ended up a 7.25m run at what I hope will be race pace (circa 10 min miles). Cardio felt great (probably as the first half I was blown along by the wind) but I am aware of every little ache and pain in my body and am completely paranoid about something going!!!

    Just had a short session on the treadmill and thinking I need to start a formal plan, I had already planned on doing so but think I will do a 16 week one now!
  • I survived my run with long legged James yesterday , was quite proud of myself for keeping uo with him ( although he hasnt run for 8 weeks as he has been injured ) and had a really nice run . Goes much quicker when you run with a partner !!image
  • Urghhhh I feel rubbish!! Got a cold image blurghhh. Atill, better now than January, right?! At least i've not actually started my proper plan yet. so i have a couple of weeks to shake this off. Sniff. Pass the Lemsip...


  • Off to get gait analysed and new trainers tonight yipeeimage

  • Oh my word - I am not the only oneout there!

    Finding this thread has made my day, week even!!

    I got my charity spot for the VLM 2012 with Barnardo's after doing 10k in the BUPA 10,000 this year - I was on a massive running high and thought, I have 9months, I can do ANYTHING!!!!  However illness and injury stroke and so I find myself at the beginning of December, FINALLY ready to start training (slowly but surely) but massively freaking out too!

    At first my goal had been to make it round under 5h 30 (that's the average for women apparently), but now I am not so sure and I want to limit my expectations so I can enjoy it more.

    It is GREAT and very MOTIVATING to see the virtual running community here give each other advice and words of encouragement - having put on some weight during my uni-years and through the period of illness, and being fairly new to running, I can't help but feel a bit like an idiot when "running" on the streets of East London (it's more of a shuffle, really).

    None of my friends or family are supportive, they tolerate my goal more as a delusion and I know they don't think I can do it, which just wants me to complete it more than ever. But I could do with some moral support buddies, so if there are people out there in the same boat, get in touch, we can support each other through training, swap healthy recipes and training tips on a more "committed" basis, email regularly, maybe meet up for the odd run and drink after to swap tips or have a general rant about the blisters, chafing, etc.

     Looking forward to hearing about everyone's progress on here - VLM IS GOING TO BE AMAZING!

  • HI everyone,

    Sorry I haven't been on here for a while.  It's been a hectic week with some ups and downs.  Firstly, I've just found out I'm being made redundant at Christmas. image However, I'm looking on the bright side at all the extra time I'll have for training while job hunting! image

    Secondly, I went to see a physio about a problem with my knee and after half an hour, he was still going through the list of things wrong with my knees; hypertension, tight hamstrings and calves, wonky ankles (can't remember the technical term) weak muscles around my knees and my right knee cap is not in the right place!  Luckily, he's coming up with lots of stretches and exercises for me to do - and I'm going to have plenty of time to do them!!

    On the postive side, training is going well, went out for a run on Tuesday with a friend I haven't run with for about 6 months and I kept up with him!  Back then, I ran about half his pace.  image

  • Vanessa, I doubt you are any more deluded than the rest of us marathon first timers! Its very easy to sneer and laugh from the sidelines but a damn site harder to train your arse off 5 or 6 months and complete a marathon at the end of it. Try not to worry about times, get the mileage in and come the day when you have the medal round your neck take great pleasure in the words "I told you so".
  • I agree with suarez, keep it up Vanessa . So long as i get round in near enough one piece i dont care !and i WILL do that. Had gait analysis done and got some new shoes today whoop
  • Up to 12 miles this morning, feel like sleeping for the rest of the day having had 5 hours Kip last night! Though I think the snack at 2am before bed helped ensure I was well fuelled up, good way to solve those issues of pre long run meal!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    I've been forced to reduce back my training whilst i get over this cold/virus thing. It's making it hard for me to walk up and down stairs - let alone running image

    It's great to hear everyone's progress!

  • I am going to attempt to do 10 miles tonight, after a funfilled day at work!! motivation at this point is lacking but will have to see in a few hours.  I have started rowing as well after my runs or at lunchtime when my runs are in the evening! only a week til i get back to the sunny UK.

     Hope everyones training is going well.

  • Hi, I'm not a first timer, and it's not even London I'm doing ,- Lochaber instead- also in april.

    I love these "first timer" threads, but having lokked at few similar ones, can I make some suggestions:

    Consider walk/ running both in traiing AND in the race as a planned thing, rather than gettingn forced into it. Some people feel it is a sign of failure, but look up Jeff Galloway-  he advocates it for even very good runners. I succumbed to ITBS on my first campaign, and this approach saved the day ( 4hr 20 mins, with a 30sec- 1 min walk at every mile marker)

    Make sure you do your LSR's slow enough- get a HR monitor. Do a max HR test, and keep down to 70-75% for these, it's very slow, but it's the best way to get the distances increased.

    Don't plan your finishing time at thei stage, just do the trainig, then do a half marathon a few weeks before the race, use the comversion tables available on the internet to calculate your probable time, add a bit  (they tend to be optimistic), and set off with the nearest available pacer if you can find one. (They have pacing groups for VLM- great idea)

    If it's not too late already, start your trainig plan 1-2 weeks early, to allow for inevitable missed runs due to life getting in the way- and DON'T try to do xtra to make up for missed runs when the inevitable happens.............that way lies injury.

    Good luck.


  • hi everyone

    this is my first marathon and finally got a place with the club after many years of trying,  is it just me or is anyone else got buterflies about the event, (i wont call it a race cause to me its an event to enjoy), i've only ever got to 16 miles before and the thought of 26.2 is a bit scary, i downloaded a schedule from here onto my garmin today, its a 16 week schedule which i will starting tomorow, and it gives me 4 weeks to ease up if needed,

    Another worry is i work full time as well as being a mum and there are some nights i am far to knackered to train, is anyone else having the same worries,

  • Hi Sarnie

    yup I too have butterflies/feel sick/petrified but have decided you know what I am just going to enjoy the training and the big day itself.... I have never run a marathon before, only half marathons.  I also work late some evenings but I shall have to push myself out the door on those evenings or even fit in some early morning runs.  I am doing an 18 week plan starts 18th Dec [ if my calculations are right] but am running or at least trying to run 4  times a week anyway.  I have decided not to think about what time I may or may not do the Marathon in as long as I finish happy and in one piece knowing I have done my best, that's all that matters.  As one wise person said to me the other day whatever time you do it in will be a personal best ...as it's the first one I will have done and who knows I may not get the opportunity again.

    good luck

  • I absolutley have butterflies , I unlike most people have never even run a half marathon !!!! the furthest I have ever run is 8 miles so yes I am petrified. I have been running 4 times a week but starting proper 16 week programme from Jan 1st , still cant imagine running 26.2 miles !!! We WILL get there !!image
  • I am *exactly* the asame Badoo - only ever done 8 miles, and I currently have a cold which is making me grumpy and miserable too! Butterflies?! I'm scared of all of it!!

  • Hi, I haven't been on here for a little while, nice to see the thread coming along so well!

    Also pleased to see some others who haven't yet completed a half!  I was starting to fret a bit as the most I've ever done is ten miles and that was a couple of years ago.

    I know we'll all get there though image

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