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    S_L_O wrote (see)

    Article on news the other day re security at the Olympic Park and the cost of it etc.  I guess they may be looking a this as a test event in terms of getting large numbers through security.  They'll have 15,000 people to get through security this way which I guess is a big enough test.

     I haven't heard of any other events in the stadium pre-olympics.

    Would be really amazing though if the stadium was full!

    Exactly.  I was lucky enough to get tickets for the Word Cup cycling at the Olympic velodrome (capacity 6,000) a few weeks ago and it was clear that the "test event" nature of the occasion extended to the security operation - literally airport-like in its detail, with bag searches, restrictions on how much drink you could bring in, etc.  I would guess that the security operation for increasing the number of spectators at such a minor event as this (with respect!) would probably cost more than staging the race itself.
  • James Holland 7 wrote (see)
    Would be very interested in spare tickets for spectators. If anyone is not using any of theirs, I will happily pay some money for them or donate to a charity instead etc. Thanks in advance!

    As would I - need one extra - have 2 kids and a missus - kids are 3 and 12 so can't leave one of them outside while the other goes in with Mum!



  • The same as above above... I have three children so only two can go .. we are all coming up from Wales and staying over night ..really looking forward to it .

    The children especiallly are though how your suppose to leave one out...any one has a white area ticket they wont be using we would really really grateful...

    Thanks in advance...Pete
  • Good luck to everyone running and spectating, not looking forward to the 2 hours they say it takes to get in!
  • I was in Saturdays event, and only have good words to say about it.
    From starting to line up, to getting into the Olympic Park was no more than 40 minutes, there was certainly no bottlenecks in getting in the stadium due to different starting waves and everyone seemed to have a great time.
  • Yes it was quick to get in etc.. Glad you enjoyed it
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