Christmas Losers



  • Christmas slowfoot wrote (see)
    Nicko. Hdau wrote (see)
    Who wants to buy a run bra cheap if i win ladies image
    Nicko Will it be used ?????
    Apparently I'm a 44A, must admit I never checked to see if my muscles bounce like womens boobs. But I bet they did when I was on the cider and whisky image
  • I missed the first two day!  Still, in to lose now image
  • I have entered the competition Mrs Gb will get a bra from Santa.
    I can wear it when shes not home
  • SIS  Yummy   !!
  • Well at least the boys have a chance of losing something a bit more relevant today!


  • I notice that today's comp is open from 7/12 to 7/12 - time travel too?

    The prizes on TW are better - I'm trying to lose those, too image

  • I want the bra if anyone wins i won't image
    off to see what I can lose today..........
    when will they reveal the winners so that we know that we are losers
  • It says that they will post the winners on the web site every Friday.
  • Yikes - I don't want to be posted, that sounds painful. Still no chance of that so I shouldn't worry.
  • Hadn't thought of that Mouse.  I certainly don't fit through a standard letter box!
  • Am I the only loser in for the watch  ???

  • yup - I want the shoes and the rest of the TW kit on offer today, so bog off.
  • Think I qualify to join you all. I've entered both RW and TW everyday so far regardless of what the prize is cos you've got to be in it to lose it. 

    Don't want a 610 anyhow - now if it was a 910, that'd be a different story image

  • I'm entering everything as if I don't want it myself then I can give it as a present.
  • DNA and BioMoGO wotsit technology image

    Sounds like a bloody soap powder ad

  • Naa it sounds like a moisturiser to me....

    oh it's a pair of shoesimage

    A pair of shoes which you can't buy online but can apparently win, or is the w*nner going to have to go to a London store to get fitted. Don't matter to me of course image

  • It sounds like a series of random letters put together for the purposes of obtaining a patent or copyright, and to trick punters into thinking they are getting more than they really are.
  • Shoes I like Brooks I have a pair already that means Im a fan and loyal and I will win
  • I have some Brooks ... so I think I will win Goldie ...
  • What's this talk of winning??

    Wash your mouths out with soap immediately!

  • Makes a change to lose Brooks shoes

  • Been away, didnt win anything but i,m right up for losing some mogo dna slightly cushioned trainersimage
  • Up there with the lingo jogon. A real loser.
  • Yep lost them and i,m putting all i,ve lost into losing the his n hers  "incredible" play suits on offer for today only......
  • Assuming I've lost everything so far but difficult to check cos I can't find a list of TW non-losers

  • Wilkie thats the point of being a loser.
    The endless belief that you will win otherwise we face reality and not enter the comp
  • Got back in time to lose today's prize

    I'm glad about the lined crotch gusset. Someone's going to be comfy round there.

    Not me, obviously.

  • I reckon that I never win anything because I never tick the box that they can contact me with promotions and stuff.
  • I had wondered about that too acdcgirl.
  • Well, I've lost again. To make matters worse, I know one of the winners. I won't be speaking to him again image.

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